Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chelsea ClintonCHELSEA Clinton is secretly undergoing prenuptial counseling — according to a new report.

American tabloid the National Enquirer claims Chelsea’s mom, Hilary Clinton, urged her to get help as she starts to freak out about her upcoming wedding to fiance Marc Mezvinsky.

“Chelsea’s a nervous wreck as her wedding approaches,” a source said. “She’s terrified that she’ll disgrace herself and her family by turning into a ‘runaway bride’ at the last minute.

“Chelsea never wanted a royal-style wedding with hundreds of guests, but her parents insisted, and she gave in. Now she’s scared to death she’s going to freak out.

“Chelsea ha told her mom that she feels she’s worked through the worst of her prewedding panic, but she still jokes that her father may have to carry her down the aisle.”

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  • claire

    The wedding should be about Chelsea and not her parents, why is it when you have such a huge important day your parents feel it has to be a huge wedding and you have to invite people who you do not know as well as relatives that you have not seen for years. It should be about two people only.

    • hi

      Totally agree,this woman is in her 30′s and her parents are telling her what to do,what a shame!They are dictators.

  • http://None Judi

    She should have just eloped if she didn’t want all this publicity, but Claire is right about it being a special day for only 2 people and it is certainly not the parents. I am sure that Chelsea is used to all this type of commotions already and will be just fine when she takes this big step into a life-time commitment.

  • Ana C.

    I think Chelsea is on the right track, recognizing that there might be some issues that she can’t handle is a good sign that she’ll be a wonderful and strong wife. If she is indeed seeking for help (prenuptial counseling)I only hope hat it works out well, and Chelsea is a clever girl… She’ll be all set on her wedding day!

    • Kitty Hogan

      Clever girls don’t marry the sons of an ex con

      • Elizabeth

        Kitty – I completely agree!

      • Mrs. D.

        I completely DISAGREE! She’s marrying the SON, not the ex-CON. Children can’t be held responsible for the actions of their parents.

  • TheBride

    This story is complete bunk.

  • Danielle

    This article is completely ridiculous. I mean…COME ON, they didn’t even spell Hillary Clinton right.

    And as well all know…the National Enquirer is a beacon of journalistic integrity.

    I’m sure Chelsea is doing great and looking forward to her wedding. So I suppose the National Enquirer got a bit bored and needed to completely fabricate a juicy piece of drama.


    • Kitty Hogan

      National Enquirer was spot on with the John Edwards debacle

  • vivian

    o situuatie normala care se poate transforma in cevea ireal … nuntile aduc fericire dar si griji ..este necesara stapanirea situatiei si mult , mult optimism privitor la viitor..mult noroc …

  • Marilyn

    $2million for a wedding? Come on – nothing like slapping it in the face of those without jobs. The Clinton’s are all nuts.

    • Katie

      Marilyn-I can see how they spend 2 million dollars on the wedding.I heard about it on the news last night.Her wedding down will be designer made from scratch($10,000+),sit down dinner probably 200+ guest($30+ a plate),a expensive bottle of wine for all the guest($200-$300+ a bottle),wedding cake by the best in NY($200+),limo service,security,diamonds jewelery(the best there is) to do with gown,the shoes to go with the gown,and various other things.That doesn’t even include the honeymoon adn I am sure they aren’t going to the local Ritz Carlton for that either.So you can see how its going to cost alot of money.

    • Ken

      Marilyn, They can afford it. Bill and Hillary Clinton each gets paid 15 MILLION $ a year from a Dubai Investment firm. I wonder what they do to get paid.

  • CTHILLARY’s Minion

    Why shouldn’t such things be taken from you in the name of the Common Good?

  • Chris

    Come on. They are going to send off their daughter into a new life with no concern about the cost, only the best on her wedding day. Chelsea is going to be fine. She by now is use to all of this publicity. She has been around it all of her life. Are they concerned about the people out that without jobs and are about to lose their homes? No, certainly not!!!!!! They don’t care what the people think. They are like all politicians that are completely “out of touch” with the American people, completely. They don’t care!!!!!!

  • Susan

    I’m sure she’s going to pull off a beautiful wedding, I predicted it would be a real big deal many weeks ago!

    I took a guess on her pick of the wedding I’m waiting to see if I guessed it right :) Check out the wedding story I wrote.

    • Katie

      Susan-What I want to know is why are they making a big deal of this wedding and they didn’t when George Bushes daughter got married.I think it was because George Bushes daughter got married on their ranch in Texas.One of my friends says the reason why it wasn’t made such a big deal of because no one cared that George Bushes daughter got married.What is your opinion on it?

      • Elizabeth

        Jenna and Henry had the kind of wedding they wanted.

