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Posted by Adam

Betty WhiteBETTY White is not a happy woman!

Sources say the Hollywood legend is furious that the old rumor she has X-rated pictures with her late husband, TV legend Allen Ludden, is doing the rounds again.

“Betty has said all along her comeback seemed too good to be true,” a source close to the 88-year-old told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Being dragged into some lurid debate over whether she was ever photographed making love to her dear, departed Al makes her wonder if it’s all worth it.

“She denies there’s any photos, but just the idea tarnishes her memories of her time with the love of her life. It’s like the last straw.

“This could make her retire. She’s absolutely disgusted.”[imagebrowser id=379]


  • wtf

    So what!!! If true we will just add sex tape to her resume. I still love her even if she was in a midget GB circus fireeating porn while riding a unicycle on a trapeze wire!

    • Barbara

      Betty, you have brought so much joy into so many lives.
      I watch the Golden Girls every night before I go to bed
      and I go to bed chuckling. I too lost the love of my life. Don’t allow these jerks to get you down. It takes a small person or magazine to spread such rumors about anyone much less a wonderful woman like you. Tell them all to go to hell! You keep doing what you want to do.
      Do a John Wayne..don’t let them run you out of town.

      • Merri B

        Barbara – Absolutely could not have said it better myself. Betty – YOU GO GIRL!

    • christine

      When is the media going to start telling the truth. I thing it was the way they were raised

      • shojim89

        I think the media will start telling the truth when our government begins enforcing national laws. NEVER!!!

      • Canuckle Head

        Government control of the media? LOL!

        The simplest and best thing to do, is be personally responsible, and accountable. YOU people came to this site, this site gets your hit, and the get paid. The only power online is to avoid sites like this, or the stories they post.

        I clicked on this one because it was way out of here, even for this site of recent. If you don’t like what they are cooking, leave the kitchen, because all they are gonna do is keep turning up heat on creating these ridiculous stories.

        Best as I kin’ reckin’ all these here bandits are doing is claiming jumping the National Enquirer, and any gold they make it going to make sure they “trend” on search engines, and make more people come here.

        Simple Economics. You come here, creates a demand, they print trash, that’s supply. Figure it out people!

        Yeesh! Blame the Government for allowing stuff to be read, even though YOU are one CHOOSING to read! :P

  • td

    Good for them if they did have photos!! Is is none of anyone elses business. Period!!

  • sa

    WHO CARES??!? She’s a great actress and was blessed to spend time, with the love of her life! Kudos, Betty!

  • sandi

    so what, why don’t people mind their own affairs. what she and her late husband did was their thing not your’s so det a life

  • Kristen

    So what!!!!!!! Everyone in Hollywood has a past. Some regret it and some don’t. Betty White is such a sweet person and is obviously regretting the rumor and is willing to give up her current fame because of it. Some people have to get their nose into everything!!!!

    • Donna

      I agree!! Whose business is it what people do in their personal lives. She is an awesome lady that was lucky enough to have married the love of her life!! Leave her alone! I love her, she is funny and an awesome person!!!!!

  • http://yahoo and_why_the_f

    Here! Here! Quit dragging Betty thru the mud you soulless media idiots! Have you NO respect? Let woman live her twilight years in happiness. We should all be so lucky. i agree with wtf, I would love her no matter whatever some schmuck will drag up. Keep that crap to yourselves you perverted freaks.

  • johnathan

    thats bs even if there are so what dontg make a huge fuss over it. you people wouldent be so suprized if londsey lohan had some ex raded pics. so leave poor betty alone you mean reporters!

  • ml

    It is ridiculous! You can’t make this stuff up. Betty is such a good woman. Betty has denied about these picture rumors and it could be someone’s else.

  • http://yahoo Capt.Campbell

    How dare they drag this good ladies name through mud. Keep on rockn Ms. White, I’m a 32yr. black man and I love you, we’re all better for her.

  • Kelly

    I love Betty White too!

  • Nina of Detroit

    What Idiots !!! Get a Life !!! Nina of Detroit Rock City

  • http://showbizspy DEF

    Do you morons not have anything better to do? What goes on behind closed doors is no one’s business. BW has been on of the best and truest actresses ever on TV. She is a kind and wonderful human. Crap like this is so not needed. How about if we looked at some of the pictures you took?

    LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Keenan

    Betty,I’m so sorry to hear of your intentions to quit showbiz. You my dear have it all. You’ve got a talent that
    flourishes and a witty sense of humor that has lasted generations. Not bad for a young 88 year old.Betty, I wouldn’t pay any attention to what those tabloids have to say.After all “you don’t read garbage you take it out”. I have a deep respect for you and your loving husband,Allan.

