Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jennifer AnistonJENNIFER Aniston is a bit of a tart!

According to a report in a British magazine, the former Friends star — who has been single since splitting from John Mayer last year — is enjoying dating several men and is in no hurry to settle down.

“She’s happy seeing several guys at once and doesn’t want anything serious,” a source told Closer.

“Jen vowed to enjoy her life when she turned 40.”

Jen is rumored to be romancing actor Chris Gartin, whom her friend Courteney Cox-Arquette introduced her to.

Courteney and her husband David have been friends with Chris for years, and knew he would get along well with Jennifer,” said the pal.

“Courteney and David arranged a dinner and didn’t tell either of them it was a fix-up.

“Jen arrived late so she was flustered, but Chris poured her a glass of wine and told her to relax. That was it, they were chatting away and making each other laugh.”


  • Foxy_megan

    what does a talentless has-been do to stay in the limelight? be the whore that she is and date guys until she gets that dreaded 4-letter disease. wake up old witch ur skin is getting wrinkled already.

    • Lola

      Maybe she should start collecting babies and parade them everytime she needs attention or deflection?

      • http://deleted andy

        Lolta, if that’s what it take, to stop making a fool of yourself so let it be, and mine you Angelina does not parade her children around when she needs attention, they are her children you damn fool not collecting items.

    • Lolamama

      Her collect children? No way, then she wouldn’t have time to do her hair. I’ll take AJ over her any day.

      • Ahhh Shaddup

        .. too bad ‘AJ’ would probably run the other way LMAO!

  • cc

    This kind of news for a woman her age is so late.

  • anonymous

    Jennifer Aniston knows what time it is. Brad Pitt is not leaving Angelina he just plunked down 40 mil for an Italian estate for his life together with Angelina, JA is so conceited she thought Brad was going to leave his beautiful wife and babies and come back to her, to do what worship her old hag butt.

  • allie

    Jennifer Aniston is not worried about Brad Pitt. I’m sure she could care less if he left homerecker AJ. She’s having the time of her life right now. Every available male around would love to date her. She’s beautiful, classy and lovely on the inside as well outside. Brad Pitt is old hat to her. I’m sure she would still be friends with him because that is her nature.

    • http://deleted andy

      OMG, I am rolling all over the floor, I can’t stop laughing, EVERY AVAILABLE MALE AROUND WOULD LOVE TO DATE HER! Please someone help me stop laughing, where have you been, because if that is the truth why, she dates all her leading men for nothing because none had stool by her for long, some even dump her for someone else, then, if she does manage to hook someone, it does not last long, and OMG, she is so desperate that how many times did she take John back like a stupid fool only so he can dump her again. So I still can’t stop laughing! And she is beautiful, its call nose job, blue contacts,and lots and lots of botox!

  • desperatelyseekingjen

    classy is one adjective i wouldn’t use to describe this desperate 41-year old tranny! she’s screaming of STD already that’s why guys run as fast as they can when they see her. it’s not in her nature to be friends, her constant drool kick is to snatch brad back into her miserable web, but brad is not biting. brad realized 5 years ago that this tranny’s milk has gone stale already. she’s got money anyway, let her BUY love if she can :)

  • jilly

    TRANNY!!! I think she is a lot more feminine than that skeleton AngieHo.

  • georgina

    only you believe that jilly. btw, i’m a tranny so what? i look hotter than this ugly tranny jenniho any day lol

  • Duh

    hehe georgina i think i wanna see ur pics :)

  • westcoastone

    I think JA has more class than AJ who is a home wrecker and BP were AJ wanted to have an open relationship an date other people.