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Justin Bieber Lived in Poverty

Posted by Adam

Justin BieberTEEN sensation Justin Bieber has revealed that he grew up “below the poverty line”.

The star — who has sold more than two million albums — and his single mom Pattie Mallette were surviving on hand-outs from their local church and was forced to BUSK just so he could take his mother on holiday.

“I grew up below the poverty line,” Justin said. “It made me stronger.

“I sang but it was just for fun. I never took it seriously. I was really focused on sports.”

Bieber, 16, recently revealed that he wants to take on “all three” Jonas Brothers.

“I could take ‘em!” he said earlier this week. “I could probably take all three. I have a good punch so I could take them all out!”


  • D’Michelle

    I think it’s great that Justin was just another kid when he was discovered. Not being born with silver spoon in his mouth should give him at least some perspective about real life. People like “Mark” who say hateful things like that are just jealous it didn’t happen to them. Sing on Justin. My daughter is just one of millions of your fans with a poster of your cute face pinned on her ceiling above her bed so she can dream teenage girl dreams about things that rarely come true. But everyone should dream so they have things to strive for in real life. Don’t let the “haters” dragyou down, Bud. You seem lke one of the good kids. Stay nice to Mom, though. Keep on singing ad don’t forget where you came from.

  • larissa

    good people I am Brazilian and I am traduzindondo in English to me that you entendan
    I love justin know what he was going through q
    it is our umilde, gorgeous, talented and I love him very much
    thanks for understanding me
    I love the city much of you
    kisses to all
    ass: Larissa

  • larissa

    We research on Brazil you will be delighted
    much love Justin Bieber

  • Muffy

    Okay, so he was poor, but he damn sure didn’t grow up below the poverty line!

  • Beans

    Just another manufactured Disney type.Just a lil more edge LOL cause he is ushers puppet,so they need to give him some street credit.He is horrible.,wont be relevant as soon as he hits puberty.Please hes so in secure he wont change that hair style 4 yrs.No talent.At least Taylor Swift has some talent.Love the peeps that say hes the next JT,???come on now!Thank god my 12 yr old daughter knows a gimmick when is trying to be sold to her.

  • bil

    Your a fucking pussclutt bruv. Come down my endz and i will rip your fucking balls up, andgulf them down my throat, shit em out and then shove them in your mouth and make you digest them untill you gag like the little cunt you are! I also hope you lose your vaginaty soon, otherwise i am going to tak it from you buy penitrating your arsehole extreamly harshly!

  • http://- Shannon Benham

    this is rubbish… he was born in Stratford Ontario for christ sake! I meen yea he was probs not well off…. but for some one that taught themself to play the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet…. you must have some money… Where did he get all his instruments from that where on his youtube vids! I meen don’t get me wrong I think that he is great but this is just a bit anoying cause I am sure that there are so many more people that live below the povety line and there are people that had it worse that him… I meen Stratford Ontario… are you joking!

    • Matty

      What do you mean by “stratford, ontario are you joking”

  • kerry

    Pattie Mallette

    i am a 19 year old male in griffin ga i was born and raised here. one thaing i see in justin bieber comeing form a child that dose not have much and wonts to be famous and cant seem to get there. justin is a child of god and i see him going very far not just singing more then singing. he is going to profit to other teen case all of his songs relate to his fans thats what i like about him is that he loves his fans and takes up as much time as he can. if i had someone that i would like to talk it is him case i would love to see what he really fills like whats really on his huart.

  • jbieberisavagina

    this kids a pussy shit he wasnt poor whatta joke pop generated wannabe. SHE even “raps” now. as if rap couldnt get worse… well it just did

  • Fuckingliar

    Are you kidding me? I’ve seen how he lived before becoming a star he wasn’t fucking poor and the fact that he would say that is fucking disgusting .
    He had an electric+acoustic guitar a drum set a piano all at his house he had a whole backyard a skateboard a basketball hoop a driveway with 2 car garage
    This kid had the works


    He doesn’t fucking know poor he lived with that damn silver spoon shoved up his ass an now he’s gunn a complain about how ood he had it what a douche bag

  • Kathleen.Le

    Hi Justin Bieber can you please give me poverty please I try to get or of my zip but is won’t
    Is annoying me I get upsad a pout it everyone a school e rude and meant to me and I look and what I wear and that please can I have poetry and I want you to come to my house I live in Sydney NSW bexley forest road 585 and please bring Selena Gomez to go with you please
    Thanks I love you justin bieber and Selena Gomez I love you guy I wish I can be your BFF and I wish you an be my brother and sister I love you :)