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Posted by Adam

Kendra WilkinsonKENDRA Wilkinson is furious with husband Hank Baskett — after finding out he’s been visiting strip clubs, according to bombshell new report.

Life & Style magazine sensationally reports in its latest issue that Hank has visited at least two strip clubs — once while his wife was eight months pregnant with their now-six-month-old son Hank Baskett IV.

An acquaintance of Hank’s, Carl Miller, says he accompanied Baskett to Rick’s Cabaret in Houston on Nov. 28 and then to the King of Diamonds Gentleman’s Club in Miami in early February.

The duo’s first raunchy night out came on the eve of the Indianapolis Colts’ 35-27 victory against the Houston Texans, according to Life & Style.

“Hank went to the private VIP room with two girls,” said Carl.

“Everyone knows what goes on in those rooms — I don’t need to spell out what happened.

“Hank loves strippers and strip clubs. And he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.”

Kendra recently admitted that she’s “embarrassed” she worked as a stripper and experimented with drugs.

“I kind of lost myself for a little bit. I wasn’t a druggie stripper,” she said. “I was a very good person doing it. But I was kind of still embarrassed about it.

“I always knew that it was wrong. But the drugs and everything, that’s what found me and accepted me.”

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  • http://yahoo Pena

    girl I think you need to let him do whatever it dont matter, I know it hurts but getting back at him hurts more. Get back on your “A” list and remind him why you married him…the way I see it is if he can play so can you.

    • steve

      Yes, let Hank be with the skanks and Kendra you go be the same and skank it up. What is this country coming to? This is good advice? Pena, think again! Please!!

  • http://Showbizpy Pat

    If anyone should be embarrassed it should be Hank. He knew about Kendra’s past and married her. Now he wants to use it as an excuse. He just wanted the fame and glory of marrying a Playboy girl. Now she just a housewife and mother and all the thrills are gone. He now needs to get his thrills with the strip clubs. He isn’t thinking about his baby just his addiction to porn. Kendra needs to lay it out for him. If he can’t respect her than he needs to let her find someone else. She needs someone that is willing to look beyond her past and build a new and repectfull future with her. Hank Get Over It, and live a private life for your family. As for CARL MILLER you are the biggest bigot and you should learn to keep your MOUTH shut, you are no friend.

  • yahooie

    Everything wrong here!

  • Retta

    Kendra knew what she was getting into when she married Hank. She can’t be that dumb. Though she probable is. She must have known Hank loves porn. Hell, he married her. She better hopes he maintains the addiction because once he’s cured he will most likely find a classy lady. Not a slut. What other reason would he have chosen her. What else did she have to offer, but sex. She’s not smart. She’s not intelligent. She’s a whore that would do anything for money. Marrying Hank was for money. Do you think she actually loved him? Besides, she not going anywhere. She will not leave that money which is why she slutted herself into his life and married him. I hope he had her to sign a prenup.

  • http://ShowbizSpy PollyPoodle

    Why Hank Basset married an emptyheaded bimbo like Kendra is beyond me. She’s a brainless floozie and he’s an intelligent person. They don’t mix at all.

    • maya

      He’s not that intelligent if he married her….. just saying.

  • karen

    I dont believe it, I think he is in love with his wife, men going to a strip bar doesnt mean anything, I dont think she has to worry about it. I massage for a living and all of the married men go to those strip bars, and most of my cutomers have been married 25 to 40 years, and happily, men love to look at women, but it doesnt mean, they are cheating.. I think Kendra is a lady and very intelligent. there are some mean spirited people out there , jealous and love to put women down. Dont worry about it Kendra, you got a good man. and you are a sweetheart.

  • desiree

    That just what guys do it does not mean he does not love her, his heart I am sure belongs to kendra and this snitch carl miller should act like a man keep his mouth shut stop acting like a female get a f in life you must get no play carl miller

  • http://gmail Jurgen Bauer

    Once a whore, always a whore. Their marriage will always be filled with past filthy issues and the worst is that their children will be able to read all this on the Internet when they are older. What role models are they?

  • Sandy

    Well honestly i think those two can really make it work if they try harder. Whoever said that marriage was a bed of roses? Their different background does not matter one bit where the love exists.So haters, quit hating!!!!!

  • sTAR

    Well after everything she’s put him through he deserves some loose time away from her. I am so sick of hearing of this whore who’s famous for nothing just for sucking dick to 90 yr old great grand daddy.

  • joe

    Who Cares, really she is a slut and he is a freak who married a slut

  • tracyandrea

    Go,kendra,ithink u re jst cool nd ur marriage to hank is great, ok dnt feel bad becos some loser opens his filthy mouth to blab out rrubbish bout ur marriage, its only normal.carl miller is only jealous of ur happy family nd ur really cute baby hank.buzzzz it off,its really notin.u’re d hottest mum in vogue.

  • ???

    She’s a filthy whore.

    • http://yahoo ANNONY

      my dear i love ur comment cos thiscountry has nd is still turning into something else.i jst pity the growing tender ones dat will get to meet and probably immitate this sacrilege. may God forgive and have mercy on us all 4 the sake of the tears of blood shed by His MOTHER. AMEN!

  • Bob

    If anyone should be embarrassed its a society that takes a no talent, ex druggy/stripper slut and holds her up as a model of virtue. Yes, girls, you too can become famous simply by sleeping with a 85 yr old man when your 18 yrs old.

