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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner to Make Millions From Final Twilight Films

Posted by Adam

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Taylor LautnerROBERT Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are set to receive at least $25 million each for starring in the final two movies of the hit franchise.

As well as the enormous sum, the trio will also receive a share of the gross profits which could bring their total pay to $41 million.

New York Magazine reports that “Summit will pay stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner each a whopping $25 million against 7.5 percent of the theatrical gross for starring in the next and last two Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn, parts one and two.”

The studio behind the movies Summit Entertainment re-negotiated the stars’ contracts earlier this year after deciding to split Stephenie Meyer’s final Twilight book Breaking Dawn into two movies.

The third film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – which has just been released — sees Robert as vampire Edward Cullen, Kristen as his human girlfriend Bella Swan and Taylor as werewolf Jacob Black reprise their roles.

Meanwhile, Breaking Dawn screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has revealed the last two movies in the series will be “sexier” than the previous three.

Breaking Dawn will be sexier. I think we can get awfully sexy with a PG-13, I’m not worried about the rating,” she said.

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  • RE:

    What a waste of money, especially on Shrew the Miserable-AKKTRES who only wants to act and not be famous. Ignore the magazine covers and giving the phone to a journalist only to threaten her afterwards and scream for privacy.

    • http://- Chance

      This is another publicity gimmick from Summit. They want to make it look like Eclipse made so much money that they want to make sure that the top 3 stars agree to return to do the final two movies. What I know of producers is that they’re tightwads so it’s more likely that Rob, Kristen and Taylor are only getting 2.5 million or thereabouts for each of the final sequels.

  • I not speek english

    Spending $75 milion just on three actors is a bit exagerated in my opinion. That is enough to produce a couple of movies.
    Rupert Grind and Emma Watson didn’t even get this much for HP 7 if I remember correctly and they 1) where longer in a franchise, b) are better actors (again just my opinion) and c) and are great in dealing with publicity and public attention.
    Is their popularity the only reason for such a salary? It can’t just be the “acting”.
    And isn’t it common in HW that women don’t eran the same money the man do (I think I read somewhere even the best paid actresses barely reach the $20 milion)?

  • ohjeez

    I think that whoever negotiated their contracts was smart, get these kids their money now, they’re gonna be pigeonholed. In ten years you’ll see Rob playing a werewolf and Taylor playing a vampire just to break up the monotony, not to mention just to get a job. None of them are impressive actors and you are all right; probably don’t really warrant the money they are getting for these films, but being a part of this franchise is extremely time consuming and emotionally exhausting I would bet, so lets just call it hazard pay-rotflmao.

  • Catca

    I don’t begrudge KStew the money she will earn as the franchise is wildly successful. Having said that, she knows what she is signed up for and with that kind of money, the paparazzi attention will only get worse. If she complains about the attention while signing on for not just the blockbuster movie, but the blockbuster salary, she needs to start interviewing alot better and handling the press and attention better. That means no more complaining and always being gracious no matter how rude the interviewer is (and I’ve seen more than 1 be very rude to her so seriously, I have some empathy for her). She knows darn well and at this point she is just setting herself up for bad press. Like at a movie premiere if she smiles 90% of the time, the press will only post the photos of the 10% of the time where she’s not smiling because she has given (a) given them an easy story line of being “shy” and “upset about the attention” and (b) she has been hostile towards the press with her complaints which just gives them motivation to make her look bad and teach her a lesson about public relations and why it matters. The press do play an important role in the movie industry and yes, it’s a major part of her job when taking the lead in a franchise. Just ask Tom Cruise whether or not public relations matters. He has a well reviewed summer blockbuster movie out in theaters now and it’s tanking because people can’t get past the couch jumping incident. Outside of Twilight, KStew has no movies with great box office returns with her headlining so she has a tough argument to make about being able to open a movie. She needs to be careful.

  • Ashley

    RE: What is wrong with Kristen Stewart wanting to act and not be famous, huh? She is not being a b*tch wanting that. It is showing that acting is her passion and that she doesn’t care whether she is famous or not, she just wants to act. You seriously need to stop harboring personal offences towards Kristen. Just because she doesn’t like walking down the red carpet or doing interviews doesn’t mean she is being a snobbish bitch. It means that doing those things gets her personally nervous. Kristen seems like a slightly paranoid person, who is afraid of the masses of fans she has. Stars get killed all the time by their fans, look at John Lennon for instance! Mark David Chapman who loved The Beatles killed him. Kristen is afraid that’ll happen to her. So, all the pics you so of Kristen of her not smiling and whatnot is not because she persona;;y hates her fans, it’s because she’s most likely slightly scared of them. So, stop taking everything Kristen does personal and just move on if you don’t like her or Twilight.

    I not speek english: You are quite an offensive person just by your “I not speek english” name. But back on subject, 75 million dollars spent on three actors is NOT a lot of money. You obviously know nothing about the acting buisness. Hell! You probably don’t even know how actors and actresses even get acting jobs, do you? For one, it is extremely hard to get acting jobs. Casting agents, who are in charge of the audition process and do the actual audition with the actors, see hundreds of actors and actresses for staring and co-staring roles. Let’s take the Twilight auditioning process for instance. ALL of the actors and actresses from the staring to the minor characters had to get sent on the audition by their agents for the role. They first went on the very first audition for the movie that had hundreds of actors and actresses going out for the same role that Robert, Kristen, and Taylor went on to and got. The three stars did not just get picked without the audition process as everyone thinks, they were chosen out of hundreds of possible actors and actresses from their audition. It takes months of auditioning and many call-backs (call-backs are to narrow down the actors and actresses to the ones they like the most, for movies it takes a lot of call-backs to finally get their wanted actors.) So, the three stars had to fight for months to get their starring roles in Twilight they weren’t just given it. They got it because the casting agent, director, producer, and Stephenie Meyers liked them and thought that they acted well and fit the role. So, again, they weren’t just given the role, they had to fight for the it like a competition.

