Monday, August 2, 2010

Rachel RayRACHAEL Ray has been left fuming after discovering her luxury Hamptons home is infested with dangerous mold.

The TV chef — who has battled severe respiratory health problems — and her lawyer-husband, John Cusimano, have filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court against two home inspection companies — Amerispec Heritage Home Inspection Service and Joseph Schmitt Consulting Engineers — alleging they failed to spot the mold and water damage before he and Rachael bought the property. They’re asking for $3 million in damages.

The couple purchased the five-bedroom, five-bathroom villa on Long Island, near the exclusive town of Southampton, for $2.9 million in 2007.

“She’s worried that her moldy home could wreak havoc on her health,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

Rachael — who has revealed that she suffered from bouts of croup when she was a child, which left her with her distinctive husky voice — and John have been staying at their apartment in New York City while the mold issue gets resolved.[imagebrowser id=586]


  • http://www.blackmoldexposure.com Michael Roland Williams

    I produced the documentary Black Mold Exposure that chronicles those made ill by mold, and I’m glad to see someone taking the issue seriously. One would think that everyone already knows this, but the fact of the matter is that many people don’t. Rachel, I hope you and your family keep safe and get it resolved quickly,

    • paul.g

      there are a bunch more pictures at http://wowurl.com/11bw1

    • http://www.margaretlouisewhite.blogspot.com meginiowa

      Yes, mold can be extremely dangerous and the population that bears the brunt of it’s ills are the poor, who rarely have legal recourse.

      Surely Ms. Ray and her husband can do without another 3 million dollars. If they win this case, I hope they start a foundation to advocate, do free home inspections when mold is inspected and pay legal fees for those who can’t afford to do these things for themselves.

      I realize Rachael has a reputation for being philanthropic. I challenge her to use any monetary gain she receives from this lawsuit to help others in the same predicament.


      • http://www.margaretlouisewhite.blogspot.com meginiowa

        when mold is @suspected@ I meant.

      • http://www.margaretlouisewhite.blogspot.com meginiowa

        when mold is @suspected@ I meant. Pardon my mis-type.

      • http://blog fran

        nah she wont use the money are u kidding to charity??? u got to remember who she is married too a stinkin blood sucking lawyer…they will use the money to get the house for free,, and exzpect them to clean it up for them ,,and bend over for themm.. by the way she has a husky voice because she is always yelling at people to get here and get out of there and get out a my way,, her food sucks

      • PJ

        fing princess!

    • PJ

      Move to the SW US: We don’t have mold. Just dust & ozone.

  • http://MoldHelpSiteviaafellowfacebooker Tamie White Rigsby

    God bless you…I have been dealing with this since 04. People seriously do not know enough about mold. I have lost and still loose my voice. Developed Alopecia Areata, nose bleeds, gone into Anyphalactic shock five times am hyperallergic to it now and can no longer go to museaums etc… I am seeing an Amish Dr that has helped me, and a chiropractor that has me off all yeast, sugars, milk and milk products…I feel better but still have issues. I have researched all I can because I have lost five jobs because of it. Good luck getting someone to listen!!

    • http://n/a Richard

      As a retired contractor (remodeling and rehabilitation) I’ve seen enough mold in my lifetime and 90% of my customers never realized it!
      For folks with respiratory problems it is a very serious matter.
      I have a neighbor now living in a moldy ranch house with a small boy and a 11 yr old daughter with asthma. And I can’t convince them of the danger! Frustrating….

  • meredith

    The Black Mold documentary was well done. I useit to show friends and relatives what can happen. Most people just don’t get it so I am glad a high profile person is taking this on. It is deadly serious.
    I hope Rachel and her fmaily get better.

  • bigpopa_pump69

    much like kevin truduos book ,things the government dosnt want u to know about . its all a scam ,scam scam ,playyin on everybodys hyped up fear .gets results ..

  • Dottie






    • Lauren G

      Hallelujah! I guess those 2 inspection companies won’t be in business much longer!

      • Dottie

        YEAH LAUREN!!

    • Rachel

      I think you spelled “feeling” as “felling”

      I do not think you meant felling much better.

      Let’s watch that.

  • Arlene

    As a Realtor, in our part of the country, a mold inspection is a separate inspection from a home inspection. With that said, however, if the mold is visible to the eye during the home inspection, it is the responsibility of the home inspector to report what he has seen. Also, home inspectors tell their customers up front that the home inspection report is for what was seen on the day of the home inspection. If the home inspector did not see any type of mold on the day of the home inspection, then I would think he would not be liable. This particular inspection company has been in the business for many years, even in our part of the county. I have not heard anything negative about them, until now regarding Rachael Ray’s situation. Home inspectors are not allowed to penetrate anything in the home in order to do their inspection. It’s only to report what they see as they go along on their inspection.

    • paulette

      I hope her and her hubby wins… you and you dirty around about talk is just that. I am not responsible because I couldn’t see it with the naked eye. Take your azz in that home and live for about six months I dare you and see how sick you become. I have horrible respiratory problems and my kids hack all the time now. From these worthless greedies. They should be made to live in the houses they sell. The nerve of people to act like she needs this money and her health is unimportant. You all sound dumb and Karma is a b*tch!

