Robert Pattinson Teased Taylor Lautner

Monday, July 12, 2010

Robert PattinsonROBERT Pattinson enjoyed making fun of costar Taylor Lautner while the pair filmed the latest Twilight movie, Eclipse.

Rob, 24, admits he teased 18-year-old Lautner for wearing tight shorts on set.

“We have a fantastic laugh — especially when he’s wearing his little spandex outfit!” said Rob. “He’ll be shouting: ‘You stay away from her!’ And you can just slap him on the arse as he is walking away.

“There was another scene where he has to be naked. It was raining and he was trembling. I’d stand there and say: ‘Oh sorry, I forgot my line. Let’s do it again!’ That was funny.”

Rob recently revealed that he’s hoping to continue his intense shooting schedule for the foreseeable future — because it makes up for the months he spent unemployed when he was first starting out as an actor.

“I just want to work as much as I am now. I like working all the time because I spent so many years before Twilight just doing stuff for two or three months of the year,” he said.

“The rest of the time I’d do nothing, or I’d just have tiny little jobs.”



  • Autumn

    lol thats funny

  • carlab.

    He’s such a prankster….so funny! All the cast has said that he was fun work with and that they were always laughing. Also that they were pleased that he hasn’t changed since the first movie even though he has all the fame….it hasn’t gone to his head.

  • Rachael

    Taylor Launter naked???? where the heck is this? and where can I get a copy?? :-D

    • Becca

      LOL he’s actually naked in a scene of Eclipse, when his wolf-self is hurt by a vampire and he shifts back to his human -naked!!-form in the middle of the battle field because of it… too bad you don’t see much, since he’s almost immediately evacuated by the pack lol… I do see that scene differently now though, knowing that Rob had them redo it just for the heck of it lol gotta love the guy and his sense of humor, and I have no problem imagining how fun to work with he can be!

      • katie

        They only showed the waiste up in the Eclipse movie.Darn it!They wouldn’t want to be make it rated R or partial porno tape because of that one scene.I know alot of women that would have like to seen the whole naked self though. :roll: :grin:

      • Rachael

        OMG I had no idea he was naked for that scene….REWIND REWIND LOL….thanx for the info lol…..U know what that means???? Bella has saw Jacobs ding dong ha ha ha ha (I hate to be childish but it’s fun)

      • Rachael

        Arghhhh just watched it again and I got 2 naked legs, a torso but not much else lmao ;-p

  • Romantic Fool

    Speaking of naked Remember Me, he talked about him being nude. Emilie was but they both had the sheets up high and there was no butt cracks like he said and modesty pouches needed.. NOTHING showed.

    • Lori

      Rob says he will be naked in Bel Ami. 10 to 1 he means shirtless and his lower backside while “doing it” with Uma, Kristen Scott Thomas and Ricci girl. I hope he is not going to make soft porn to change his nice boy image. He does not need to go that typical route. Most that do are has beens now.

      • Becca

        He is naked in Little Ashes… I just saw it the other day… the scene where he is naked just made me laugh my ass off… I just love how crazy he acts and yet manages to make a credible Dali… if you’ve seen the movie, it’s the one where he’s in front of the mirror and looks like he’s talking to himself, while holding , if you haven’t… let’s just say you see enough to know that the guy’s got a… lot of hair… not just on his chest like he was saying in an interview ;)

      • Becca

        He is naked in Little Ashes… I just saw it the other day… the scene where he is naked just made me laugh my ass off… I just love how crazy he acts and yet manages to make a credible Dali… if you’ve seen the movie, it’s the one where he’s in front of the mirror and looks like he’s talking to himself, while holding a smoke (he even… *cough* touches himself lol), if you haven’t… let’s just say you see enough to know that the guy’s got a… lot of hair… not just on his chest like he was saying in an interview ;)

  • Rocket

    Open letter to KS

    See K, this is what you are up against. RP is pleasant, alluring and humorous (your kind of humor at others expense doesn’t count). The two of you are worlds apart, emotionally and professionally. You either don’t want to be liked or just rely on the “misunderstood” card to get by. Someday you may make the turn around but keep in mind that will never excuse you for the insulting pitiful performance you have displayed on and off the screen, representing Bella and yourself in the TW saga. Nepotism can’t carry you forever.

    • http://yahoo river

      hahaha! you are stupid and dumb, really dumb…what nepotism are you talking about? i suggest you do your research first on how she landed into acting and all the roles she got. she will be making a movie with her mom but that is not nepotism, it’s more of a collaboration.

      • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

        She got the role of Bella after MA (her then BF) told his then director (Catherine Hardwick) about how she’d be good for the role! She didn’t win it any other way!
        And as for the film with her mum, they can’t even getting any backing for the film becasuse nobody wants to invest in her! I suggest you do YOUR research first!

      • Rocket

        Thanks VG, fell asleep at the wheel. River, and ALL of the acting roles she’s landed has gotten her a long way right? She even refuses to do auditions (because of NEPOTISM) so not only is she talentless, she’s arrogant about it!!! Pay attention River or go away.

  • Karina

    Hehehe gotta see Little Ashes now LMAO

  • Rae-luv-ya-boo

    omg that is sooo super funny i remember the part when he was naked lol their both soo sexy

  • ohjeez

    he’s not naked for god’s sake, but you can imagine if you will, if he was just a wolf and phased back into a human that he wouldn’t have had the time to go fetch his little jean shorts- lmao

  • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd

    To: “R Supporters”

    Currently Bel-Ami does not have a US distributor. It has distributors for UK, Germany, Greece, France, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, Italy, and Korea. Bel-Ami also has deals for Russia and Netherlands. Sales rep Protagonist Pictures may have a N. American deal in the works. Protagonist (the company that made BA) is an indie foreign film company. Protagonist is going to release BA in limited (foreign) release in November 2010 in time for the award season. It is hoping after that to open for wider release. But that’s all contingent on how well it does in limited foreign release. However, there are a lot of Robert Pattinson AKA:RPatz supporters in the US that I’m sure want to see BA. This petition was created by a group of RPatz supporters who would like to see more of RPatz work outside of the Twilight Franchise. Please if you live in the US and would like to see Bel-Ami released in the US please sign our petition. The link is below.

    Thank You!

  • Twilight Fangirl Anyone want to see SM pick for Edward? Just thought I would show you xoxo

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m not sure if you have all seen these still images of the crackwhore herself K-Stew leaving LAX alone (no TomStu or RPatz in sight) on the 12th July 2010 & with her bitchface on too

    XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

    • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

      TDG-How are you sweetie?

      No Rob wasn’t there. He was supposedly at a pool party in LA with Sam Bradley and loads of bikini clad girls! LOL

      • damien

        yeah that’s what a manwhore was supposed to do, flirting all the time, sleeping with everybody. he’ll get AIDS someday

      • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

        Feeling a little inadequate are we? Poor you! Never mind, at least your mummy loves you, if nobody else does! LOL

        And he was fully clothed, by the way!

      • Twilight Diaries Girl

        Vampire Girl, I’m not sure but why can’t I find this still image I’ve been lurking other sites for it too so can you please put the link up for me as I really do want to see it. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m not sure if you have seen these still images but it’s Taylor Lautner on set filming his upcoming movie Abduction on the 12th July 2010 & so cute too.

    XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • Wolf_Girl

    “Oh sorry i forgot my line” lmao Rob is such a goof

  • damien

    rob is a manwhore, sleeping around with everyone. He is a cheater. He def doesn’t deserve kris

    • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

      Please explain how you came to the conclusion that Rob’s a cheater! Neither Rob nor Shrew have ever come out and said they are a couple, both have said on numerous occasions that they are just friends. So, if they are friends, then he’s not cheating! And as for him not deserving Shrew. I totally agree with you. Why would someone who doesn’t use the f-bomb in every sentence in interviews, doesn’t call their fans retards, and doesn’t flip the finger to paps and fans alike deserve an ungrateful, obnoxious bitch like Shrew! He doesn’t. He deserves someone with more class in their pinky than Shrew has in her whole body!

      • lilbit of Nerd lovin

        Lovin it VNG!

      • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

        Thanks Lilbit!

  • FRamous Director

    So it’s ok for girls to want to see guys naked and be obsessed over it, but when a guy says, “I wanna see that movie, she’s naked in it.” Guys then become pigs and pervs.

    There are a few problems with Twilight:

    1. It teaches that obsession is good and natural when the opposite is actually true
    2. The series is supposed to be about Bella, who in the books is not overly as depressed as the awful Kristen Stewart plays her. Instead, the movie focuses and wins crowds based on how hot the guys are. Girls ages 13-24, are the largest movie consuming crowd in America and Twilight played on that
    3. Granted, the book was already aimed at females, but the series could have made it a movie that you go on a date to see. Instead, they made it into torture for guys and a lust fest for girls.

    To all you Twilight fans,
    I hope you go to see movies because of the story or the acting skills and not just because the actor gets naked or looks great. Many people will complain that Hollywood gives a false account of how we should look. These people who complain, will be the first in line to see an incredibly good looking person in a movie. Remember, if Hollywood paints an unrealistic picture of how women should look, they paint that same unrealistic picture of men.

