Angelina Jolie Learned to Fly For Her Son

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Angelina JolieANGELINA Jolie learned to fly as a birthday present for her son.

The actress — who raises six children with partner Brad Pitt — took pilot lessons after realizing how much her eldest child, Maddox, now eight, enjoyed watching planes go by.

“When Maddox was one and a half, we used to go to the airfield, have lunch and watch the planes,” she said. “And it dawned on me: I could fly. So I promised him I would fly by his second birthday.”

The Salt star admits she loves boarding a plane alone as it is the only time she gets the solitude she craves.

“It’s the only place I’m completely alone — up in the air, detached from everything,” she said.

“Brad loves the technical aspects. He loves the checks, loves all the maths. I’m terrible at the maths, but I love that I can go anywhere and have that freedom. He’s more patient. I tend to drive it to the ground.”


  • bal

    Maddox, the dead soldier at Halloween, the one she took to Irak because he loves war and knives.
    Yeah miss Jolie, you try to raise awareness of what suffering war brings. Too bad you yourself don’t get that.

    And she still can’t fly without an instructor, after 6 years…stupid cow

    • AnHOston

      learn to read imBALanced one you bitch hater….

      you idiot said “And she still can’t fly without an instructor, after 6 years…stupid cow”

      well, read again before you spew your garbage

      “The Salt star admits she loves boarding a plane alone as it is the only time she gets the solitude she craves. “It’s the only place I’m completely alone — up in the air, detached from everything,” she said”

      or are you really that retard not to understand the word ‘ALONE’…. does the word mean ‘with an instructor’ for you? well, then i must understand how moron you really are.

      for once try to detach your head from you fat ass ok? LMAO! STUPID COW!

      • bal

        Where was she when Travolta flew goods to Haiti? Where was she when Bruce Dickinson flew passengers back when the vulcano disrupted flying above Europe? She was in Europe at the time.

        Oh, and why is there an instructor at her side when she is flying? The only time she is flying alone is on her mystery diet.

      • anHOston

        GIVE IT UP HATER!!! and where was your fat, sagging lazy ass imBALanced one when she flew to haiti to give help? oooh, we know… you were busy in front of your pc typing frantically to spew your trash talks against angie. why must she fly with bruce and john btw? and if she did you will be saying ‘oh fuck, she flew with bruce and john.’ when will you stop hating you miserable piece of shit! LMAO

  • http://showbiz cg

    Assume you are a pilot.

  • stellamojo

    Wow, my child LOVED watching racecars, but I didn’t get in one and learn to race in Nascar. Jeeez, bring it down a notch in this parenting thing. Cripes. Just try encouraging HIM to learn to fly.

    • anHOston

      well, to each his own stella. first of all i believe you will never ever qualify in nascar. 2nd, you can never afford it. 3rd, don’t hate others because they can spend for flying lesson. so go sit with your son and enjoy watching nascar on tv instead of questioning someone else’s parenting method which could even be better than yours. ciao!!! hahahaha

  • jamie

    Angie is not stupid and she’s not a cow. She’s a skinny legged over-the-top person.

    • anHOston

      angie is not stupid nor a cow and she’s not some skinny legged over-the-top person. that’s how your friends (if any) describe you jamie, lmao

  • Bryan Fury

    The immature cheap shots at Angelina are amazingly childish..question her parenting,fine.But if you’re just going to be a ass about it,go do something worthwhile,like stick your head in something toxic.

    • anHOston

      i guess haters have done it already bryan, i can smell their stench all over the page. lmao

  • isis

    she’s a bit cuckoo but she’s pretty and I cant shake the fact that she got with brad while he was married.

  • jamie

    Hey Bryan. U sound very toxic so u know where to stick yr own head.

    • anHOston

      to jamie….. like you stick your own head in chinifer’s asshole, asshole? lmao

  • bal

    @anHOston: but she DIDN’T fly to Haiti to give help, she went there to get her picture taken. How can you help people months afterwards, in just 1 afternoon???
    The point is that your saint is all talks and photo ops and people like Travolta and Dickinson DO stuff, help people hands-on.
    A BIG difference!

  • anHOston

    well, obviously you’re a sucker for gossip imBAlanced one… YOU BELIEVE ALL THE GOSSIPS WRITTEN BY THESE TABLOID that i’m beginning to suspect you actually write for them. hahahha

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  • bal

    Popular? A joke is more like is. Most intelligent people know she full of BS.
    And FYI I do not care for Aniston. I’m talking about Jolie and you can’t seem to reply on my arguments… nuff said. ;-)

    • anHOston

      hahahah, angie’s not popular? then why do you spend hours reading about her and posting comments even? do a google check anytime, angie is one of the FEW celebs who gets 100+ million hits DAILY!!! that means 150-180M people search for her every single day. woot wot!!! and anHoston i’m sure is dying of envy with that. LMAO

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      i just love it!!!

      • bal

        So you don’t disagree about her hypocritical behavior as it comes to violence and her photo.. euh humanitarian work?
        Apparently you can’t say anything to defend your narcistic idol, you only get hysterical and personal. As if I care.:)
        The fact that you have te resort to that is proof I’m right. ;-)

      • karen

        hahaha, arguments? what arguments are you talking about? HOW CAN AN IDIOT LIKE YOU PRESENT A SANE ARGUMENT? ALL YOU DO IS SIT IN FRONT OF YOUR PC AND STALK ANGIE EVERYWHERE. LEARN TO READ IDIOT and stop telling yourself that i don’t disagree with you.

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  • anHOston

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  • SDF2224

    Wow anHoston i do not want to get on your bad side. Thankfully i love Angie. Even before the situation with the “horse” lol like you like to call the other one, I never liked aniston. The woman lived and died for her hair. she was too busy flat ironing and doing highlights to see that the husband took off with another woman.

    I absolutely adore Angie, matter fact I hated brad pit because of Aniston. I wouldn’t even see any of his movies before.
    He simply married the wrong woman and saved the best for last. smart man !!!

    • bal

      That’s why he looks now like an 70-year-old senior citizen and sooooo happy and sober. :DDDDD

  • anHoston

    LMAO… sorry cousin karen, damn, why didn’t i see your post in another article. buy your own PC next time, cheap-o! lmao.

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  • bal

    And now with real arguments, please? You just can’t justify the actions of Saint Angie. You only get hysterical. That says it all.;-)

  • anHoston

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  • Sirena Sanday

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