Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sandra BullockSANDRA Bullock is desperate to keep her reconciliation with Jesse James private — so it doesn’t affect her multi-million dollar career, insiders say

The Oscar-winning actress recently divorced Jesse after he cheated on her with a string of different women.

“Sandra’s caught between a rock and a hard place,” a source told America’s Life & Style magazine.

“She wants her family back, but after everything Jesse did to her she knows it will look terrible if she officially reconciles with him.

“It’s going to take some time. She’s very worried about what people will think if she takes Jesse back too fast. So she’s keeping it all about the children. That’s her excuse to see him.”

Sources recently revealed how Sandra’s heart is “open” to Jesse again.

“Her heart is open to him again,” blabbed one insider.

“Jesse and Sandra are talking — with the excuse that it’s for the sake of the children only.

“Sandra will never fully get over the way Jesse betrayed her.

“But he did give her the family she’s always wanted. And because of that, she’s able to forgive him.”[imagebrowser id=194]



  • Amy

    If she wants to take him back thats her business and everyone should stay the hell out of it. Its her life, and who is everyone else to tell her what she should do.

    • kristi

      I completely agree with you, it is none of anyones business but hers and jesses

      • VegasGirl66

        I think she should do whatever makes her happy. If she decides to forgive him, who are we to judge? Sandra Bullock is an amazing actress and I will always be a fan. Be happy and be blessed!

      • David S

        We have to face facts here, as much as we all love Ms. Bullock, and think of her as the girl next door, the bottom line is she is a oublic figure and what goes on her life does become an issue, especially among gossip mongers and bloggers.

        Jesse James is a scum bag and a male whore that is lower than pond scum. If Ms. bullock wants to set up a parenting plan to see the kids that is fine; but to get together with that a-hole would definitely put a slight damper on her carreer

    • greggw

      there are some nude pics of sandra at

      • barbara

        This person is on every website trying to trick you into going to a site that will give you a virus-

    • http://yahoo TJ

      I totally agree, what she does with her personnal life is her business, she is such a good actress that this should not affect her career. I love all the movies she is in and will continue to do so.

    • laura

      Amy, your comments are spot-on. This is all her private life and should not affect her career.

    • LJC

      Amy you are soooooooooo right. Everyone needs to leave these people alone.

    • sandra

      i like sandra. she is a great actress, but she doesn’t need someone like jesse. one thing i learn if you leave don’t look back. children can not save a marriage. when someone like that cheat on a person like sandra, not only once he will do it again. to me if she take him back she only showing that she has low self esteem. just look at the type of women he chose to be with. someone way below her class. if those the type of women he want let him have them. i telling you he only going to look down on her and say if she is that weak he will try it again.

  • Helen

    I love Sandy Bullock as an actress. She is great at her craft. She is lovable, funny, beautiful, sweet, the girl next door everyone wants to live next to. But I have to ask, are you out of your everloving mind!?! You are not seriously thinking of taking the snail back! Take it from someone who has been down that road, the expression “once a cheater, always a cheater,” applies in every single case. Every one. If you ARE considering reconciling, just live together. But don’t marry that scumbag again. You will go through the same thing as before. I can understand doing it for the children, but Sandy, you did not give birth to these children. What are you thinking? If you are serious about this, keep everything separate. EVERYTHING. I know all your fans will stand behind you and not let it affect your career. But I ask, as many I hope will also, think before you leap. Don’t let fantasy cloud your judgement. You’re fans love you and do not want to see you get hurt again. So please, reconsider this reconcilation. Get on with your life with baby Luis. Jump start your career. Look ahead, don’t go backward.

    • http://yahoo smokie

      i can not believe you said she did not give birth to them
      just because she did not give birth to them does not mean she love is less she did not gine birth to Lius and she love him i dont think her taking him back will hurt her career

      • stlmom

        Smokie — right on !!

        And HELEN ..wt?? She has been the mother figure to all these kids.. I would think less of her if she would have packed up & left these kids (the little girl the most) .. She has to be the adult & when relationships break up the children should not have to suffer more than can be helped.. She is their MOM & it should stay that way!!

      • stlmom

        BTW… giving birth has little to do with being a parent!!

      • miri53

        I love my 3 stepkids like they were my own and the younger two thought I was their mom for a long time because their mother did not come see them when they were little. Take it from me, you can love an adopted child, a foster child, and a stepchild, as much as a biological child. Love doesn’t have limits.

      • Merri B

        Smokie – ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Sandra did not give birth to Sunny either, but I’d bet my largest tax shelter that she loves Sunny at least equally as much, AND she’s a more competent parent. Sunny’s birth mother will never be a fit parent. Well ok, she may at some point be a fit parent – WAAAAY down the road a piece, but will probably never be as fit a parent as Sandra Bullock. Whether or not she gave birth to the child has nothing to do with the depth of her love. I wonder if Helen would make that statement to all of the millions of adoptive parents out there in the world today.

