Leonardo DiCaprio in no Rush to Start a Family

Monday, July 19, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprioLEONARDO DiCaprio wants babies — but not just yet.

The actor — who’s currently dating supermodel Bar Refaeil — says he’d like to a start a family in the future.

“I don’t think I need to have children to play a father in the movies,” said the star, who plays a dad in his hit new movie Inception.

“This feeling is in me, I understand it completely.

“In my private life, I still have time to become a dad, and I’ve no desire to rush”.

Recent reports claimed claimed Leo’s lover is trying to behave like the perfect wife in a bid to convince the Hollywood hunk to marry her.

“These two keep breaking up and getting back together,” a source said. “Bar wants Leo to settle down.

“She is willing to try anything, including studying up on his favorite sports — especially basketball and the LA Lakers.

“Bar has become a fixture at the Lakers games and even watches with Leo at his local sports bar, Goal, in Hollywood.

“She decided that if she was going to show him she was the ideal wife, she needed to start watching sports with him.”


  • lucia

    dont rush leo.bar shld be herself and stop pretending to be the best. leo aint no fool.

  • ima miltn

    I think he should wait until he is 100 years old to start a family, like rest of Hollywood’ s leading single men. Look, Leo does all this beautiful entertaining for the world, and then he neglects his personal life. Just like most of the stars today, he is eager to please everyone except himself. I feel sorry, for Hollywood’s best, all these accomplishments and nobody who really cares to share it with. Look around you Leo, the people who are truly happy have relationships, and children, and they may not have a lot, with regards to material possessions, but they have some to hug and care for them, everyday. What about your parents, are you gonna wait until they are 90 to give them grandchlidren . You can have both you know a career in H wood and family you can trust, and depend on, then you won’t be alone when you film on
    location. Choosing the right person, really matters, because you want it to last. Whether it is Bar, or another person, privacy is important, but, don’t let love go. Every night happy couples sit and watch your movies all snuggled up, you deserve the same, don’t let fame rob you of your human needs.

  • nadia

    leo dear I know you well.do you remember me? I cant belive such gossips. you are not a family man .pls dont fool her.

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