Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Christina MilianCHRISTINA Milian and her rapper husband The Dream have confirmed rumors they have split.

“Terius ‘The-Dream’ Nash is saddened to announce that his marriage to Christina Milian was unsuccessful. The couple reached this decision in late 2009, but decided to keep the news private in efforts to protect their baby daughter Violet. They ask for consideration and respect for their family moving forward,” his rep told Us Weekly magazine Monday.

Milian and Nash — who has three children with ex-wife Nivea — married on September 4, 2009.[imagebrowser id=448]



  • sam

    Who the F*** are these people? Never heard of either one of them before. Need to get out of my cave I guess, but seriously, are they famous for something?

    • jonah.t

      christina has a killer body. there are some sweet naked pics of her posted at

  • joe bones

    who cares

  • hinty

    who gives a steaming schit.

  • Harry

    No one gives a damn!!

  • cb


  • KJ

    I agree with cb its time WHITE people stop living in friggin caves they are both music artist , she is a singer and actress and dated nick cannon and he is a grammy nominated big time producer. If you didnt care why did you click on it. b.i.t.c.h.e.s get out of your CAVES!Black and latinos will never disappear! accept it!

    • http://yahoo Kyle

      Your a dumb shit.

    • Detdoll

      its a shame that silly a$4 ignorant ppl like you room free. that goes for the rest of you dumb a$$ ignorant inbread f’cks with no life which explains why you have time to come online and rag on ppl.

  • Weezy

    She was a singer about a decade ago, but she sucked so she just started f*cking her way through Hollywood to stay relevant. Now she’ll probably have a wack reality show to squeeze out another 15 minutes of fame. She was so pretty too. Shame.

  • CJ

    sam is a dum azz. and thats serious

  • Mia

    Umm, I’m a 20 year old black woman and I had no idea who “The Dream” is. I’ve heard of Christina Milian before, but the only reason why I clicked on this article was to find out who the hell this guy was. “The Dream” is a stupid name btw. Oh, and I don’t live in a cave.

    • Ms. Gucci

      How can you know not know who he is? He pretty much writes everybody songs nowadays

    • http://none that dude from down the hall

      I agree with what the others said, she’s too good for him. Also, if all those people need someone else to write their songs so they could have a hit, they have no business calling themselves musicians.

  • debi

    Clearly you losers care or you would not be commenting.
    She is to good for him anyway.

  • mandi

    well shes a has been but the dream is the 1 in charge of MANY of beyonces hits (wrote, produced ect.) he basically created the chick, he’s also wrked for rihanna and mariah carey. you guys who dont know of him need to get with this generation of music or at least find out whos IN CHARGE of this geneneration of music & the dream is in charge of most of it.
    btw kj, the dream is not a grammy nominated artis hes a GRAMMY AWARD WINNER TWICE… (since u know so much about him… *cough*): 2010, Song of the Year (“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” (songwriter)

    2010, Best R&B Song (“Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (songwriter)

    • stinkerbell


      • stinkerbell

        sorry, clicked on wrong one!! I meant “Amen” for @Ann…Mandi, he ain’t all that, and she’s less.

  • ann

    If you don’t care then why would you click on this link or comment the article?

  • Noel

    80 percent of black people really dont know why they are here!! Well let me educate you!! Back in the begining you where brought over from Africa. Sold by your own people as slaves!!! No shit this is real. The white people that first came over first could not make slaves out of the Indians!!! This is true!! If your white,black.yellow,or red, dosnt not matter to me if you act civil. If you dont know what the F you talking about!!! Keep to yourselves. Or go back to your own “Country”

    • kreeoh

      @ Nikki… U r racist becuz u r coward. We do not know redneck country music singers. We do not show any hate towards them through blogs either. Sho your face you cum guzzler…

    • Earl G

      And many whites were sent to the New World, as a get out of jail free card! Given the choice between prison in England,Spain or France for life. Or face the dangers and perils of sea travel and settlement in America where at first only 50% survived the first winter. A collection of theives,murderers and con artist. Others were so poor in their own homeland, that they found no better choice for their family but to take the risk. No this is not your country or our country, but we all have stayed and somehow built a great Nation! Let’s try to do better!!!