    Very Sincerely,
    Pat Keenan

  • Brian O

    There must be a lot of people with nothing better to do than to bash Hollywood Stars. Get A Life people

  • gail dotson

    oh i thought this rumor was current she s 88 years old and is still beautiful where in show biz is the history channel that was black and white tv oh did i say white this white has always been a bright color i am so fed up with the media i don t believe any thing they say my mother said don t believe any thing you hear and only half of what you see apply this wise advice go on betty tell them you will be in a new show showing every thing you got pause then say i have always given my all as an intertainer

  • A Betty White fan

    Please Betty White alone!

    • A Betty White fan

      Please excuse my grammar. Please leave Betty White alone!

      • rick

        Leave Brittany…..oops…I mean Leave Betty ALONE! : )

  • Worlds biggest Golden Girl Fan

    In my opinion – it’s nobody’s damn business if she did take photos with her husband. They were grown, consulting adults and if that’s what they chose to do it’s their business and noone else’s. I think people need to get a life and leave that woman alone. She is a kind, giving person and a fantastic actor. LEAVE BETTY ALONE ALREADY AND LET HER ENJOY HER LIFE!!!!!!!!

    • http://aol Vince

      Betty at 88 you such a beautiful woman, please don’t stop making people smile with the talent that God gave you love you much.

  • Clarity

    I love my Betty White and if she did, Great and lets give her an aplaud for living her life and sharing her life instead of living on medication, crapping her pants and givng the world a bunch of bull like alot of old folgies. She is a role model most need to follow. Give em the finger honey. We love you even MOre today xoxoxoxo PS My best friend is 83, been married 4 times to assholes, overcame cancer twince, looks 50 and wants to do her zillionth cruise as a lecturer on abundance. My kind of role models. And she is not allowing anything to take her joy. xo

  • Gilbert

    She is one of the greatest legends. Times have changes since she was last in the spot light. But some things never will, like everyones hunger for juicy gossip. Of all the other celebs who are cheating, and divorcing, and sex scandals, she was accused of something so minute. This is why I havent watched TV in 8 Years.

    LOVE YOU BETTY! Stay Golden!

  • http://Yahoo nyteshde77

    I agree with everyone!! So What? I wish I had the GUTS to make a sex tape with my husband! How many people in this world do? Betty White is an icon in any time, and I love her and her work no matter what. The media should be ashamed of putting this garbage out. So much more to life than dirty laundry.

  • Thomas

    Betty, just ignore your detractors. They’re just jealous of your success in garnering such a great following. You’re phenomenal! We love you.

  • Jasmine

    Everyone here is right! It’s NO ONE’S BUSINESS! Who cares??


    leave Betty alone, all you want is more more more more more, leave beetyy aLLIIOOONNNE

  • http://AOL Tony

    What??? The woman has entertained millions for decades, has given her time and money for animal causes for just as long, went through the death from cancer of her husband that she loved so much, and now some LOW LIFE says he has sex pictures of Betty and her deceased husband??? Put that jerk in front of me for 5 seconds. My fist will be the last thing he’ll ever see. WE LOVE YOU, BETTY!!!

  • http://thisone Werner Paulsen

    I was never a fan of Betty White or other people who played her kind of role. SHE played it well and professionally. I should have said this before. You never knew me, Betty, but thank you for many hours of entertainment

  • Mims

    Betty, ignore the nasty rumor and the jealous haters who are spreading it again. Everyone knows that you adored Allen and vice-versa. Whatever did or didn’t go on behind closed doors is noboby’s business. I would rather focus on all the enjoyment I’ve gotten from watching you over the years as the bitchy Sue-Ann Niven to Rose Nyland to your hilarious commercial playing football. And I also know how much you love animals and how much you have done over the years to help homeless animals. God bless you, thanks for all the laughs and keep on truckin’, girl!

  • http://AOL Tony

    Put that LOW LIFE in front of me for 5 seconds; my fist will be the last thing he’ll ever see. WE LOVE YOU, BETTY!!

  • Brenda

    Betty is a survivor of highest class. I want her to continue living and doing what she does best which is entertaining. Why people are trying to bring her down is beyond me.

  • Don Nelson

    Who cares! Get over it.

  • kani

    Really? So what? leave her alone (IMO)

  • http://yahoo Lesa Buckley


    • http://yahoo cindy

      Betty you have been in this business long enough to know that people talk out the side of there mouth. ANYONE who knows of Betty White would also know that this isn’t true. Keep making us laugh Betty and let the idots be idots, who cares anyway!!

  • http://yahoo brian

    Leave Betty White alone – she is truly one of the most beloved and sweetest lady on T.V. Leave her alone so we can enjoy her acting skills.NOBODY IS BETTER THAN BETTY WHITE.

  • Marc

    I love Betty White, she’s funny as hell and we need to laugh.

