Jennifer Aniston Gets Gifts From John Mayer

Monday, August 2, 2010

Jennifer AnistonJENNIFER Aniston has been getting gifts from ex-boyfriend John Mayer!

According to reports, Mayer — who split from the actress last year following a turbulent relationship — gave Aniston a $2,000 Frank Sinatra lithograph by artist Todd Goldman.

“John likes to put himself in Jen’s mind now and then with little gifts,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Jen loved the lithograph. I think John feels guilty about Jen. He wants her to know that he still cares.”

Recent reports claimed Jen, 41, is currently dating “several” men.

“She’s happy seeing several guys at once and doesn’t want anything serious,” a source said.

“Jen vowed to enjoy her life when she turned 40.”



  • Lauri

    He’s such a coat-tailer. What has he to promote? Does he need some publicity?

  • Marcia

    He has a wonderful litho of Frank Sinatra in his house. i don’t think he has completely let go of her. We don’t know the entire story of what truly went into the “ending” of that “relationship”. Perfect timing with a new Jen movie coming out, BTW.

  • Mai

    several men at once, there is a name for women like that!

    • doubtful

      Get your mind out of the gutter. It didn’t say she was sleeping with several men, just seeing them, maybe going out of dinner. “Going Steady” is a little outdated…

  • Steve

    Several men at once? How you know this? Sources?
    What “sources told” is always a lie. If she has a dinner with a friend, why not…should she go in a monastery?
    Is Brad Pitt a monk maybe? Be fair please.

  • veryy

    This chick is always having stuff released about her through friends to act like some guy still wants her. Truth nobody wants her. After her called her old and boring, if she had a life she would send it back saying don’t contact me. This chick is always running media games, it’s sad.

    • AV

      These are false and demeaning stories told and repeated in every trashy tabloid paper. It seems that Jennifer Aniston has moved on with her life and enjoying it with friends and loved ones.

  • jilly

    Not as much as that bitch Angie the whore. Jennifer is a beautiful, sweet woman and barely talks about her personal life, unlike that Ho angie who constantly yaps about her made up love life with robat Brad.

    • tori

      Hey, you and Chinhorsechin Manfaceton are ugly whores. Not Jolie. You so jealous to a beautiful women. Move on bitter bitch

    • tom

      Your Jenifer is a cheapest Hollywood whore slept with a string of young boy toys. Shame on you and your dead chicken Jenifer is a stuppid cow give away milk for free ha ha

    • justine

      hey jilly, i don’t see angie’s name on this article and no one mentioned her name in the first 5 posts but you just had to drag her here? this is exactly one of the reasons why jen is tagged as angie’s shadow because her sick fans just can’t post stupid comments without dragging angie here. beautiful, sweet and barely talks about her personal life well, that’s not jen for sure. come on she planned for courtney cox party, it was plastered on the papers, she eats baby foods, it was all over the tabloids, she dates this and that guy, she talks about it. that woman is a HUGE MEDIA WHORE, too bad her acting does not match the size of her ego. she’s nothing, ain’t pretty, ain’t sweet but a real self-centered bitch deep inside.

      • doubtful

        Do you really believe everything you read???? Everyone who knows her (not some “source”) said the baby food diet was NOT true. She goes out with a friend for dinner and she is sleeping with him. Oh Please!!!! She really gets a lot of movie roles for someone who can’t act. Wake Up!!

  • Jay

    Mai, The name is single women.

    • omega

      Not all single women act like a whore as Jenifer Aniston.

  • lolo

    He Didn’t call her old and boring.He told the whole world he LOVED her and always will. GET over yourself

    • terry

      But he think she is easy girl can go to sleep with men

    • Sharon

      he did call her old and so stuck in 1998. and he dumped her, just like everyone else

  • anon

    this is a planted story by the people promoting the artist : “promotion by association” again

  • brad

    I wish she with John. Her friend is cougars .Why not her???????

  • Nora loves Angie

    this is a big lie, big, big lie. john never gave her $2000 sinatra litho, he gave her $2 dildo at wal-mart. nice john, you really know what your ex needs. i salute you :)

    • Duh

      lol at walmart dildo

  • Nora Loves Angie

    oh i have to apoligise people, nora doesn’t like jen, in fact she thinks jen is the biggest whore to ever walk on the face of earth. this is the reason why she wasn’t here. also jily, nora says you’re a bitch too. :)

  • Katie

    I am SO jealous!

  • Joe Smith

    Wana see John Mayer play some of his classic tunes?? He even covers Katy Perry’s California Gurls and Bieber’s Baby!! Check him out rocking the plad and cargo shorts at the link below!!

  • valerie

    AJ fans are classless as their idol. Jen looks great and it is nobody’s business how many people she dates does’nt mean she takes them to bed like no class AJ. Jen proves everyday that she is past all the crap with great class.

    • Nora

      yeah, convince yourself – jen is a slut, no class in her at all

  • jilly

    Nora loves Angie is bull shit. anHo, only you will do a stupid stunt like this. JENNIFER IS A BEAUTIFUL GIRL AND ANY GUY SHOULD KISS HER ASS AND GIVE HER GIFTS, you are jealous of Aniston, admit it.

  • NP

    I think the gift is for Jennifer to hit her head and wake up from 1998. I’m not jealous of your Aniston. Actually I’m angry with myself for watching 2 of her dumb movies. Never again. I feel so cheated.

  • SCSC08

    All you Jennifer Aniston haters are idiots….

    • Nora

      all you jenniferabids are all trailer-trash morons :)

  • jennefer

    oh yes, she so beautiful.

  • http://yahoo listen&learn

    John Mayer was one of my favs However that changed he dated Jessica Simpson. What a Loser…If that wasn’t bad enough we had to listen to his rants GROSS not to classy of a guy, if you ask me! Turns out neither was Brad Pitt. Maybe she needs to look for other types non performers..Just a nice guy.She has enough money for them both right? Jen stay away from John he’s garbage for man material.

  • http://yahoo listen&learn

    to you LOLO if that’s love she does’nt need it..You can’t love someone and treat them in the manner he has That’s not how it works. You either love someone or you don’t he proved the later..sorry

  • http://yahoo listen&learn

    Justine for you just because you don’t see something in an article does not mean you can’t evolve a story by including your own personal views…..Thats what having an opinion is..

  • Jillian

    People who comment on these articles are the biggest losers. Get a life, people.

  • Nora

    like you jillian? lol