    • STFU!!!

      WOOOOOWWWW,, I can’t believe how idiotic people are… it’s July 2010 and all people can do is make everything about race. it’s stupid, immature and just played out. Who cares, why can’t we all throw away preconceived notions that are based on no merit whatsoever. Just because you are a certain color shouldn’t determine what music you listen to. I’m so sick and tired of black people getting upset when people aren’t knowledgeable about their “Celebrities”! If it was Beyonce and Jay-Z then 95% of the people would know who we’re talking about. Nothing against Dream or Christiana Milian, since I like both of them, but not a lot of people know them. Besides, black people don’t know every white singers, or producers. People need to stop being so closed minded, i no for a fact MLKJr. did not die, so that July of 2010 people can argue over race, for two stupid artists. Just grow the hell up, and get educated. i’m done…

      • STFU!!!

        oh and btw,,, i’m black, and proud of it, but I don’t let the color of my skin, rule ever thought that pops into my head.

  • Nikki

    Wow KJ – and you wonder why “white” people are so racist…need a hint? It’s because of idiots like you. BTW, I’m a 28 year old white woman and I know who each of these celebs are. Question to you is, do you know any redneck country stars from now or back in the day? Go back to where YOU f*cking came from “b.i.t.c.h”

    • kreeoh

      @ Nikki… U r racist becuz u r coward. We do not know redneck country music singers. We do not show any hate towards them through blogs either. Sho your face you cum guzzler…

      • Nikki

        Telling me to show my face when you are clearly not either?

        I never showed hate towards Christina or The Dream. I listen to all music going back to the 50′s and have respect for a lot of artists. I am not racist but you sit there and tell me I am because I made a comment towards someone who was CLEARLY being racist towards white people? I will defend my race just like everyone else is.

        I was saying about the redneck country music because the comment by “KJ” basically said white people don’t listen to ‘black’ music – I do. I have a whole shitload of music.

        Before you yap your gums again, why don’t you read what I was saying first.

    • http://lakjdsm ashley

      Obviously you have an insecurity issue. You came off very rude in your comment and disrepctive. I am caucasian but i would never go out of my way to disrespect anyone Else’s race which is exactly what you did. Your 28 years old? seriously ,you should be ashamed of how immature and stupid you sound ,telling people to go back to their own country? So exactly which country do you come from? from what I know Europeans did not come from America, as a matter of fact you are the kind of euro American who pushed people out and that is exactly what your doing in your comment’s. Please take the time to reevaluate your self, your obviously lacking alot of class, sound like you suffer greatly from insecurity and need a reality check, people can decide to listen to whatever kind of music they want to, and exactly why would African Americans listen to redneck music? There are alot of racial slurs made toward them so that was a stupid thought to begin with. Then you go out of your way to use profanity? does it make you feel better? you sound like a stupid b2tch anyway, stop thinking that you run America, read a book about your so called country, I’m very sure your not a native American which are the original people of America. Please feel free to comment back , Ill be waiting.

      • Nikki

        AGAIN — I was only mocking KJ – not anyone else. KJ made the comment about white people not listening to black music – why not black people listen to white music? And I believe there are black folks that were or are in Country music….Charlie Pride anyone? If you READ KJ’s comment, I said basically everything that KJ had said only directed it back towards them. In my second comment I tried to explain, but once again, I’m portrayed as the racist bad guy. Obviously you did not read the 2 comments that were made by KJ & Kreeoh otherwise you may have seen my point.

        Yes, I know I am not “American” – I’m actually Russian/German. I never said anything other than that I was WHITE. Once again – the first comment was a “mocking” of KJ’s…..

        Thank you for your LOVELY input. Hope to hear from you. This time, I’ll be waiting.