    Btw, 75 million is only enough money to produce 2 or 3 low budget films that probably wouldn’t do good in the box office or one medium to higher budget film 75 million is not enough money to produce a high budget film.

    The reason why Rupert Grint and Emma Watson don’t get paid as much as Kristen, Robert, and Taylor is because Harry Potter is not nearly as popular as Twilight is, nor has it ever been. Franchise only has to do with a small fraction of how much actors and actresses get paid for their movie roles. They get paid on how well they act, what role they have, and how popular the movie is. Out of Daniel, Emma, and Rupert the only one that can act is Emma. Daniel can not act very well and the only reason he was chosen for the role was 100% by ACCIDENT. He was at a play with his family when they were casting for the roles for Harry Potter and Daniel looked so much like the boy on the front of the book that they casted him purely on looks. Which is extremely rare and a one in a million chance for anyone. Emma was the only one that had to work for her role and actually go through the long auditioning process. Publicity and how well they do in public has 100% NOTHING to do with how much they get paid, it is dull of you to assume that.

    Once again, they get paid 25 million dollars each is because of their acting skills, what kind of movies they have been in the past (Kristin’s first movie was with Jodie Foster which automatically gave her one up with directors and casting directors and yes, she had to go through the incredibly long audition process for that role with Jodie and she got it because she could act.), how long they have been in the business, what kind of movie they are doing now when they get paid that much, how popular that movie is, how much the actors and actresses want to get paid (they settle in an agreement, it is usually what the director feels they should get paid and what the agent wants their clients to get paid.) and yes how popular the individual actors are.

    You are so sexiest and naive to think that actors and actresses get paid on whether their male or female. How dull are you and where do you get your information? They get paid on what I said above.

    The reason I know all this is because I’m an actress. I have been an actress for almost 7 years. I’ve been on many, many auditions and know how hard it is to get acting jobs. When I was younger I did commercials, I was just a background actress because I was just starting out in the business and getting a feel for whether I wanted to be an actress or not. I fell in love with the business and acting is my passion, it is what I will do for the rest of my life whether I’m famous or not. I was around 10 years old when I was the background character for the commercials I was in. I got paid approximately 50 dollar an hour and I was on set for a good 12 hours. Shooting a commercial only takes about a day to shoot, so at 10 I got paid about 600 dollars to be a background character for a commercial. I was in a commercial that shot for two days one time, I was paid approximately 1,200 dollars. Now think, if a 10 year old girl (who btw got paid the same amount as the male background actors and adult background actors and actresses) who is a nobody and has never done anything previously, gets paid 1,200 dollars for a two day 12-hour shoot. Think about how a really big somebody, in a really popular movie, who could act very well gets paid. You really ought to read about the acting business before you talk.

    • RE:

      You are an actress for 7 years who posts on gossip blogs. Oh the irony. Am I suppose to take your opinion more serious?

      Stewart refuses to do auditions anymore. She thinks she doesn’t need to, what an ego considering her limited skills. She has made a career so far out of being the troubled, maybe salvagable character.
      She is so self-absorbed and her heightened self-awareness and self-importance are annoying.

    • Katie

      Ashley-Doesn’t everyone out there in Hollywood have a head shot and say they are a actress?Why would a actress that has been in the business over 5 years be wasting their time posting on a gossip blog?Maybe its because you are not as successful as you want everyone to believe you are as an adult.Not many people who were successfull child actresses can still be as successfull as an adult.There are a few but those are the few,for example Jodie Foster and Ron Howard.I doubt you have the acting range of those two.If you did you wouldn’t be using your spare time to post on a gossip sight.I doubt Jodie foster posts on showbizspy and I doubt Ron Howard does either.I bet you anything they have never heard of this sight.It is only “B” and “C” list actors that know,check and care what gossip sights are saying about them.

    • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd

      To: Ashley,

      I just wanted to make a few comments regarding your post above. It’s quite amazing for u to assume the regulars or visitors that read this site are so naïve about how actors get jobs in HW? Wow!……………..
      How condescending! From your years of experience as an actress, it sounds like you’ve not been properly introduced to the business yourself?

      Now, don’t take this the wrong way but there are echelon’s that exist among actors in HW? When u need to do auditions u are considered to be wallpaper. When an actor needs to go on auditions to get jobs? Well let’s just say they are looked upon as being no better than an extra! Sorry! Nothing personal.

    • Sam

      Harry Potter is just as big as Twilight if not bigger. The only difference as far as thir fan base? Harry Potter does not have raging hormonic female fans like you. Also, many Twilight fans are also HP fans and vice vrsa. Harry Potter kids do not make that much probably because of the production cost of the movie. The last Harry Potter was over 300 million dollars, the last twilight (eclipse) was 68 million. It seems to me that twilight has more money to spare for their actors.

      • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd


        ITA: Good point!

    • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd

      To: Ashley,

      Another thing, “RE” and “I not speak english” sound more aware about the “Acting” business than u do. Simply because of your statement that an actor does not get judged on how well their able to do PR? What are u smoking? After that statement it confirms u are a novice! Being a successful actor in HW TODAY is not all about the “craft” but it’s about how well u are at doing business…….

    • Robot Patternson

      Maybe u can take kstew with you on those auditions! or maybe give her the name of where she can go for acting classes and dayum that was the longest post I have ever seen. maybe u really r an actress ….they seem to all be long winded and full of shite

    • Lisa

      Ummm KS should really start to go on auditions because the roles she wanted she did not get because she would have destroyed the film, example GWTDT. Carey is up for that role and I can see why. The keep claiming KS is turning down jobs like wanted 2!!! Well she might want to think about saying yes to some of them because her last flick SUCKED big time. And the role she picks is a small film again which took 3 years to get the budget and it is in B & W. Yep no Oscar performance there. So I say no she CAN NOT have any film she wants she is a bad actress with no talent what so ever that is why TW made her famous and none of her other indie films. And yes it is the teenage hormones keeping her alive. She better take the 25 mil and run because in 5 years she is back to small indie films (where she wants to be according to her).

      • Rocket

        Lisa, I don’t think even the Indie films would be hiring her, what part could she play? She’s done herself, what 5 or 6 times now? Limited, limited, limited.

      • Lisa

        ROFL Rockett yep there are only so many times you can play the same character. You know a whore stripper, a young girl bitting her lip, another young girl with a were wolf and vampire after he, and all she does is touch her hair and bit her lip. Yep I guess she has done it all ROFL!!!

  • Shawn

    Based on their acting, they don’t deserve it…But since it’s obviously those 3 that made this series even more profitable, I would say they deserved a tad bit more than that. Their production budget for the 3 films average around 50 million, not to mention all the free publicity they are getting just from the paparazzi following Kris/Rob everywhere. They are making much more than they are spending so I see no harm in sharing the profit with these 3

  • To Ashley

    I’m not going to agree or disagree with you. But you are a sad sad little girl.

  • Katie

    Ashley-One more thing.You say that harry potter is not successfull.What planet are you living on?Do you know what JK Rowlings net worth is now because of the books and the films.Last time I read it was over a Billion dollars.You are not worth that much if your books or movies are not that successfull.I think the reason why you are so down on the harry potter kids is because you probably auditioned for a role in those movies and got turned down.For someone who is supposidly in the business your facts are not all that correct.Look at what the harry potter kids are paid:

    Emma Watson:$12 million
    Rupert Gint:$12 million
    Daniel Radcliffe:$20 million

    This is what they are paid per picture.They are own Forbes list of the Top 20 under the age of 25 who have made bank.The last time I saw the list Robert,KS and Taylor were not on the list.

  • Robot Patternson

    Wow now Kstew can buy even more weed! Way to waste millions peeps!

    • http://yahoo showbizspy sucks!

      hell yeah! you just wish you have that kind of money. jealous! jealous! jealous!

      • Robot Patternson


  • Halley

    Agreed Ohjeez,
    With acting, who knows where you will end up. You are flavour of the month now, but next you are finding it hard to get roles. These actors were smart, cash in on the success that they have given Summit with the last 3 movies, and bank it for a rainy day, coz You never know what tomorrow brings. Shawn, their acting may be left to be desired, but they have made Summit a lot of money on the first 3 flicks and have lost all privacy. For that alone they deserve the mulah.

  • Halley

    To be honest though, I could see that Taylor and Rob have grown as actors through the last movie, but Kristen Stewart was still just plain awful, She is a wet blanket and mumbles the whole way through the movies. Same reason I couldn’t stand Ben Affleck, mumble, mumble, mumble.

  • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd

    To: Regulars!

    “Eclipse Review” Part I

    O.k. here is my Eclipse review! Before continuing reading, first, let me say regulars it’s apart of my job! Please don’t hate!

    David Slade- I’m very familiar with DS work and was impressed by his previous films “Hard Candy” in particular. With Eclipse DS took risk gave the story more dimension and the characters a purpose. U could see DS could have made the movie so much better but got reeled in by Summit. It’s to bad, u can see in the beginning of the movie it had so much promise but toward the middle and end became unbearable to watch. CHEAP CGI What happened? Did Summit get cold feet? I hate when suits try and get creative they mess everything up with formulaic safe crap!!!!! Typical HW!

    TL- NOT BAD! NOT BAD! Very impressed TL! TL has screen presence people! Go figure! But in all fairness it’s easy to see TL was given more freedom to explore his character’s emotions. Perhaps he did not have the same kinds of pressures as R/K? I don’t know! But he definitely added weight (no pun intended) to the movie. Good job TL!

    K- I can’t tell u how underwhelmed I was by K’s performance. Does K have a pulse? I will say however, K does have the ability to cripple the leading men’s performances in Eclipse. Wow! I wonder what’s she’s packing? K shows know heart when TL is left wounded or when she gets caught kissing J by E. R look like he could have gone somewhere with that scene but K shuts it down. Oh! The bedroom scene a complete joke R looked like he tried but K was a limp noodle. My list is long…….. Let me count the ways. I have never seen an actor, such as K, be so listless and unresponsive to her leading men or “supposed boyfriend.” There is definitely something going on between R/K and it’s not LOVE people.

