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Posted by Adam

Leonardo DiCaprioLEONARDO DiCaprio admits his “biggest regret” is turning down the chance to star in Boogie Nights.

The Titanic star — who is currently riding high at the box office with summer blockbuster Inception — says he still can’t forget the one dream role that got away.

“My biggest regret is Boogie Nights,” says Leo, who lost the role of porn star Dirk Diggler to close pal Mark Wahlberg. “I’m a huge fan of (director) Paul Thomas Anderson but the first time I met him for that role I hadn’t really seen much of his previous work. Now I love that movie.”

Meanwhile, Leo has reportedly withdrawn from a Mel Gibson-directed flick about vikings in the wake of the Braveheart star’s domestic abuse scandal.

“Not a chance,” said a source close to Leo when asked if the Hollywood hunk was still planning to star in Mel’s next project.

“Leo has earned the right to pick and choose who he works with and Mel Gibson is not one of them.”[imagebrowser id=452]


  • Thelma

    Way to go Leonardo!!

  • http://showbisspy sandigo

    mr. di cap….you made a big mistake,you would had been good in that role….that film will do good..mels work is one well as his acting…all families argues.hollywood makes things worse.advice go ask mels forgiveness,do the film.stop being such a conceaded sob..sandi from san diego.

  • BlackDiamond

    Mel Gibson can suck on a prick

  • amanda

    mel gibson has great movies and is a great directer…you will regret leo!!