  • Aydeedo

    She’s an F’n idiot…like soo many woman she hooks up with a guy who she knows deep down is going to f he over and she not only hooks-up with him but has a baby with him…she’s a dumb-ass. Now ‘cuase he does what everyone including her thought he’d do she wants everyone to feel sorry for her. Now she has no career…she was a marginal singer at best…her looks and only her looks got her that far. Female pop singers cannot …repeat cannot have a baby in the middle of their career…it’s a career killer…ask Brittany Spears, Gwen Stafani, Chrisitna Agulier. You are selling your sex-appeal…and no one wants to see a baby momma on stage in a thong and thigh high boots.

  • Jin Susheh

    I mean, it’s like saying, “President Obama has died, we want privacy.” It’s not something we needed to know. I respect the dream and Christina, but neither of them are at the forefront of hollywood so no one should really care. Though I am a Christina fan, I still don’t care about her personal life. I can’t stand the dream, love the music he creates for other people, though. But again, even though they are A Listers in the Music world, they are more A-List in the background. Almost B-Listers. The reason so many people don’t know about them is because they are Low-Key A-listers.

    And I don’t know how this became a race matter but it’s fucking stupid. For the ignorant fuck (who I believe to be black) You are a dumb ass for making that “white people don’t know what they’re talking about” rant. I’m mixed and most of the family I associate with is black so before you go making assumptions, I’ll put that out there. Secondly, to all the white people that responded with the same ignorance, you can all jump in a lake and grow the fuck up.

    Anyone ever notice you hardly see racist comments on news stories about white people? Funny, isn’t it? And in this case, I know a non-white started it… but it’s funny still, right?

  • DirtyDirty

    Noel and all the other ignorant chatter on this article. Noel, Some slave were enslaved by africans and others by europeans. Thoes facts however have absolutely nothing to do with this article. Noel, is one step away if not already from being a clansmen. The Dream is minimally relevant and Christina Millian had a good little run. Mandi, in charge of many of Beyonce’s hits? You named two and only two and she’s been doing her thing since before the Dream had a deal. Not trying to take anything away from the cat, I admire his hustle but frown on his stupidity. There’s a lot of talented writers behind the singers we know and love. We all wonder who was Floetry when they came on the scene but they had been in the backround writting for even the likes of MJ. As for public more peeps should’ve know Christina than the Dream but I’m shocked at the number of people who took the time to comment but didn’t know who they were.



    • kreeoh

      @LATTA… Heaven help us…

  • Noel

    Well let me clarify myself Again!! Im a Proud Indian!!! I watch my “MY” county. Get rape before my eyes!!! So im not a “Racist. So I really dont care what you say!!! But can you tell me the Native American holliday!!! NO!!! or How about the Native American College No!!!. I have some very good friends that are Black and Hispanic!!! and they agree with me. Life is what you make of it, so good luck cause “You People” need it!! Two people that break up!! Is that really news!! Whats this world coming too!

  • Kim3chi

    Africans were sold into slavery by Europeans and they fought to remain with their families and to remain in their own country! Know your history Noel! The only reason why this is news is because Americans are more interested in the lives of others..than their own.

  • lindsay

    @aydeedo, i completely agree! and to all the blacks on here, dont worry about what people say because people have been trying to emulate and imitate and be like you since the beginning of time! they wanna dance like you, they wanna sing like you, they wanna talk like you, ect.every race under the sun is inspired by black culture-they talk the slang, they wear the fashions, they bump the music, everything. its true whether people want to admit it or not. and to noel, i grew up in arizona with alot of indians and they dont even try to get off the reservation and do better. they dont contribute to society at all unlike blacks, who grow up in the ghetto and then become athletes, doctors, singers, dancers,ect. plus, indians get all kinds of free stuff-you failed to mention that.

  • Fazolo

    This is an indian country not an white country, so when you say go back to where you came from thats to all but the indians.