    • saywhat

      Yup, KS responds to every crisis scene with her patented “darn, I missed the bus” look. bleh

      • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd

        Hi! saywhat,

        Love your name! So True! So True! RE: K.

    • Lisa

      I agree with your review completely Open Book. K ruins her leading men I actually feel sorry for Garrett but he will also have Kirsten Dunst and she will lead him right!!! I felt none of the chemistry between R/K on screen that I felt between E/B while reading the books. I described her as a wet noodle LOL at your limp noodle. And I just wanted to hug Jacob at the end when she was all like “ya must suck to be you but i am going to become a vampire now so umm see ya later”. Gosh she sucks at showing emotions. I saw Rob got so much better and that was becasue he is working with A list actresses now. And yes Taylor did an awesome job. My favorite was Jackson and Nikki they really portrayed their characters to a tee.

    • RomanticFool

      I saw an extended scene from New Moon class room scene. Rob looks at her a little pleased with himself for his long Romeo Juliet speech. She was hostile. She did not look at him or smile, interchane etc. The reason many scenes were reshot in Elipse is that they may have had tension and it showed on film.

      When they were making NM, she must have made her feelings clear and he must have said no thank you. She said she knows what it is like to be so sure about something and told she was dead wrong on Access Hwood at NM start. There is NO chemistry like Rob had with Emilie. They deleted scenes as the producers said “they had too much of a conneciton” Rob said that he thought that was a good thing to have and showed his dismay.

      Open Book is right. Something is Stewing no pun intended.

      • RomanticFool

        I mean they deleted Allie and Tyler scenes not E/B scenes…even those did not have chemisty

  • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd

    To: Regulars

    “Kristen’s Rob’s Kryptonite!” Eclipse Review-Part II

    R- O.K. R got my attention in TW I thought he seemed interesting? I thought R was headed somewhere when he did RM (the ending sucked of course, too contrived) but R demonstrated some range not perfect but he convinced me he can carry a film. However, with two steps forward with RM, R takes two steps back in Eclipse (NM no comment). Let’s face it R, K is your kryptonite! U seem to second guess all your instincts, crumble under her direction. Not good! Not good! In the beginning of the film u seem like u were headed somewhere with E but the moment u got distracted!U gave up!

    Maybe your tired of the Summit games and want to focus on substantive work. However, TW was built on your back and got u noticed doing this crap. U need to find a way to get your strength back so u can continue to move forward. Remember K is kryptonite and TL is under no real pressure. TW will be over soon; the money’s good but u need to take more risk in BD, this is how u create a brand and franchise for yourself by being reliable for quality. Although, TW is for a teen demographic and HW believes teens can’t appreciate complexity this does not matter. I’m sorry Eclipse and NM is not your best work!!! Remember just because u get served crap don’t mean u have to eat it!

    U are too new to the business to allow some lazy, dime a dozen like K distract or make you into a statistic! I know HW is into this METHOD crap but only the old timers swear by it and can do it without killing themselves. It’s so overrated. U are young, scholarly, don’t be lazy take calculated risk!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!

    • LULU

      amen, brother, amen!!!!

    • Lisa

      Totally agree and i think he knows this becasue he said she was directing him with the tent scene and he wanted to strangle her. He has to remember listen to the director and his inner instincts and not HER. She will destroy any future he has for sure.

      • RomanticFool

        I think he said she was distracting him not directing him. He had a panic attack in the close environment of the tent he said. He kept flubbing his lines. Rob said that she opened her eys and was trying to make him laugh. He thinks the original tent scene was better than movie version.

  • suzette

    Ashley..What are you attacking “don’t speak english” for. Can she not have a opinion. Alot of what you said makes no sense..if you are going to throw stones at least know your facts. K.S. did alot of low pay movies after Panic Room. That is not why she is getting paid 25 million. It is because of the success of Twilight and they cannot replace Bella at this point in the saga. If they could Iam sure they would. Twight would be so much better with a decent actress as BELLA. A piece of advice..when you post here please do so with real facts and don’t alienate everyone before your first printed word.

    • RomanticFool

      There is headway being made. When I first started posting about Kristen’s bad acting and bad ‘tude, before some that are here now were here, the Krisbians were much more vocal. I got hate mail daily at the other site. Even a threat. The swamp has been cleared. Kristen will have to make a living on what is left of her desimated fan base. From what we have seen here…they are not informed, nice or smart.

    • Lisa

      Her own live journal site has turned against her and is now Anti Robsten you got to love that. Hope Summit is paying attention. We do not want Robsten we want Rob to be set free and away from the kryptonite like Open Book said :) FREE ROB!!!

      • http://showbizspy Vampire Nerd Girl

        Lisa-Maybe we should start a campaign to free Rob! We’ll use Rosie as our symbol of freedom!
        FREE ROB! FREE ROB! :grin:

  • suzette

    OMG…open book! you just blow my mind!! I just read you review. You get it!! I get it but I don’t put it into the perfect writing that you do. YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON!! perfection.

    • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd

      HI! Suzette!

      How are u? I’m glad u appreciated my Eclipse review. I try and stay objective it’s what I’m supposed to do…. Although, I will say I am a little partial to R!!! So when u read my post in the future please keep that in mind.

