Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sandra Bullock and Jesse JamesSANDRA Bullock may have lost leave of her senses!

According to a bombshell new report in America’s Life & Style magazine, the actress is planning to get back with ex-husband Jesse James, whom she recently divorced after he cheated on her with a string of different women.

“Her heart is open to him again,” blabbed one insider.

“Jesse and Sandra are talking — with the excuse that it’s for the sake of the children only.

“Sandra will never fully get over the way Jesse betrayed her.

“But he did give her the family she’s always wanted. And because of that, she’s able to forgive him.”
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  • edward.l

    there are some nice nude pics of sandra posted at

  • Doziem

    This just goes to show what a dumb broad she is. She is setting herself up for more heartbreak.

  • Heather

    Good for her…family is the most important thing in life. Just be careful once a cheater always a cheater and most likely he will cheat again.

    • Joan

      Yeah — Great role model for the children — especially the boy!! “Hey, it is ALRIGHT to cheat on your wife or girlfriend as long as you say I’m sorry.” And girls, you are unworthy of a boyfriend, husband who wants ONLY you!

      Good thing Sandra has the money for all the Therapy the kids will need!!

  • SXM Girl

    If Sandra gets back with him, then she has lost all my respect, he only wants her back for his male ego and because everyone hates him for what he did to her, come on Sandra, don’t take him back!!!! That is the biggest mistake you’re making right now, he’s a cheat and will always be a cheat.

  • Frank

    If you love each other and totally forgive each other, both of you will find a road to happiness.Say the rosary.God love all of you. Frank.

  • Luce

    Live long enough and you learn from your mistakes. More is involved than just the two of them……the children. She doesn’t have to marry him again, but if they can make a go of it in some fashion for ALL the family, more power to them. I always kinda liked Jesse….sure he made BIG mistakes, but I like to think he is crushed at his own behavior. I believe in forgive – not forget – but forgive. He will never have her 100% again, but happiness might come to all at maybe 80%?? Forgive, and watch with open eyes what actions he takes to prove he really learned his lesson. I hate to see it all just thrown away….

    • reanie

      What do you mean “for their children”? They don’t have any children together. His kids are from another marriage. They already have a mother. And the baby boy she adopted on her own is only 3 months old. Has never known Jesse. No need to get back together for sake of ‘children’.

      • Merri B

        Louis is about 8-9 months old, not 3, and he was with Jesse and Sandra for a few months before the split, so yes, Jesse did know and bond with the baby. BUT, any psychiatrist/psychologist would advise against getting back together “because of the children.” There has to be love, respect, and forgiveness for transgressions made to make any reconciliation possible. Some marriages DO survive infidelity (NOT one to me, however) but it’s never the same. It’s better to COME from a broken home than to live in one. If they don’t truly love each other, learn from mistakes, and forgive, it would be a horrible environment for the kids. I think Jesse WILL cheat again – no doubt because cheaters ALWAYS cheat. This whole episode including the divorce has “put the fear of God” into Jesse, but if they get back together, he’ll just simply believe he got by with it and can therefore do it again.

  • KC

    I agree totally with SXM Girl. Jesse will hurt her again.

  • charity

    yes i can say that i love one another because christ said that we should love one another.

  • louise

    what an idiot

  • Sue-

    Once he cheats on you, he will do it again. He’s not the only fish in the sea.

  • bobby

    Hi Sandra, I believe you are addicted to Jesse’ sex style, ain’t you ?

  • nancy g

    i feel that sondra should realize things about why he cheated on her before she jugdes him on him cheating before she gives up on her man. ask!him why he cheated! and go from there?

    • Merri B

      Nancy – cheaters cheat for 3 reasons only: 1)They want to, 2) they can, and 3) because they don’t have a moral compass that prevents them from doing it. No one “drives” them to it, no one “makes” them do it. Cheaters are adults, so no one can MAKE or DRIVE them to cheat. It’s a matter of I want to, I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again if I want to. They say they are sorry, do their penance and proceed. If you’re THAT unhappy, end the relationship you’re in and move on. No one NEEDS to cheat.

  • Richard

    Forgiveness is a choice. If Sandra Bullock wants to forgive her ex-husband, God can forgive her too. It is very important for her to take her time to heal a relationship with Jesse but they need God in their life so that they would see a real transformation in their life through God’s works. God is our key life. Without God would never makes us feel better.