    • lilbit of Nerd lovin

      Excellent points.

      Especially the obsession part some of the twilight fans followed that code to extremes…

  • damien

    awful kristen? I thought it was rob that is awful. He is just good look and no more. can’t act. loose moral

    • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

      Shrew is an ungrateful, obnoxious bitch! She only ever plays herself on screen and couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag!

      • damien

        really? then why so many people in the movie industry want to work with her if she can’t act? your argument just doesn’t make sense, based on jealousy and evil thinking. Girls and women so scary sometime. Why attack another woman or girl, if not because of jealous? Stewy never harms anybody.people like u are so mean, cruel and I don’t believe why the world that we live is so full of hate. it is because people like you. You’re bully and you must be a nightmare for everyone who live with you. I am so sorry for them

      • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

        Why would I be jealous of her when she calls her fans “retards”? They are the people who have paid good money to get her where she is today, and she just doesn’t appreciate them. And the only film she’s got lined up at the minute is “On The Road” where she has a small part as a stripper. Even her own mother can’t get a film starring Shrew off the ground because nobody wants to invest in her!
        And I’m not a bully, I’m quite an easy going person to live with, so there’s really no need to feel sorry for any of my family.

      • Katie

        Damien-If the shrew is such a wonderful person why don’t you ever hear about her hanging with her friends and not always Robs friends whether they are in the business or not.Its because she has at one point or another screwed or will screw anybody over.The one friend besides Rob from the twilight films that she was hanging around with,Nikki Reed,she is no longer hanging around because she has screwed Nikki over.Don’t tell me and everyone else the reason why Nikki is no longer in the picture is because Nikki is jealous.That is a bunch of bull chunks and you know it.KS has nothing for Nikki to be jealous of.
        Nikki is and will always be 100% prettier and more talented than the shrew.Nikki directs,produces and acts.She is a triple threat.

    • eagles125

      I sorry to burst your bubbles but Kristen was awful in Eclipse. Robert once said that Eclipse is a horror movie but the only horror is Kristen acting. Eclipse would have been a great film had it not been for Kristen. Robert was better acting with the other actors than Kristen.

      She cannot act. She showed no emotions. She just stood there like a limp.

      I wonder if it is not in the best interest for Summit to let her go. They fired the wrong person in Eclipse it should have been Kristen and not Rachelle.

      • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

        BRAVO, Eagles! Well said!
        How are you, BTW? Long time, no chat.

      • eagles125

        Hi VG I took a road trip for two weeks left the day after the premiere of Eclipse. Went treasure hunt. I enjoyed myself.

      • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

        Glad to hear you had a good time! Welcome back to the land of crazy sheep and Krisbians! LOL

      • eagles125

        Thanks VG. They seem to be blindly following. I feel sorry for them.

      • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

        Eagles-You should go over to Ted’s board and see the latest! Shrew left town to go film OTR and Rob was photographed (not by paps, but posted on Twitter) at a pool party with the Britpack and a group of bikini clad girls. They are calling him a “manwhore” and a “cheater”. It’s brilliant to see how they are all trying to put a good spin on it! LOL

      • eagles125

        I heard about it. He went to a pool party. And at pool parties most girls have on bikinis.

        What did he cheated on? Is he not single? His been saying that for a long time that he is single.

        Is he a manwhore because he went to a pool party? So according to their logic, any guy who is at a pool party where they are bikini clad girls is a manwhore.

      • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

        They are saying that he’s cheating on Shrew who’s just left town the day before. We all know they’ve both said they are just friends, but you know the sheep don’t believe that.
        And he’s a manwhore because he’s with all these fangirls when the major love of his life isn’t around, and he’ll sleep with anyone.

        If he wants to sleep with someone, Rob just to let y0ou know I’m offering up myself. I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed! LOL

      • eagles125

        I saw the supposed photographic evidence. There is no evidence that Robert was there. It could be anybody. If that photo was shown at a court hearing the judge and the the jury would through it out. The defense would have a field day

  • damien

    so ridiculous. don’t you ever read in the net?. It was stephenie meyers and melissa rossenberg themselves that said christ weintz and david slade agreed to sign the contract with summit because they wanted to work with kristen? it was because of kristen, not rob, tay or the other casts… You only see rob’s good look and he doesn’t even know that u exist…what a pity

    • eagles125

      The blind one here is you. For you to honestly say that Kristen Stewart can act beats me. Means that you need more than glasses to see properly. Need a microscope attached to a telescope.

      I see beyond Robert’s look. Any way there are more gorgeous guys than him. And I do not care about looks anyway.

