Justin Bieber Asked Selena Gomez to Take Off Her Heels!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Justin BieberJUSTIN Bieber asked Selena Gomez to remove her high heels when she was standing next to him — so that he didn’t look so short!

Speaking to Sugar magazine, Selena revealed the Baby singer is insecure about his height.

“Last time I wore high heels next to him, he asked me to take them off because he didn’t want to be shorter than me,” she said.

“I was laughing and going ‘No, I’m not going to take them off, you’re not going to make me take my shoes off!’”



  • milli

    haha soooooo cute

  • http://www.twitter.com/troylazarus TroyLazarus

    This is when you play up the comedy. You look up at her and then slowly rise up your toes and say something like, “Yeah, if I had heels on I could pretend to be 10 feet tall too.”

  • http://showbiz laken

    like really justin get toller dont ask a girl to take there shoes off not a hatter but dont you think that is little weird

    love laken

  • Lisa

    i thought it meant they had sex or some shit

  • http://gmail.com jayla

    Justin Bieber is DISTASTEFUL AND A DISCRASE peace out!B.T.W. HES NOT THAT TALL AND MY DAD SAYS HES A STUCK UP PRUED if you konw what that means cause i dont!

  • http://gmail.com audrina

    oh crap he done it again

  • http://gmail.com sally

    done what?

  • http://gmail.com hayle

    justin if you want fans DONT do the jerk with your hands in yo pockets. people check it out in his baby music video

  • http://gmail.com hannah


  • http://gmail.com mersy

    bieber in the house

  • http://showbizpy.com delayna

    i hope he knows that this is everywhere.if you dont know what im talking about then lets just say that this is alittle imberessing for the bieb.(justin)

  • http://yahoo madison

    thats funny how jb told selena to take off her heels becuz she was so tall and he was so short i wud hav done that to cuz i 1 of the shorties in my family but maby not to selena…..lol peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://sadie sadie

    i thought that was very funny haha.
    and cute i mean i’m tall formy age butt thats okay to tel the truth i’m years younger than justin and one inch shorter but ifi had high heels on i would of took the off for jusin.



  • http://Justinlecon Non-Justin Bieber

    Yeah Justin Biebeurk does not go with Selena!
    Good for Selena did not remove her shoes!!!
    Long live The Non-Justin Bieber Assiociation!!! ^^

  • johhny footlong

    What a little douche bag! He’s a pimple on the ass which is the world. I guess if you want to be taller you could add another forehead, you already have three. I don’t know which is sadder, this kid or the people who kisses his ass everyday.

  • p

    What a little turd. A disgrace to music.

    • yasmin

      shut up p …his music is good.

  • http://msn richard

    Justin shouldn’t care about his height he is a good looking guy so he shouldn’t care. I think height is not important.

  • http://msn richard

    justin cant go with selena because she can do better.

  • noha

    guys stop talking about him that way you should mind you’re own businesses and get off his please u*i’m beging you cause i don’t like and you’re being so rude

  • ck

    look at it thiss way JB is 5ft 3.5in and 16 years old . im 5ft 4in and im 11 year old . i gt made fun of because im so tall and he gets mad fun of coz he is so small . i dont bother bought it so Y should he . he is wat he is and he cant change that and all the hatters of him should accsept that . he is just a young tallented kid that is finding his way abought . IT’S NOT WHATS ON THE OUTSIDE THAT MATTERS . ITS WHATS ON THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS . i love jb , like manny others , the way he is !!! I LOVE U JB . xx

  • http://www.bebo.com ashrulz

    i used 2 love selena…….grrrr sh sounds nasty wid her comments on j.b

  • http://ilovecandy10.weebly.com wendo

    he just wants to see how she is

  • http://ilovecandy10.weebly.com wendo

    he just wants to see how tall she is MY MISTAKE SORRY

  • http://facebook triveda

    justin is like an angel come by ….wen im annoyed,all i have 2 do is listen 2 his music…n i cheer up instantly…..il never stop loving u justin….oh yeah n selena is the prettiest girl on this planet according to me!!!!!*_^!!!!!

  • yasmin

    i couldnt agree more with u triveda…i luv them both.

  • Macayla

    Ok. I’m not really a big fan of Justin Bieber… but I think that you guys should give him a break. he is 16 years old. You may be laughing now. but i bet that he will hit his growth spurt, you won’t be laughing then. So just please just give him a break. and I also agree that Selena kept her heels on.

  • lol

    lol this cracks me up I wouldnt like being smaller even though im super tall for my age

  • http://ramirez_cv@hotmail.com carlos ramirez

    Me parece que justin bieber y selena gomez, forman una linda pareja, pero sí a ella, dice que justin bieber es muy joven para ella es una decisión muy importante porque esta diciendo una decisión, muy grande….pero así es la vida….saludos

  • http://ramirez_cv@hotmail.com carlos ramirez

    I think selena gomez justin and form a cute couple, but she says that justin is too young for it is a very important decision because this decision by saying a very big …. but that’s life. Greetings …

  • senson

    well, I am 4 years old younger then sel, so it’s no shot for me, I have to give up -.-