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Lindsay Lohan Making Money From Behind Bars!

Posted by Adam

Lindsay LohanLINDSAY Lohan‘s career is on the mend!

Sources say the actress is making money again — and it’s all thanks to her stint in jail!

Lindsay — who was sentenced to 90 days incarceration for breaching the terms of probation set for her 2007 driving under the influence (DUI) conviction — managed to finalize TV and news deals the night before she checked into prison.

“On Monday night, the night before she had to report to jail to serve her sentence, she tied up all loose ends and signed contracts for exclusive television and print stories,” a source told Fox News.

“She’ll be doing major television sit downs after she finishes all of her sentence. Lindsay is going to tell everything about her experience in jail, she will open up about her entire life.”

The source adds that Lindsay’s mom Dina “was a part of the team that brokered all the deals. They made phone calls, and set up the interviews within three days.

“They wanted to get it all done before she was remanded to Lynwood and they did. It is a small solace to Lindsay while in jail that at least she can continue to make money in some way.”


  • mel

    Anything for a buck, right Dina? It’s easy to see why the kid is so screwed up!

  • http://showbizspy cc

    She does drugs and how does she get money from behind the bars!?!?!? it’s weird and i hate her so much

  • Romantic Novels

    looks like there’s no rule for her.