    • laura

      Helen you VAST experience with poor choices still does not make you an expert on relationships. As far as your remarks about her not being a birthmother to one set of kids but to ignore that Luis is indeed adopted is just confusing. You cannot help who you love and you dont need to give birth to a child to love them.

    • Leah

      Helen –
      You have a lot of unresolved anger you are holding on to over your own bad choices in men. Some men, and some women as well do make serious mistakes and come to truly regret them and repent and change.

      And, to through in a comment about the children should be enough to have you step back and ask yourself if all your anger has cause your own heart and emotions to grow cold? Maybe that’s why you keep attracting negative people into your own life.

      Stop blaming “men” and be inspired by Sandra’s example to forgive and heal and move forward. She’s a smart woman, I’m sure she will take the steps she feels she needs to take before trusting Jesse again. But, who she loves and who she wants to be married to are HER business. Let her alone and enjoy her movies I say.



    • Jesse

      Sandra should just do some Porno movies, then she would be able to keep her man!

    • greggw

      she did do some erotic nude scenes early in her career. they can be watched at

  • Emil

    If she gets back with him, it will show she has the same standards he has (and I hate to say this, but she will be seen as trashy). I will certainly lose my interest in her.


    • http://yahoo smokie


  • Hi

    This guy is a racist,don’t take him back because he will make the life of your black child a misery,you can do better than that.Go seek help from a psychologist who can help you deal with the situation so you can move on with your life.

  • Brad

    Maybe Sandra should get a bunch of tattoos and be a whore. Than maybe she could keep Jesse’s interest…He is a typical a$$hole and she is the stereotypical princess looking for her happily ever after; she just chose the wrong prince. Regardless of her personal life I will still see her movies because she is a great actress.

    • Becky

      She is not a whore. You are a real asshole to say that!

  • tom hose

    She is just a slutty whore like the rest of the women that he was with.

    • http://yahoo smokie

      you are a vary big racist towards women and i can not believe you wrote that you are the BIGGEST ASS HOLE jesse could not hold a candle to you after that STUPID remark

      • Anita

        Smokie..I totally agree!! Tom..You are really stupid & so is your ignorant comment!!!

      • Merri B

        Smokie – “Biggest Asshole” does not even begin to describe the esteemed Mr. Hole.

    • laura

      and you sir are an ass with ears. Bray like a donkey elsewhere!

      • green eyes

        I have to say that her decision to reconnect with her idol will be a very bad decision. The violence will increase. The relationship will be one denial on her part. the children may care that she is their to fend off the verbal,emotional, physical violence. The parents will always be with their blood parents. I have heard time and again that it is nice some raised them. But, the parents relationship is will be their blood parents. All the smiles,hugs, nice beds, shelter does not change the need for parents that gave birth to them. I believe she is jewish and if this true, why does anyone think that once you declare your belief in white world and no other human being fits that description that he,his friends are going to change to a mixed world of human beings. History has demonstrated what nazi believers have done and will do.

  • Red Dawn

    first off this is a story in a tabloid, maybe it’s true maybe it’s not but either way …

    why should anyone care if she decides to get back with him or not? she’s not stupid, she knows it might bite her but it’s no one’s business to decide she’s thought of any less or any more based on what she does in her personal life.

    none of you walk in anyone else’s shoes but your own so don’t judge her. worry about your own house, not her’s.

    • http://yahoo smokie

      Dawn, you are so Right I am happy to see that some one else has a brain.

      • leejan

        what about the little boy she adopted? Sandra is willing to expose an innocent to the rantings and beliefs of Jesse who is an avowed nazi follower and has extremist beliefs of those who are not the same as him racially or ethnically.
        WHAT A SHAME! She lost me as a fan.

  • july

    If she were not a public figure there would not be any attention paid to this matter at all! If they love each other and can move past the tabloids trash then they should go for it! The children are better off with two parents that love them and God Bless the family that stays together through thick or thin!

    • Louis

      I have always liked Sandra Bullock but I have some questions How could Sandra Bullock live with a racist like Jesse James and not know it before I also have questions about the black child I think she just did that so people woud not think she shared the same opinion as Jesse James but How could Sandra Bullock not know Jesse James was a racist and the paerwork of the adoption of the black child was supposed to be in process I would love to believe that Please I would like to hear from anyone who can explain that

  • marla

    For all you foul mouthed typeset out there…Go suck on a dead dogs nose! I love you, Sandy. Whatever you decide is up to you, as it should be. Your happiness is all that matters.