      • Kitty Hogan

        Jenna Bush is a pretty pretty girl with parents who love each other…the Clintons over the top flashy wedding is truly sad…………and, no money can make Chelsea pretty.

  • Eric

    Who gives a crap?

    • mmc

      You are so nasty and should be ashamed of your comments.Maybe she’s not a great beauty, but I think she’s attractive in a real way.I’m so sick of looking at all celebrities with phony hair, phony breasts, phony faces and phony teeth.She will look lovely and you have to zip it.

  • http://yahoo TruAmer

    Poor Chelsea…She is SOOOO unattractive! I doubt being dressed in her finest (on her wedding day) will make her look beautiful in the least! She really should do something about those kernels of corn that masquerade as her teeth!

    • Buck

      I’m not a democrat or liberal- quite the opposite, but you are a piece of excrement. Get a life.
      The lady has always handled herself with class- unlike your ignorant self. I disagree with the Clintons in all matters political, but it appears they did well in raising Chelsea. She is simply attractive.

      • Kitty Hogan

        Too bad you never saw the photos of her in the Brit press when she went to school there

      • Elizabeth

        She is marrying the son of an ex-con. That does not speak to how well they raised her.

  • http://Yahoo Alexa-MN

    Chelsea: Don’t listen to the immature, superficial idiots who are making fun of your looks, or, your Parents. It’s YOUR day. ENJOY. Be happy. Have FUN! Congrats, to you and Marc. I wish you the best, a lifetime of love and happiness.

  • Mickey Z

    Is it true Ms Lewinski is on the guest list?

    • carol h.

      Your an idiot.

  • http://showbizspy darcy

    she should suck it up and enjoy herself. she’s getting the best wedding she could ever dream of. if you don’t want it then elope to vegas you whimp.

  • Mickey Z

    I heard that during the cutting of the cake, INS is gonna round-up all the illegals in the kitchen….

  • Seanie D

    Hilary is oviously butting into Chelsea’s life way too much.

  • Literari

    Can you publish a more poorly written, ill-informed POS? Grammar, spellling, and facts are just not there. Here’s a hint: it’s Hillary. Double l.

    • RAMI D


  • Elizabeth

    If the story is true about a meltdown, maybe she is finally getting some common sense and realizes what kind of family she is marrying into – CONVICTED FELON for a father-in-law. That would be enough to scare me into a meltdown. The family is friends of the Clintons. It just proves more about what we already knew about the Clintons and their values.

    • Patricia

      If your daughter were getting married, they would put her picture in the paper. It is their only daughter. She cannot help the looks she has. She cannot help the sins
      of her father, let alone his father. Every girl wants a
      nice wedding. This is the Clinton’s only child. They want her to have the best. Chelsea does not deserve the
      rude remarks, and I am sure you would not be pleased, but hurt and offended with a comment like yours. Please think these things, but don’t print them on the World Wide Web. That makes YOU look UGLY!!

      • terra

        I totally agree with you. Chelsea has been a good girl, a good daughter and a good citizen. She deserves what every woman dreams of: a beautiful wedding, a loving husband, and a supportive family.

  • carl Thompson

    That Chelsea is one ugly beast.

    • ameljjj

      I have a feeling that You should look in the mirror and see how ugly you are. Chelsea isn’t gorgeous, but she’s a very attractive young woman with a lot of class.

    • terra

      YOU ARE SAD!!!!

  • JohnQPublic

    Isn’t it great that two career “public servants” are super-rich and can pay $2 million for a wedding?

    Warms my heart that they dedicated their lives to public service and self sacrifice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    What THIEVES!

    • Elizabeth

      Totally agree!

  • paul

    Grow up! Your a what, 30 something, who dosnt have to worry about paying for this circus. Give me a break. You parents will shake down some fund raisers to pay for this, and you’ll reap the rewards.

    People don’t have jobs, they are the one’s who need consuling! I’m sick about hearing how tough people like you have it, spnd some time in the real world to se what it’s like you narrcisitic baby.

  • Murgatroyd

    I’m having a meltdown just reading all this twaddle about that wedding. Imagine the meltdown we’ll all have when she gets divorced!

  • gfc

    The National Inquirer is desparately trying to sell one more copy of their trash tabloid.

  • myrtha and boo

    Hillary only has one daughter and ito love and it is her given-right to see her daughter celebrate this occasion with the people she loves and appreciates her. This ceremony will not dictate the course of the rest of her life. Instead, it will serve as a symbol of the sharing of her heat with this man she has chosen as her second-self, her soul-mate and companion. Let her be, let her shine, we have bigger concerns.



  • RB

    She is gross

  • Shihan

    Chelsia is too cute to be true. I can’t blame her

  • http://yahoo Lesa Buckley

    Don’t believe the article and pray tell why is it that Oprah is invited to all the political sorries? Big deal…

    • terra

      Because she is the most powerful sister in the world but, it ain’t about Oprah!