      • Kasey

        He’s saying it wasn’t the home inspector’s duty, lady. The people are probably greedy, yes, but they could easily have bad workers who dropped out of high school. The mold inspectors should have checked for the mold. It’s not the home inspector’s duty to get on his hands and knees and feel up the entire house, looking for mold.

        Now, I’m sorry that Rachel Ray has that problem, but if she dies, what the hell will 3 mil. do? Is it going to bring her back? No. Is it going to make her husband feel better? No. Is it going to do -anything- at all to the company? No. If anything, the company’ll probably cover up any noticeable mold and blame it on the homeowners, saying that they did it. So really, suing isn’t going to help. Now if she put money to an organization that tried to better the mold inspection company, then maybe we’ll all get somewhere.

      • http://www.na4mm.com Kevin

        Unfortunatly, I agree with you. Home inspectors simply aren’t equiped to deal with mold, but they should be. I work for a non-profit company that has been trying to push this for many years only to have it fall on deaf ears. No one cares about it until it’s their problem and in most cases, the builder, inspector and realtor walk away without any liability. We need to have some standards in place to prevent this growing problem.

    • Ty

      This lawsuit is emotionally based and they won’t win. The normal home inspector isn’t equipped to investigate for mold. If it’s not visible or you can’t smell it, then you need air sampling equipment to know if mold is present. A normal home inspection doesn’t encompass this. Plus, there are no federal or state standards that define what constitutes over exposure to mold. There are only guidelines that mold professionals use to determine if mold spores are too high, but keep in mind mold is not a carcinogen like asbestos. They won’t be able to prove mold is causing problems.

      • http://www.na4mm.com Kevin

        Not exactly true, there are new medical tests that can show mold exposure. These tests look for mold-specific antibodies. Combine this with proper sampling in the home and it is possible to link the mold in the home to the illness in the person.

    • http://www.na4mm.com Kevin

      Air sampling can go a long way to find hidden mold problems. I have been a mold inspector for about 8 years. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone in to do a mold inspection after a home inspection has already been done and found not only hidden mold (with air samples) but also obvious mold problems that the home inspector missed. Many times it is in the attic or crawlspace where they don’t even look.

      The problem is simple, home inspections simply don’t look for mold. The solution is just as simple too, get a mold inspection or high a home inspector who is trained in mold/moisture issues.

      • http://www.na4mm.com Kevin

        Sorry, typo. Last sentence should read “get a mold inspection or hirer a home inspector who is trained in mold/moisture issues”.

      • Raymond

        hi kevin how are you?

  • Sara L.

    I don’t think I would have the same reaction to their mold. I understand people have different chemical processes going on in their body and will react differently. Sometimes, it take a while for people to understand certain things affect people differently, and they can have compasion. Hope all goes wells for her and her family.

    • En4

      I think you need to go back to grammar school.

  • Baroness

    Her husky voice is due to her chronic smoking for over 20 years, not the croup. I am in the medical profession and croup might but does not always does leave a recovered patient with a husky voice. Tell her to quit smoking like a fiend!

    • Jo Perkins

      Do you know for a fact that she’s a smoker? I have never seen or heard of Rachael Ray being a smoker. Do you know something I don’t? or are you just another judgmental jerk!

      • Dexter Dikholder

        Shut up or fellate as turd. You choose.

    • Jenna

      Rachael Ray is NOT a smoker as she has said plenty of times. And I know people who suffered croup and they do have voice issues. In the medical field? What in insurance claims because only a snake would make such a statement. Rachael Rays voice is a combination of croup and a combination of her animated and excited personality. She is very loud and talks non stop, her vocal cords never get a chance to rest. This is information from a DR. who removed a cyst on her vocal cords last year. Furthermore, I know plenty of people who smoke and don’t have vocal issues so your argument is just ridiculous!

      • Debbie

        My son had several bouts of croup when he was young and does not have a husky voice.

      • John T

        Racheal Ray is one of only a few Celebs who is a genuine, wonderful person. She is NOT a smoker, and would not cry wolf (or mold) if it weren’t warranted. Most of the rich and famous sue at the drop of a hat, not her. I was lucky enough to work with her several times, and found her to be a rare mixture of class, poise and humility.

    • christne

      I though t her husky voice was from nodes in her larynx?

  • rightseater

    I can understand Rachael and her husband being upset, and I’m also well aware of the problems that mold can cause, but 3 million dollars seems awfully excessive for something that many, many, many apartment dwellers are stuck dealing with everyday. Perhaps enough money to repair the problem and handle any medical expenses proven to be related to the mold that her insurance does not cover would suffice.

    • christne

      3Mil is more than they paid for the house, they will at best, be made whole, and not profit off of this.

  • http://www.realworldstuff.com Jayce

    Oh, give me a break.
    Quit huffing and puffing about your bad habits.
    Be happy with your uber millions of dollars.
    And leave the rest of the non Food Network, non bimbo, O watching world alone.
    And…I know this will be cut, snipped out of the emails….RR? What do you bring to the table? And that is such a funny pregunta with your job in mind.
    You cook quick, lousy meals that sex and the city wanna-be types need, you are a sould like a raspy sand paper actress from teh 40′s, and you have milked the Food Network for all its worth…
    You travel, you cook, you travel some more, chicks love and want to be you…

    • Fenwayfanatic

      Jealous much?

