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Bruce Willis: ‘There’s Going to be Another Die Hard’

Posted by Adam

Bruce WillisBRUCE Willis is planning to make another Die Hard movie.

The actor — who was rumored to be retiring from the film franchise after the fourth movie — has declared himself fit and ready for a fifth action-packed adventure.

“There is going to be another Die Hard,” says Bruce, who first played hero John McClane 22 years ago.

“I haven’t seen the script yet but I hear it’s imminent. I’m excited about it.”

Bruce recently admitted he was “excited” to work with Richard Dreyfus on new movie Red.

“Every day was fun on this movie because a different movie star came to play,”he said. “We had Helen Mirren one week then Morgan Freeman the next.

“But the biggest deal was Richard Dreyfus. We were all so excited. It was like, ‘It’s Jaws man, we’re working with Jaws!’”


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  • Tribulus

    I think another Die Hard is fine but I hope the Final destination films are done with. The first one was good but thats it

  • Rift

    He is my idols, i like all his movies. You should not miss too…

  • Glitzerschrift

    I’m a big fan of Bruce. I won’t miss is ;-)
    This will be a good one with all those other actors.

  • aidiel

    i love his movies die hard series

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  • George

    I can’t wait to see this new Die-Hard movie. I’m a great fan of Bruce Willis… Really like his style…

  • green dress

    I love Bruce Willis, and his movies! Bring on another die hard! Yeah!

  • Mark

    I am actually happy to hear that seeing as I was a fan of the previous movies. Wonder if they will use a stunt double seeing as he old now

  • brett

    big bruce willis fan,, when will the next die hard/any films he is in be released? cannot wait!! great actor.

  • Mike

    Bruce Willis should never retire anyway. He definitely has the knack for shinning in any action packed movie…

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    Its is great to see that Bruce Willis is excited about his next movie, so are we and it looks like he will have some great company.

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