    This country is pathetic and getting worse.


    he married a whore ,druggie, stripper he will get what he deserves also , just like these other crazed cotton field niggards who want these women for wives, she will laugh to the bank with his NBA MONEY , SO WHO CARES, UNLESS HE GOES TO SEX REHAB, HA HA

  • Pat

    I agree with Bob this country is so corrupt and has no morals at all. Its sad who they promote and make as role models. USA needs an overhaul in every since of the word. Unless it humbles itself, and call on God for forgiveness the whole fabric of America could crumple. The history of America is shameful…but first they must “admit it” before they will get the opportunity to correct it. Then “sincerely” do whatever it takes to untarnish its reputation. It makes you say ummmmmmmmm…

  • Mike C.

    Kendra, He’s Just following your lead Honey !!! Your and ex-Playboy Bunny- Stripper-Whore-Druggy…What do you expect from your husband…..I’m sure you get dressed-up for him and do all kinds of kinky Shit when it comes to Sex….That’s what your Good at Girl !!! Keep-up the Good Work !!! Suck That Dick !!!!

  • Randy

    She was not to embarrassed to take the 650,000 dollars, she negotiated for it’s release. Hank knew about the tape and her past and it did not matter, and should not matter. She was 17 years old, and for what it is worth, for a grown man to be that sorry of a lover, with so little penis, it is a wonder why she is with a Black guy!! The video did not sell well, at all, the pirated copy I saw was trash, she looked awful and tweener like!!! She looked very experienced for a 17 yr. old, surely it was not her first time on a penis!!!!

  • http://none Joe

    She is a Coal Burner and he does what Black men do to their wives and kids, leave them for other dumb women. They both get what they deserved. Hey Hank was she a slut and great in bed before you married her? Gee wonder how she got that way, you complete dumb a**. figured the Ball on the top of your hard head you fumbled in the Super Bowl would wake you up.

    • http://none Joe

      agreed !!!

  • http://yahoo ANNONY


  • http://yahoo Bossie in the N.O.

    I think they make a good couple, their young and in love, color is not the issue,as long as they have love for each other they will make it. Every one has made bad choices when they were younger, at least kendra is making a change in her life, she deserves to have respect from from every one. who are you to judge her. we all learn through trial and error. and for all you racist people out there get a fucking life, jealous haters. Kendra you continue to hold your head up and be strong, you are a beautiful young woman who has a lot going for your self and a handsome baby. You and your husband will be just fine in God,s eyes.

    • maya

      “She has a lot going for her…” ?? Umm, like what? She’s got an empty bubble head and no brain. Society really scares me today. Favoring this idiot Kendra. ugh

      • steve

        “In God’s eyes… She is just fine.” Really??? wow. What is the world coming to if she and her bad behavior is just fine in God’s eyes??! Rethink that please.

  • Sue

    So she’s a former stripper, lived with Hefner for what? Surely not love, but for money and she’s like the pot calling the kettle black! AMAZING!!!

  • ???

    She has nerve to be mad at him considering all that she’s put him through with the sex tape and all that. She’s nothing but trash. She is still a dirty whore.

  • praise

    kendra, marriage involves hardwork n commitment, i grew up 2 find out dt my dad wuz d worst thing any1 could ask 4 but my mum who wuz popular 4 her character n virtue chose 2 marry him. 2dai they are still keeping it strong after 19yrs of marriage. wt hank did 2 u is exactly wt my mum did 2 my dad(giving my dad an opportunity 2 bcm a better husband n father).kendra neva let any1 look down on u, u ar married 2 hank nt d whole world so be humble, respectful, n loving 2 ur husband he needs you more dan eva now dt is wt marriage all about.

  • praise

    u ar beautiful inside n outside.don’t let anybody make u think less of you bcoz they won’t b there 4 u alwaiz but Hank n lil. Hank will. They are God’s special gift to u telling u dt you will not only become a better wife and mother but you are a wife to the most wonderful man in the whole world n the most loving mother to the most adorable baby lil Hank.

  • simply shy

    did you ever date a guy named alex dumas…i know you lived in california like ryt by me and i go to your old high school dude i like know everything about you and ur flipping awesome i think that famous people are people just like us who deserve personal buisness so like deffentally dnt feel bad about anything they or people dig out about you!!because all people feed off of drama and hated and put people beautiful like you down because it makes them feel better about them selfs!!so take care of your self and be string..and i know urll probably never read this caz all famous people love there fans for giving them attention but dnt have time to give a lil back but im ggrateful i even got to write you this and that people myt see what i wroote to you!!

  • Zona

    I LOVE KENDRA WILKINSON.. she is the best!!!! WHY the hell are they’re so many people on here BASHING her ??? Hank is the one that went to the titty bar right???… So why the hell is everybody on here putting Kendra down???… I know people should get a life .. KEEP MAKIN’ THAT $$$$ GIRL….people that talk crap, are just jealous.. because they have a miserable existence… I love you Kendra..she was my favorite girl on The Girls Next Door.. so everybody can just f-off.!!!!!

    • steve

      Yes, keep making that $$$ with your talentless a$$. Well, now talentless fat a$$.

  • Zona


  • Zona


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  • Indy

    Kendra wrote her book an put her life out their not for people to think less of her but so that people felt they knew her an under stood shes not ashamed of who she was or who she is.. people are so fast to talk about others why dont you get you self issues together an work them out on ur own an just take the stars for entertainment if u dont like them dont watch their show an dont stress on their blogs they are people just like you. other then their life is everyones life but others just bash them as they do it but not on tv

  • Army Navy

    coal burning skank