      • Sarah Parker

        Green is certainly not one of your better colors……

      • Kara

        The whole “You’re jealous” thing is SO OLD and so juvenile.

        Croup is very common in children and can result in temporary hoarseness…”temporary” being the key word. I have no idea why Rachael has such a hoarse voice, but it’s not from having croup as a child.

    • Cindy Mills

      I totally agree. Her voice alone drives me nuts. She should quit now while she’s ahead and be happy with what she’s accomplished financially and otherwise. Speaking the truth doesn’t mean one is jealous.

      • Jt

        I am so with you on that….this woman drives me nutso! Can’t stand her annoying voice or personality

      • margaret

        She is totally annoying. Her husband needs a good bath and job. He is a leach and when does he practice law? Like never. He is a waste

    • Mawgret

      Jayce: BEFORE you make a fool of yourself by posting nonsense and false statements, GET A DICTIONARY!!! You’re idiocy is showing you moron!!!

      • Jutes

        It’s your idiocy (not)you’re. If you are going to complain about spelling, make sure you get it right before you critize someone else.

  • danielle

    I have to agree 3 million is a bit much. Why would you ask to sue for more than what you bought the house for?

    • Lindsey

      Exactly what I was wondering. Also, I have a feeling that this case is going to be pretty easy to rule on in terms of how much money the damage was worth and if the mold was even visible to begin with.

    • Jenna

      I would imagine they are suing for the price of the house, which most like cost about 3 mill after everything was said and done. If the mold is so severe that they are suing then chances are the house is a total loss and unlivable. This is something that happens often with mold. If it gets bad enough you have to basically tear down the walls to make it safe for habitation.

      Water damage which they are also suing for can also have a hefty repair price resulting in completely ripping out ceilings. Had the companies disclosed the information (and there are ways to see mold in ANY home by using a mold detecting blacklight). Would you honestly want to pay 3 million dollars for a “fixer upper”. I certainly wouldn’t!

      • http://www.na4mm.com Kevin

        A black light won’t do anything for mold inside walls. I don’t know the specifics of this case, but usually a visual/olfactory inspection, with the aid of a moisture meter, hygrometer and/or infrared camera will locate moisture problems easily, and these are tools that every inspector should have. Also, taking a few air samples is a cheap and easy way to find hidden mold, if taken properly and analyzed by a good lab. Air samples have become so easy and inexpensive that it is surprising that more inspectors aren’t doing them. It isn’t hard for a home inspector to become moisture/mold certified and the extra money made from the sampling will pay for itself in no time. Then it is a win/win situation and cases like this won’t happen.

    • Mawgret

      My guess is that the monetary figure also includes $$$ for pain/suffering, cost of repairs, lawyers fees, etc.

      My question: if they bought the home in 2007, why wait THREE YEARS after the fact to “belly-ache” about and sue the home inspectors?? If Rachel and John didn’t discover the mold till now, how the heck were the inspectors supposed to discover it???

  • Jay hinton

    I just recently watched a movie I think it was on the Hallmark channel and the movie is called Class. This reminds me of the movie. There is a segment in the movie where the main star is living in a mold infested apartment which was causing her son to have bad asthma problems.
    The point I would like to say is that you GO Rachel and John. This should be recognized as a very important issue.
    So many people do not have their homes checked for mold and mildew and it can cause a lot of health issues for people. Regardless of their finance situation or low income bracket you are in a person should not be subjected to these kind of issues. All homes should be properly checked it could help prevent health expenses.

    • http://www.na4mm.com Kevin

      Here is a quote from a recent EPA study “The associated annual cost of current asthma attributable to dampness and mold in the U.S was estimated to be $3.5 billion”. That is a phenomenal cost and is just part of the growing mold problem. It really is something that needs to be addressed.

  • http://yahoo Rob

    I just finished moving a friend, his wife, and their three sons (ages 4, 2, and a newborn) from a home that had developed mold due to a broken pipe. My friend, the homeowner, contacted his insurance adjuster last November after he discovered water in the crawlspace under his home. The adjuster inspected the problem, determined it was ground water and posed no threat (according to my friend he also claimed to be a mold expert), and there was no claim to be made. We live in Michigan, and in the beginning of June, when their baby was due, the heat really picked up and there was an awful smell. Turns out the so-called ground water was coming from a busted drain pipe that came from the kitchen to the main sewage line. Got the pipe fixed for $200. The same claims adjuster set up for a mold and clean up company to clean the standing water and fumigate/deodorize under the home. They did the clean up, cutting a hole in the kitchen floor to get to the water, while using industrial fans to help dry and dehumidify the crawlspace. When the flooring company came in to re-do the kitchen floor, they immediately discovered mold and stopped work. My friend then hired an independent mold company to take a second look and discovered mold everywhere in the crawlspace. They were given two estimates for remediation, one for $32,000, the other for $12,000 (the latter if no other mold exists in the home, which is unlikely because fans were used by the clean up company). The home owners policy caps mold remediation at $5,000, and they are already upside down 80,000 on the home. The wife had bronchitis during her pregnancy for two months, and both children had developed symptoms of asthma and had been put on breathing treatments. Every lawyer they have talked to said they would have to stay in the home, take care of the mold issue, and would at most be able to sue for the cost involved with remediation only. If there is anyone out there who is sympathetic to this and can help them, my email is rcj22001@yahoo.com

  • guest

    asking for too much money.i hope they win their case though

  • AVM

    Croup left her with a husky voice? Uh, how about being a chain-smoker AND a chain-talker! That woman never shuts up! If you overuse/strain your vocal chords or do something to irritate them (smoking)you will have voice problems.