    Um…this would be news why? Whether they existed or not, who exactly would care? Now if she were with a donkey and an Ogre…maybe. Anyway, Rock on Betty! Your fans don’t give a rip and the hell with anybody else.

  • Jonathan C

    Betty, Don’t let these media fools get to you, you have been in the business long enough to know this is how it is. Don’t quit, do more, you rock!

  • Michael

    How DARE anyone make these type of embarrassing non proven disclosures or rumors about someone who is the fabric of our media, television and movies. This is an outrage !

  • Jeff

    Betty White is a great actress and deserves the respect and dignity that many other actors/actress will never know. The media can go to hell for trying to drag this wonderful icon and acting legend through something so trivial. The media and anyone else who gives a damn if there is or isn’t some photos should be honored Betty White has graced our screen for so many years not concerned about what may or may not have been taken so many years ago.

    • Jackie

      wigwoman: Thank you for saying it,some one had to! Although I agree with the point that everyone is trying to make;Betty White is a wonderful woman and actress.
      I too think that a lot of people need to go back to school and learn how to spell and punctuate. I think it’s one of the first few things you learn early on in school so I don’t understand how so many people get it wrong. Thanks again! :)

      • hmmmm

        What does this have to do with Betty White and this article. How cares if punctuation and spelling is correct if only replying to something. If a person is writing an article or book, OK sure that means they need to have everything in order.

  • wigwoman

    90% of you that leave comments on ANY website need to go back to school to learn how to spell and punctuate! My 2 grandkids (age 8 & 10) could do a better job!

  • Ralph

    I say if they have them it is no one elses business and maybe they would like to give them to her as a gift so she can look at them and cherish the pictoral memories they shared. I think Bette White is wonderful and heck this would be par for the course for her alter-ego Susanne Nivens.

  • Ralph

    Hey wigwoman, many people are spelling challenged and grammar challenged, however they tend to be intelligent in other areas. Most of these people tend to be nice and not rude like those that complain about peoples spelling and punctuation, no one forces you to read their comments.


    Betty White is a national treasure ! Leave her alone, you low lifes ! Go write about Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton, but don´t mess with this sweet and funny lady !

  • Giuditta

    Yes Betty is indeed a national treasure. I pray she doesn’t let this interfere with making more movies, appearances, etc.
    BTW Has anyone caught Betty in “Hot in Cleveland” on TV Land last Wednesday? Great cast of 4 gals we’ve all loved. Hope to catch it next Wednesday.

  • http://facebook Gerri OBrien

    It is no ones business but her’s and all the rags should shut up and find someone else to rag on!!!!!!!!!!! This is a sweet lady and she does not deserve this. So mind your own dam business and get a life and leave her’s alone.

  • dk

    The reason we can’t get anyone with character to run for public office is because the media disects anyone that seems to have moral fabric. Betty White is a wonderful, beautiful lady with the ability to make people think and laugh. I suspect there are no such photos, but if they do exist, it is no one’s business. Leave her the hell alone. She has never been anything but good and doesn’t deserve this sort of stress at 88 years old. The person who started this whole thing probably wishes he had someone to make X rated photos with. So sad that some people are so low they feel a need to drag others down!!!

  • jerry

    Hey, Betty…You are so greatly loved and appreciated by so many people, and you’re having this most wonderful recent surge of popularity, that you become the target of the soulless and shallow-minded who are desperate to stir up garbage about true celebs just to get some news time! You have lived a life that most can only dream about…living the well-loved life with your soul-mate to the end and having this wonderful career that you love so much, and in which you are loved so much by us in return! You are far too great of a lady to allow them to yank your chain…you know your truth and there in lies your comfort…and the rest be damned! Please do not let the scumbags make you defend yourself…and worst of all quit the biz…it would be your loss, but most of all our great loss!! You’re the greatest, Betty!!

  • jerry

    Hey, Betty…You are so greatly loved and appreciated by so many people, and you’re having this most wonderful recent surge of popularity, that you become the target of the soulless and shallow-minded who are desperate to stir up garbage about true celebs just to get some news time! You have lived a life that most can only dream about…living the well-loved life with your soul-mate to the end and having this wonderful career that you love so much, and in which you are loved so much by us in return! You are far too great of a lady to allow them to yank your chain…you know your truth and there in lies your comfort…and the rest be damned! Please do not let the scumbags make you defend yourself…and worst of all quit the biz…it would be your loss, but most of all our great loss!! You’re the greatest, Betty!!

  • BlessedOne

    Betty DON”T GO!!! If you let them rule and run you from what you love doing, then they will continue until they drive you to your grave a broken woman. You are too blessed for that foolishness! Tell them some of those choice words you learned on Saturday Night live! They’ll get the message my FAVORITE ACTOR! LOVE U ALWAYS BW!

  • Smart Kat

    I don’t get it. She had some dirty jokes in her SNL routine. Why worry over a tape she is rumored to have made with the love of her life?

