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Taylor Lautner Dating Actress Lily Collins?

Posted by Adam

Taylor LautnerTAYLOR Lautner has a new leading lady!

The hunky Twilight actor has reportedly hooked up with actress Lily Collins — his costar in new movie Abduction.

Lily, 21, apparently asked Taylor, 18, out on a date after being impressed with his sexy abs.

“Lily told pals that she wasn’t looking to fall in love, but soon realized she had strong romantic feelings,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Taylor was smitten from day one, but Lily let him know she was in a relationship with a stuntman who was working on a Steven Spielberg movie in New Mexico.

‘When the boyfriend got suspicious because Lily didn’t return calls promptly, he hopped a plane and turned up unannounced to confront her.”


  • Katie

    I was wondering who Lilly Collins was so I looked her name up and it dawned on me where I had seen the actress before.She played Collins in the move “The Blind Side”.Why is it now just because they were seen probably having dinner or lunch together,are they an item?I guess the hollywood actors and actress are are really separated by 6 degrees of separation.

  • lauren

    This sounds like a lot of BS to me. I’ll wait to see some real confirmation of this. If its true, well more power to them i hope they’re both happy. Taylor is gorgeous and he deserves the best and lily seems like a nice person. but i’ll wait and see.

    • The Blaster

      ‘Wait and see’ this!

  • Sandra

    “after being impressed with his sexy abs?”

    LOL! These storys just make me laugh!

  • Brodie

    i wondered how long that would take b4 sum wrote that. :) x

  • Nancie

    This is such a B.S. story. Taylor would never go after someone’s girlfriend. They are doing a movie together, that’s why they went out to dinner. So wrong to tell these lies about him. He is not a girlfriend stealer you jerks.

    • The Blaster

      …and you know this, exactly…how? How come he didn’t go out to dinner with the director?


      HAHA … the blaster guy has a point … why didnt taylor go out on a date with the director or some othr person working on the set ?? haha honestly these news aboutb acters n actresses make me laugh- alot !! still i think taylor is bettr of wth out a grlfrnd … besides i hate lily shez such a wierdo ! haha

  • gaga

    he’s gay so this article is bs love u taylor xxx

    • Lunarstruck

      I agree – gay, gay, gay. And a wuss for not coming out.

      • nikki

        he went out with taylor swift. hes not gay.
        i hate people who call others gay. they are only gay if THEY say/think they are.
        i wouldn’t call taylor lautner a WUSS. u do know he was a world champion at marchial arts…..

  • ohjeez

    although she did attend the Eclipse premiere-perhaps she’s a hag too. they link anyone who comes within a 10 foot space with each other. they haven’t had any Taylor Lautner news in a while so they had to pull something out of their ass

  • Friborz

    Both sucks

  • Taylor Lautner no1 fan

    This is BS Taylor Lautner would never go out with her, you see she asked him out but he didn’t answer which is a smart way of saying NO!

  • kayla

    They would look great together though, Lily Collins is amazingly beautiful, they would make a beautiful couple. Taylor is perfection so ordinary lookng girl would look uneven n incredibly dull next to him (like Sara Hicks,eeeeww). I personally am loving the idea of Taylor n Lilly (= But of course, love Taylena best (Taylor Lautner + Selena Gomez)

  • kayla

    Gaga, Taylor Lautner is NOT GAY. Do ur research first before making a repulsive n silly statement like that. Idiot

    • Lunarstruck

      He is SO gay. And a wimp for not coming out publicly.

    • The Blaster

      And what ‘research’ have YOU done that proves he’s NOT gay? That’s what I thought; don’t even bother to try to answer. Thudhead!

      • nikki

        well he has dated more girls then lads thats for sure. i think someone just doesn’t like taylor lautner. get over it and stop upsetting his fans.

  • C

    “Lily told pals that she wasn’t looking to fall in love, but soon realized she had strong romantic feelings” – That’s not about Taylor, she said that about her boyfriend.