    • Mawgret

      Rachel Ray is NOT a smoker nor has she EVER been a smoker!!! Get your facts straight before you make false statements on a public forum you moron!

      • nona urbusiness

        Sounds like YOU need to get your facts straight. According to Rachael Ray herself in “Look and Cook” (IMB9780307590503), she did indeed smoke for 7 years before being driven to stop by what she called a “stern warning” from her mother. It has nothing to do with this topic, but if you’re going to tell others to get their facts straight, you should practice what you preach.

  • http://yahoo carolyn clayton

    if i lived in a house that had mold and affecting my breathing and health…I WOULD MOVE. Racheal why didnt u leave like u husband did.?? a smart man.. if the mold is making u soooooo sick u should move. .

  • http://nyphonejacks.com nyphonejacks

    seems greedy to me… you buy the house for $2.9M and are suing for $3M for a profit of $100,000 – the most if anything that they should be entitled to would be the cost of the clean up, you are not entitled to a free home plus $100,000 cash

    not to mention the fact that the house was purchased in 2007, that is 3 years ago… it is possible that the condition did not exist at the time of the inspection… you do need to maintain your home to prevent issues like this from arising…

  • http://showbizspy.com Joe

    Mold…just the latest scam from what has sadly become a nation of whiners.

  • Bill T

    They bought the house over 3 years ago and are just now suing the inspectors for mold on a 3+ year old inspection?

    That is like someone (probably a lawyer or a hollywood star!) suing the previous owner of the house for the stain on the fence beginning to fade after 3+ years in the house. Give me a break!

  • Lucy

    I just finished reading the best romance novel I’ve read in a LONG time. Secrets On Lake Drive was so awesome, I’m going to read it again! Look it up on Barnes and Noble online.

  • http://showbizspy.com JimB

    Could this be related to the fact that her magazine is going down the tubes or that her hubby is a lawyer (aka shakedown artist)? Nah!!!

  • Beth

    Mold can actually get into the blood stream and cause major problems…
    People purchase homes and have too much trust in Inspectors who many times have their pockets padded by contractors….
    I say, Go for It and Good Luck with your suit….it’s not all about the house….it’s about health.

  • noah

    Thats what you get for moving to the Hamptons and thinking your miss hoity tooity!

  • ed wood

    The hazzards of buying a home and a sad fact of life.

    RR is going to have to prove that these two companies were negligent. Frankly, I don’t see it. Home inspections are, by all accepted standards, visual inspections. If there was no mold apparent or if the previous homeowners had cleaned it up, the inspection copmany would not be to blame. I am not sure what the second company did, though it appears they were there to advise about renovations. Like the home inspection company, they would not have been involved in penetrating the walls, ceilings, or floorboards. It seems to me that the only course of action would be to do some research into the previous homeowners, to see if it could be proven that they knew of the mold. But even then, it would have to be established that they did nothing. If they were proactive in eliminating the mold, the sale would have been in good faith.

    Of course all this assumes that it can be established that the mold was there when RR bought the home.

    It seems like a terribly hard uphill fight for RR.

  • http://showbizspy.com Adam

    I once had a g/f who turned out to be moldy. I had to soak my bad boy in bleach for a week and it wasn’t fun, I can tell you. I guess I could have sued her but I manned up and dealt with it like Rach and hubby should do. Plus if she lost some flab and quit smoking she prolly would feel a lot better

  • Stella Stiggletts

    Could someone tell me how I can sue someone or some big corporation so I can get a check and live the hoopty life?

    • Sarah Parker

      Your last name spells it out for all of us…..

  • Hugh G. Dick

    Oh deary, a little mold ain’t gonna hurt ya. You eat blue cheese, don’t ya? Concentrate on getting that voice fixed honey, and forget about being a Hampton wannabee. It sucks there in the winter.

  • bb

    I have never commented on an article before. But, I read these comments and I want to scream! My brother has developed lung issues from mold and has been in and out of the hospital for years. His spent weeks cleaning up his condo after it was ruined in a hurricane. He didn’t realize there was mold growing so he never used a mask. For their sake, I hope they don’t develop the same problem.

  • http://yahoo sue

    thank lucy for heads-up on the book you just read.i,m always looking for a good read.beats ready about mold:)

  • http://truthaboutmold.info TruthAboutMold

    Mold can cause serious health problems. For accurate information about the health effects of mold and indoor contaminants, go to http://truthaboutmold.info and http://achemmic.com.

  • Dude

    Wow, never would have guessed. I feel bad for her. I’ve always thought her husky voice was sexy though.

    • ohhhhhBoyyyyyy

      Her husband is the lawyer, so that works to his unemployed ass advantage, i guess.