  • Margaret

    Betty White is a wonderful person and has created smiles and laughs for many of us throughout the years as well as now. I appreciate that and thank her.

  • Jay2thaess

    This site is such BS….anyone else notice the so called quote at the end saying

    “She denies there’s any photos, but just the idea tarnishes her memories of her time with the love of her life. It’s like the last straw.

    “This could make her retire. She’s absolutely disgusted.”

    Who in the hell are they quoting?? A reputable publication will always credit the source this quote came from… Don’t be so gullible folks.

  • ruth ann

    I am outraged that these reporters have nothing better to write about than a dear , sweet lady’s love with her darling ,sweet husband . What she and Allen did is nobody’s damn business!!Kudos to you, Sweet Betty !

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Tom

    It would be a shame to see her leave showbiz because of some unverified rumor and who really cares if the rumor is true. She has always presented herself as a professional and appears to be a for real, nice person. I have the same impression of Allen Ludden from what I can remember of him.

  • tomas

    Leave Betty ALONE! I’m pretty sure Betty acts for the love of the art… she doesn’t need the money.
    Way to go “media”… you ruined it for all of us!

  • katfishjak


  • Gerry

    Who would want to see nude pictures of that old hag anyway?

  • katfishjak


  • nancy

    Betty you are a wonderful lady. And I do mean Lady. I remember you and Allen and was so sad when he died. There are so many evil people out there today. Go ahead, enjoy your show. You are a wonderful actress. Don’t let this stop you.

  • Katie

    I think this is just ridiculous! Who can be that cruel to start rumours like that and this website shouldn’t even be reporting on it. Would it matter anyway? You know how many people have photos of different “things”, who cares if she did too. She IS allowed to have fun but people need to grow up and get a life and stop starting rumours that are going to hurt people. It’s even more horrible that it is aimed at Betty. She is the sweetest funniest lady around and she does NOT deserves this shit. It really pisses me off!

  • Dr. Bob

    Leave the woman alone. She’s 88, for C’s sake. These people must be jealous that she had a genuine, caring relationship, which they are probably incapable of.

    Sex at 88 rocks. I hope I get there to report back.

  • Peggy

    Betty you are the best-Please don’t leave us-People who love you and know you know you don’t have pictures like that but if you do lucky you-Your husband was #1 with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J.R. Benight

    How unbelievably invasive!!! The woman is 88 for God’s sake!! Let her enjoy this comeback without slinging baseless crap at her! I swear some people are so stinking miserable in their own little metro-driven lives that they can’t let other good people just be happy! I love you Betty.

  • never_to_return

    I’m confused. Aren’t XXX pics supposed to START careers?

  • KM

    She’s absolutely disgusted concerning the pictures??? IM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED!!! YUCKK!!

    • SexyMadBlackChic

      You,my dear, are disgusting!! Real love is beautiful and I am certain the video was made when they were perhaps only in their 50′s and much younger. They may have had a private tape of themselves that was lost and she is angry at the invasion of her privacy with her love. Married couples have the right to spice their relationship but when technology wasn’t that great,all one had to do was let in the wrong cable guy. Videos couldn’t be incrypted then. Regardless, YOU are a creep and I am sure will not age half as youthful as this lady.

  • Rosie

    Lady Betty you are 88 years old – who cares? You are in the best position of your life. If its true it means you’re sexier than anyone knew, if it’s not well it’s good buzz that keep your name in the limelight. Either way you win. So why quit now? You have the last laugh – so rock on!

  • cynthia

    Just laugh it off, Betty. The 70 IQs wish they had your personality, your fame, and a beautiful marriage like yours and Allen’s. Keep on performing. We seniors need someone like you to look up to.

    Try to let go of the foolishness, Betty. The 70 IQs that wrote it just wish they had your fame, your personality, and the love of the American public. Keep on performing. We seniors need someone to look to as a role model.

  • http://none keith S

    Can I see ‘em? Huh? Please?
    Go go Betty!!

  • Paul

    I watched the video on Xtube. She was one fun gal back in the day! She could probably teach a young buck today a few new tricks.

  • http://None Susan

    If only there were millions of Betty Whites all over the earth. We could have honest governments, marriages that lasted and children who have role models. This accusation is without a doubt disgusting and should not have appeared in the tabloids. I love you Betty. Take care and please continue on with you precious career as long as you can. You light up my life as I am close to 70. With admiration and respect. Susan

  • Linda

    Ok Everyone, your comments brought tears to my eyes…we all love Betty but such am outpouring of support for one actress is remarkable…most media is all about the money. Ignore the rumor mongers. Betty you rock and we can’t seem to get enough of you…I watched the Golden Girls with my own Mom last night…laughed out loud.