  • http://yahoo smokie

    you people are such ass holes it is her like if she wants him back that is ok she does know him better then any of you and if anyone know you CAN NOT TRUST PICTURES THEY PUT OUT i beat each and everyone one of you have some shit in your closet and that you have said or done in a joke that was racist hell leave them alone

  • mansell

    She’s only human. I will Always be a fan of hers no matter what others think of her. Sandra shouldn’t care what other people think, it’s her life. To forgive is devine, to be careful this time is human. Jesse James may be this and that, and can he really change, I doubt it. But at the end of the day, it’s their choice, and really Sandy’s choice. Don’t judge her, there are many factors nobody even is aware of.

  • http://showbizspy Louis


  • Larry

    Sandra, you do what you think is best. We will still love and adore you no matter what. He is an idiot for what he did but that doesn’t change anything because it is you who is most important and your kids.

  • tom hose

    She’s still a WHORE

    • http://yahoo smokie

      and you are STUPID ASS HOLE

      • Merri B

        “STUPID ASS” does not even begin to describe Mr. Hose

  • Rugah

    I agree with Amy. It’s really her choice and her business. It’s cool to have opinions, but people seem to be so obsessed with this woman’s life, it’s like they don’t have one of their own.

    Bottom line is, no one ever knows the whole story but the two of them. We read and see alot and formulate opinions, but the whole essence of their relationship is between the two of them.

    Sandra, I love you as a great actress and wish you the best in whatever decisions you make in your life.

  • Darin

    Well, there you go. Whatever happens now, she fully deserves.

    • Louis

      could not have been said better Everyone will l;ook at Sandra now

  • Jeffrey L Garman

    Sandra Bullock is a very foolish person.If you do not have trust in a relationship you have nothing. Healthy relationships are not built on sex….But built by two committed emotionally stable people. Her ex-husband is total trailer trash. But there is something wrong with her as well. Why is she attracted to a piece of garbage like him.Something is majorly wrong with her. He disingenuously pursues her not because of caring or repentance but because he doesn’t want to lose the meal ticket. She needs to heal and move on…

    • http://yahoo smokie


    • Louis


  • Karin

    She should follow her heart and do what she feels. How awful to have to worry about what everyone else thinks! What he did was despicable, but who are we to judge? It’s between the two of them, not anyone else. She is the one that has to live with whatever decision she has to make.

  • Dody

    Chances of finding a really great, honest, faithful man are very, very small. But we already know this worm is never going to be faithful to anyone. Don’t take him back.

  • laura

    Sometimes couples need more than one try to break up. I assume eventually they will split for good, but will have to do it in their own time. Good luck to them both. I dig her as a person and actress, so it makes no diff to me as far as being a fan.

  • Becky

    She doesn’t deserve anymore grief! She must really love him but she should just try living together//Definitely not marry and def keep everything separate! She is only human!

    • yvonne

      Tina, that saying is sooo true!

  • Tina

    “Forgiveness is the fragrance a flower leaves upon the heel that crushes it.”

  • Doziem

    She should be more concerned about the effect this will have on the children involved. What kind of example is she setting?

    • http://yahoo smokie


    • Louis


  • Frankie

    I’m cheering for Sandra and Jesse. I believe that they should work it out. Back in the day men and women worked it out and stayed with each other. Do you really think that every marriage that went past 30 years went on with out any hardship. Quiting without working on the problems is only a cowards way out, a very easy way. It’s supposed to be for good or bad, health and sickness, till death do us part; not I’m working on my career and there’s no room for era. They should be real as well. Don’t do it for the kids; do it for love. Cause a few years down the road when the kids are bigger and grown what will they say. Kids are grown let’s split. Food for thought.

  • Virgil

    Never really cared about James before, but when it comes to Sandra Bullock, who’s really good enough for her? Public opinion will tear down anyone she’s interested in anyway as not good enough. Hard to find anyone who doesn’t want only the best for her.
    I say, she now knows what he is, was and always will be and what he’s capable of and if she still really wants him then shut up and let them go about their lives.
    And keep your fingers crossed.

  • June

    Sounds like another load of b.s. from the gossip writing trying to make up stuff to print…PLEASE…give us something that is remotely believable.

  • http://yahoo connie

    God bless you Red Dawn. I could not have said it better.

  • Tim

    Sandra married a guy who had a kid with a porno queen. Why is it assumed she has this lily white personal life? Maybe she’s into crazy stuff, and it’s not a big deal to get back with this guy. People get so focused on movie star’s public persona that they think the person is just like that in private.

    If she gets back together with him, it will be better for the kid and that should trump any other scenario/decision she makes.

  • http://gmail mary

    Just remember when kissing jessie,you are kissing 100,1000 ,10000 others. Make sure to wear a condom. Never know where his mouth has been. What ever happened to women with self respect? Jessie needs to get together with tiger woods in the condom business. Donate to the millions of aids orphan’s. Condoms are Us. Jessie and Tiger!