      Take Care!

    • RomanticFool

      I think he had trouble kissing her. I know they are supposed to be strained and all…but he always seems to kiss her space between her nose and mouth except in the meadow. Maybe that is why KS said it takes a lot of smoke and mirrors to make them look good kissing.

  • http://yahoo showbizspy sucks!

    you are all stupid!!! and this site is soooooo lame!!!

    • Katie

      Comment #16-Yet you keep comming back and leaving your pearl of wisdom.

    • Lisa

      And you are commenting here giving the writer hits because….. Oh I know you are a krisbian and love KS and she can do no wrong. She is brilliant and beautiful and has more class in her pinky than any other actress. Oh and we are jealous fat lonely women. Have I covered all the bases??? ROLMFAO!!! You krisbians are so easy to detect just stay on your own site and hug your KS doll and wait for her to come to you with open arms hehehehhehe.

      • katie

        Lisa-Its sad when the KS dog(oops doll)is prettier and has more expression than the live version.

      • Lisa

        LOL Katie I know it does not look like her at all I think the doll has a bigger…..well you know the doll has a shape hehehehhehe.

  • Friborz

    they deserved that

  • priscilla amadi

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  • angela

    hey if breakin’ dawn will be an adult movie then how will i watch it?

    • RomanticFool

      It won’t be adult …PG 13 but tamed sexy screen writer said recently

  • anne

    to all haters of kstew…back off…your just envy with her success…okay..and why the hell cares if you don’t like the movies and the actors..just go on with your lame lives…

    • Diana

      I dont envy her success. I am astonished that she still gets parts at all! Whoever named her “lego brick”, AMEN brother/sister! Oh, and since you are here posting on this thread…exactly how are all our lives so much more lame than yours? Bring on BD, so that all the sheep can move on to greener pastures, and the ‘deep, intellectual’ skank-shrew can go back to being nobody. Good riddance.

  • Jennifer@ Glad It’s Them

    Kristen Stewart doesn’t deserve a penny for her ‘acting’ let alone $25 million. She’s the most untalented bimbo out there.

  • Katie-#1 Nerd/Nerd Herd

    Good Morning to the regulars.I have taken the day off today.I am going to see Eclipse today.I’ll give my review of it by email.Talk to you all later.

  • barbie

    robert pattinson you are so cool and handsome

  • LULU

    saw eclipse. it sucked.

    the tent scene, bella outside the tent in snow in a cotton shirt, the placement of the tent? really?

    chemistry between bella and edward? really?

    chemistry between bella and jacob? really?

    how many close ups does one movie need? really?

    bellas wig? really?

    the sceanery, pacific northwest? really?

    i could go on and on.


    • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd

      Hi! LULU,

      ITA: U are spot on!

  • carla B.

    I think this is funny, comments about harry Potter (Dan Radcliffs story on how he was discovered..) not completely true. You forget that his parents were and are in the buisness as producers and that Daniel did audition and in fact the studios hounded him to play the part but his parents weren’t sure if they wanted him to enter into the buisness. It was Daniel who decided he wanted this. In addition, Twilight Eclipse did 68million it’s first day and over $30 million for just the midnight showings the night before. That’s just with the North American opening. Harry Potter did 300million in it’s entirety of the several weeks it played in the theatre.

    Daniel is a good actor as is Emma and Ruport. Rob is a great actor as is Kristen and Taylor. And doesn’t matter if your in buisness or not in Hollywood the only time and I mean the only time you don’t have to audition is if you are in a position like Rob and Kristen. Ask David Tennent from Dr. Who…he said on the Graham Norton show that he has to audition now that he is no longer on Dr. Who and he wasn’t used to it. It’s funny how people who don’t live in Los Angeles, like I do think they know how the business works in Hollywood. And your wrong we are not all actors. There are so many actors from all over the world that the competition is fearce and really it comes down to do you have the look they are looking for and are you a good match for the character they want you to play. Having experience helps on your resume’.

    I think 25million per person plus 7.5% of over all gross of the film is worth it for Robert Pattinson. He could make over and estimated 41 million just off of Breaking Dawn. But keep in mind that Kristen and Rob only made 2 million each off of Twilight which is not much above scale for this industry in a starring role. You see, there is a union in this town. If you are a member of SAG then the minimum you get paid in a regular film is what ever the union as contracted with the studios. However if it’s an INDIE film (independent film) then it can very because it’s non union. My point is there are many famous actors who still have to audition, they don’t all get paid millions of dollars and they definately don’t endure the media blitz that Rob has to deal with. Frankly I am a huge Harry Potter fan but I don’t remember the fan frenzie being even close for Daniel (who’s not nearly as good looking as Rob) as it is for Rob or Kristen.

    Some of you are so negative towards Hollywood, I am really suprised considering the great films that have come out of here. Perhaps there is some jealousy there?

    On a lighter note:
    I am a big fan of the BBC America channel,I love the shows I watch on that channel especially Dr. Who(David Tennent still the best Doctor ever)and Graham Norton show which I believe bar none is the funniest talk show anywhere. I would love to see Graham interview Rob, for some reason he’s never appeared on his show.

    • RomanticFool

      Hollywood elected Reagan to SAG president twice and he served well. They DO NOT even have his photo up with the rest of the past presidents. Hollywood is against the very people who buy the tickets. When Fire Proof did well with no sex or crudity, they were shocked. Rob said that there is a market that has been over-looked up until now that Twilight series fills. H wood should stop being so anti America and traditional and H wood not be viewed so negatively.