  • Denise Mower

    Betty, we all adore you…don’t worry about all the idiots. Just think of it this way…the story gives you street cred!
    I would love to be able to say I did it with Alan Luden! He was a fox!

  • http://Yahoo Andrew

    Who Cares, Betty White is a fantastic Actress. She was not known for bieng slutty or sensous. I for one am not trolling the internet for her naked picture. Betty made it on talent not looks.

  • Maude Parker

    Tell “them” all to go to Hell!
    We don’t care what you’ve done – you are perfect
    as you are!
    “They” want the power to build up and tear down
    anything. That is EGO for you.
    You are God’s gift to humankind – you are funny
    and heal people by helping to make them laugh.
    Love & Blessings!

  • sue

    betty-hold your head up high and tell the rumor mongers to go to hell!
    you are and always have been one of the most beautiful people in hollywood!
    allen luden just made the password show. i can only admire the wonderful relationshipt the two of you had!
    who cares what you two did as married people, except for some twisted jerks that have nothing better to do with their time. if they had any of your talent, they wouldn’t have to stoop so low to try and make a buck.
    don’t stoop to their level, to even try and defend yourself. too many people love and admire you. i watch the golden girl reruns on a daily basis, and i just love all of you. you each brought your own special talents to that show and it was a super success.
    i have watched and loved and admired you all of my life, and nothing could ever change that.
    we are blessed to have you as an entertainer!!!!!!!!
    just keep on being yourself and we will just keep right on loving you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TJ

    This is exactly what the media does – build someone up just to bring them down. She became the media darling this winter and now it’s time to knock the stuffing out of her. It’s disgraceful.

  • http://yahoo butch

    Betty is one cool lady,dont quit,your to funny.

  • shojim89

    I don’t care what kind of “Dirt” these idiots think they can drum up! I’ve been a fan of Betty White for ever and to me she can do no wrong. Any intelligent person whos been around the internet for any period of time knows that the web just isn’t accurate. Even if these stories are true, So What!!!! You will never blemish my respect and admiration for Betty White.
    More Power to you.

    • shojim89

      P.S. Please don’t stop making those Snickers commercials. You Are Great!!!

  • Randall

    Betty, I am a huge fan, and have been forever. I loved you on pasword, mary tyler moore, golden girls…everything you do you do very well. that you have endured and continue to have an active career shows that you historically have been able to rise above the lunacy that we call the media. To retire over some silly newsperson’s idiotic attempt to make a name for himself at your expense is the wrong thing to do. Rise above it like you always have.

  • http://Showbizspy Kellie

    Ms. Betty White, you know you are super popular and the absolute “IT” girl at the tender age of 88, when the same rumors start swirling around you that are usually the fodder for such “celebrities?” as Lindsay, Paris, or Lady GaGa.

    You go girl!!!!! They are going to start doing some REALLY CRAZY STUFF to try to knock you out of the spotlight. How awesome is that???? 20- somethings are jealous of you! If you possessed their talent and personalities nobody would even know who Betty White Is.( after 60years in the biz!) Here is a thought…. what are the chances we will see paris, Lindsay or even one of the lovely Kadarshians hosting SNL 60 years from now ?
    True talent and love always rise above the rest. That’s why you are stillon top!

  • mopar

    Betty White is the ledgen of all time i remember her on password me and my mom would watch every day it was on thats what i remember her the most from. so Betty don’t let those morons kick you arround your the best when my daughter told me you where on SNL i had to watch it the on youtub my wife thinks your very funny when i am down watch you all the time i thought you were great in Lake Placid so dont stop just because of bunch of dummies i think your hot

  • Carly

    This is ridiculous. It was her HUSBAND for goodness’ sakes. Please leave her alone; she is one of the oldest and best actors out there and she’s older than my grandmother. :) Leave the racy rumors and sex tapes bs to the actors/actresses who actually do that type of stuff with random people. And leave reputable people like Betty White out of the Hollywood drama.

  • Packerfangyrl

    Maybe if Showbiz rags wouldn’t add fuel to the fire by continuing to circulate the rumor (even if this is the story that she might quit) it wouldn’t be so bad. Only reason why I found this is because her name was trending and I wanted to know why.

  • Shannon

    Omg! Betty having dirty pics with her hubby would make me love her even more! Good for her! It’s totally okay to get kinky, even slutty with your spouse, and it’s no one’s business anyway! I hope she doesn’t retire because of it. Paris Hilton did videos and for some reason she’s still around. The difference there is that people actually like Betty White…we all wish Paris would just disappear.

  • DC2

    Honestly who cares? If it’s a rumor, let it die with all the other rumors floating around in the world. If it’s true, so what? At least, if it’s true, it was with her husband…the love of her life, which is more than I can say for MOST of the world these days…especially in Hollywood. Everyone cheats on everyone else.

