Eddie Cibrian ‘Will Always be a Cheater’

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Leann RimesEDDIE Cibrian will always be a “cheater” — according to his estranged-wife Brandi Glanville.

Cibrian hooked up with singer LeAnn Rimes while he was still married to Glanville — and she says she’ll always hold it against him.

“I don’t know how LeAnn deals with it, that he was lying to both of us,” Brandi told In Touch Weekly magazine.

“They’re both cheaters.

“I hope he gets help, but if he’s a cheater, he’s going to cheat forever. The great thing is, it doesn’t affect me anymore. I’m done.”

Recent reports claimed Cibrian lost his job on CSI: Miami because of his romance with Rimes.

“Eddie pretty much wrote his own ticket onto the show, and his own ticket off,” a source said last month.

“I don’t think the producers were enamored with all the headlines Eddie was generating, and he didn’t make a lot of friends on set, either.

“The [LeAnn Rimes] scandal created a lot of hard feelings. No one’s at all sad to see him go. Very few of the cast members liked him anyway.

“Eddie would come to work and brag about trips he’d taken with LeAnn. They called him ‘Lucky Eddie’ behind his back.”


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  • huy

    The X wife will never get over it. Had she gotten over it we wouldn’t keep hearing the same noise from her we heard last year. Get a life Brandi!

  • deb

    If Leann can twitter vomit….Brandi can keep talking.

  • jasmine

    Boy, that Eddie has it going on.. He not only cheated on his wife with his mistress but he cheated on his mistress with his wife gotta love a guy like that If it’s available “jump on it”. that’s a great motto

  • betty

    I’m glad you’re doing so good, Saw a picture of your new man-friend on one of the pages. He is super hot–Great bod, I’d go for that, too. Thought you were very classy to say those nice things about Leann. I can tell that as long as your babies are happy, you are, too. Best of luck to you.

  • Anj

    Why not break up with your current flame before u do it with someone else? It’s all about respect. Eddie should’ve broken up with her wife first before getting it on with LeAnn. That’s why cheaters are not forgivable.

  • gwen

    huy(aka cbm, marie)

    Seriously, a different name?

    I fixed your post.

    1) LEANN will never get over it.

    2)Had LEANN gotten over it we wouldn’t keep hearing the same noise from her we heard last year.

    3)Get a life LEANN!

  • gwen

    huy(aka cbme, kathy, marie)

    Leann is tweeting about BG kids isn’t she?

  • gwen

    So do you know why BG is talking again?

    Leann is still talking about BG kids.

    Expect another wave of backlash because Leann just doesn’t get it.


  • gwen

    NOTE TO LEANN: EC said that he doesn’t want his kids exposed to the tabs, so when you tweet about them you are calling EC a LIAR and basically telling us that we can not believe a word EC says.

  • Kathy

    If Eddie can truly Love LeAnn then maybe there is a chance that he won’t cheat. She has put up with a few things from him and spent quite a few dollars of hers on EC. She not once mentioned it because she Loves him and she would give him the world if she could. Too bad he doesn’t see it that way. He probably sees it as a way of spending her money. Why blame everything on her? She Loves you Eddie. Good Luck EC & LR Good Luck

  • eintwo

    Gwen– Ain’t it hell when you find out your lover-boy cheated on the mistress with the wife. No wonder Leann needs time to heal. Eddie you were a bad bad boytoy. Leann has some pretty heavy duty P.R. people working the other sites. They just don’t want to believe that so many people from everywhere are slamming LR and EC. They are so stupid, they think it’s all one person and that’s because that’s what they want to believe. I haven’t made a comment over there yet, but boy have I wanted to. I promised my husband I wouldn’t.

  • gwen

    Kathy(aka cbme, marie, lori)

    1)” Eddie can truly Love LeAnn then maybe there is a chance that he won’t cheat. ”

    What about EC actions say that he loves LR? Because he makes out with her in public?

    EC doens’t love LR, just look how little he loves his kids as he constantly breaks promises to them.

    That report says that he has not been paying child support since he was fired, yet we have seen at NOBU, at airports, and 1 vacation, and per LR tweet another vacation. So EC doesn’t have the means, yet he continues to enjoy the luxuaries?

    2)”She has put up with a few things from him and spent quite a few dollars of hers on EC. ”

    She is the mistress, not some prize.

    Why do you seem to think that EC should appreciate or even respect LR? He didn’t even do that to his own wife.

    3)”She not once mentioned it because she Loves him and she would give him the world if she could.”

    Yes she did. Everytime LR tips of the paps she is telling us that she is paying for EC. EC lost his job and what we now know is that he wasn’t paying child support, so where did he get the funds to dine at Nobu and go on all those trips with LR?

    4)”Too bad he doesn’t see it that way.”

    You can not possibly be serious? You seem to think that EC is going to give LR more respect than his own wife? Why?

    5)”He probably sees it as a way of spending her money.”

    Why shouldn’t. That is the way that LR set it up. It’s a business arrangement and Leann knows the score.

    6)”Why blame everything on her?”

    Because he is a jerk. He blamed EVERYTHING on his wife too, so what is your point? That Leann should escape the same fate as EC wife because she is the mistress?

    7)”She Loves you Eddie.”

    Leann loves BG, just look at how she keeps tweeting about BG kids.

    8)” Good Luck EC & LR Good Luck”

    Wow, you really don’t understand what you are saying do you?

    You wish EC and LR good luck and then you want to boo hoo when the fairytale doesn’t happen. That is the luck that you wished on EC and LR.

  • gwen


    I say keep letting them think that it’s just ONE person, the fact that Leann had to close her twitter page because she lacked support and that she had to reduce her ticket sales because according to CBME ONLY BG and her mother dislike LR and EC, speaks for itself. With each and every photo-op and tweet things are going to get bad for LR.

    I think that CBME is just trying to convince the record execs that LR has fans, since they are the ones who will lose money if LR album and single does not do well.

    These “fans” that appear on JJ, E, INO, CB, and US Weekly can not be real since they seem to always disappear when LR needs them the most.

  • gwen

    Leann or her pr person is harassing BG on her twitter page.

    And CBME or is it lori oh wait lani said that things are going well for LR.

  • jeanette

    How could a man toy want to have sex with a person who has the manners of Le ann. Saw her with the finger up the nose to the first joint and then she looked at it. Not only is she gross but she is down on the low-class ladder Check it out Gwen its at “leann rimes nose picking” Glad Dean was able to get away, don’t think he ever let her fix dinner for him. Her own twitter site let this cat out of the bag at least thats what someone said on another page

  • gwen


    What Leann is picking her nose? So when she says that she is cooking for EC that is what she really means.

  • jeanette

    gwen sure nuf

  • gwen


    Wow, I don’t know which is worse. Photos of LR making out with EC while his kids are right there or photos, LR and EC waking those kids out of their sleep just to stage a photo-op on the beach and promote LR concerts, or LR picking her nose. I haven’t seen the photo yet.

  • leslie

    gwen if you want to barf, go to ‘leann rimes nose picking” there are about ten pictures of her there. Some one is opening a web page and it’s called something like veneers and nose picking Can’t wait LR and EC deserve nothing but people making fun of them ,at least for a year ,the same amount of time Leann spent on her twitter page tormenting Brandi and Dean

  • gwen


    Everytime I see LR and EC exploit his kids, I barf. Now that is sick. Did you see where they dragged those kids out of bed just so that LR could stage a “happy famly” photo-op with those kids and let BG know that she is sleeping over at EC(or the house that LR got EC, but LR doesn’t let him stay there alone).