Kendra Wilkinson Embarrassed She Worked as a Stripper

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kendra WilkinsonKENDRA Wilkinson is “embarrassed” she worked as a stripper and experimented with drugs.

The former Playboy Playmate — who worked as a stripper when she was found by Hugh Hefner and asked to be one of his girlfriends — admits she is ashamed about her past, but still maintains she was a “very good person” despite her mistakes.

“I kind of lost myself for a little bit. I wasn’t a druggie stripper,” she said. “I was a very good person doing it. But I was kind of still embarrassed about it.

“I always knew that it was wrong. But the drugs and everything, that’s what found me and accepted me.”

The 25-year-old beauty — who has six-month-old son Hank Baskett IV with her NFL sportsman husband Hank Baskett – eventually realized the drug-taking wasn’t her and gave up.

“It took a while,” she recalled. “A good couple of weeks to think about, ‘OK, the time is coming. I don’t know when yet. But this isn’t me.’ ”

Now those days are behind her, Kendra is thrilled with well she has settled into life as a mother.

“I’ve been through a lot. I’ve gotten through it. I’m home, where I’ve always wanted to be,” she said.[imagebrowser id=436]

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  • Christopher Riordan

    As well she should be embarrassed. Not only by her past, her present; and more than likely, her future.
    What is this age of making ‘superstars’ out of sluts, pimps, whores, and just TRASH, in general?

    • Shayla

      Wow Christopher…I hope you haven’t made any mistakes in your past! People can and do change ya know. That was just a mean and nasty comment. You should pray about that.

      • Shayla

        Sara…same comments apply to you. I hope you’ve never made any mistakes in your life. I bet you cant say that, though. Pray about it.

      • http://yahoo Laura Odom

        I think everybody deserves another chance. No, i dont agree with alot of peoples lifestyles or things that they have done, but you know what….we all have skeletons in our closets.The only reason hers are aired is because she is in the showbiz buisness. I gaurantee there are those of us that has a lot worse to be embarrassed about. I believe if she is truly willing to turn her life for the good then i say good for her. Everybody needs to stop being so hard on her.

    • John

      Christopher. They are superstars because they are awesome and don’t suck… like you do.
      I’m sorry you are such a bitter loser.

    • paul

      I agree with you. We make celebrities out of the lowest common denominators these days. These people dont need to have talent, or exercise any kind of sound jdgment in their lives, or possess character. As a result, we are bombarded with stories about “balloon dads, octomoms, jons and kates, salahi’s, Kardashians, Hiltons,Lohans,Heid and spencer, Snooki, the list goes on and on. As far as the people on here criticisng your for your opinion, and saying “havent YOU made any mistakes?” Ignore their ignorance. We ALL make mistakes. THESE BAD people make mistakes repeatedly because it will get them publicity or exposure. They feel no shame or regret for their insufficient moral compass or character.

  • Sara

    She should be ashamed to call herself a wife and mother.
    What was Hank thinking???
    She felt the need to publish her life history and make herself look bad.
    She is nothing but a hoe.

    • John

      She IS a wife and a mother. Hank was thinking… “WOW! This chick is awesome!”

      Sara. You are a loser for judging her.

  • http://Yahoo Cathy

    Kendra,I really feel you have nothing to be embrrassed about.But I understand what you are talking about.Hope that make since.But you are a very careing person and loving mother and wife .You have made mistakes just like every body in this world and no one is perfect.But you are much storonger and a much better person I have heard you say that on your show.I wish you the best in your life and in your family.I love your laugh .Well you take care and May God Bless You Always

  • jay

    why is she on tv, dont know really. she is attractive, thats it fun to look at while commercials roll by when i have nothing better to do. just another corporate puppet fixing her image associated with the companies that advertise around her. Im sure she loved that lifestyle, by the way, and regrests not one thing about it, probably how she met her husband.

  • http://yahoo LJ Baskett

    Kendra, ok you made a mistake. At the time it felt right for you to do this, now you have regrets. It’s ok, we all do things sometimes we shouldn’t have, but oh well it’s done. Your a great lady and it seems a great mom and wife. This is the real deal and that is what matters. Have a good life with Hank and baby Hank. Your a nice girl. LJB

  • Jennifer Walker

    Everyone makes mistakes, I guess the people calling names and saying she’s a bad person have a pristine past, and since you can predict the future how about giving us the mega million..simple little person you are along with your little mind this goes out to Riordan and Sara

  • lori

    You can only be embarrassed if you would take it all back if you could. Would she? I doubt she would because she woudn’t have been seen by Hefner and made all that money.

  • Marie

    Why are people on here so judgmental? Granted, I haven’t done drugs, alcohol, stripped, etc. but that doesn’t make me better than the next person.

    Oftentimes what we experience in life helps us to make better decisions later on if we use our inner strength.

    That is a precious baby Kendra & Hank brought into this world and to her and her husband, All the Best!! Hope your future stays bright!

    • John

      I think a lot of people are small, bitter about their lives, and completely jealous. They don’t take any personal responsibility for their own lives and take ownership of who they are. They want to look at people who they think have it better and point fingers and hate them.
      Lots of people are pretty pathetic.