  • Candace

    For those who are sensitive mold cam be deadly. Many people have severe allergies to mold.

    To the arrogant idiot who commented about blue cheese– eating mold is totally different from INHALING it.

    As for the $ amount of the suit– There are houses that have had to be torn down because of mold! OH, and BTW– the lawyer gets half the $.

    I am NOT a Rachel Ray devote. That does not mean I would treat her as many of you have.

    I do know buying a house near water is always a risk. The ocean or lake is beautiful to look at but can bring many unexpected issues. I prefer “high and dry.”

  • chaos

    I am sorry but I am so sick of her face and her raspy voice. I could care less about her mold problem. We have bigger problems in the world other than her babbling about her mold problem. You bought the place for $3 million dollars, just sue them, dont tell anyone, and fix it. You have your millions, use them to fix up the dump

  • rick

    i have the same problem here in illinois . i have lived in a house for 8 years . found out 2 years later that black mold was growing behind the wall. told the landlord about the problem told me nothing to worry about . so what does he do??? painted right over the mold 2 weeks later it came back i told him about it he told me there was nothing to worry about mold it wont hurt you. then 1 year later i started having problem in my ab. lots of pain. hospital (osf) done alot of test on me the next 2 years guess what nothing is showing in my blood. so i went to call knox county helath dept. and they told me there is nothing they can do about it . next years i was inspectin my roof and fell threw it . it really is a nice house . couldnt tell the roof was rotten tell i fell threw. finally my landlord call his insurance company last year to tell them about it the cut him a check for 7200 to get the roof fixed took 15 months to get my roof fixed . i told my doctor i think all these proplems im having are due to mold . she said mold harming humans is a myth. other words she told me nothing to worry about . then i had been diagnosed with diverticulitous then it was a torn ab muscle then stomach ulsers. then ibs . then finally cronic pancreatitus . i think all this digagones are wrong i really thinks its mold . but illinois has no laws to enforce mold. all they give u is to call the local building inspector of the city and he’ll kick you out of the house . i really understand what shes going threw .i hope she reads this message if she wants to contact me go for it searay4377@yahoo.com i will be more then happy to talk to her about this issue i hope she take this issue to her show and soon . many lifes are being hurt and the goverment dont care .thanks for the story and racheal you have all my repect for what your doing good luck !

  • Charles

    Sorry, I find her gross. Her 15 minutes have last much too long.

  • paulette

    I hope they win. I move in an apartment and almost five years later a mouse ate through the wall and I saw black around the hole. I realized it was black mole and wonder why me and my kids had started getting sick. Now I live in a house and it is white and you can see the mold around the outside of the house. I know nothing will get done you need lots of money to get help! Good luck the her and husband.

    • victoria

      grow up who cares if they are on tv they are just like you and I

  • tommy

    When will we learn that just because someone is on tv, that doesn’t mean that person is worth crap?

  • steve

    youre so fucking hot

  • zach

    isnt 3 million a bit much for mold? i wish we all could sue people for that much..

  • rocky

    phuck yall, all yall, if yall dont like me, phuck yall!

  • Brandon

    With a body like a tube of toothpaste and no cooking skills, I would be pissed too!

  • renee

    She does not smoke. And with a child who has severe allergies I sure as heck would sue for that much if not more. Is there a price on your health or life I was unaware of? I think it’s priceless myself. People are so ignorant and jealous these days it makes me ill. I’ll be praying for you guys!

  • Jimmy Yessiz

    Who gives a shit?

    • christne


  • PopeyeLovesOliveOil

    Hey Rachel…..

    just sprinkle some EVOO on the mold.

  • ohhhhhBoyyyyyy

    Rachel Ray is a money hungry gready pig with a fail tv show. The reason they found mold in their house is she cooks too much skanky food and its infested the place. I hope they loose the case, and it helps to break up their marriage made in money grubbing heaven. Go Smoke some more cigarettes Rachel so we can enjoy your gruff, crack pipe smoking voice on 17 talk shows a day.

  • ohhhhhBoyyyyyy

    I feel bad for what i said about Rachel, sorry. I LUV YOU RACHEL. Can I borrow your husband cause i want to sue my landlord for 4 million dollars because i think the blacktop in my driveway is too hard.


    Rachael SMOKES THE SAUSAGE !!!!!!

  • Steve

    Stay tuned for the next episode of” The Attack of the Black Mold”

  • Mel

    All I have to say is before all you people claiming mold does not cause medical issues in some, live your life in our shoes for a couple days. I lived in an apartment that had mold due to a wall air conditioner being improperly installed and leaking into the wall. I was not aware of it when I moved in last fall, it’s not like I created this mold. I cough all the time, I throw up mucus. I have headaches and sometimes have asthma type breathing problems. I have gone to several doctors about it and they couldn’t find any reason, so I had an allergy test and that is when I found that I am allergic to three different types of mold. I contacted the management company…and that is when it came out about the mold issue. They knew about it, but assumed it was okay because other tenants lived there an never had any problems. Needless to say, I have moved and my money was refunded to me from the half year I lived there! Mold and the symptoms effect everyone differently.