    Regardless though, she is STILL Betty White…a living legend and a tribute to style, grace, and ungodly phenominal amounts of talent. In my eyes, she can do NO wrong!!!!

    Please…please don’t let something like this stop you from sharing your gift with the world, Ms. White. If nothing else, let this be an example to the world…showing us all that fidelity, monogomy, and undying love between man and wife is a beautiful thing…not a dirty thing…and more people should try it. Who cares if it was “documented”, so to speak, on video, film, whatever. This world needs more examples of honest, good, and true love anyway.

  • jim

    get the old bag off tv, who needs her,

    • Nilza Ivone

      #83 jim: What a @#s hole you are, what a nerve to say something so disrespectful about such a wonderful person like BW, do you realy think you will not get old? whta I think you are pure jealousy, because you might be a looser, good for nothing, and BW at 88 still a great actress.. shame on you idiot!!!

  • Barbara

    Betty White has given us nothing but laughter and smiles. She has dedicated her life to ALL of us, human and animal. How could anyone have the nerve to say one unkind thing about her. She has NEVER done anything to harm anyone and is a very upstanding, loving, talented woman who deserves nothing but praise from ALL of us. Thank you Betty White for coming into our lives and entertaining us. You and Alan were the perfect couple and the love you shared was obvious and warm. Everyone wishes that they could have what you had with him. I was so excited to see you in another series. I thank God for you.

    • Eddy

      Betty White is Nothing more than what We ALL WISH WE COULD BE! A PERSON WE ALL Enjoyed Entertaning US, WITH Her Heart on Her Cuff, for DECADES! I remember Password, When I was – Years Old, Mary Tylor Moore, Golden Girls, Until Saturday Knight Live, and Commercials – BETTY WHITE is WHO We Looked for, Smiled, and Laughed! BLESS This Selfish, Evil Person

  • Vanessa W

    True or not, none of our business. I will be pissed if she is seriously considering leaving. Why do we build people up for the stupid tabloids to knock them down? What a bunch of scum they are.

  • Kirajenlove

    Even if such photos existed, she was MARRIED to the guy, for crying out loud. They could have sex hanging from the chandelier and it shouldn’t be newsworthy. Leave her alone, people!

  • Darlene

    OMG! Pictures of a star having sex with her husband! What is this world coming to? I thought stars only had sex with other people’s spouses. LOL. Leave the woman alone. I think Ms. White should tell all the rumor makers the same thing she told the sheriff in Lake Placid.

  • Jeff

    Anybody that wants to pick on an 88 year old women needs their ass kicked. Leave her personnel life out of it.

  • Ofelia

    Dear Betty, I hope that someone will one day turn the tables around on these magazines and let’s air the bones from their closets and see how they like it!!! Do tell them all to go to HELL and DO NOT let them run you out of town.
    P.S. We set our alarm clock to make sure we are up to watch HOT in CLEVELAND, you and everyone on the show is great and we laugh through the whole show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debra

    Betty White is one of the funniest, beautiful women to ever grace the screen. Her work as an advocate for animal rights is legendary and the love she had with her late husband is nothing short of inspirational.
    She has nothing to hide. If she says there is nothing to be seen, then there is nothing to be seen. Don’t make her love for her husband into something tawdry and dirty. She deserves our respect.
    Betty, I adore you!!!

  • Huda Saad

    Betty You make my life better and make me and my husband laugh as we watch you in golden girls, which we do any time it’s on. We watch you any time you on TV and love it. Remeber they acused you of loving your husband with all your might; what is wrong with that? They are horrible idiots…. please don’t mind them. You have a talent you should be so proud of. Don’t let mean stupid nosey reporters run you out of what you like most and wonderful talent. You are the best. The whole country and any one who has any brains know that this rumor is rediculous and out of line. You made many lives much better. Please don’t stop wonderful women and remember we support you no matter what
    GO BETTY GO, you are a great lady and we love you

  • stellamojo

    This rumor is as old as Betty White’s career. How did THIS come up again? There are NO pictures, never been pictures. You would think, after 50 years they would’ve surfaced, don’t ya think?

  • Larry Lee Moniz

    Isn’t this the same website that claimed there was video of Sandra Bullock wearing a nazi outfit in a sex tape with Jesse James?

    You guys really are a piece of sh*t.

    If Betty White had any photos, they’d have cropped up by now.

    Just leave the lady alone. She’s way too classy for this rag of a website to even mention.

    Way to make up completely ridicuous stories you complete douchebag(s).

  • victoria

    Betty is a wonderful lady she should not let these rumors bother her
    I will believe there is no pictures out there of her with her late beloved husband who she loves to this day.
    this is such a terrible rumors going around don’t believe everything you hear only believe half of what you see is something I had been told when I was growing up
    betty is the dearest loving woman who should hold her head high and say there is no pictures or don’t let the papers who write this type of stuff have a reaction back that is the way they get to you in the first place to see if they can get anything out of you making it look like it is true when you know they are not you betty I don’t believe there are any pictures and my friends don’t think there are any pictures like that..