  • Laura

    You should never be ashamed of you past. It made you who you are. For those who are calling you names need to do some praying. Just because of what you did in the past does not make you a bad person or a bad mother. She has grown up and found herself. She loves the life she has been givin so get off her back. She has been places and seen things most of you have not. You all need to look back in your past. I bet there ARE some things that you have not told anyone about. You may even have pictures or someone else does. I bet if we all could go back and see your life it would either be so boring we would want to blow our heads off or you could be hiding a lil dark deep sercet. Does any body remember high school or college? I bet there were some parties that most of you would like to forget. Well maybe that is what she wished about her past that it would not come up, but it has and guess what when confronted she did not lie. You did not hear “It wasn’t me”. She put on her big girl panyies and told the truth to EVERYONE. So stop putting her down. It was and is her life and her husbands. Like it or not you are not apart and with your name calling and snide remarks who would want you to be.

  • Becky

    The people who are so shocked by Kendra’s past are a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites! I guarantee you they have similar skeletons in their closets! Come off of it people…we all do the best we can with what we believe are our circumstances. Sometimes our decisions are good, sometimes not so good, but nobody does anything knowing they will regret it or knowing it is a terrible mistake..still we make mistakes! As for her telling it all in her book, she had no choice. If she didn’t get it out in one fell swoop, bits and pieces would have haunted her forever and caused a lot of sorrow for her and her family. Look, would you want to be shown understanding and compassion for your mistakes? Then try showing a little yourself! Kendra…you have come a long way baby! Don’t let the holier-than-thou (judgemental) hypocrites get you down! You’ve done good! P.S. Your baby is a doll!

    • aaron

      yo mama.

  • Reverend Vegetable

    KFC suppliers cram birds into huge waste-filled factories, breed and drug them to grow so large that they can’t even walk, and often break their wings and legs. At slaughter, the birds’ throats are slit and they are dropped into tanks of scalding-hot water—often while they are still conscious. It would be illegal for KFC to abuse dogs, cats, pigs, or cows in these ways.

    KFC’s own animal welfare advisors have asked the company to take steps to eliminate these abuses, but KFC refuses to do so. Many advisors have now resigned in frustration.

    American’s ….are such fat disgusting pigs that will continue to eat at KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN even though evil devils that are the scum of the earth own and operate KFC. American’s are so lazy and selfishly retarded and egocentric little cry babies that they are too weak and cowardly to stop eating KFC even though KFC makes it a practice to torture animals. Torture animals. Try answering for that one. I did it for the money. That should go over well. Cowards.

  • Sharmaine

    Beig a stripper allowed her to meet Hugh Hefner, I guess she was not ashamed about that, and it brought her into stardom. If she ashamed of taking her clothes off (stripper) then she should be ashamed of taking her clothes, being sexually objectified, and acting irresponsiblity like she does for a living on reality shows.

    This is just another marketing technique to gain more public attention. I do not feel sorry for Kendra. At all.

  • Natasha

    Kendra, every body makes mistakes, but do not go threw life with regrets. everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for all our lives. Your a wonderful person with a beautiful heart and a beautiful family.

  • Lynn

    i all way new she was a slut

    • John

      At least she can probably spell better than you. = ) I feel sorry for you. You sound bitter and dumb.

  • Lynn

    not to minchen exstreamly fugly

    • John

      … you must prefer trolls.

  • rj

    what a shock. she was a stripper?say it aint so…………are yall crazy

  • http://gmail ashlee

    she is great nd ppl needa get over themselves. shes only human we all make mistakes jus cuz shes a starr make no difference!! <3

  • Reverend Vegetable

    Wonder why she says she is ashamed? Everybody makes mistakes. People just make different kinds of mistakes and the level of the “evilness” behind the mistake and the contempt and the premeditation behind it all weigh in on how serious of a mistake it is. Kendra being a stripper and using drugs is not a terrible mistake, not even close. Beating a 75 year old elderly person for $47 is a terrible mistake. Stealing someone’s money is a terrible mistake. Keying someone’s automobile out of contempt and hatred is a terrible mistake. Taking substances to numb the pain they are feeling due to a physical cause or a mental reason is not being a bad person. It is instinctual to want to numb the pain of being raped by a sick, twisted evil step dad (not that this is the case with Kendra, I am trying to illustrate what drives people to behave the way they do) or “Uncle”…it is a survival technique. Best case scenario would be that you are able to deal with the psychological trauma without the need for drugs however that is not always the case. Many times these crimes go unreported and this may lead to the necessity of one having to self medicate. Being a stripper is not being evil either. It is not what I would want for my mother, sister, or daughter however I would not throw them under a bus for removing their clothes for money. I would do all that I am capable of in order to put a halt to that particular type of behavior. If each member of our society did just that in dealing with their own family situation, there wouldn’t be as many strip clubs as there are. Now can I please go eat my vegetables? I think I will have corn, carrots, broccoli, radishes, lettuce, green beans, and peas….something is missing…what am I forgetting?

