Justin Bieber Likes Naked Fans!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Justin BieberJUSTIN Bieber insists he doesn’t mind when his female fans strip in front of him.

The 16-year-old Baby hitmaker says the best thing about being famous is the women.

“My mom has me on a tight leash and she’s being real protective so I gotta watch what I do,” he said.

“The girls show up wearing nothing sometimes or flash. I can’t lie, I’m 16, I don’t hate it.”

Bieber recently opened up about the fact he’s going thorough puberty — and insisted he can still hit the high notes.

“Everyone’s voice changes, puberty is a natural thing,” he said.

“I have the best vocal coach in the world and we’re working on my voice and doing what I need to do.

“It’s not like as soon as you hit puberty you stop singing.”


  • http://myspace heather

    i cant believe wat i read i think that justin bieber is a perv

  • http://myspace heather

    my sis said that he shouldnt have a concert cause of wat she read naked fans i mean come on he is so nasty i was going to see his concert but not now and mji sis aint either soi wont go to justin bieber concert

  • Chofas 29

    how do u know!!!!! do u have proff!?!?!?!? have a foto!?!?!?!? i just don’ belive it!!!! >:(

  • abiagil

    you are so awsome and loving caring and i love you.

  • abiagil


  • Chofas 29

    stop making stupid fake coments of him!!! u r creating a bad image for his fans!!! when u mees up with Justin… u mees up with the Beliebers… and u just don’t know with u r u meesing up!!!! >:(

  • http://gmail.com maddi hoopes

    i love jb and i know he would never say somthing like that ur making his carier worst i love him so much im his #1 fan and always will be I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    Uh actually he did reveal he doesn’t hate it. so he did say so. but Why would this make him perverted? I mean hes a 16 year old boy. he has a sex drive! Wouldn’t you be worried if he didn’t find girls attractive? lol! Look he never said he loved it! he only said he doesn’t hate it, which I honestly find as a respectful answer! so stop freaking out!

    • nebula

      me too

  • http://showbizspy.com leyla


  • http://showbizspy.com leyla

    well at least hes not gay

  • http://youtube sarah oradubanya

    yeah at least isnt but he is still cute

  • http://youtube sarah oradubanya

    yeah at least he isnt but he is still cute

  • http://yahoo.com britany

    you are just fake so you can get money is momo would not let him you b

  • http://yahoo.com britany

    you are a b he do not look at them yor are try to get all justin bieber fans to hate him.

  • http://yahoo.com britany

    i sill love him

  • lady gaga lover

    what a wierdo i thought hed be different

  • http://www.bebo.com ashrulz

    il lov j.b till i die

    • http://jb.net jb

      it mrjb whats ur num

  • http://www.bebo.com ashrulz

    damn i jus cnt xpress the way i fill bwt justin…………….he titally roxxxxxxxxxx

  • http://www.bebo.com ashrulz




  • http://www.bebo.com ashrulz


  • Jess

    i dont think he ment it that way hes not like that he knows how to respect women! so idk how they even got this!

  • Bieberlova

    He never said he loved it bt he said “The girls show up wearing nothing sometimes or flash. I can’t lie, I’m 16, I don’t hate it.” that dnt make him a perv , it makes him human !!! look , all straigt boys think of it this way , if u were famous and a hottie flashed would u mind , no , so whats so wrong with him thinking like that , thats how u would look at it and he’s 16 and going through puberty so his hormornes are unstable the now . GIVE THE LAD A CHANCE !!! ALL THE BOYS WILL THINK LIKE THIS 1 DAY !!! I loveeeeee bieber untill the day i die and so should u . love Cleo K . xx

  • http://ShowbizSpy Kaytie Yates

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inapropreit but SEXY!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!:);)=)

  • http://showbispy vanessa

    I love Justin Bieber and I don’t believe that he likes naked

  • http://showbispy Emily Vu

    I still love Justin Bieber. He is very sexy and very hot in the world!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo.com randi

      if ur gonna be like that y u on a jb fan site u idiot jb rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://showbispy Carter Vu

    I totally hate Justin Bieber!!!!!!! He is very stupid.

  • http://showbispy Emily Vu

    He is my right boyfriend for me!!!! I love him a lot!!!! He is always in my heart.

  • http://showbispy Mindy Vu

    I want to say that he is an idiot!!! I don’t like him because he is very stupid guy in the world!!! He is not my boyfriend at all!!

    • http://facebook jamee crawford

      why u really know justin bieber!!!!!!!!!?????????

  • http://facebook jamee crawford

    why u really know justin bieber?????????!!!!

  • http://310899 nabilla

    i love you iwont no hanpone you plisssss………. I LOVE YOU JASTIN


  • kayla munoz

    hi justin bieber i wanned to know if u want to go out with me u can find me on facebook.com i will be waring a green shirt hope u say yes

  • katie

    bieberlova is right most 16 year olds think that way and shes right that doesnt make him a perv coz pretty much every 16 year old boy on the planet thinks that way i love justin hes hot,cute,adorable and he knows how respect a girl so all haters just SHUTUP!!!!!!!!

    • Bieberlova

      thanx for agreeing with me . Love Cleo K . xx

  • bieberlover

    Hey. Justin haters. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!! He’s a 16 year old teen. Every boy that age has those same feelings for girls. Half the guys on the planet are just like that. And Ladies stay strong and true to Justin. He deserves it for all his hard work.
    I love him!!