  • Gary

    seems like a flimsy way for them to get out of buying this house and have it be paid for by the contractors.I know she’s a strict business woman just like Martha Stewart so I find it hard to believe she didn’t know they were creating mold

  • Heidi

    Iv been sick for 2 yrs, Drs cant find anything but diagnosed me with a virus called CMV. I think it is all the mold in my house that i cannot afford to move out of, but no one will believe that, so since Im not RR Im stuck in this house with my family. We are all slowly going to be dead soon cuz we have no money to do anything about it. My d0gs are all sick too. I guess I should keep dealing with it, right????? Ive been in the hospital more then 5 times in the past year but i will just have to deal with it. No lawyers in my family so i cant sue anyone. Our tough luck, I guess.

  • http://www.purocleanfc.com Leslie Lautzenhiser

    As an owner of a mold restoration company, we see everyday how people’s lives are negatively affected by chronic long-term exposure to mold in their homes. If you live in a home that has ever had water damage, slow and undetected leaks, you are at risk for having mold presence. An inspection from a qualified mold inspection company (like ours) and a 3rd party industrial hygenist can definitely determine if mold is present and can work on a remediation plan to get rid of it. Only work with mold remediatiors who are IICRC industry certified. Contractors who do not have specialized training can actually make the problem worse. Be an informed citizen. Learn what to look for in your home!

  • Toro Bravo

    She should spend a few weeks in Cuba and

    cuban doctors will solve her problem

  • Mr. Mystery

    Didn’t know mold was such a bother to chipmunks.

  • Carol

    Mold is a very serious issue. Why be down on this lady and her hubby because she is working and able to make a lot of money.

    What has smoking, croup, and such have to do with a raspy voice! I have never smoked in my 64 years on this earth, never had croup and such yet I have a raspy voice.

    Mold is a very serious issue for sure. My son lived in a place with his wife and four kids that had mold and they were always sick with various breathing problems, croup, colds, strep throat, etc or so doctors thought until I took my 8 year old this spring to a Nuropath Doctor and after testing was told it was mold and to check there home and sure enough it was. So they started her on a program along with parents getting rid of everything and the home and starting anew in another mold free home and today she is doing much better and so are her siblings and the parents.

    This mess with there health went on for at least 3 years until it was found out what was really wrong. I fear there are many folks in this country living with mold in there homes and not realizing all the respiratory health issues is what is causing it.

    It amuses and amazes me as to how callous some folks can be towards other folks that have made something of themselves and become celebrity in their own right. Rachel has earned every dime she gets and then some.

    GREEN WITH ENVY I see some of you posting here.

    The issue is not about her money, but about the mold in her home and I for one am happy she and her husband are pursing this issue and bringing it to light.

  • Vicky Vossberg

    Vicky says
    Check out Know the Cause.com It is all about mold, fungus, and diseases.
    It is worth looking at Rachael. Also, Think Fungus First.com Both are very helpful with food allergies and other issues.
    Love VV

  • Joan

    I hope you get everything from these companies!
    Shame on them.
    You and John look real good together.
    Just wishing you both well.

  • http://safari wayne capinegro

    Rachel Ray has that undefinable something that makes her so easy to hate.

  • Arlene

    Unbelievable, some of the nasty comments on this blog. Are you all jealous that Rachael Ray has become so successful in life? That is the American dream, to be as good as you can be and prosper in life. Just because she has money, doesn’t mean that she should ignore the mold issue. You can ask any biologist, there are many types of mold in this world, some are toxic and some are not. But, mold can grow behind walls and you wouldn’t be able to see it. If a pipe behind a wall leaks, it can turn into a mold problem. I showed a home one time that was filled with mold in the entire house and it was caused by the insulation that was put around the home being wrapped too tight and not allow for the breathing of the insulation. It caused the whole house to have mold. Like another person said, various conditions that you just cannot see, can cause a mold problem, and in turn, that can cause health issues. Doctors will attest to that too. You all should look at facts about mold before making some of these ridiculous and judgmental comments. Just because Rachael Ray has money doesn’t mean she is not entitled to a lawsuit, if a lawsuit is justifiable in her situation. We don’t know her situation, so how can you judge her so nastily?

  • Nikki R

    This problem is not about liking or disliking Rachael and or John. It is about buying a home and becomming sick from it. I hvae read so many remarks here concerning what they deserve or don’t deserve using everything from Rachaels cooking skills to habits that she may or may not have as reasons. If you don’t like her, don’t watch her. If you do like her, that has nothing to do with thisproblem. John is an attorney and has probably researched this problem. I doubt that he would besueing if there was not a probability of fault in the company that did the inspection. Who are we to set injudgement of a subject we know so little about and themjudge on unrelated ideas. Come on folks and get a grip

    • Mitch

      Nikki R, you said, “I doubt that he would besueing if there was not a probability of fault in the company that did the inspection.” To the contrary, frivious lawsuits are brought every day in this country, especially in the Inspection Profession. If what you say about not being ready to “set judgement” is true, remember that people and companies are inocent until proven guilty, even in a civil suit. Until you know the standards of practice, and details in this particular case, you and others commenting would be wise to hold your judgements until you know more.