  • Judy

    Sandra just be careful. Hold on to your heart until you are ready–trust takes time and it is earned not just given. Just guard your heart and pray from strength and change.

  • Stacy

    I actually hope they do reconcile and that Jesse is able to learn from his mistakes and not allow it to happen again. Its easy to judge when you are not in the situation. What is obvious is that they both love each other, he made a HUGE mistake and that he is VERY SORRY he did. Unike Tiger Woods who shows no remorse and complete egotism, this guy put his ego and heart on the line for everyone to see. Despite everyone saying what a scumbag he is, Sandra obviously saw something in him to marry him. She waited her whole life to find him. I say give him one last chance. He knows what the consequences are if it happens again.

    • jenny

      I agree with stacy, If they love each other which i believe they do, then hopefully they can work through this. Either way it is their business and only their business and everyone should stay out of it. Till you live it yourself you cannot judge.

  • Zeba

    Hey guys, consider the source of this story ‘Life & Style’ magazine. Not exactly your source for breaking news.

  • http://SandraBullock Vickie

    Everyone needs a second chance even Jesse.

    • http://yahoo paul

      second, this is his 5th

      • Merri B

        At LEAST his 5th.

  • Gemmeg

    I love Sanda. If she chooses to forgive Jesse and give him another chance that is her choice. We should respect that. It is ok though to express ones opioion, but the final decision should be Sandra’s. If she takes him back he better be prepared for less than 100% of her. He should work to earn the extra.


    What family? These kids are not hers they belong to Jesse’s ex’s. They will never be soley hers and Jesse’s without involving his ex’s. Sandra your are just setting yourself up for failure with this loser. He can’t be all that and a bag of chips girl. S.B I often wonder if it’s not you that needs counseling. You need to outweight lust vs. love, because I doubt it very seriously that it’s love that you are feeling for this loser. Sandra will not fully get over the way Jesse betrayed her, HUH, so do you want to go for round 2 and 3 all over again….

  • SXM Girl

    Come on people, the first time he cheated on her, yes, then she could probably forgive him but once past second and third, no way, he’s just another Tiger Woods. If I were in her shoes, I would not take him back, besides, he’s also using those kids as an excuse to try and win her over and that is certainly not nice of him or fair to her, Sandra has to really sit down and think about this.

  • chaz

    my respect for her just PLUMMETED, are you kidding me??? he is one sleezy guy, she didn’t belong with him in the first place…very sad indeed…

  • xtian

    all you ladies are dumb, hateful, lonely bitches.

  • Jizzm

    I’m glad she’s taking him back. I met the guy a few years ago and he’s a great guy. He made a mistake, get over it. Some of you fools act like its your life thats going on here. What, your not gonna see any more Sandy movies if they get back together; you’re boycotting her or something? If thats the case then you’re probably a jaded la LOSER who needs to get a life and Get over it.

    GO JESSE AND SANDY. F’ what they think and say.

    • http://yahoo paul

      your stupid

  • Dtay

    all you are dum it dont matter a women will take a man back over and over if she loves him.its gone take a lot more than cheating trust me i know lol lol lol all the way to the bank!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo paul

      your an idiot

  • http://yahoo BARBARA


  • http://ATT Johnny

    If Sandra makes this decision gang, there’s nothing we can do about it. I was cheated on four times, and that’s four times too damn many. I have never cheated on any of my girlfriends. People think that just because they “HAVE YOU” they think that they can just do you any kind of way. I felt sorry for Sandra, and I still feel her pain from the last time. ME….HELL NO…I could not do it again. the pain from being cheating on HURTS YOU TO YOUR VERY CORE! By the way, I’m 63 years young and I just love being alone.

  • natalie

    nobodies business but their own!!

  • Lelee

    Leave Sandra alone! You can call people of dum now,but how long to your the topic of the week! We are all given the option to be with whom ever we want and forgive whom ever we want. (Trust me)she’s Sandra Bullock if she wanted to go and play evil for evil she could. This woman could choose to be a playa as well, but she doesn’t and there use to be something we had in this country called moral values.(SMH)