  • bieberlover

    i completely agree with Katie. very much

  • Teddy

    1. At least he isn’t gay.
    2. He seems cooler now.

  • http://yahoo lilmama

    i luv u we r going to have sex

    • peeps-r-gay

      in ur dreams sicko y would you want to do that you could give him a dieses and you haters go fk your selves

  • FuckBeliebers

    ewww,what a perv! With that cocky attitude and that dirty mind,he’s fame ain’t gonna last that long :)

  • http://nil lumen

    i love u with all my heart and i wish you could be be my boy friend. i am from Nigeria.

  • http://nil ahus

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  • http://showbizspy esmeralda

    justin bieber is so hot but he is so nasty and why whold in hell jb tell us that is going thert puberty.but that is wat boy:s do k love eamerald srry justin bieber

  • http://showbizspy esmeralda

    jutin u love wat u do sametimes do us a fev do not tell u abot u and puberty.love esmeralda jb lover.

  • http://yahoo.com randi

    hey to all u people out ther that think ur jb 1 fan ur rong i am i have just recentley started reserch on jb so ill then no ev about him

  • http://myspace nana

    omg u like naked fans u nasty perv!!!! i use to like u but idk bout now?????!!!!!!

  • Bieberlova

    Jw bt Y are all u hatters comentin bought it if u dnt like him . I’ve said it before and al say it again . LEAVE HIM ALONE !!! HE IS JUST A TALENTED YOUNG KID TRYIN 2 FIND HIS WAY ABOUT !!! if u dnt like him then Y give him more coments . u r just helpin (suckerzzz !!!)!!! plz leave him alone . reply if u have a prob with wat i say !!! Love Cleo K . xx

  • twinca

    justin bieber u r so sexy in the world

  • leingm

    i cant believe this ugly miget has seen girls naked. they must have some serious bieber fever.

  • nebula

    i love you Justin you make my heart beat and when i see you on televion you make me cry…i love you no matter what no body say i still love you baby

  • kyle

    lol im a dude and i would be the same see a naked chick id be like heelllz yeaaaa

  • http://Facebook.com Jendel Mandanas

    Who Cares if he Likes Those kinda things. I Still Like Him For WHo he is.!

  • http://Facebook.com Jendel Mandanas

    Im Always Traveling, Just To see Justin Bieber’s COncert .I Just Want to see him Everyday. But im Always At the Back. :(
    But its ok I can still see him (my grandma is going to die soon and she wants to make me happy by making my dreams come true and i want it to Happen. I cant ley her die Sad, I Need her to be happy.) Well, I cant anyway. I wont see Justin Bieber and make a Music Video With him and I cant hug cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse and Even Selena Gomez I Just want to Make My Grandma Happy Before she die. :(

  • veronica

    hey guys stop sayin he is a perv, hes not a lot of guys in my school r like that, heck!!! all guys r like that, and since he is in that stage of puberty, it happens!!! its like wat jamie, #8 said, its a sex drive its because of hormones and im a huge fan i LOVE U JUSTIN and plus he said he wanted 2 treat girls with respect and honor unless like chris brown so i still love him for that and its not like if he sees agirl naked or flashing he loooks at her for the rest of the concert, so just stop!!!!! i love u justin!!!!!!

  • veronica

    oh and one more thing jendel mandanas, i hope i spelled that right, wat u wrote is so nice and caring that really touched me!!! hey u know if u go on ellens site, she gives free tickets 2 her show and then she gives free tickets 2 celebs concerts so yeah

  • danielle

    what are the chances he’ll actually read this if he does he should leave a comment to know that he’s actually read these comments.

  • Chayla

    Admit it. Justin Bieber sucks and you all know it. Do not argue with me for you cannot beat the power of The Triforce. those of you who still like him are complete idiots and you can never change my mind.

  • http://www.showbizspy.com kalia cash

    Justin bieber is not a prev hes just a 16 years old all boys that
    age think about sex and like seeing naked women his age
    I mean i have had boy friends and friends that try to tell me
    to flash them and try to flirt with me i honstly dont no any boys
    that wouldnt mind girls letting them see their goodies lol its not
    a cool thing for girls to do every girl should respect their bodys so yeah
    hes just being human an i dont blam me

  • JasminV.

    This article is ABSOLUTELY TRUE…..
    It also said on MTV.COM

    He’s a boy going through puberty..
    What do you gotta do??

    Boys will be boys…! :)

  • JasminV.

    Oh, and at least he’s being HONEST. :)

  • Drew

    He’s a guy who could blame him? Im a 16 year old boy and if girls were flashing me I would’nt be hatin’ either!!!

  • victoria

    this guy is such a perv what 16 year old does that

  • Hannah

    I went to his last concert.And let my tell you something,The girl next to me flashed him and he was watching all right.During the rest of the concert she flashed him like,i dunno,8 more times.

  • Harriet Matilda Carter

    yeh he is he tried make mne go naked on msn and it was him he went on webcam the deleted me :’(

  • http://justinbeiberlikesnakedfans sexy justin beiber

    he is so freckin hot why do girls dont like him u haters r so mean

  • natalie

    i love you jb.i cant believe i stripped right in front of him.he touched my tits and squeezed them hella hard.ur soooooo hot and ur a sexy bitch