  • carla B.

    I agree there were many close ups but who cares when it’s Rob. hahahaha

  • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd

    Hi! Carla B.

    Wow! U sound very condescending just like Ashleigh. Are u related? Thanks for enlightening everyone with your empirical wisdom on how Actors get paid in HW. Hmm! I will go out on a limb and “directly” confront u. U stated; “some of u are negative towards HW.” Yes! I will own up to that! I’m a California native, work in HW and can be objective about HW. I think California has a very passive aggressive culture woven into the fabric by HW. HW makes money off of creating illusions and entertainment for people. Because of this Californian’s can be prone to being artificial and passive aggressive. They speak nicely to your face and nasty behind your back. When I travel to other places people refer to Californian’s as being “superficial.” Yes! People admire the beautiful weather, celebrities everywhere and constant recreation. However, Californian’s are regarded as being disingenuous, capricious and not deep thinkers. We can thank K for her contributions on how well California natives are regarded.

    I say all of this because IMO: HW in efforts to stay solvent in this technological age has allowed the quality of film making to suffer. Today quality filmmaking is replaced with reality T.V. celebrities and lazy artist using scandal media to boost their careers. The TW series is an example of how HW is using scandal media/PR to market and sell movies to consumers. Is this tactic good to u? Summit spent little money on TW and turning out films like “Happy Meals” all to make a quick buck. I can look at the big picture, be objective enough to say. HW would be innovative, do quality films if consumers demanded it! However, if u think Eclipse is fantastic with Oscar worthy performances than I guess your standards aren’t very high to begin with.

    U and Ashleigh “the novice” are related. U are so sure based on your limited experience appear to know how HW negotiate a Principal actors contracts! I speak from experience not assumptions. Let me put it in laymen terms for u. Executives (A, B list actors) of corporations negotiates contracts differently than a (extra actor) cashier applying for a job at McDonalds. Oh! By the way, the “union” is no more than public assistance for artist in HW who can’t afford their own representation.

    • RomanticFool

      California has a bad reputation from all the people who flock into it from other states and countries. It used to be much different. People come and go a lot in CA…in other regions they stay and grow roots.

    • ???

      How does it help to peel off Robert’s fans while Kristen is losing them left right and center? They do need a united fan base but why would Summit side with Kristen when she is not the one drawing the broad spectrum of fans in like Rob does? It makes sense for them to not have her in public and push Rob and Taylor. Could someone please explain what is going on behind the scenes?

  • carlab

    open book- clearly you have not idea what your are talking about and clearly I doubt you are even from Calfiornia. I have family in the same union you call public assistance. It’s clear you claim experience but you don’t specify what industry you work in. considering your extra time to go onto this site and spread your negativity you work at home.

    I never said at any time that the TW saga was oscar worthy and in fact if you read any of my prior posts you would see that I was unhappy with the way they eliminated key scenes from the Eclipse movie just to make Bella a stronger character than she is in the books. I agree that the studios take advantage of happy meals to spread the hype of their movie but what big franchise doesn’t. Disney is just as big of an offender as any.

    In your note you say Californians… which means you are accusing all of us of being passive agressive, when in fact HW is just one part of this great state. If you don’t like it (if you are really here) then leave! And who are you to allege I have limited experience when clearly you aren’t even in the business. I never said that contract negotiations are the same for A list actors and extras…. I don’t even mention extra’s. Clearly you don’t read well. A list actors have contracts and negotiations are obviously different in fact extras are paid 100 or more for a day on the set, but I went on a limb to say that there is a minimum or other words scale that other actors go by I was referring to actors who do commercials and small films, you can look it up at the California Division of Labor Standards web site, it breaks it down for you. A listers usually don’t worry about that but they sometimes do have to audition they have agents to do the negotiating and lawyers to make sure they are protected. I had pointed out that Rob and Kristen were only paid 2 million for the first installment of Twilight, so what if they get 25million for Breaking Dawn. Sometimes you can make sense when you comment on this site but lately you have been way off base and I had to call you out on it. I’m sorry if that pisses you off, but you started this offensive behavior and frankly it’s stupid to even discuss all of this.

    • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd

      Carla B.

      Are u the same Carla who accused me once before of not being from CA? Hmm! Sounds like it. Lets see I love going to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles but only sparingly. I graduated from CalArts in Valencia CA. I was an eye witnessed of the LA Riots when they first broke out downtown on Wilshire Blvd. Yes! I was even in the huge Northridge earthquake. The freeway went down right outside of my apartment in Culver City. I love to go jogging along the beach every morning and watch the sun rise. I live on the east and west coast but my permanent residence is in LA. I like to spend most of my time in LA because the dry climate is better for my asthma especially during the summer.

      I hope this solves the mystery for u and I get my CA citizenship back! Perhaps u would like the first three digits of my ss# this might help prove I’m a native? Again Carla, I love CA. However, I can be critical because so often during my travels I hear people put CA on such a high pedestal it’s quite fantastic and unreal. But with the admiration comes the bad reputation that Californian’s have as well. Not fabricated Californian’s have a reputation of being “disingenuous.” I must say when I leave CA and come back it’s a lot easier to see the CA culture more objectively. Living here with so many distractions and entertainment u loose site of bigger issues and problems in the world.

