Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes — Reality TV Stars?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tom CruiseTOM Cruise and Katie Holmes are planning to appear in a reality TV show to prove to the world their family is “normal”.

The Hollywood star has reportedly been filming his wife and their four-year-old daughter Suri and intends to use the footage to show the world what life is really like in the Cruise household in a series inspired by The Osbournes.

Tom is particularly keen to show that his family’s lifestyle is not weird just because they follow controversial sci-fi faith Scientology.

“They want to portray themselves as a normal family who do normal things,” a source told Britain’s Grazia magazine.

“They are aware that Katie is being perceived as ‘brainwashed’ and they want to change that.”

The 48-year-old actor got the idea to start filming Katie, 31, and Suri after making several online clips with Cameron Diaz to promote their new film Knight and Day.

Tom initially wanted to release his footage as mini-clips on the internet for his loyal fans but he has now received multiple offers to turn the videos into a full series.

“His interest began when he made spoof films with Cameron to promote Knight and Day,” said the source.

“He’s been filming Kate and other aspects of their life for the past month. The original impetus was that he would select a few personal clips to show fans, but word has got out through his agents (CAA) and he is currently fielding offers from entertainment companies. Tom is now deliberating what to do with his footage. No deal has been struck yet.”

However, Tom — who married Katie in November 2006 — is insisting on having complete control of the footage and the final say on what is aired.

“Tom places a premium on control, so he’s reluctant to commit to doing a reality TV show unless he’s 100 per cent it will reflect him and Katie in the best possible light,” said the source.



  • CJ

    The source doesn’t sound that reliable, although I’m sure they have probably received dozens of offers.

  • susie

    Not reality if it is controlled 100%

  • Ethics Officer


  • Ethics Officer

    Just because they say they are normal and make a film of themselves being normal does not make Scientology normal. It is a Cult that brainwashes. Fact Jack

  • xENU

    Let’s see…he HAS to have complete control over the show, but he is not a control freak…and Katie is not forced into Co$…and its so obvious that he HAS to do a reality show to prove it. OK.

  • Damon Bones

    Who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea and is willing to pay Cruise to do it? It’s going to be tragic. Osbournes worked because they were not a “normal” family and they just did their thing.

    Cruise will be trying so hard to be “normal” it will be terminally boring, cringe worthy cheesy or both. The slightest hint of “tension” will be edited out.

    That and Cruise won’t be able to resist the references to the cult or their front groups like Way to Happiness or Volunteer Ministers or their “personal beliefs”, which we all know means “scientology”, surely makes this a none starter.

  • Celebrity Smile

    Scientology is not even a religion to me. How can it be a religion, when it is all based on science and what a person can see.