Saturday, July 24, 2010

Angelina JolieANGELINA Jolie is “very goofy”

The actress — who raises six children with partner Brad Pitt — is famed for her action skills in movies including Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Mr. and Mrs. Smith and her humanitarian work but admits that she is not as serious as people think.

“Personally I think I’m very goofy. I probably laugh more than people imagine,” she said. “But I don’t think I’d be very good in a comedy, I might be better as a straight man.”

However the actress is not planning to swap action roles for comedy any time soon, admitting that loves doing stunts.

When asked if Brad gets worried about her daredevil stunts she explained, “He’s not fearful at all. We met doing stunts together and he knows I could do pretty much anything I decide to.

“He’ll ask me to double check my harness or not to get sloppy on the roof, but we both are very, very responsible”.


  • Monique

    i’ve seen interviews of her where she giggled like a high school girl. i guess that was what brad meant when he said that there is a different angie other than the one presented as a femme fatale by these tabloids. she seem a happy person after having the kids. so to those who keep on yapping about her past, shouldn’t you move on already?

    • anonymous

      =D agree! =)

  • jilly

    I think she has more that a couple of personalities! Some evil, some total bitch and some as a stupid teen ager who tatoos her boyfriends name on her and carries blood around.

    • darlene

      bitches are damn losers like you jilly who just bang on your keyboard and let loose a handful of angry words at someone so successful and beautiful that you are dying from jealousy inside.

    • anonymous

      wow! Wasn’t that the time when Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie are a couple? They were gone 7 years ago. That was so outdated Jilly. Ever heard of Lindsay Lohan totally breaking down? Maybe you also missed all the stuff going on with Britney Spears for the past seven years. She’s better now! As for LiLo, well, she’s still not okay, just to let you know.

      oh and it’s 2010 now…Angelina is not carrying Brad’s blood in a vial around her neck.

  • Brittany

    well, hate her more cause brad has done something which he never did to that bitch ex-wife, he had angie’s bday tatooed on his body. now you can see who brad loves. def not that stupid old woman acting like a teenager in her stupid movies.

  • Jill

    love brad ang angie!!!! showbiz power-couple and good humanitarians — goodluck and best wishes

  • jilly

    You are all bitch lovers, have fun!!!

    • Gwen

      the only bitch here is you jilly, and no, we don’t love ugly bitches like you. go to your idol’s pages – but be ready to be bored to death. she’s plain stupid and she’s just lifeless to me.