      Now I don’t like to generalize people because that’s not fair but after reading u and Ashley’s post above I had to say something. No hard feelings u just came off as being very pretentious.

      Yes! I do work in the entertainment business. From what it sounds like u are only familiar with the “entertainment business” indirectly. Like I said u are a “novice.” Nothing’s wrong with that, Just don’t claim experience u do not have. It’s a different world outside of the union Carla! What I get paid to do cannot be found in your family members union job description handbook. I work pretty much around the clock. Apart of my job is studying human behavior.

      Look Carla u obviously like R we can find common interest in that. I will say u do have a lot of passion which is admirable. Some of your previous post I have found interesting and quite imaginative. Sorry! I have not pleased u with all of my post maybe that will change in the future.

      Take Care!

      • JustMe

        Yep SHE IS FROM CA. I lived in Valencia during the earthquake. Lyons Avenue and right by College of the Canyons. Now I live south. Open Book is very insightful and this board values her opinion.

      • RomanticFool

        We were burried alive during that quake. I could not post as RF for a bit. JustMe is me just so I don’t get accused of being deceitful.

      • Lisa

        Carla B I will stand by Open Books comments any day of the week and I do not believe you have the experience she has. She has done nothing but be kind and help with the understanding on how HW and PR work. She has helped us regs here so much and look forward to her commenting everyday. So Carla you will get no support here from us Regs. You might want to pick another site and another poster to challenge because open book has proved herself here and you my friend have not!!!

  • eagles125

    How much does any one pay for crap later? $25 million is too much to pay for crap (Kristen acting)

  • JustMe

    Her acting is mediocre but they could not pay her less than Rob or she would make more trouble. That is why she had the smirk on her face often. She knew she held the cards and had the power to crash Twi. Rob dislikes her for her treachery as he has great work ethics.

    • JustMe

      This is to Thinker’s question on the other thread about Rob plans to keep working, can’t post there for some reason

      • JustMe

        He has no time to date but it does not mean you can’t have a courtship from a distance. It is a good way to get to know someone through video chat and emails and cards. He is busy and knows anyone he dates will be treated badly, followed, hacked, threatened, mocked, paparazzi plagued etc. CB cared for him when he was down and out, a little awkward and unpolished. He can not just date anyone now as he would not be sure they liked him for him or him for his fame and fortune and him.

        She has been in the spot light during the past months and not with an eligible guy except once. She would come to Rob’s premiers but is told to stay home. Just like Rob saw her the night before Oscars 2009 and yet said he coud not get a date. She was at the pre party with him. He was told to look single.

      • Lisa

        I made that statement. Yes a courtship could work that way but I find it hard to believe that CB would be ok with hanging out with KS this last week PR or not. CB is classier than that. I heard she would not commit to him because he was too immature but what makes you think that has changed or his feelings have not changed. If it is love you will find a way to be together no matter what.

      • Romantic Fool

        It was not that she would not commit to him. She met Jonas and he met KS. They may have not been more than friends so they decided to check it out. Rob said in GQ in spring 2009 when asked about Jonas and Camilla “I f***ed Jonas” and laughed. There was definate rivalry and he was jealous. Then she was spotted with Fernando tennis player with his arm around her around the same time. Rob said he gives up too easily. Maybe he was lacking the confidence to pursue her. The story I heard was that once she was not with Jonas –he renewed his contact with Camilla. She confirmed she was in NYC when he filmed RM. THe paps said he was out with her and Emilie.

  • JustMe

    After all, he said “platonic relationships are the best kind” He said he could handle it fine if he was in the same place as Edward at UK Twi premier.

    • JustMe

      That does not make him weird..just has more to him than his sex drive.

  • JustMe

    The link above is what a girl in love looks like. It is from Feb/March. The way Kristen looked during Eclipse and after and the haggard face with a smirk does not cut it.

  • Lisa

    Ok I am dedicating a song to our dearest RETARTDS since he will never come back to us. It is “Every Rose has its thorn” by Guns and Roses. “Even though it’s been a while now I can still feel so much pain” LOL :grin: well thought I would just throw that out there since I think RETARDTS really likes music but does not dance :lol:

  • IRomantic Fool

    A contact on the set has reported that they heard a conversation Rob had on his cell. He said, “Hell yes, I love the red. You won’t be gone long, right?”

    So the Kristen lovers are trying to spread the rumor that he has someone on set in his trailer and he likes her in the red dress. Maybe he is talking about the car he is buying and his assistant is going to go get it. Maybe he means Red Bull and red curry for lunch. Lol

    • Lisa

      Well I have never seen KS in ed so it can’t be her but guess who was in RED and all over the internet…..Reese.

  • stormy

    Wow.This is a bit of a hate fest.I actually think that Kristen,Rob and Taylor deserve much more than 21m each. I,m loving that they’re on a percentage of profits cause these movies are gonna make billions because of them and Stefanie Myers writing of course.
    I love Kristins acting.I call it fly on the wall style.Its so understated and internalised. Maybe you lot are just used to really boring soap opera style over acting.She is totally charismatic,and always surprises me with her unique style.Watch her in the scene in new moon at the end when she tells Jacob dont make me choose.Watch how long she holds the camera as she watches Jake leave maybe forever.She is good.Rob is good but so good looking its distracting,also I don,t think Edwards role is that interesting after Twilight.Taylor Lautner is the real talent in these movies though.His performance in eclipse was electric.He totally owns the role of Jacob and worked harder than the other two to flesh out the role in more ways than one.Hey Taylor if you ever read any of this rubbish,if I were you I’d do what Robert Redford did.Buy 3000 acres of wilderness cause if you keep taking your shirt of in front of the camera,you gonna need a big back yard just to get some peace and quiet! Twilight is the best thing to come out for years and the box office has the last say.I also love that there is no gross sex scenes,no smoking,and no foul language.Different.Go Taylor.