  • Wayne Butler

    Betty White is a real lady, who is also a class act, anyone that that would attempt to hurt this 88 year old woman in anyway will answer for such. If I find out who is behind this, I will personally make the vist and do the honors of kicking there ass into a new time and place

  • http://yahoo Charlene

    Betty White has conqured alot on her way to where she is today and she has done so with patience and understanding for all who have had the honor to meet her and respect for her accomplishments and her role in “Golden Girls.”
    People leave her alone….no haters allowed.

  • Jane

    Whoever wrote this article should go back to journalism school!….if you ever went there in the first place! Every single thing you said about Betty not seeing Rue before she passed was speculation and negative sensationalism. I doubt seriously if you even have any facts as to whether they agreed to not seeing each other or not at the end. They may have agreed to saying their goodbyes over the phone. But what do you know? What a creep you are for putting your flaky ideas in that article, rather than facts. Are you just starting out in your career? If so, good luck!

  • nana

    I love Betty White she is soooo funny and such a sweet lady. Leave her alone I say. She is great in Hot In Cleveland. Was a star in Golden Girls. And I remember her from Password too.

  • Judi

    Betty, consider the source. They have nothing better to do than try to make some one else miserable. They need to get a life of their own. I am going to be 69 this year,(the good Lord willing) and I have watched you and Loved you for many years. Keep going for all of Seniors. We need more role models like you.

  • Lisa

    Betty White is an ICON ~ she is not like the stars of today.
    So, back off with your BS and let the woman be.
    Or, I will come from the D and hurt ya!
    Be blessed Betty! We love you!

  • Rosanne

    Betty White is a National Treasure, a truly lovely and beautiful woman, inside and out. She’s devoted her life to helping animals and has given people lots of fun times with her entertaining acting career! I saw the Golden Girls taped live (in the studio audience) and was impressed with how gracious, talented, professional and sincere Betty is. Leave her alone about rumored photos. Even if it’s true, who cares? I don’t believe it anyway, and what’s more important, it doesn’t matter at all! Betty White, you go girl!! Don’t quit showbiz because of this. I want to see you host SNL again!

  • SexyMadBlackChic

    Stupid media!!! Leave this sweet little ole super talented lady alone! She seems like a really cool white lady. Stop being an azz you creeps!!!

  • Sandysig64

    Betty, please don’t go you are one the best and there aren’t many left. Please your new sitcom HOT IN CLEVELAND is so darn good and you have a big part in that.

    This country is so damn greedy anymore that it sickens me, people come out of the woodwork with all this garbage, and even if there are pictures “WHO CARES” that was your business like”Clinton & Luinski & Kennedy & Monroe, Tiger & his bevy of beauties, or Sandra & Jesse James. These news programs should be stopped for the ungly stuff they put out there anymore.
    Stay with us BETTY WE LOVE YOU!!

  • Bryan Fury

    ohhh..naked Betty White photos..I’m glad I wasn’t eating while I read this.ew.She’s funny as hell,but ew.

  • http://BettyWhite Laura

    Dear Sweet Betty,

    Do not let them bully you!!!! They are low lifes.. Hang in there girl as we all love you!!!!!!

  • Tony Nicholson

    This is a bunch of bull! She was on the View, and talked about having pics.

  • Paul

    Betty was great on Saturday Night Live. I will always have great memories of her acting, despite this lie. I went around for a week joking about her SNL lines…”The Wizard of Ass”, and “Happy Mother’s Day, mother fxxxxxs”. She was precious, and always will be. Thank you, Betty!!

  • broomhilda

    i’m glad you found the love of your life and had sex with him. if rest of us could find our true loves and have sex with them, the world would be a better place.

  • pam

    betty be proud of what you do,you make so many people remember how to laugh and forget the world we live in,also loved you in snl,they are jealous because they are not the person you are and have the morals that you do.My fiance loves you and you are the best and hed still do you(i think he does in his sleep)lol.Betty hollywood would not be the same without your smile,keep it up and tell them to GO TO HELL that’s where they are going anyway.

  • Amy

    Well said broomhilda!

  • jeff

    Betty…Just tell’em “Next”. And if that’s all you got shame on you. I will always love you Betty White along with your billion other fans. Plus, it takes a real idiot to believe what is written in those Rag-Time magazines anyway.

  • Rich

    I seriously doubt Ms. White give’s a rat’s a** what anyone says! She’s got a bawdy sense of humor (which she freely admits to & proves often). It’d only add to her already legendary career…and it’s not like she hasn’t joked around plenty about sex!