  • http://Yahoo Darianna Mills

    What business is it of anyones if she reunites with Jesse?
    She makes terrific movies which we pay to see. Her private life is her own. We don’t live in her shoes. How ignorant of anyone to presume to have any say in who she chooses to be with! We see Sandra Bullock’s public persona and don’t really have a clue as to who she is in her private life. Leave her alone!

  • be for real

    1st; People who leave the comments who feel that they are speaking directly to Sandra Bullock are funny. Seriously, do you actually think she would read these comment boards? Do you think she would have time?

    2nd; I do like her work, but if – IF – she reconciled, then I believe her career would take a hit. It would show a weakness in her character. People want ‘their’ celebrities to be strong, forthright and human. She would still have devoted fans and followers. The career may be able to eventually overcome, but no doubt it will be affected.

    3rd; If this were my sister, I would give the same free advice – take it for what it is worth being free – I would not recommend reconciling because it was not just one time, it was multiple. That sort of pain is bewildering and never forgotten. It would always be in the back in the mind, which would not be fair in a relationship to either person.

    • gavin p chow

      Just goes to show what morals and self respect she has. After all, the “children” are not hers. She reunites,she can kiss her carear (pun) goodbye.By the way her food in Bess’s Bistro sucks..

  • http://yahoo DeeDee

    Sandra, What God has joined together let no man put under. We all are forgiven by his grace. Don’t worry what the world thinks. What God gives you no man can take it. Your gift is acting. There is only one Sandra Bullock. Stay strong.

    • Hi



    First of all, if Sandra takes this scum back she is sending the wrong message to many young girls and women who look up to her as a role model, that it’s okay for your boyfriend/husband to cheat on you and then take him back.

    Secondly, what kind of message is she sending to baby Louis and Jesse’s kids that it alright your daddy cheated on me with a string of (porno)women and I forgave him, but thank God I didn’t contact AIDS or an STD.

    Thirdly, the woman plain and simple needs help herself. Just because she is a movie star doesn’t exempt her from being a sick person herself, afterall she chose this type of figure.

    YES, it her business and YES, it’s hers for the taking but don’t go crying in public the next time Jesse does it with all of Austin’s hot babes.

    • Jeno

      I’m another Texas Mom and I say well done TEXASMOM. What kind of message does this send to her public? Yes, it is her life but too many stars want the fame and money and forget they are role models. If she takes this trailer trash back, she’s as trashy as he is. She tried to raise him to her level but if she returns..she will sink to his. I have always been a huge fan and she doesn’t need my approval, but if enough people feel this way…she can kiss her “princess” image goodbye.

    • Hi

      Well said.And for the people who are saying oh it’s her business ect,well this website asked us about what we think and we are doing just that.

  • annie

    You know if Sandra wants to go back with Jesse that is her business. It’s her life her personal life so leave the woman alone, and as for ruining her career no it won’t she is one of the best in the movie business and she always will be.

  • Connie

    I think Jesse was sincerely sorry. And I think it took a “real man” to admit his faults, and most importantly, to learn about himself and discover why he did those things.
    I don’t think he is a narcissist like Tiger Woods.
    I hope they do get back together — but not remarry right away. I wish them the best.

  • http://Showbizspy Linda Spalding

    I agree with many of you. It is possible to love any child. It is possible to still be in love with the idea of a family with a certain person. Sandy should check her ideas and feelings with a professional. Wanting a relationship to work for the sake of children has never worked. Most important the facts. 1. Jesse had multiple women over the entire relationship. 2. He did not fight for his children until Sandy fell in love with them and wanted to protect them. 3. He has a history of substance abuse. 4. Fact you can not permenantly change who or what you are. You may be able to stay clean for life, but it is a fight and it is to your benefit to stay so for health reasons alone. 5. Being a one woman man will only benefit him as long as he is still interested in why he wants Sandy back. 6. He has stated he likes sleezy types of women. So why does he want this classy person back? This statement says it will lead him back to cheating. Unless Sandy of course wants to play change herself to keep him. This won’t last either. You have to be who you are, Sandy is not even remotely his type of woman. He does not love and want her for who she is, this will not work a second time.

    I was taught to not judge a book by it’s cover. Sandy is perfect on the inside and out, at least as perfect as any person can be. Jesse is appealing on the outside and a real mess on the inside. I have watched the two of them over the years and I have to state, My great grandmother used to tell me when I was little about my own father, “Leopards do not change their spots”. He will only bring her more pain if she remarries him and feel worse about herself for the failure again. NOT HER FAULT AGAIN.

    If Sandy is intent on getting back with him I believe she should only live with him and keep all the finances divided. This will keep him on his toes and show him how close he is to loosing her permenantly if he messes up again. If he does she can just pack and walk. It will be painful for her to leave the children again, but necessary for her own life not to be used and abused (mentally). I would prefer to see her stand strong, get professional advice and move on with her family’s support and what ever is ahead for her career. Sandy is and has proven who and what she is. No one can harm her career, that has not changed. She is not the cheat.