    • court jester from the dark side

      swatted fly on the wall! ha ha!

  • gargamel

    and if in case u haven’t noticed yet,
    Even the haters blog club is flanked by kstew and twilight defenders. hehehe. we’re worse than VOLTURI GUARDS you know. We go to FORKS to check on BELLA,even if we’re from ITALY. We can even check out LA PUSH, if need be to prove our MIGHT.

    i’m actually beginning to suspect,that some regulars here are underpaid summit workers who are jealous of the high paychecks thrown at kstew. They seem to know summit from the insides and they have some unadressed payroll issues and went on a crusade. Tsk,tsk. Sink the boat, ain’t happening ,try after breaking dawn , after all kstew’s tired of twilight and can’t wait for it to be over. But until then, i will hold hots for her.

    nb; if you pull together 10-15 people, and then buy a domain for business purposes,you need a hot selling chic and a brit to ellicit responses,translated as hits which can convert to cash.

    i hate to diss some peep’s way of living but it’s hard to see your point when there’s only the same names that i see fighting hard to keep the domain alive.

    could u be the papz’ sons and daughters flipped by kstew? just asking. I’d take a no answer . Won’t mean i believe you tho’

  • gargamel


    "I think you’ve proved you are living in a dream world, there are 20 million fans to every 20 ‘hater’ ?" LOL you crack me up you really do".
    “And if you come back and use books sold and movie tickets sold as an answer don’t because again people buy these things numerous times over so it’s not a true estimate.”

    PAPA SMURF said:

    Well,well, at least now u’re making a bit of sense in u’r critique-ing crusade. U’re comparing and talking numbers. That’s why they are called AVID FANS, coz they can’t get enough. They come back and buy moreeee.. And i think one fan alone who repeatedly buys and/or watch the movies many times over won’t raise the revenue of the film to such hysterical figure. There must be LOOOTTTSS of them stupid fans,grrrr…Yeah,that’s what caused this blog.
    The unbelievable turn-out despite the obvious “tasteless”
    acting of “HER ROYAL HOTNESS”
    What amazes me is how u contradict u’r own argument,and still be able to laugh,lol. Must be really hard, especially when the movie were talking bout is the massive twilight. Dang, u need a handy reference book, i recomment THE WORLD ALMANAC
    by any publisher, all of them have the latest population count of the entire world (not so accurate, see even ALMANACS are not so accurate). Or you may try the online world population clock, And u will have an idea of what a 20 million count would translate in world population percentage. And then get a calculator and multiply to get dollar signs. EEEkkk, my mistake, i shouldn’t be teaching you right, sorry .
    You can say 20 million is an exaggeration, or count duplication, but it’s just fair, coz the 20 haters here may just be actually 5,re-posting in different handles Heheheheeh. Are we still together?
    And so while I totally understand the hyperventilations here, i refuse to TOLERATE, again, if i may use the word, OBSTINATE CRUSADERS who bash and trash anything twilight as if the movies did not entertain a majority. Like a said,…A MAJORITY. Do not mathematically interpret this again okay. Coz, TOTAL WORLD POPULATION-TWILIGHT HATERS IS NOT EQUALS TO TWILIGHT FANS COUNT, because if that’s the case, if you reverse the equation, TWILIGHT HATERS will be negligible.

    give up the crusade. twilight is legit.

    HYENAS and NON-BAPTIZED ROBWARDS in chorus said:


    • court jester from the dark side

      an your point is?

      • URSTUPID


  • vanessa

    THOSE LUCKY FUCKIN BASTARDS. they dont deserve it!!!!! horrible actors. all of em

  • Keep hp out of this!!!

    Hey you guys out there, whatever you feel abt rob, kstew or taylor, plz plz plz, keep dan out of this…i mean dan isn’t even a least bit interested in all this crap…he didn’t ask for this ok? He’s neither involved in any types of celebrity scandals nor does he make publicity oriented statements…(like rob) his record is clean and he’s really really a good guy…i think it is not his fault that he isn’t as handsome and tall as rob, but he is a global superstar…and the best celebrity alive…!! As for the harry potter series, they are every bit popular or may be even more popular than the twilight saga…both the series are unique in their own ways… Since the twilight movies have been released almost back-to-back, the magic of the magical harry potter series has dimmed a bit…but that doesn’t say anything…okay. The release of deathly hallows will surely turn the tables around!!

  • cleveland buy owner


    I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading for a while and I would like to sign up for the feed. I’ll give it a try but I might need some assistance. This is a good find and I would hate to lose touch, and maybe never find it again.

    Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to reading again sometime!

  • Rockefeller

    I real glad to find this internet site on bing, just what I was looking for : D as well saved to fav.

    • Bellamy Girl, who dropped the other half of her name

      You’ll regret that decision. Trust me.