  • Pia

    just ignore them and maybe they’ll go away … cheap shot to sell more magazines/internet time … And to those who say “So what?” Some people have more class than that and don’t deserve to be painted with the same brush and some of these other talentless would-be porno queens.

  • http://yahoo.. A “young” 70 year old..

    What you do in your bedroom is your bussiness,enjoy-!!!Don’t worry about the people who starts this stuff.They must have a boring life….

  • JJ

    I love you Betty. Period. You Go Girl!

  • David

    This is not about Betty. It’s about how low and unprofessional journalism and the news media have gone to sell hold on to viewers. If photos of Betty White making love to her late husband, are news worthy headlines SHAME ON US.

  • sandi


  • Flsteve

    Who cares?!! Come on Media leave her alone. She is a classy lady. What comeback…she has been a roll since the 50′s

  • http://yahoo victoria

    Please lady

    Go to a lawyer and put those creeps in jail…please!!!!

    Please Betty do that. Hugs Vickie

    I always loved “The Golden Girls” and you in particular

  • anonymous

    I hope it is not true. Media leave her alone. You shouldn’t make this stuff up. Betty is a such a classy lady.

  • http://yahoo Debby Bertolani

    Betty White you are too strong and too much of a pro to let petty gossip by petty and pitiful people keep you from enjoying your life.If you quit let it be because you want too. We love you too much and enjoy every minute you share with us, Thank you for being YOU

  • kenny

    Boy You just can’t get away from if you are a part of Hollywood madness. Betty White, come on now. She’s a classy person always has been and probably always will be. You don’t have to know her, know it all, or be a Rocket Scientist to figure out that a person who has always been openly honest without being too honest, funny,very bright in public, and being married so long to one man probably has been a very stable and solid citizen for most of her life. It seems like the young and old alike are fair game for this kind of crap. Remember last week it was Kristen Stewart who was the target of disaffection. Next week, who in the hell knows.

  • Eddy

    I don’t care to see, or hear about BETTY WHITE, and her HUSBAND’S SEX Videos, (IF THEY EXIST) – Anyone WHO DOES is SICK! She has given us nothing but Smiles, made us all Laugh for DECADES. Give SOMETHING BACK – Give HER the RESPECT, SHE DESERVES, and EARNED. If Betty White quit Hollywood (HER DECISION, IF SHE WANTED), WE ALL LOOSE!

    WE ALL look to the MEDIA for the latest News, which is good, but the STORIES I read of Betty White, are nothing more than BABBLE, SOMETHING TO WRITE, A FABRICATED STORY – The SAD thing is, PEOPLE WILL READ, and BELIEVE ANYTHING!

  • Teresa

    Betty White is right up there with Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett! Betty you are the best! I watched you on Mary Tyler Moore, Mama’s Family, The Golden Girls,and would catch you on shows where you guest starred. By golly you are great in comedy, and drama recently on BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL).
    Com’on you goofballs, LEAVE HER ALONE! Keep on doing what you do Betty White! Keep making me laugh! God knows the humor we have now on TV just isn’t making the cut! You got what it takes! LOVE YOU SPECIAL LADY! And I remember watching PASSWORD with Mr. Ludden too!
    All my love and best wishes!

  • Darika Watchalottaporn

    What a trashy website! Leave Betty White alone. You people are pathetic.

  • Danny

    It’s websites like this that keeps the drama fire burning. It is really sickening that showbizspy would even think of reporting on something like this. I haven’t been to this website in the past and I definitely won’t be visiting it in the future.

  • Ro

    Betty, the media has more bull shit then Carter has pills. I’d love you if you mooned a cop on Main Steet USA. I don’t believe this crap because as far as I remember you have always been a classy lady. Those who would believe this rediculous rumer have dirty minds and you do not owe them an explanation. When the hell did the National Enquirer ever tell the truth anyway. Bring the SOBs to court and sue the pants off of them and their petty, dirty little minds.

  • fred

    i wonder if she has any recent nude pics of her in 2010 id love to see her nude

  • fred

    all these celebs pay the price for fame

  • John

    Betty White is a treasure and epitomizes what a celebrity should be. Shame on any news outlet that takes advantage of someone this genuine, talented, and loved the world over. Go back to flash-in-the-pans like Spears, Cyrus, and GaGa and leave true professionals like Betty alone!

  • Darrick


  • go to sleep

    NOBODY cares Betty Whiteheadssss….go lie down in your coffin, take some aspirin and make sure you put powder in your pants.

  • Roy

    Who cares, she is a legend! Let her enjoy her life. We love her and she gets the best lines and is an expert in her delivery of them! Keep on truckin, Betty!

  • Sharice Krawetz

    I had issues with your website on my browser and had to refresh the page a couple of times, I’m using an older version of Firefox. I enjoyed the articles and comments and will be back!