      It is likely that this is just another plantiff asserting blame on persons because they just need someone to be responsible, when there is probably no one to blame. This case is more likely about either improper maintenance over “3 years” or not following recommendations given in the original reports regarding moisture related issues.

      Always have to blame someone in this country….right?

  • Pancho Villa

    Rachel can suck me any time.

  • http://yahoo margo laribee

    dear rachael and john,

    i am your biggest fan, rachael. love your shows and the cooking is fabulous!

    i have mold in my house, and it is affecting my breathing. so bad that it makes me very short of breath to walk from one end of the room to another. i am calling the city to see if they can help me.

    i wish you all the luck in the world with your suit.


  • Curtis

    Most of you people are SAD, very sad…

    Love ya Rach. Keep looking up !

  • http://yahoo David S.Walenski

    I hope she can get this issue resolved. I have seen several homes infected with mold. Matter of fact Ted Nugeant was one of the recipients to aquire the mold and had to move from there home as well.

  • susan s


  • Diane

    Mold is soooo serious, it really can ruin your life.

  • John L’Heureux

    Good luck in your fight vs the mold; it’s a good one.
    (Any chance John could get a shave and a haircut?).



  • eddie mac

    he should sue the food companies for how”FAT” his wife is getting…………

  • http://www.ksginnovations.com Kerry Leppo


  • http://galechristenson.com gale christenson

    hi rachael,
    i’m a guy don’t usually watch cooking shows but i like watching you, keep up the great work

    • coot

      who cares about her r her hubby. stick ur head n a paper bag and breath n REAL DEEP. that should solve ur breathing problems lol.

  • ken

    What about all the lead based toys that are sold at Walmart? Walmart buys cheap China stuff from sweat houses that are toxic for our kids.The holidays are on the way,if you shop at Walmart watch what you buy.The government does not always tell the truth on what is safe and what is not.Lead paint is just as bad as mold in your kids mouth.

  • nanner nanner

    There are no scientifically documented issues with black mold. I’m not saying it might not be an issue; it’s difficult at present to win these cases because there just isn’t any substantive evidence. More importantly…when is RR planning on getting a boob job?

  • Truth teller

    I hope she dies

  • janelee63

    They should win the lawsuit. The inspectors should have caught it. Why else do they get paid!

    • Mitch

      Finding mold is not part of the inspection. Finding conditions that may lead to this moisture related growth is. If they can prove that there was a pre-existing condition that was present on the day of the inspection that should have been reported on then they may have a case. Otherwise…..

      BTW…the Attorney’s are going to get their money no matter what, even if this is a frivilous campaign looking for someone to blame. There is the possibility that the Inspector was negligent, but if he was not, he is going to have to pay in some way anyway, ie., higher premeums on E&O insurance, deductible, etc., and have to pass the extra costs onto you, the consumer.

  • Gorman

    Sorry, RR fans, but Rachel smoked heavily for MANY years and still sneaks a few cigs. She drinks a LOT of red wine, too, which is bad for the larynx. She had precancerous lesions stripped from her vocal folds, but she didn’t listen to her ENT doctor.

    Rachel was in the right place at the right time, but, frankly, she has no talent whatsoever. She never studied to be a chef and is only able to mix up the same five basic dishes over and over and over again. And, if you have not noticed by now, EVERYONE is her best friend if that person is a celebrity. At book signings, she is a snot to her followers, if she shows up at all.

    Rachel Ray is a redneck Adirondack woodchuck who married an out of work attorney who keeps looking for lawsuits to make them more money. Thanks, Oprah, for creating another moron for television.

  • http://showbizspy BoobyBobby

    While their at it they should sue the guy who made her husnads pants – UGLY !!!! And is he related to the Hunchback of Notre Dame family ?

  • Safiya

    Jutes,it’s either criticise or criticize and not critize! By the way I am a fan of Rachel’s.

    • http://blog fran

      do u hear yourself??? you hope they get the money,, that is why our medical cost and every other costs go up people that sue you are just as stupid as the next idiot that beleives that they sould get the house for free…shit for brains u r

  • Just Me

    What ever happeed to trustworthy people! What kind of Home Inspectors Are those people who never saw Mold??? Its all Money Honey! I hope they get a settlement! They deserve it. Lots of luck really…

  • http://louis_a056@yahoo.com louis024

    They need to check if the previous owners had burst pipes
    from freezing during the winter months then they need to
    call there homeowners insurance company and have a restoration company like servpro come in and clean the place up and probably strip the place done to the bare walls
    also check out the basement because this is where mold starts. I would drop the lawsuit and call there homeowners
    insurance to clean place up they should also check if house
    was flooded. Sometimes when it rains water can seep into
    house flooding the house and basement and carpet pad is
    wet leaving mold in it’s place. Maybe they should sell
    there house move to Arizona she could do her show from
    Arizona, she could move to Florida too do her show from
    there too. A warmer climate can do her some good I hadbuts with croup it’s like asthma or bronchitus. Your
    chest feel like it’s tied up it knots.