  • http://yahoo paul

    shes an idiot if she even considers giving him another chance, i speak from the point of view of the male gender he will cheat again, he’s got money, he’s well known, and women would want to be with him just to get in the tabloids, come on the male sex is very weak when it comes to the oppisite sex, if you do it once you’ll always be looking again, hide it maybe, but in the end it will always blow up in your face, jesse needs to face who he is and thats a player always has been, why else would he be raising kids on his own, HELLO, wake and get some clairity on life and the way things are supposed to work in a marriage, oh i know this is hollywood and things dont work the same well i say that’s crap, if actors and actresses cared more about what it means to be married than, how many people i can sleep with or who can i be with so i look better maybe they wouldnt be dodgeing the camera so much

  • bankerjohn

    I would say go for it, but she ripped Tiger Woods and said that his wife should leave him. Now she is in the same situation and the Heart does what the heart wants. We should all realize that we can not tell someone what they should do when we have not experienced the problem. If you forgive him, then forgive him and move on. Good Luck in your decision.

  • mel

    I say – Hey, Paul, glad to see that you aren’t totally ignorant after all. You have had some kind of formal education, but careful calling others “stupid” & an “idiot” when you don’t know the difference between “your” & “you’re”. Oh, yeah,…..your spelling could use some polishing also.

    As for Sandra Bullock – never met the lady, but she seems like a very fine person. Bet she wouldn’t be so quick to pass judgement on people she doesn’t even know. I wish her peace in her heart & her home.

    Remember,….we all reap what we sow.(TRANSLATION: It could happen to you, all you fools)

    • http://yahoo paul

      hey mel i have been formally educated and you need to learn how to read

  • Jizzm

    Paul, your mom’s face is stupid, and she’s an idiot for raising such a stupid kid. What are you 14 HAAA

    • http://yahoo paul

      who’s the one thats 14 dumbass, talking about someones mom, is that all you got loser

      • http://yahoo paul

        and what the hell is a name like jizzm, thats ceative

  • http://yahoo mike


  • Jude

    Sandra has shown very poor judgment to have gotten involved with Jesse in the first place. No matter what you think of her, she doesn’t deserve what he did to her. Why take back a serial cheater who could have, and probably will again, expose her to AIDS and all sorts of other venereal diseases? He has shown tremendous disrespect, a gift for lying, and a complete disregard for her feelings. He is completely untrustworthy. You call that love? When you cheat as much as he has, it’s a sickness and if there is a cure, it will take many years of commitment to therapy to recover. And what about Jesse’s Nazi affiliations? What a great guy… A relationship can only thrive when trust is present. Where is that going to come from? It’s bad enough for the adults, but the children have been put through too much between their porn star birth mother, Jesse, and this scandal. If Sandra and Jesse do reconcile, they can only be hurt further.


    Why she can not give him a second chance?
    Who are we to judge her decision if indeed she decides to
    have a romatic involvement with him. She loves him and she, him and the kids had a family happy life. He made a mistake, I am sure that he has learned his lesson. She must miss him and miss the “home” their share plus everything else he represented in her life. Let it be. Stops the comments and the insults. There is no need to call either one of them names. The fact that she is a public figure does not give anyone the right to critize what she does. Leave her alone, she is an adult and a human being just like all of us. There are individual differences and we all deal with situations in whatever ways we find them to our benefit. There are many ways she can assure that he does not do it again. He knows now and has learned “what life is without her”. By marrying her he learned the values that he never understood: commitmment, family, stability, and most important of all “unconditional love”. Why he did what he did with the person he did – we will never know, but he learned his lesson. That woman only wanted a minute of fame…so lets all find some other way to spend our time than figuring out her decision. She loves him, she misses him (it would be a lie to say otherwise), you can see her sadness in her face and furthermore in her eyes, so lets be supportive and whatever her decision is let it be. Think what you would like to do if you were in her shoes? I am sure you will not like to read all of the nonsense that all of you write. Please give it a rest. I belief that you only fall in love once. Let it be…I hope they get back together and the relationship becomes stronger than before and that we all approve and support her in the decision if that indeed is the case. Enough of speculation.

  • anonymous

    I totally agree with Sandra giving Jesse another chance. It’s her life it’s her business. They union involved children. Why be a big movie star capable of impacting the lives of strangers in a positive way, but dumping the children in your personal life that you have grown to cherish and love, it doesn’t make sense charity starts at home. From an experienced person. The reason Jesse cheated on Sandra is because he is very much in love with Sandra but he placed her on a pedestal thinking that Sandra was too good for him. It’s that simple.

  • mel

    Paul – Get yourself a dictionary & try to find “oppisite” in it. That should keep you busy for a while.

