Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jennifer LopezDIVA Jennifer Lopez felt like a “dying animal” when her relationships came to an and.

The sexy singer/actress — who is twice-divorced and has had several unsuccessful high-profile relationships with stars including P. Diddy and Ben Affleck — admits she has been heartbroken many times, but couldn’t stop herself falling for men she knew were wrong for her.

“I always made the same mistake: I threw myself passionately into a new relationship because I believed in love, as I still do, despite all the disappointments, pain and depression,” she said.

“There were moments I wished I didn’t have a heart, because it hurt so much. When a love ended, a love I had believed in so hard, I wished I could crawl away like a dying animal.”

Lopez is now happily married to singer Marc Anthony and the couple raise twins Max and Emme together.

“I have learned not to give up,” she said. “Not to run away being resigned after every contention. In my opinion there is no couple made for each other, two people are just too different.

“To love means to adjust and to accept that my partner is not the ideal man because he doesn’t exist just as his ideal woman doesn’t.”

Meanwhile, Lopez is reportedly set to become a judge on American Idol.

“It’s true,” a source said. “She’s excited about it.”

Lopez’s longtime manager, Benny Medina, is said to have orchestrated the deal.

Jennifer was first linked to Idol in July last year when it was rumored she’d be replacing Paula Abdul.[imagebrowser id=227]


  • klvv

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  • ydl

    i love Jennifer lopez…and i truly believe in every word she says, specially this sentence “To love means to adjust and to accept that my partner is not the ideal man because he doesn’t exist just as his ideal woman doesn’t.”

  • George William Gockel

    Thanks very very much.

  • Brianna

    I’ve always been a huge fan of hers! She is a very special and fun entertainer! She has amazing entertaining skills!

  • http://yahoo fredricc mzezah

    taking this moment with delight i would like to say thanks to the step you took towads reshaping your future, and that be strong and take courage, be ready to strive for your dreams. i will always remain your fun coz i like you and all you do and your good songs. even as you aspire to become a judge, a pray for your success deep down my thoughts( may the lord be your shinning star always.)

  • tijani

    it sucks to hear this, but im happy lopez realised where her love is. we cant go away from ourself. good luck

  • brand new

    I love you Jennifer stay strong, and don’t give up on love or life. I’m 45 yrs old I been where you was at and I just got married to my godly sent husband in March of 2010, I held on and trusted that “what’s for is for me”,STAY POSITIVE MY SISTA! Your love will shine in due time.

  • Becca

    Showbiz Spy, this is a bad headline. There’s nothing about suicidal thoughts in the article. Please do not diminish the seriousness of suicide by throwing around those words, Being broken hearted and feeling like “a dying anima” does not equal suicidal. Please visist the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to educate yourself.

    @brand new- Did you miss this “Lopez is now happily married to singer Marc Anthony and the couple raise twins Max and Emme together.”

  • noah

    Maybe if we are lucky, Marc Anthony will be a guest judge for Latin Night!

    This show is a joke! Just cancel the stupid thing!

  • Sean

    Nonsense, who she trying to corn? You used Diddy to climb up, he basically sacrificed everything to make you Jenny from my block. Try and give respect to your former partners in crime, I mean all of them.

  • baba

    Move on jenny i so much believe ur words they are sweet to hear i love u forget ur past now and move on with ur new man and take good care of ur kids

  • rod

    I feel for you J.Lo.Most women fall for the wrong guys and realise later that the guys they dont like are actually the right people for them.Wish you the best

  • Roberto Solano

    Women learn to love at an early age while men sometimes have to wait to middle age. I feel qualified to write about it from personal experience (I’m 70 and father of 5 daughters) and have lived many places with many people.

    I’m in south texas now. Jennifer, we love you down here and look forward to much good from you…

  • mastulah

    Jenny life is full ov challenges and u have 2 bear them

  • Cass

    She jumps into relationships to fast, almost like a desperate person who needs love. I am happy she is married now, however her and this guy will divorce soon. She will get tired of being the bread winner and it looks like she has a bad temper.

  • Cass

    Marc looks like he can get violent if pushed. He looks like he will kick her butt if she gets out of line.