Tom Cruise: ‘I’m Too Fast’

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tom CruiseTOM Cruise is too fast for his own good!

The Hollywood actor — who stars alongside Cameron Diaz in new movie Knight and Day — says he hates nothing more than having to re-run a dramatic sprint because his crew can’t keep up with him.

“There’s nothing worse than running that hard then being told that they forgot to start the film,” he said.

“Or it’s like, ‘Hey Tom, we’re a little fuzzy on the focus on that one. Hey, Cruise, do it again bud’. It’s not what you want to hear.”

Tom recently revealed what his adorable daughter Suri gets up to when she joins him on movie sets.

“Suri actually creates her own things in between takes,” he said.

“Once, she went under one of the director’s chairs and had us all on the floor at her bakery.

“I had to be a customer and Cameron had to be a customer and she made everyone this pretend strawberry pie.”


  • Newjohn

    what a silly cunt