Tom Cruise: ‘Suri Can Wear What She Likes’

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tom CruiseTOM Cruise insists it isn’t an issue that his adorable daughter Suri likes grown-up clothes — because the tot should be able to wear “whatever she wants”.

The Knight and Day star — who raises the little girl with his actress wife Katie Holmes — says he likes to encourage the four-year-old’s “self-expression” through fashion.

“In Spain, they wear the high-heeled flamenco dance shoes form birth,” he said. “Listen, I believe that she should wear whatever she wants to wear.

“She dresses herself. I want to encourage her creativity and her own self-expression. I think that’s important for the child’s own identity.

“It’s something that I have had to do with Bella and Connor and now Suri. It is what it is and they’re just going to create what they’re going to create.

“I just try to give them as much safety and as much room to find their dreams and to express themselves. I’m like, if they wanna wear it, they’re gonna wear what they wanna wear.”

Reports earlier this month claimed Cruise and Holmes have enrolled Suri in singing and dancing lessons to help her prepare for life as a performer.

“They are giving her singing, dancing and acting classes to help prepare her,” said one source.

“Tom is a real stage father, making sure Suri puts expression into her lines when she puts on her little shows, and he encourages her when she does a good job.

“Suri is showing talent already. She loves to put on shows for the whole family, asking her big sister, Isabella, to help her make ‘tickets’.

“She’s always asking Katie to book tickets for Broadway musicals so she can watch other performers sing and dance.

“Tom and Katie aren’t afraid of Suri becoming a child actor — even with all of its pitfalls — because they feel she’ll be fine with their firm guidance.”