    Done yet ?? Now, can you find “dodgeing” ?? Think not.

    See, I can read after all !!

  • Donna

    How can you even think of taking him back? one you are NOT stupid and second he will NEVER change if you do then you deserve every thing you get………your choice…when you love someone he is yours alone,come on you are not 16 years old,maybe you like to be hurt…I have said my peace and I wish you the best…we must all learn things on our own…when you wake up it will come to you!

  • Jeff

    I can not believe how stupid Sandra is .Why divorce at all if she is just gonna say hey it is alright “CHEAT ON ME MORE ” i REALLY LIKE IT WHEN YOU CHEAT AND DO NOT WORRY IT IS OK HA HA SO DUMB

  • RuthHouston

    The article below gives some very valid reasons why Sandra Bullock should take Jesse James back and give him a second chance.

    Sandra Bullock Should Take Jesse James Back – 11 Reasons Why at

  • honesty

    He is crawling back to her that means he has a very thick skin.. when you see SB has tatoos all over that is they are already got back together.

  • rose

    every person on earth is not perfect. everyone deservs a second chance. GOD forgives. if sandra and jesse can get back together their love will be stronger. we cant judge people. we are not god and this sandras and jesse own business. let them live their lives. good luck to both of them.

  • rose


  • CheaterHater

    Not surprised to hear rumors of this at all since most people I know are cheating and in unhappy marriages. I like how the new religious society totally supports infidelity now even though their Bibles clearly state that infidelity is the ultimate sin. I guess murdering someone is also forgiven by God too so feel free to do that too. I sure hope there is a God because those who abuse the rules will suffer due to all the suffering they have caused due to their lies, deception, and greed.

  • DEB

    I am not judging her but boy I wish she would stop and think about the entire picture.Remember one of his girl friends said jesse was wel lendowed guess Sandra likes him ……it is sad how they act like the little girls mom is not any good because sher is a porno woman but hey Jesse likes the porno women ?????/.I do not like anything at al lto od with porno but how the ex is any worse than Jesse is questionable. Also lot of people divorce and maintain a cordial relationship for the kids but do not reconsile for that purpose .Was Jesse thinking of the kids and Sandra when he was bedding these other ????

  • DBoy

    If Sandra takes Jesse back, this PROVES that women love the worst men out there, then complain to the nice guys about how men suck, all while choosing to be mistreated when they all have options. This would give so much credibility to the fact that women simply love drama, assholes, and misery. This woman has a choice. She’s already adopted the Hollywood black baby, now she may reconcile with the laughable, part-time Natzi? C’mon, women. This oughta set back your movement a few clicks, huh? America’s sweetheart? LOL!!!!! Yeah, right.

  • joy

    The “man” is a billboard for STDs and HIV and what a great “dad” he is and a real catch….yeah, good luck with what you catch from daddy…

  • whomever

    Yeah, well just how perfect have your love lives been? I suppose you are all married and happily, or you have not ever given a cheater in your lives another chance? I don’t believe taking Jesse back would be something to disrepect Sandra for, it’s her life and her feelings for family and just how do you know that Jesse is not serious and if he were to do it again then I guess Sandra would again know how to deal with her life. You all need to get a life of you OWN and leave Sandras to Sandra.

  • http://showbizspy rockrgrl

    I pretty much have to agree with ‘whomever’. It’s Sandra’s business. I personally couldn’t take someone back because a relationship’s corner-stone (I believe) is trust and now that is broken. Let’s face it, all us ‘civilians’ get is tabloid crap. Nobody really knows what’s up. I hope, for her sake, that one day in the not too distant future, her life is just as fantastic as she is at her craft. Wishing you peace and contentment Sandy.

  • Susan

    Those of YOU that have Never made a mistake in your Life..Please stand up! It is their Life… and their Business “people purfect”…I will always respect her for being the nice person she is…. and very talented to boot! Who in the hell gives You the right to judge her personal life.. It’s her heart and feelings…Not Yours!!.Get on with your own life. Do your own judging on Your mistakes..Let’s hope you not as harsh on yourself as you are with Sandra and Jesse….. learn from mistakes and Move ON.!!….Live and Let live People!!!!!!!!

  • iveseenitall

    Masterful JJ!

  • http://yahoo 1957roe

    sandra is the only one to make that decision. i think jesse really loves her. people make mistakes. i hope it works for them. good luck