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Ashton Kutcher: ‘Demi Moore’s Mind is Her Best Feature’

Posted by Adam

Ashton KutcherASHTON Kutcher doesn’t care about Demi Moore‘s fabulous figure!

The 32-year-old actor — who married the 47-year-old mother of three back in 2005 — says his wife’s best feature is her mind.

“The best part is her mind,” says Ashton. “She has a brilliant mind. Or maybe her heart because of the way she cares about people so much.

“Her worst part is probably her eye — for the way she looks at things.

“Sometimes she will look at things that are imperfect and want to make them perfect.”

Kutcher has previously admitted he was a womanizer before he met Moore.

“We met through a mutual friend. She thought I was a douche bag. I had just gotten out of the shower and walked in the room with no shirt on,” he said earlier this year.

“I was out of control with women. I was very abusive with women… but like every girl they always think that, ‘I will be the one to change him.’ I seduced women. That was my move. I was a womanizer. I wasn’t marriage material. I had to prove to her that I was serious. I hung in there telling myself this is the woman I want to be with.”

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  • Becky

    If he was a a womanizer back then well he probably did cheat on Demi. Old habits are hard to break.Just saying