  • Steve Perry

    What a dumb B Y O T C H.

    And you girls wonder why we cheat on you…because we can get away with it. You girls are so stupid that you always end up taking us back…lol

  • ReeadyGo

    This is simply amazing. People should concentrate more on themselves and less time with their noses in someone elses business.

  • j

    Oh no Sandra will only get her heart broke again. Don’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rambler

    Rose Kennedy: There is a saying—{ time heals all wounds }—I (Rose K.) do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, (protecting it’s sanity), covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But, it is never gone.

    Sandra——this is a Tiger woods deal. Follow your gut.
    Sandra, we, (your fans), will never cheat on you.

    Absence makes the heart grow founder—-with some folks the farther away they are—the better.

    I guess what it comes down to is I don’t want to see you get hurt again.





  • http://NA jabe

    this is complete crap…she divorced him already….goodbye Jesse Jerkwad……Buh-Bye!!!!!!!

  • bellagatta

    Just remember she picked him and she knew his history. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.
    Whatever she does it’s her life. Remember an image and actors is all make believe.

    I would not like her more or less….she can do what she wants.

  • Jules

    His story, her story, real story… give them privacy.
    I LOVE the actress Sandra, and only wish true happiness for her as a woman and the entire family. Sometimes forgiveness is bliss. I totally agree years of marriage bear trials and tribulations. omg get real people.
    The tabloids and press are the assholes. Stay Away !!!!
    You don’t walk in her shoes, nor does she want you to.

  • MIKE

    I’m all about forgiving and all that, but! There are a few things I cant forgive;a) lieing b) CHEATING and c) stealing. I’ts my humble opinion that she shouldn’t go back. An adict can recover, but there’s always a chance of relapse. A gambler can recover but, there’s always a chance for a relapse. A cheater can manipulate a reconsilation, but there is always that urge to test the waters again, to see if it can be gotten away with.
    Sandra, IF you go back, you’re telling your children that a) forgive and forget is noble but also b) that it’s Ok. to break the most sacred trust two persons can share.
    Don’t go back girl, for the sake of the children, don’t go back.

    I for one will not see another movie. No small potatoes, I know. However I’m sure I’m not the only one in the world how feels this way.
    Whatever you choose, good luck.

  • dorris

    Sandy—Leave this loser on the curb with the rest of the trash…you can do so much better…

  • Mike

    If they love each other and they can work it out I think thats great.

  • http://yahoo Jimmy Mac

    She misses the Vanilla Gorilla! She just needs to admit she is a dirty butt and move on.



    • chris

      granny your an idiot. “raised in his own culture”. wtf does that mean? he should be raised poor and unwanted? that child will never be hungry or unclothed. she may never be able to teach him about being black but she sure as hell can teach him about being loved.

  • http://Yahoo virginia mcginty

    Sandra, Jesse loved and adored you and still does. He made a huge mistake but was weak and felt entitled. He knows what a dumbass he was and knows what he has lost. I admire that he is still fighting in the eyes of the world for the woman he loves. At the end of the day isn’t love all about forgiveness. My prayers are with you.

  • chris

    first of all. nobody but jesse’s estranged dad has ever said he was a racist. i truly believe him when he says he is sorry for this. i hope they do get back together because sandra was clearly happiest with him. let them work out their family issues. wish nothing but love and happiness for both of them.

  • http://showbizspy sgtmmf

    i think that it shows she has no respect for herself if she is going to take someone back that cheated on her. how can she ever do another movie because that is how he cheated last time. she is a good person and i love her, but i won’t think of her as a role modle anymore because she is weak and going back to someone who is going to hurt her over and over again if he can get away with cheating and so forth then he’ll get away with it again and again.

  • Jack99

    Bullshit, no one should put up with that shit (man or woman). anyone that thinks otherwise is weak.

    • chris

      to err is human. everyone makes mistakes its how you make up and learn from them. to forgive someone does not make you weak. anger is easy forgiveness is hard.

  • mitzi levi

    jesse james admitted that he realized through theraphy that his childhood sexual abuse had led to alot of his self distructive adult behavior. i believe that this psychological revelation could be the beginning of the marital healing process for jesse and sandra.

  • Linda

    Sandra I am on your side… You love someone so much your learn to forgive never forget.. Please don’t let it be all about the children your happiness comes first… Sandra if your fans are so true to you they will understand and continue to watch your movies.. Go with your heart…

  • Maddie

    Funny, I cant see her with anyone else. I think this was Jesse’s wake up call. No she will never forget what he did, but maybe can forgive. You just cant stop loving someone overnight.

  • The Real Grinch

    Her BEST Movies were- Speed,A Time To Kill,and The Net. What career?