    • Mary-Katherine

      The racial bit, I’m not going to comment on however I will comment on the people in the picture. I realize that some people may not listen to all types of music or even all types of R&B Music however no one has to make rude comments about it. The Dream is an excellent songwriter he wrote Rihanna’s Umbrella and J. Holiday’s Bed, Beyonce’s Single Ladies, The-Dream also began writing for numerous artists, Usher’s “Moving Mountains”, Yung Joc’s “Coffee Shop” and Jesse McCartney’s “Leavin’”. He also co-wrote Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body”, Ciara’s “High Price,” and took part in co-writing a majority of Mary J. Blige’s 2007 Growing Pains album, including the smash hit “Just Fine”co-produced two tracks (“Just Like Me” & “Digital Girl”) and was featured on Jamie Foxx’s album Intuition, and also worked with Mario and Lionel Richie..I still may be missing a few, but those are some major accomplishments. Its sad to see though any marriage fail.

    • Chaz

      All this racism from blacks and whites is foolish.I know who both of these artist are and it’s sad that their union had to end but that is life.Dream is a big time producer and currently the writer of Justin Bieber’s latest hit and Milan is a decent songwriter and actress..I’m a 43 year old black man with 3 children that listens to all different styles of music so I know alot of artist from Kings of Leon,Lil Wayne,Lady Gaga,Alicia Keys,Paramore,Drake,Taylor Swift and many others.I am amazed people have turned this article upside down and made it a race issue.If people don’t know who these artist are then fine but there’s no need to jump down their throats about it,I was amazed when I was growing up that some white people did’nt know who the Gap Band were Zapp.Parliment and Funkadelic,Run,Dmc,Whodini but I did not get angry about it.I just educated them on these great artist and they did the same for me.Thats why I know about Duran Duran,Black Sabbath,Wham,Billy Idol,Pat Benetar,The Bangals.

      • liciabug2000

        I agree,I wish people would stop being so narrow minded and step outside of their little world. Its so sad. I feel very blessed to know not only these two people but also the gap band,the ojays, duran duran, run dmc, billy Idol, tupac, lady ga ga, green day, drake, jay z, beyonce, fall out boy and many, many more.

  • stinkerbell

    Can you believe it lasted that long!??? Who the heck are these people anyway?

  • liciabug2000

    For the ignorant:
    Tne Dream is A Music Producer and Executive Vice President of Island Records

    His Awards:
    American Music Awards
    2008, T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist [Nominated]
    BET Awards
    2009, Best Male R&B Artist [Nominated]
    2008, Best New Artist [Won]
    Grammy Awards
    2010, Song of the Year (“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” (songwriter) [Won]
    2010, Album of the Year (I Am…Sasha Fierce) (songwriter) [Nominated]
    2010, Best R&B Song (“Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (songwriter) [Won]
    2008, Song of the Year (“Umbrella”) (songwriter) [Nominated]
    Mobo Awards
    2007: Best Songwriter (“Bed”) [Nominated]
    Ozone Awards
    2008, Best R&B Artist [Nominated]

    He also wrote J. Holiday’s “Bed”, Usher’s “Moving Mountains”, Yung Joc’s “Coffee Shop” and Jesse McCartney’s “Leavin’”. He also co-wrote Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body”, Ciara’s “High Price,” and took part in co-writing a majority of Mary J. Blige’s 2007 Growing Pains album, including the smash hit “Just Fine”.

    Christina Milian is an Singer and Actress
    1996 Sister, Sister Lana One episode
    1997 Smart Guy “TJ’s Friend” Two episodes
    1998 Movie Surfers Tina Flores Series regular
    1999 Durango Kids Eleanor “Ellie” Bigelow
    Get Real
    Charmed Teri Lane
    The Amanda Show “Various roles”
    2002 MTV’s Wannabe Host
    2003 Love Don’t Cost a Thing Paris Morgan
    2004 Cribs Herself
    Torque Nina
    2005 Man of the House Anne
    Be Cool Linda Moon
    2006 Pulse Isabell Fuentes
    2007 Smallville Rachel Davenport
    Snowglobe Angela Moreno TV Movie
    2009 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Keelia
    Bring It On: Fight to the Finish

