Friday, July 9, 2010

Betty WhiteBETTY White is star of her very sexy calendar — at the grand old age of 88!

The Hollywood legend is waited on by young male attendants in one shot for the calendar, which is being released to raise funds for the Morris Animal Foundation which White supports.

Recent reports claimed White is furious that the old rumor she has X-rated pictures with her late husband, TV legend Allen Ludden, is doing the rounds again.

“Betty has said all along her comeback seemed too good to be true,” a source close to the 88-year-old told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Being dragged into some lurid debate over whether she was ever photographed making love to her dear, departed Al makes her wonder if it’s all worth it.

“She denies there’s any photos, but just the idea tarnishes her memories of her time with the love of her life. It’s like the last straw.

“This could make her retire. She’s absolutely disgusted.”[imagebrowser id=379]


  • Ellie

    Betty, just tell them they’re jealous. Sticks and stones may hurt you bones but words are just words. Those liberals just love to pull this dodo and think its cute. They will reap what they sow.

  • sue

    i love betty and the golden girls is the best show ever!!!

  • Lakota

    Fantastic, Betty!! You keep on going; you make all of us proud. I’m a ’46 model, old enough to appreciate beauty, grace and everything you’ve got, Sweetheart!

  • Sxm Girl

    Yeah, come on people, Leave Betty White alone, she’s an amazing actress and even if there are pictures of her, it’s her private life so leave Betty alone. Betty, take those disgusting people to court if they dare publish those pictures, you deserve your privacy and who ever would do such a horrible thing to such a nice old lady, deserves to end up in jail for breach of privacy.

    • Doris

      She was on the 70′s TV hit show Mary Tyler Moore! What a show. You are to young to appreciate her humor and great comic appearences.

  • Jenni

    Okay, I love Betty White. She’s a great actress and has many wonderful qualities about her character BUT I’m just wondering, how is SO popular all of the sudden??? LOL
    All I ever saw her in was Golden Girls, The Proposal, Lake Placid, etc… but lately, she’s everywhere? What’s the catch????

  • Laura

    Love you Betty White!!! You have always been an inspiration to me! You go girl being the latest “pin-up”! I see the future of your calendar being posted in all the local automotive supply and maintenance places!!

  • Bernardine Gagnon

    So what if there is a photo he was the love of her life . They were married and very happy.In the famous words of Billie Holiday song “Aint no body business”. God Bless you Ms. White I love you. You truly give us women over 40 something to look forward to.You go girl celebrate life you do it so well.

  • Scott

    Betty my dear….just ignore the crap the tabloids are trying to knock you down with. They suck. You and Alan had a great life and thats it. Screw the tabloids. They should be embarassed at what they are saying. Guess they can’t find anything good to say about anyone. Love ya hon!!!!!! You have brought my family and I great joy!!!!!!!! Scott

  • DH

    I’m confused…if the photos are of her and her husband…what’s the point of someone using them against her. She’s supposed to hook her husband up!

  • Lewis

    I Love You Betty White. Golden Girls rocked!!

  • Kelly

    Betty White inspires me. She is 88, still as sharp and funny as ever. I love her, watch reruns of the Golden Girls on a regular basis.

  • 88 million wrinkles

    Betty go lie down in your coffin already. Your 15 minutes are up powder pants.

    • Tito

      For the one that disrespected Betty White…why don’t you go lie in your coffin. Fricken asshole.

  • grace

    Hey Ms. White deserves respect!! she’s earned it!! just because you have “NO LIFE” why are you critizing someone whom you dont even know!! Your parents didnt teach you any good morals did they!! Betty White is a beautiful and wonderful person who has lived a long life and God has been good to her. She continues to act and bring joy to a lot of people who are in a younger generation even to those who are her age, she brings them joy and laughter. what have you done for anybody?? if you dont have ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, why dont you just keep it to yourself and look at yourself in the mirror!!

  • George

    You people are sick trying to ruin the reputation of a grand old lady an actress who been around even before I was but one I have grow to love you peeps need to grow up and leave mrs Betty White alone as she’s done nothing to you I guess you peeps have nothing better to do than to smear one of hollywood’s greatest actress’s how sick

  • Bettywhitepwns!

    Best line ever from Betty, “If I had a dick I would tell you to suck it!” Comedic genius!

  • JoeyeSmith

    I am thrilled that Betty White is everywhere. She was funny when I was a kid watching TV with my parents, and she has stood the test of TIME!!! Kudos to her!!!

  • Syb

    Bravo Ms. White! You are a credit to women everywhere!

    God Bless You!

  • JIm

    Betty is a swell girl,,,go to hell Bettywhitepwns I hope you die soon

  • Shirley

    People make a living spreading lies, so why do so many buy this kind of news? Shows how stupid so many are. The world is full of stupid hurtful people. This is another form of hate and being a bully. But it is done by grown up people. Who can like themselves when they do this to others. Quit buying the lies and it will stop. So many people making money off of people who are dumb enough to buy and read this outhouse news. Throw away your money people they are laughing at you as you spend your hard earned pay to buy lies. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • Carlos Urreta

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  • Alex Long

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