    • Daphne

      Thank you…Finally, someone with some sense!

  • Lindy

    I could care less about Kendra, but I’m absolutely amazed by the messages on comment boards. Not just on this site, but on all websites. Does anyone go to school anymore? Please stop spending all your time watching reality trash TV and take a class at your local community college and learn to form a coherent sentence and spell basic words, like “always” and “star” and “through”. Also, please know that “you” and “you’re” are TWO DIFFERENT WORDS with different meanings!

    • Daphne

      My reply was to Lindy…thank you! I hope everyone reads and comprehends that!!

  • http://none Joe

    Another Coal Burner.

  • ese

    she should be embarrased by her future.

  • cheche

    a acouple of weeks before she decided that drugs weren’t for her?

    COMe ON! thats not even book worthy. you cant be much of drug user if in a couple of weeks , you decide your not going to do drugs anymore. what b.s

  • Roger

    Live your life the way you feel, Its your life, dont let these the negative get you down. you are who you are if you hadnt done these things you woulldnt be where you are.

  • Retta

    She should be ashamed! I don’t understand what Hank saw in her. Must have been the slut in her. He should have made a better selection than that. She is nothing more than a slut, whore, and a ugly b!@#$%. what is the point of her reality show. I’m embarrassed for Hank. Such a well known, established, and accomplished man from a good family and he ends up with that! She must be skilled in bed (doing any and everything imaginable). God knows she’s had the training for it. A Play boy slut! Why Hank? Why? There are much better women out there than that! I bet she’s dumb as a door knob. She has absolutely no class. what the hell… Hank! What the hell…

    • John

      Yeah. I’m sure guys should be interested in bitter losers like you who THINK they are morally superior to everyone around them. …that sounds like a lot of fun.

  • John

    Don’t be ashamed of a few minor mistakes Kendra. They are part of what made you who you are today. Everyone likes you now anyhow! The only people who don’t are jealous losers.

  • summer

    She is nothing but a trailer trash.

  • http://ShowbizSpy PollyPoodle

    Kendra got married on the germ riddled (by human reproductive fluids)Playboy Mansion with the horrible old Hefner, her rich pimp all teary eyed with two of his young prostitutes in arm. Barffffff. The vomity old man had twin girlfriends for a while. Are their parents proud?

    Anyhow, Kendra kept flubbing her vows. I have no idea why Hank, an obviously intelligent man, married someone like Kendra.

    • Daphne

      You need to learn how to spell and speak properly b4 you decide to chastize anyone…it doesn’t make you look very smart!! How does it feel to be judged??!!

    • Daphne

      That reply was meant for Star! Sorry!!

  • sTAR

    She is still a whore. And she’s just coming out with this stuff just to get more attention on herself. She will only be famous for sucking dick to 90yr great grand daddy. She should just go away forever. No one cares of home whoring ways.

    • Daphne

      Star..the above reply was for you! I hope you get it!! Work on that ok!!

  • catherine Naiga

    I love watching you. you are a great wife and mother. kisses to baby Hank

  • ???

    Stop being such a whore, put your clotes back on and start acting like a mother!

  • Daphne

    What makes you smart, is learning from your mistakes.It seems she has learned that lesson and has herself on the right track! “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”!! Remember that people, none of us can throw stones at her or anyone, cause none of us are perfect!!

  • Dimebag

    She should be embarrassed. She got fame and money by sleeping with a very very old man.You just pray that no children no who this women is until they are in their late teens or even older. And now on top of this she has brought a child into the world.

  • nancy

    See you on “Dancing with the Washed Up Whores”!

  • Wendy

    It doesn’t matter Kendra, unfortunately there are a lot of black men who dig white trashy women. Good luck you have a keeper.

  • tomas

    I’ve met lots of strippers ( in “real life”, not clubs ). Most are attracted to the easy money and drugs. Most wound up hating men and becoming lesbians.
    I know one girl who used it for money through tough times. She stayed away from the drugs and got out of the business in a year. She saved her money and was smart. I’m sure if most of these strippers had work ethic, they’d have real jobs. Kendra was lucky she found Hugh and fame…

  • Miguel

    People make mistakes obviously she made one that she wasn’t proud of so you know what the hell are people so judgmental on a celeb she said herself she was embarrassed just let her live her life!!! You Go Kendra Keep Doing Yo Thang!!!

  • Felicia

    She is a whore and why the f is she even in the spotlight.

  • http://yahoo stella

    you these oyinbos,it is bcos of idleness that all of ts hese is happening.Una don belleful.The hungry man in Afica cares less about strippin or not strippin. Na your body and your report card dey wait you for God hand. Hope the grammar is good enough for you Daphne. Peace Naija for life.

  • http://yahoo jeff kinkade

    what you should be embarrassed about is hooking up with some one out of your race and having mixed kids went from pet to white trash

  • catherine

    sara and felicia.God,how mean can u two be,wat kind of hearts did God give to you.for sara, i think your just jelousy that kendra got herself a good man or maybe you wanted him for yourslf and felicia, grow up please.kendra is a very nice lady and i believe she deserves a second chance in life.