Zac Efron Won’t Let The Media Spotlight Ruin His Life

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zac EfronZAC Efron is determined to live his life how he pleases — even when he knows he could be photographed at anytime!

The actor — who’s currently dating his High School Musical costar Vanessa Hudgens – refuses to let the paparazzi get in the way of him doing what he wants to do.

“I mean, I’ll say that it goes through my mind a lot,” he said. “You just have to know that if you’re in a place that isn’t private property — if you’re in anywhere public — more often than not, there’s going to be someone there.

“If you’re even anywhere where there’s people nowadays…people are so integrated with their [mobile phone] cameras. It’s like The Matrix.”

“It’s not the worst thing in the world,” Zac adds of his shirtless beach photo being so popular. “And you know, aside from that, I had this amazing trip with my brother. He’s just graduated from school, and I haven’t been able to connect with him as much as I’ve wanted to since I’ve been away filming and going on trips…We lived it up, and it was really fun.”


  • kyle

    i couldn’t agree more. Don’t let the paps ruin your life – just simply ignore them and do whatever makes you happy.