Monday, July 26, 2010

Helen MirrenHELEN Mirren has joked she’s a “man in disguise” — because she can’t stand romantic comedies and she hates talking about her feelings!

The Oscar-winning British beauty says her new movie Love Ranch — in which she plays a brothel boss — is “about as romantic as I can handle.”

“I don’t really like romantic movies very much and I hate talking about feelings, so I’m definitely a man in disguise,” she told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper.

“I don’t even really like seeing people kiss in movies. This movie is about as romantic as I can handle.”

Helen, 64, recently revealed she loves her naked photos for Love Ranch because they’re so natural.

“I like the photos because I thought they were naked in the proper sense of the word naked,” she said.

“I’ve got very little make-up on. There’s no elaborate lighting. He just used a flash. And it’s simple and it’s real. I think that was the intention of the photographs.”

And Helen is adamant the nude shots were never supposed to be interpreted as sexy.

“They weren’t intended remotely to be sexy, I think sex and nudity are really two different things, you see, but then I’m a bit weird like that. Sometimes nudity is sexy,” she said.

“Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes being clothed is more sexy than being nude. I think people tend to get the two mixed up.”

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  • woobzie

    she was a babe when she was young. there are some nice nude pics of her at http://wowurl.com/11bma

  • john french

    I can’t understand why Hellen who has the world at her feet would decide to go top less in her rothel appearance.
    It is a shame that even she feels deficient otherwise!

  • http://www.thekingoftv.com Jim

    John, she doesn’t appear to feel deficient, that’s something you are projecting on to her. She made a choice as an actress, in a craft she likes, that’s it.