  • http://netflix doc sardonicus

    jesse james rides again…

  • aspasia

    She can do as she wishes privately, but I for one will not be going to see her Nazi sympathizing films ever again.

    And they need to take Louis out of ehr home. That is no place for a Black child: a white supremacist stronghold.

    And Sandy, he is out for your money and mommy duty trust me. You are being used.

  • http://netflix doc sardonicus

    hes never had a nice wife like sandra,hes always been married to or dated porno sluts and strippers.she out of his league………

  • swaps

    This truly shows where her head and heart are at. And she is free to have it there. What does she really love about him? I got it.

  • Doo Wop

    Like my daughter said, “There are two men you don’t marry,
    Charlie Sheen and someone who was married to a porn queen.”

    • bettyjo

      I feel sorry for Sandra and Jesse, if she takes him back that should not hurt her career, what are people thinking.Are these the same people who thought it was okay for Monica Lewinski to be a spoke person for Jenny Craig, what is with hollywood, that damn girl should have been tried for treason, not put on T.V. eating something else. All this racist CRAP, is just a bunch of crap. That baby had won the lottery! What a happy life and blessed life he will have. I love them BIG HEARTED people.

  • jojo

    Who’s business is it anyways, certainly none of our’s. Do you people really think her fans won’t like her? What do we have to do with her private life?? NOTHING! Whatever makes her happy. I think more of her if she does take him back, and people do change I’ve been there done that. It takes time, and time heals all. Get a life people and pay attention to your own. IT’S NOBODY’S BUSINESS WHAT SANDRA AND JESSE DO!!!!! Why don’t you think about something important like the oil spill and what’s going on around the world….get a life!

  • jojo

    Linda, you are so right go with your heart. How do you stop loving someone overnight??? Just be happy, if you love him take him back. Give that 2nd chance……I will always go to your movies, your the best! Hang in there honey, soon this will be long forgotten and everyone will be sticken there noses in someone else’s business!!Sometimes when your the best life can be a beyotch, it will go away. And you can finally get back to normal. Love you Sandy!

  • Ann

    Good Grief People!!! Can’t you just leave these two people alone. Believe it not, they are just regular people. So what if they’re famous. Behind closed doors they’re just like you and me. If being together makes them happy, I’m all for it. Life is too short to worry about what the public is going to say. In a hundred years no one will really care.

  • stewart

    Ok i’m a white guy but ive noticed the media and most of you peopel that have been commenting om this blog have a extremely racist hypocritical behavior toward cheating. When its Tiger Woods a black world famous athlete cheating on his wife who is a nobody former nanny everyone goes crazy and says oh Elin should take all his money and never take tiger back or forgive him. But when its Jesse James a white man who was cheating on his wife(Sandra bullock who is an oscar award winning world famous actress)with a F**king hitler natzi loving white supremacist call girl along with 4 other women all of the sudden eveyones opinions on cheating changes and now you all are saying sandra should forgive and take Jesse back and if she wants to forgive him its her business. Haha you guy are all a joke when it was tiger a black man in that position you were all throwing stones and nailing him to the cross saying his wife better never take him back, but jesse james gets all of your forgiveness ha some of you guys commenting on this blog are pathetic. And wether you want to admit it or not alot of you clearly have a racist biased behavior based on the comments some of you are making wow you guys really need to re evaluate yourselfs. If tiger didnt deserve you forgiveness neither does jesse. I mean the guy was taking natzi solute pictures and sandra’s son is black for christ sake!!!!

  • Oh No Not Again

    WTF? If she takes him back, that means she has validated his cheating. Once that is done, she will cheat again and again and again. Let’s set back and wait for the next cheating scandal with him…it will not be long.

  • rhaul

    it is none of our business if she gets back together with jesse, and if she does, then we shouldn’t judge her. after being in a relationship with someone whom you were married to for 5 years, it is difficult to turn off you love and emotions you felt for the other immediately, regardless of what they did to you. however, i’m calling BS on this story. i think she is a strong woman and can remain friends with jesse and civil and what not and still be a mother figure to his kids. she has grown to love them, and them her. she is essentially the only mother the youngest of jesse’s kids has known. this people just want something scandalous to report about her and so they are taking the truth and making it into a complete fabrication.

  • Roseann

    Everyone should keep there big nose in there own business… If she takes him back that just means she loves him… She’s happy Im happy!!!

  • LVLana

    have you ever done something, and wished you hadn’t? Has anyone of you been cheated on, or been the cheater? Of course you have, but the only difference is your business is not out there for the world to judge and see. We are not at liberty to say, what we think about her relationship with him, that is theirs and theirs alone. I personally think that things happen and we, as HUMANS do not make good decisions all the time. Are we to judge the next person for their faults? I wish them all the best in the decisions that THEY decide to make, wether it’s stay together or go apart.

