Lady GaGa — House-Hunting in The Hamptons?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lady GaGaLADY GaGa is house-hunting.

The Poker Face hitmaker has reportedly been perusing properties in the Hamptons, New York.

According to the New York Daily News, GaGa has shown an interest in a $26 million, eight-bedroom, eight-bathroom English Country-style estate on Parsonage Lane in Sagaponack that sits on 7.5 acres.

The property includes a 9,353- square-foot, shingle-style main residence, a 1,483-square-foot carriage house and a 1,379-square-foot recreational pavilion, the News reports.

Amenities include media and wine rooms, a sauna, gym, pool and sunken tennis court. A restored 18th-century barn also sits on the lot, which abuts reserved farm fields that would provide additional seclusion for the star.

GaGa has previously revealed that she doesn’t own her own home — and practically lives out of a suitcase.

“I live on stage. I don’t own a house, I don’t spend money on those things,” she said.

“I live out of a suitcase and I make music and art and I spend every dollar that I make on stage — that’s it.”


  • StevenM199

    She’s a no-talent, trashy whore.

    And those nasty tattoos just make her look so much worse.

    • Martin


    • Jamie

      Completely agree with this statement. Way overrated.

  • JoeyExchange

    Yeah because attending Tisch, Juliard, being able to play the piano since 2, singing live, writing your own songs, and being the major creative influence In your videos and performances is so un-talented. Lets see what talent you have sir.But that’s the stigma of pop music I guess.

    No right calling her a whore either, that’s something no one should call a woman, especially one who speaks for celibacy and part of a MAC cosmetic campaign to remind women to have protected sex.

    Tattoos on girls look hot anyway

    …why is there even a comment section here, it will only let people leave nasty comments about the poor girl. Where’s the respect for artists today, people bother them all, just so they can feel better about themselves.

  • LR

    Completely agree, Joey. Apparently people can’t recognize true talent these days. It’s a shame that we’ve allowed musicians’ talent to go hidden because we put everyone into the mainstream music mold. We automatically assume that every pop star is like Britney, and Gaga is miles better.

  • JayZ

    Actually, there are many people who attend Juliard and other schools that never receive any praise. GaGa may be able to play, sing and write, but what Steven was trying to say (in a not-so-offensive way) is that she applies no talent, playability, creativity or vocal technique to her Music. As a result, her material sounds like that of a no-talent, loose woman like Amy Winehouse and a cracked-smoked Whitney Houston. Sorry Joey.

  • Stephanie

    Wow I love how Lady Gaga is so true to her fans and would take their hard earn money to buy a 26 million dollar home in the Hamptons, if she is so for the gay and civil rights movements of the world why don’t she take that money and donate it and actual become an activist instead of kill us with her horrible imagery. Lady Gaga underneath the makeup and wigs she has a descent voice and actually is a trained pianist, but this stick of hers is more marketable

  • wineman

    I do not have a problem with a talentless flash, but the Hamptons? I bet they are turning over again and again. Kinda like having trailer trash moving next door. I am glad she may have 7.5 acres so the neighbors won’t have to see. Spend it now girl, just like the others, because it will be gone in a flash.You may have glamor boys attention but it’s time to let us see what you really have. GET IT ON!

  • wineman

    How did you all like that? Gaga honey girl, don’t waste your talents that your Mama and God gave you. I know money is not your thing but you are certainly thinking smart for the future. Now sing pretty for us and make your cause.

  • slick chick

    Wow lots of jeolous persons, Lady Gaga is so talented she deserves the best, and the Hamptons is part of it. Love Your Videos

  • Friborz

    she is my girl

  • enrique iglesias

    Ahhhhhhhhh, the true colors of the materialistic Lady Gag come through. Out to purchase her stinky little butt a 26 MILLION dollar home. Oh the little monsters won’t even bat a false eyelash at the notion. They will eagerly continue to fork over their parents’ money by the fistful to the latex encased Gag. Make no mistake, Lady Gag (by the way, that face she is making in the picture is exactly how she smokes cock…hence the name, Lady Gag) is nothing special to me anymore. Just your average little small minded materialistic, greed driven pop tart following in Madunka and Titney Rears footsteps.

  • Jesse Magsby

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