  • http://yahoo listen&learn

    I really don’t care about the chelsea wedding she’s no different than any other bride whose father cheated on her mother.

  • http://martsnews Marty

    You idiots leave that poor girl alone always talking Sh*t about people. its her wedding. how about this novel ideal wish her well and stop all the hating. every woman get nervous before her wedding. some of are wives same bit*hy thru out the marriage and her dumb ass is not posted on every newspaper in America, maybe it should than newspapers like your will stop posting stuff like this…………..God bless you Chelsea and the Clintons and who ever your marrying

  • http://yahoo linda nuss

    with your dad by your side u will make it down the isle. you have grown into a beautiful women and u will be a beautiful bride. enjoy your day and ignore the tabloids. hope to see some picture, since we watched u grow up. congragualtions.

    • terra

      I want to see some pictures too. She has done well and endured so much. I would like to share in her happiness on her most joyous day.

  • jw

    Lots of couples get pre-marital counseling. It doesn’t mean she’s “freaking out” And if she is, it’s because of media manaics who won’t leave her alone!

    • Elizabeth

      Or it’s because her future father-in-law is an ex-con and it is finally sinking in.

  • Steve Holiday

    she is a ugly girl. she should be glad someone wants her

    • Kitty Hogan

      she’s an only child and her parents have made a fortune off of being public servants

      • terra

        Let’s be real, the Clinton made millions off of private investments not from public service. I like the Clintons and all, but I can not cop to that assessment.

  • J.W. Procopio

    Dont frett too much. Kid.
    Everyone’s in your corner.
    You’ll be fine.

  • http://Yahoo Harriet Meaders

    Why is everybody criticizing Chelseas looks? Are you all so perfectly beautiful and handsome? The ones making those horrid comments are probably grossly overweight and disguisting like most of the people out there today. I think Chelsea has turned into a lovely, intelligent woman and as far as the grooms family, do not judge him by what has been said about his family. He looks just fine to me, and, the Clintons will have a Jewish son in law which in my eyes is a Mitzvah.(blessing). And stop bad mouthing Bill. He was a GREAT President. We had prosperity, jobs, and were not in the red, owing every country money. So, he was promiscuous. So was Kennedy, (the biggest whore monger family of all) and so was FDR and Wilson, and on, and on. And so are our movie stars and sports heros. So LEAVE THE CLINTONS ALONE. Hillary is a wonderful, brilliant, strong woman. She should have been President, and we all know it. Have a happy life, Clinton family

    • ameljjj

      It seems you’re a little anti-Semetic. And also maybe jealous.

    • ameljjj

      Oops! I meant to add this to the comment BELOW this one. Sorry. I agree with and love your comment!!!

    • terra

      We have the president we are suppose to have but, you are right. Hillary is strong because I would have sent Ray Ray or Poochie from around the way to handle Monica!

  • http://showbixspy Honesta

    I would be scared to death also. What if they look in the mirror?? They should share yarmulkas to cover their jewish heads and faces. His dad is a convicted felon. Her’s is a lying womanizer. Mazel tov.

    • ameljjj

      It seems you’re a little anti-Semetic. And also maybe jealous.

  • mmc

    I wonder why we put ourselves through all the stress and aggravation to have a wedding that everyone will ooh and aah over.While i love to see a beautiful wedding it can be simple and understated and not so complicated that we can really enjoy ourselves and enjoy our guests.It should be what the bride and groom really want , not what the parents want.And a wedding with too many people becomes an event not a party.Do what you want Chelsea….it belongs to you and your groom!!!!

  • jean sulli

    As a true Independent (as opposed to a Dem or Rep) I am happy for Chelsea Clinton. She is getting married! She has found her life partner. Pretty scarey and foreign idea to someone like myself that’s never been married. I may be a little envious (but this envy would be spread amongst all blushing brides not just chelsea).I hope she and her husband are blissfully happy and contented and all that good stuff. Seriously, happy people make for a happy world….duh!

  • SweetNikki

    She is NasTy Looking… What did the clintons feed her growing up ? ne ways just came across this really funny site has n e one ever been on it before ? HyStEriCaL!!

    • Katie

      Obviously she was found someone who thinks she is cute,a guy by the name of Marc.All that matters is he likes her and is going to marry her.

    • ameljjj

      I have a feeling that You should look in the mirror and see how ugly you are. Chelsea isn’t gorgeous, but she’s a very attractive young woman with a lot of class.

  • Jay

    Stay single Chelsea, it’s your only path to real happiness!