  • Watcher

    For the nice home life; don’t go back; be smart & single!

    • Louis

      you are right

  • Meshel

    Not surprised, they have something in common! Louie threw me, hope he has a guardian angel!

  • Mark

    Simply put who really gives a damn. Bullock cannot act period! How she got an oscar is because money exchanges hands in Hollywood. That’s the next scandal on the horizon. Jesse is nothing but a waste of sperm the guys only talent is building bikes and bullshitting. Bullock will take him back becuase she is stupid stupid stupid!

  • m

    Her career is ruined now because of Jesse James and her kissed the girl at the MTV Movie Awards. It is going to be her problem. I don’t have no respect for her how the way she did kissed Ryan Reynolds’ wife at the MTV Movie Awards. It is disgrace. Sandra is not the best actress in the world. I used to watch her movies. Some of them are good and bad.

    • David Baumbach

      It is normal for women to kiss each other, it always has been. A small kiss on the lips or a kiss on the cheek is totally acceptable, but a slobbering, spit swapping tongue lashing is something that normally isn’t tolerated by anyone in a public venue no matter WHO is doing it. I don’t watch those mamby pamby whiney ass programs, so I wouldn’t know who does what. I watch blow em up, cut em up fun shows like Bones, NCIS, or other investigative who done it shows.


    These “people” are WHITE TRA$H!

  • http://yahoo donny murrell

    what ever Sandra decides is her business, she is the one who has to live with her choice. Just hope Jessie has learned how to keep his fly zipper and his Johnson only for Sandra.

  • David

    She wants him back because she misses his big stick… Who cares about her broken heart! She could have chosen a real man that wouldn’t cheat on her if she wanted to.

  • David Baumbach

    I’ve been down the other side of the road with cheating women. Sandra has to make up her own mind, but if she wants a conjugal STD she shouldn’t worry about what others say. See the kids, make whoopy and pray you don’t die from it.

  • jamesalbert

    shes too good for him,its easy to forgive but i impossible to forget she can do better

  • sassymer

    She just can go back to him…he is a sociopath and will hurt her or could kill her. I married a mild-mannered man after knowing him over 2-1/2 years. After we got married he started “acting out” and being verbally abusive. After three months of marriage he got angry over I don’t know what and he slammed me into a wall and fractured three of my ribs…hurt so bad I ended up in the hospital. He called me at the hospital, e-mailed me, etc., and my answer was always, “I want a divorce.” We were done no matter how much the sadness and disappointment. I was not going to be a “battered woman.” Sandra is way too good for Jesse, despite her love for the children. She has to love herself enough to never see that awful male again. Yes, it is sad, but it will only get worse! I pray for you, Sandra.

  • Cookie

    No doubt it will hurt her career. Then again if she never worked again it wouldn’t hurt her. She has plenty of money. It will hurt her career. The problem here is she wasn’t prepared or ready for her marriage to be over. She can’t get past that. It is hard. She shouldn’t give him the time of day. He will do it again someday. If she wants him back let her have him. She will be the only one to blame for the sad life to come. Worst thing she ever did in her life was hookup with him. Wish her all the best.

  • pepe le pew

    seriously, you are friggin rich already so you really don’t need a career. get back with your man, raise your kids, and live a happy life now that the worst part of the relationship has come and gone.

  • Jennie McElyea

    Insider Babbling Insider Babbling, its just that,

    Sandra has earned our respect and she deserves to be able
    to work this out as she sees fit and we need to keep our
    opinions to ourselves. I am sure very sure she is old
    enough and wise enough to handle this with out our comments

  • Viv Richards

    Yikes! What a pity! What a mistake! Taking him back?? Are you serious? Sandra don’t be a knucklehead! Move on! Don’t let him con you again!

  • Russ

    what’s wrong with whores

  • Viv Richards

    Stupid is as stupid does. –Gump

  • mike m.

    I think she should stand by her man it take time he was wrong but he as come a long way, just look back and you will see (if love is there it will work) time is need it.

    • green eyes

      The man is abusive, emotionally, it is only a matter of a very short time span before the abuse becomes physical. I hope that professional help can intervene. Yet, I fear that this professional help is a dream. As for the safety of the children, they would grow well with professional intervention. I hope and pray that the children don’t go the road of so many other children that have grown up in this deadly situation. So many have died needlessly without any competent help.