  • Sammy

    First of all lets gets something straight Christina Millian is not o hoe she DO NOT SLEEP HER WAY INTO THE INDUSTRY OK YALL GOT THAT FIGURED OUT. She is a singer and has been for many years and she is CUBAN [LATINA]REPRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! but she was dropped from her label many years ago and has been acting duh and no she DON’T NEED NO REALITY SHOW BECAUSE SHE AIN’T DESPERATE TO GET HER 15 CUZ SHE ALREADY FAMOUS…..but the Dream is an a**hole for cheating on her just go look at the pictures from us magazine and she for yourselves u ignorant F****in people. Get yall story right and research it before you start to write F***in dumb a**!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In L.A.

    Quite frankly, I happen to like Christina (Beautiful), but question her judgment. ANY man that does not have the maturity to use his own real name, as a professional is not serious about a career or anything else (Take note Rappers, Diddy-Doody(Not really a rapper, more like a wrapper), Ice Cube, Luda(Who I actually like)). Second, this man is a loser who apparently had a previous failed relationship (With a number of children) with someone else prior. Unless Christina is trying to throw away her professional career by deciding to get into a serious relationship with a man who can’t hold his own, during the height of her career, to marry and have a child is simply a huge lapse in judgment and timing.

  • Bo

    All I can say is wow.. it is silly to read all of this. KJ started it..


    you dnt have to be old to be dumb as schittzzzz, jusst dumb stupid, im older and i know more about most people do about most artist and their producers. than even the current generation, but all thats really required is a love n appreciation for all types and genres of music and the artist and their staff and history and thier effort,. if you really understand and appreciate music and artist and actors and actresses, ther is no way you dont know who christina and the dream are. no way !!! and im 50 yrs old , i followed many forms of as teenagers music as a child til now, and i appreciate them all. we wre clubbing as teenagers when sugar hill released rappers delight to the public and it was a game changer!! til now many people said rap was junk and it would never survive caus its not talent , but not only was it not junk it has suvived 40lus years and continu to grow,.. same for r&b , r&b and rapp are the music of choice of most clubs around the world, not just here in u.s.a , but everywhere from africa, japan, philipines, china, brasil on and on, . the dream is a game changer “know as the radio killer” badder thn a mu fkr !! and everyone that is a real music love and know who the dream izzzz , know what that means rght???!!!! christina carved her own way, both as a r&b singer , above average at that!! and also made many movie apperances as a very beautiful actress. too bad they couldnt make it work!! to bad,, !!! peace out to all !!!

  • Who Cares

    Who are these people? Oh, This is the guy who “writes” for everyone? Oh now I see why there are NO GOOD artists around that can sing and no good songs to sing either- the real singers are gone, and today it’s all show and no go – Jay-Z and his music world suck- Real music has died -No more true songers around anymore -

  • M.J

    i’m all the way in africa and i know who christina milian and the dream are…wtf

  • http://dsl AMERICA

    THESE 2 ARE NOBODYS! Not worth talking about; they are not famous, never heard of them!

  • jeff

    i will marry her then and get it done lol

  • Peepsie doodle do

    I really like Christina. She is just adorable. She is so cute and nice. I always thought she was just a lovely person with such a caring attitude. I don’t have any idea who the young man is although thank you for posting all his awards that he won. I wish them good luck and hope they find peace and love and hope they find a calm in their lives that will help them heal from the horrors of divorce.

  • habbeboy

    guy stop that fuck that milan is stupid of been getting married with’THE DREAM’guys got this that the dream has that fucking wealth,that’s what’s got ‘MILLAN’dizzing around,she also want a man with good health and wealth”for more info you can call:2347087138866, OR my,am a programmer,and i wish to know more about ‘CHRISTANA MILLAN’and her home contact.

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