Friday, July 30, 2010

Jennifer AnistonJENNIFER Aniston would not have a baby via artificial insemination.

The actress — who plays singleton Kassie who decides to use a friend as a sperm donor to have a baby in new movie The Switch — would prefer to conceive a child in the traditional way.

When quizzed by talk show host Jay Leno on whether she would undergo artificial insemination on The Tonight Show, she replied, “I’d wanna know the guy!”

Jay continued to tease the 41-year-old Hollywood star actress about the embarrassing subject matter putting her on the spot about how a sperm bank works.

“Well, you go to the bank and you have a card… I honestly don’t know exactly,” she said.


  • despicablejen

    the way guys are running away from her, this bitch’s going to choose this eventually. i cringe at the thought that this shallow, witch will spawn equally stupid offspring to pollute the world. spare us pls!

  • jilly

    You need to calm down. She is a nice woman and nothing in her records indicates that she is a horrible person. She dated some losers like every other single woman in the world and it did not work out. Never stole anyone’s husband or did sick things like tongue kissing her brother. So, what is your damn problem besides being probably an Angie bitch lover?

    • janice

      mmm, chris gartin is married.

    • cc

      Scheming and paying people to put another person down to promote yourself is evil. I know you know what I’m saying. I don’t think she’s a nice woman. She’s greedy and so much into herself. She’s like a bitchy officemate who trashes everybody, covers her mistakes, then blame other people. I am still not buying that Angelina stealing her husband thing. Brad is just too much of a gentleman to talk.

  • Nana Kwaku Asiedu

    Theres nothing wrong with Jennifer if she decide not to have artificial baby. Shes a pretty woman despite her age and that does not mean she cant have a baby the normal way. Hi Jen, good evening

  • bern

    something’s very wrong with whore jen. she’s so in love with herself that she thinks the world revolve around her. maybe the freaks around her anbdstupid fans like you care, but a whole lot find her nothing but a cheap, dumb town pump

    • EnufIsEnuf

      .. and yet here is your dumb a&& commenting on a woman who’s a cheap dumb town pump? WTF does that say about you? Stick your hands back in your pants and turn the gay porn back on before you type some more of this useless drivel.

  • http://deleted andy

    So where is her leading man, next to her i just want to know why can’t she act in serious movie why is it always comedy, my god it as if she knows that is all she got in her comedy, no drama, no action, OMG, she did so an action movie the bounty hunter AND IT BOMB, CAUSE IT WAS COMEDY! You know i see desperation with her that is all i truthfully believe she knows that is all she can do is comedy. A she is promoting by herself because Chris Gartin is married, his wife might had said you are not going to make a fool of yourself getting hugs from her because once the movie is over, its her claim she is the star not you. And yes its all about her only her.

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