  • Jill

    Well, I’m impressed by his abs, too! Who isn’t??!! Taylor could do SO SO much better than her! He could have any girl in Hollywood if he wanted!!

    • The Blaster

      Right. Except he’d rather have Stephen Segal. LOL

  • Melissa xo

    They are literally just co stars and this story is hilarious.

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    TAYLOR Lautner has a new leading lady! get info in Telugu Cinema.

  • Jons

    Lilly Collins is hot! But I will have to say that I think Taylor is gay… maybe bi. I don’t have proof nor must I prove it, but it’s just a feeling. And please don’t attack me, non of us really knows. I’m just stating my opinion.

    • The Blaster

      So, you have gay feelings for Taylor “Just A Feeling” Lautner? And why to you HAVE to say he’s gay? Is that some sort of need you have? Uh oh…
      Ah what the heck, you dont’ have a chane with him anyway; he’s holding out for Stephen Segal!

  • sewqi

    I DO NOT WANT TAYLOR SWIFT Taylor emergence of outside. and if Taylor date with Lily i’m so sad.

  • http://facebook nina

    i just want to say one thing taylor lautner is not gay btw i don’t trust this lily collin girl and i don’t trust selena gomez either i think he will be a perfect couple with taylor swift and pls after she saw he’s sexy abs pls that’s just stupid no body fell in love for just sexy abs and btw taylor lautner is not a girlfriend stealer they r just making up this story just because he hasn’t been in the tabloid for so long. they r just idiot people..

    • The Blaster

      How do you KNOW he’s not gay? How can you possibly know that? Has he jumped up and down in YOUR lap? What, he’s not a girlfriend-stealer because he didn’t steal you from your dorkfriend–I mean boyfriend?


      OMG !! hahaahahhahahahahaha u guyz r fighting soooo much on this false article tat itz making me laugh lyk hell!! ahhaahahah !!! luk taylor is not gay . taylor doesnt date lily. taylor wud not luk good wth swift. hes bettr of without the grlz ….. now U GUYZ CAN STOP FIGHTING !! itz making me laugh ?!!! HAhahahahah

  • Celine Masheleni

    Thanks to you all who say that this is BS cos i am like heart broken and this just gives me a spark of hope cos i am in love with taylor and hearing this s made me so saD taylor you know how you feel so please just tell me already!! Thanks guys relly appreaciate it!!
    sides if i can’t have taylor only selena gomez or taylor swift can this lily chick needs to go suck her dad’s…sory got mad! anyway thanks guys and don;t be surprised when a Tayline comes your way
    love Celine!!

    • The Blaster

      Well, it’s for damned sure YOU can’t have Taylor, so get over it already. You’d have better luck trying to hook up with Stephen Segal!

  • Lunarstruck

    He is SO beyond gay, this is ridiculous.

    • Sam




  • lidya

    r u 4 reals ??? another older girl ??? with BUCKEYES !!!!! im 4 real taylor u needs 2 be a man n not date wutever she is if u do not like her dont date her !!!!! its in the rule book !!!!



  • Sam

    i looked up Lily Collins, cuz i didn’t know who she was and
    i saw a picture and DAMN PLUCK YOUR EYEBROWS WOMAN!

  • Jessie

    Lily is so adorable but she really pisses me off. Seriously, she fell for another guy while she has a boyfriend? Sure, Taylor is great and all, but really? She just couldn’t stay faithful to her partner? Well, Lily doesn’t deserve Taylor, then.
    So, what if you were in the position of Lily’s boyfriend, where you had a actor boyfriend who suddenly fell in love with Selena Gomez or some pretty actress?

  • shoto

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  • melissa

    i hope taylor launter stays with lily t,ll he comes in my life swiff girl is a nastry ho and slut butter not here thery geeting back anin

  • cydnee

    I don’t know the real story but, I am hella jealous. Taylor is so cute! Oh-My-God. :3 Looks like a good couple!