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Posted by Adam

Heidi MontagHEIDI Montag is planning to adopt a baby — after growing tired of the single life, insiders have sensationally revealed.

The troubled reality TV star — who is set to divorce her crazy husband Spencer Pratt — allegedly thinks a baby will help her fill her time and get her even more publicity.

“Heidi’s latest obsession is adoption,” said a source close the blonde bombshell. “She wants a baby to look after and something new to fill her time with.

“Heidi also knows that a baby will keep her in the spotlight. She’s addicted to fame and has seen the attention the likes of Angelina Jolie gets from her good deeds and is keen for a slice of the pie.”

Meanwhile, sources say Heidi — who underwent ten surgical procedures in one day, including a chin reduction, boob job, a nose job, neck liposuction and brow lift — feels “stupid” for having so much plastic surgery.

“She’s thinking about a plastic surgery make-under now that she’s separated from Spencer,” blabbed one insider.

“He was the one who wanted her to get the work done. She knows she went too far, and she feels stupid.”
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  • dankyl

    heidi’s new tits look great. there are some new naked pics of them at

  • moreThanaMouthFul

    Nice and more than a mouthful.

  • andy

    She is 24 and wants to adopt a baby!? Make one at that age who’s gonna carry your genes, the adapted baby is never yours

  • VRiley

    Does she know that children aren’t like pets you can go off and leave them when you want or get rid of them when your sick of them. They are forever! Anyone to actually let her adopt a baby has to be out of there mind. She couldn’t possible take care of a child.

  • wrangler003

    Someone should sit this fool down and let her know she does not have enough SENSE to adopt anything. Hopefully, the people would have better sense than to let this plastic fool walk off with a child.

  • Pete Parody Plympton

    I would let her adopt my pet rock. He is very cute and easy to care for. I also think she should be allowed to adopt that cute little gerbil named Harvey. Spence always loved when Heidi adopted gerbils but the one problem was that Spencer kept losing the gerbils so Heidi kept having to get new ones. Spencer loved playing with the gerbils day and night and most times kicked everybody out of the bedroom so just the two of them could play. I never understood why he was so insistent that it just be him and the gerbil alone in the bedroom for playtime and every time sure enough the gerbil went missing and Spencer never could really give a good explanation as to what happened to the gerbil.

  • laura

    They are all taking after the Saint. She has a kid to fit each kind of bad press, situation or promotion. She already has 6 and still collecting.
    Now for Salt, she uses them all.
    Adôpting is easy, even (ex)druggies and sociopaths can adopt .. if they have enough money.

  • Funjen

    You have to be kidding. She should not be allowed to adopt a child. She only would use the child for publicity. It is working !!! I am sick of hearing about her.

  • jessica

    Lets just hope that they do a psych eval before giving her kids. Her and Spencer are CRAAAAAZZZZZZYYYYYYY!

  • KMR

    I hope there is no one in this world crazy enough to let her adopt a child. “Something to fill her time with”?! UNBELIEVABLE! Honey, when you have a child, you no longer have time…all your time becomes your child’s. I would also like to add that I can’t believe how gorgeous she was BEFORE plastic surgery. She was beautiful and now she’s just frightening.

  • donna

    This is just tooooo funny! Her solution to having too much plastic surgey is to have more????????? Really???????
    I love this girl, she is a garenteed laugh a minute. Please don’t let this pitiful excuse for a human adopt a child, children aren’t accessories Heidi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!