  • Bill

    Who really cares about this stuff. The Clintons are really good at grapping the attention aren’t they. With all the crap going on in this world, who freaking cares about little miss Chelsea. Hey Chelsea, if this is the right person for your life, then just run off, away from the spotlight. That is if this is really what you really want…

  • Italian10

    Why is it that Chelsea is getting cold feet ? Forever is a long time kid. Do the right thing & marry the guy…he has a good job…so you will not have anything to worry about like the rest of us.

    Millions of people get married everyday. Find me a rich guy & I will marry him tomorrow

  • prettyItalian1010

    Why is it that Chelsea is getting cold feet ? Forever is a long time kid. Do the right thing & marry the guy…he has a good job…so you will not have anything to worry about like the rest of us.

    Millions of people get married everyday. Find me a rich guy & I will marry him tomorrow

  • eric

    Does ANYONE believe this bogus story? Chelsea Clinton is the calmest, most together woman on the planet. This story is so phony it stinks to the moon and back again.

    Someone should sue you idiots.

  • shithead

    you all belong on my website

  • Jean

    Why do any of you care? This is just another example of things in the news that have nothing to do with anything. She gets married, she doesn’t get married; it has nothing to do with my life or the lives of most of the people in the world.

  • john

    I bet Chelsea’s Pre Nup is a doozie. Odds are it was prepared with tax payers dollars.

  • killerklown

    lets see a crotch shot!

  • emeka


  • jtn

    The National Enquirer………can you cite the NE and call it a credible article

  • cathy

    Like most of this gossip that masquerades as journalism, this is really none of our business. I doubt most of us would stand up well to the scrutiny that so called public figures endure. Let’s get on with our own lives and let the Clintons get on with theirs, shall we?

  • constance

    My lady Chelsea congrats. And I pronounce God’s richest blessings upon you and family, please continue to let me proud of you, you are my lady and you deserve happiness. To yours “he that finds a wife finds a good thing”. May God’s anointing be upon your lives.

  • Miss MoneyPenny

    Go Chelsea, you can do it.

  • Jane

    jim is obviously an unhappy, mean person. Why else would he say such unkind things about Chelsea? Haven’t you ever heard the old adage, if you cant say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

  • Bill

    REALLY??? REALLY???, this is all us dumb American’s are concerned about…. REALLY??? I usually do not waste the time posting, but this just flat *&%(^$ me off. When in the H*^ll are the good people in the US going to wake up??? We have crisis all around us, and all they seem fixated about is this. Thousands of people get married every day around the world. If this wasn’t another typical “The Clintons” atttempt to promote their narcissistic ways, then I don’t know what is. Hey Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, we really don’t care, OK. Your parents are the ones who need the counsuling, you are just a product of their environment, This is what is really the sadest statment of all. When you put garbage in, you get garbage out. But in Chelsea case she is not garbage, but just someone who is the product of some seriously screwed up parents…. If this was any one else, do you think we would give a S*%(*?

  • Sherry

    Get a life everyone. Love makes everyone beautiful. Love makes everyone feel beautiful. We are not all hollywood 10′s. We do however, love. And there is nothing better than that. Get real.

  • http://wrt.tri-star/ jenell nagayo

    well, if i were the man/groom marry chelsea, i am the luckiest man/groom in the whole world. .

    yuki nagoya nano/jenell c. nagayo
    international citizenship/national citizenship

  • KM

    Does anyone seriously believe Chelsea is reading this crap? Come on!! Get a life people. Chelsea looks 1,000 percent better than she did as a preteen when her dad got elected president. Man, she was a homely girl then…..and her parents did not do her any favors, dressing her up in such hideous clothes and that kinky, fuzzy, long hair with the braces. I do not know what Hilary was thinking….ahhh let’s see….she wasn’t thinking of her daughter at all………its all about Hilary. Nothing has changed there. At least Chelsea does not seem to be tramatized by the way she looked back then.

  • DJ Marino

    Chelsea is a good reason why they do not let cousins marry,
    $3 MILLION for a wedding, where do YOU think they GOT the MONEY….
    They stole it from the taxpayers while in Office! Duh!

    • Katie

      DJMarino-Nobody that works in government is honest.They cheat one way of another.I think that the only president we have ever had that has been close to being an honest president is Jimmy Carter according to my parents since he was before my time.Some government people are just better at hiding it then other.If you looked very deep into all the people who have ever ran or got elected president you could probably find something that would probably keep them from getting elected if it had ever came to the surface and been prooven true.

  • Catherine

    I am happy for Chelsea. She has grown up to be a very beautiful person. I too have watched her grow up to be an amazing young lady. For all the haters out there, who cares? She certainly doesn’t, for she know they exist. So keep the jeolousy going, for you are the only one who feels it; she certainly doesn’t. :-)