  • iyanna moms

    if it was one woman he cheated with then yeah i say give him a second chance but he had how many women? let him go you dont need a man thats going to cheat because i really believe that if a man really loves you theres no way he will do anything to hurt you

  • wateronu

    smokie here’s water for your stupid common nonscense jessie is not good foe her . she needs to stop and think. and if you reply to this ,,,i will tell jesse you still love him. and you can still see him…ok!punkin……

    • http://yahoo smokie

      Here you go punkin. Pleaes the next time you talk to Jesse tell him that since you know him so well. You are such good friends. So here I go. It is up to her if she takes him back. He does not need her money. If you dont see her movies again because she takes him back you were not a fan in the fisrt place. I will still see her movies what ever she does. She knows him better then anyone of us making all these remarks about him. She did not get where she is at by being stupid. Some of you act like you know him, guess what you dont. She is the one that knows him. So I hope the best for them and there family.
      I hope her fan’s will leave them alone. I also hope if all you have to say is something stupid PLEASE keep it to yourself. That make her fans look really stupid.

  • michael

    WHITE PEOPLE make me sick Sandra should forgive that nazi dirtbag cheater but Elin Nordgren should dump Tiger i wonder why….. oh i get it a black cheater married to a white girl is worse than a white cheater married to a white girl

    • http://yahoo smokie

      No I wanted her to stay with Tiger me. I dont think Tiger wanted his married anymore. I think he is the one that made that choice. Jesse wants to be married. I never felt that Tigar was sorry about what he did. You could see Jesse truely sorry.

  • bettyjo

    Michael are you a Nazi? Then SHUT-THE-HELL Up! Why is it a Black person ALWAYS brings up the race card, in any situation???????????

    • Louis

      It sometimes matters no matter how you try to deflect it the race card saying

  • stewart

    Ok i’m a white guy but ive noticed the media and most of you people that have been commenting on this blog have a extremely racist hypocritical behavior toward cheating. When its Tiger Woods a black world famous athlete cheating on his wife who is a nobody former nanny everyone goes crazy and says oh Elin should take all his money and never take tiger back or forgive him. But when its Jesse James a white man who was cheating on his wife(Sandra bullock who is an oscar award winning world famous actress)with a F**king hitler nazi loving white supremacist call girl along with 4 other women all of the sudden everyones opinions on cheating changes and now you all are saying sandra should forgive and take Jesse back and if she wants to forgive him its her business. Haha you guys are all a joke when it was tiger a black man in that position you were all throwing stones and nailing him to the cross saying his wife better never take him back, but jesse james gets all of your forgiveness, ha some of you guys commenting on this blog are pathetic. And wether you want to admit it or not alot of you clearly have a racist biased behavior towards cheating based on the comments some of you are making wow you guys really need to re evaluate yourselfs. If tiger didnt deserve your forgiveness neither does jesse. I mean the guy was taking natzi solute pictures and sandra’s son is black for christ sake!!!! And this is coming from a white guy.

  • Tiger Woods

    This reminds me of what happened to tiger woods its nobodys business whats going on in his personal life he didnt kill ne one who are u to judge him

  • http://www.AcaiBerryLlc.Com Mona Vie

    I think she should stay away from him,he is not for her.

  • neva c willis

    When Bullock married the slob she lost some of her shine for me. If she takes him back after the way he has treated her, she will loose her glow completely. You say it’s none of my business? True. But won’t it be a pity if Bullock lets this jerk continue to ruin her life and career—and yes, he can definitely do both. Neva CW

  • Rosie

    Why is that everything seems to think that people should automatically divorce if someone cheats? Yes, it is wrong to cheat but marriage vows don’t state “until death (or someone is unfaithful) do we part.” An affair – which I have personally experienced – is an awful thing to find out about but a marriage can survive it. It’s not easy to regain trust but it is possible if both people want to save their relationship and if the cheater is genuinely remorseful and commited to changing his/her cheating behaviour.

    One of the most honourable men on the planet, Nelson Mandela, was able to forgive his captors after 27 years in prison for the sake of his country. It is much harder to forgive than to just get angry and walk away. So if Sandra does forgive Jessie, she will have my respect because I know how hard it is to do.

    • sandra

      i can forgive one affair, but a fool and a person who don’t have any selfesteem, is just that. one mistake is one mistake, but people when there’s more than one, wake up. if you keep taking someone after two. the only thing i can say you get what you get. maybe you need to love yourself, before you can love someone else. if he went out there for what i see sandra you don’t and never will be what he want oh i forgot you do have money.

    • Ursus Indomitus

      Nelson Mandela is a murdering psychotic criminal who should have met the same fate as Che Guevara. Or maybe he should be “Necklaced”.

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  • timothy

    Jesse is a philandering creep,but hes not a racist.Hes a white preservationist who is aware of the anti-white racial agenda,as many of us are,and naturally has some animosity toward ethnic minorities and their self-serving liberal enablers.He was naturally opposed to the adoption of a coon baby,which sandra wanted.So,after the revelation of the affairs,she decided to end the relationship so she could then indulge her fantasy of raising a woolhead.Although many have suggested that sandra did it to get back at jesse for being unfaithful,knowing he hated the idea.It may have even been a PR ploy to disassociate herself from jesses alleged bigotry and the negative publicity it was bringing.