Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jessica SimpsonJESSICA Simpson is planning to get her music career back on track — and she’s keen for Katy Perry to give her a helping hand, insiders say.

Simpson — who abandoned pop music and ventured into the country music market in 2008 — wants to relaunch herself on to the music scene with a new image and sees Katy as the perfect role model.

“Jessica is busy working on new songs and a new direction and has a number of names she would love to collaborate with,” said a source close to Simpson.

“Jess has a number of names she would love to work with and Katy is at the top. She’s hoping she might be able to work with her in some way and maybe even perform with her.”

Meanwhile, Simpson is said to be dating NFL football player Eric Johnson.

“They are very happy,” said one pal.

Eric — who split from his wife earlier this year and filed for divorce in February — has been described as “smart” and “down-to-earth” by NFL insiders.

“He’s one of the nicest guys around,” an NFL insider, who has worked with the ex-San Francisco 49ers player, told People magazine.

“I’m surprised he is dating her. She is such a big star and he is so reserved.

“He is very smart and he is one of the most down-to-earth athletes I know.

“He is the polar opposite of what you think of when you say ‘player’.

“When I met him, he was driving a Prius when other athletes were driving gas-guzzling cars.”

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  • Touche Lay Vay

    Jessica Simpson is like bubble gum that is too frigging sweet – MAKES ME SICK. I remember watching her ProActive infomericals and looking at those over puffed ducky lips thinking – if you didn’t try to be so whatever maybe you might end up making it…..

  • lindsay

    @ touche lay vay, i completely agree! jessica simpson is just plain retarded! she never had the “it” factor that christina aguilera and of course britney had, thats why she never made it on the mickey mouse club and thats why she never was as popular or sold the records they sold. when she couldnt make it in the pop world, she made a country album and didnt succeed with that either. nobody cares about her anymore-she needs to just go away and stop trying to make a comeback because no matter what she does, its going to be a failure. shes 30 years old now anyways and has lost alot of her beauty! 30 is definently not old in real life but in the music world right now its all about the teenyboppers like miley cyrus and justin bieber. jessica simpson is OVER!