      • ave

        Robert was there, the girl who posted the photo apparently knows Sam and later a guy was talking about it too.

        The people can’t stand the thought of a woman sitting next to him in a bikini and resting her leg on his if she isn’t Kristen.
        Delusional idiots.
        The only reason why everyone is dismissing that photo is the fact that shippers can’t claim it’s Kristen since at the time that photo was taken she was already in Montreal.

  • open book! tongue-in-cheeknerd

    Hi Everyone,

    If u want to know how HW chooses Principal actors like R revisit the post I made to Lurker a few weeks ago. Begin at post #35 and read on down the commentary by regulars and me they asked some very intuitive questions.

    See link below.

    Take Care and have a nice day!

  • damien

    i wasted my time to argue with haters like U all. Bye

    • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

      1 Krisbian down, 499 to go! :grin:

    • eagles125

      Haters? Who are the haters? I have never hated anyone in my entire life. I might dislike what they do but never hated. The only entity I have hated is the devil. And we regulars here have never hated anyone.

    • Twilight

      damien, maybe that is where you failed. You shouldn’t try and argue with people. Try and have a calm, reasonable debate, I’m sure everyone here would have been most welcoming. But you chose to take the way of most Kristen fans and called people names like only children do. The non-Kristen fans on this site are very welcoming and would gladly talk with you had you not insulted them. Perhaps next time you will choose your words more carefully and be ready to chat like a grown up. :)

      • lilbit of Nerd lovin

        Well said Twilight

      • Katie

        Twilight-That is what the sheep do when they know they have lost the discussion and they know we have hit the truth right on the head.They call us haters and say that they should have never come to the board in the first place and that they won’t be back.Majority of the time they do come back.

  • Twilight

    You know if Edward Cullen was real, he would detest Kristen Stewart! Makes one feel better about the whole awful deal! :)

    • Katie

      Twilight-If Edward cullen and the rest of the cullen family was real they would have all detested KS from the beginning.

      • Romantic Fool

        I don’t think the cast is to fond of Kristen. They don’t support her premiers. They all live in H wood. They did go to Rob’s and to Camilla’s for PUSH.

        Ashley said Kristen is weird in 2008. She said that Rob is a little too as he was awkward. Jackson said the well-spoken and calm guy we see on interviews is not Rob. He is really silly and very nervous before he does them.
        The real Rob shows on the Twi DVD commentary. Silly and immature. He has grown up quickly this past year.

      • http://showbizspy Vampire Nerd Girl

        They’d have fed her to the pack of wolves, not sided with them against the newborns!

  • suzette

    DAMIEN. Where all all these movie parts. For someone who had a leading part in a billion dollar saga…She should have people knocking her doors down. Offering her leading rolls. She isn’t getting anything except a small part that she is just now starting. That is proof itself that she isn’t considered a great actress by HW standards. I bet in the years to come there is going to be another “female huge star” come out of twilight but not kristen stewart. The only hope she has is to make sure she is seen with RP and that Twilight was going to make alot of money no matter who played the part of Bella.

  • RoBeRt

    YO! Most of you won’t care about this.. but this is where Ashbert started and dammit Im going to do this! Ashley, I love you.. yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. Why? Cuz ur AWESOME! ;] ok everyone can go back to their postin’…go on..L8rz

  • Blunt Truth

    LOL at the word Krisbians. Honestly Kristen’s acting is drier than the roof of my mouth in the morning! She has zero talent, no enthusiasm(spelled wrong I know) and a bad attitude! You honestly think her acting got her on twi? Come the hell on her parents cant even promote her! I mean my god her dad works on lopez tonight! Being a bitch in the industry isn’t uncommon, but a talentless bitch is a rare find!

  • stormy

    Yikes.Some of you Kristen haters are really scary.What,Is it just that you are so jealous that she,s always photographed sandwiched between one or other of your fantasies ie Rob or Taylor.Take a look in the mirror gals.You,re only gonna give yourself cancer of the colon with all this vile rubbish so just stop.Kristin is a charismatic actress who has a very unique style.Its new,its her own and thats why shes so successful.If she has called some of the fans retards she was probably talking about morons like you,who do nothing with their lives but hate people like Kristin,who is enjoying vast success and reaping huge financial rewards.Look and learn people.And remember,Kristen is very young and had this enormous amount of attention thrust upon her.I,m sure she
    would be the first to admit she’s made a few blunders with the media.Stop being a bunch of nasty little bitches and get a life.

  • olivia

    just leave him i feel so bad for you taylor lautner that these people are saying bad things about you

  • Hannah

    I have to say GO ROB GO!! Taylor most likely deserved it!