  • http://blog fran

    seeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! you can problems with million $$$$ houses,, ahh too bad, see even rich people ,, have to deal with problems the rest of us do tooo,, but no way can they get the price of the damm house for a little mold that probably was not there when it was inspected.. damm layer on top of it that buys the house.. what ass holes.. why dont they just get a refund on the house or have it fixed,, but they want it fixed and 3 million $$$ no wonder this country is going to shit,, people like scum lawyers and rich big bottie tv stars

    • Diane

      have you always been like this fran? bitter… did someone screw you over?

    • Diane

      fran people always ask for more money….that way they go back and forth about it..people don’t usually get what they ask for..i bet that if you got into a car accident…and weren’t really hurt…but you found out the person that hit you…was rich/famous you would make a grand stand and claim you were in agony…and would try to sue for alot of money…why are you so angry at someone you don’t know? you haven’t walked in their shoes…you seemed so stressed out about someone that has nothing to do with you

  • http://dollarsandsensecoupons.com dan

    Mold is a common problem and the majority of people don’t realise they’re living with it. And trusting a local contractor who claims they can remove it is anothe issue. It’s not a problem to ignore. And be sure you’re contractor is thorough.


  • http://thisone vicki

    Rachael Ray,Don’t let them get away with , black mole is a killer, It makes pepple have all kinds of health proplems .. I love your cooking show also!! I hope you and your husband win .. I’m on yor side.

  • http://microsoftinternet.... carl

    This lady has one of the best and most intering progams on tv in a long time , stay out of her personal life , watch her cook you might learn somthing,,,,,ps i for one love her voice,,,,,,,,,best of luck to RR,,,,

  • http://yahoo.com frankielove

    i say they got to get the mold out of there home or get there money back

  • Gloria

    I seldom read these blogs and after spending a few minutes here I remember why…….


    truth teller???? your fucked up in the head.

  • http://www.inspectorsjournal.com Mike O’Handley

    Hi All,

    Yes, if there’s mold in her home it’s a shame; but is it really the tragedy and the injustice that the media is making it out to be?

    She and her husband are suing inspectors for work that they did in 2007. According to many of the media reports, the mold was only just discovered inside wall cavities while doing renovations to prepare the home for sale. In other words, they’d lived there for three years without seeing any visible mold and are attributing her symptoms to mold only because mold has been found now.

    A home inspection is strictly visual. Inspectors aren’t allowed to pull up carpeting or cut holes in walls – not even tiny holes – so there would have been no way that an inspector could have detected mold that’s inside of a wall cavity now let alone in 2007.

    Here is a fact you might not know; there is mold everywhere. Mold is on every square inch of your keyboard, on your clothing, in your lungs, in your home, in your car, everywhere you go 24/7/365? Did you know that the mold that is ever present in the environment and that you breath 24/7/365 is exactly the same mold that the media is always characterizing as “toxic” mold when they write these sensational news stories? How is it that, if something is so “toxic” that we aren’t all sick all the time?

    Aren’t homes in the Hamptons closed up for days at a time when their owners are working elsewhere? I grew up in New York state; I know how cold it gets in the winter and I know that most vacation and weekend homes there are closed up tighter than a drum during the winter unless there is housekeeping staff living there. If Ms. Ray and her husband spend a substantial amount of time in the city during the winter, because they don’t want to make that slick and dangerous commute in the snow to the Hamptons, and they don’t have live-in staff, wouldn’t it be logical that ambient humidity in her home could build up to much higher-than-normal levels?

    There is a process known as vapor diffusion; wherein vapor-laden air moves from warmer to cooler and moister to drier. All homes experience vapor diffusion; some more than others. It’s simple building science and it occurs everywhere on the planet.

    In New York in the winter the air outside is extremely dry and cold while interior air is very warm and moisture-laden. If Ms. Ray and her husband left their home closed up for days at a time, ambient moisture would build up in that home and then move via vapor diffusion outward through the building envelope to the outside. If there is too much humidity in the home – either because her whole house ventilation system has been turned off to conserve heat and lower heating costs when she isn’t there, or because she’s got it improperly adjusted – as it passes through the exterior envelope some of that moisture-laden air will condense and freeze on the inside of the exterior wall cavities. Guess what happens to that moisture over time? It fosters mold growth.

    It’s been more than three years. Visible mold growth can form in as little as three days – this was mold in the exterior walls. Are inspectors expected to have x-ray vision? No. If the job were to find mold, it would be the easiest job in the world; all the inspector would have to do is swipe a fingertip over any surface and declare the home “infested.” That’s not the job. The job is to spot defective installation of flashing around windows and doors that will allow water in; to find leaks under fixtures and from plumbing; to find improperly configured/installed HVAC systems; to find leaky roofs, to find water infiltration into basements and crawlspaces, etc. In other words, to try and spot those things that could cause moisture in a home to be excessive AT THE TIME OF THE INSPECTION and to inform the client of those issues, explain why they are bad for the house and recommend a course of action to them. That’s where the job ends – it doesn’t include returning to the home every day for the next three years to ensure that Ms. Ray and her husband have been keeping the whole house ventilation system turned on and properly programmed and it doesn’t include cutting into walls looking for signs of previous water intrusion that might have been expertly concealed by any reasonably competent contractor hired to fix a previous issue and ensure no trace existed that any such issue had ever existed.

    Someone talked about air sampling. What a joke. When there is mold spore in 100% of the air all the time, air sampling doesn’t give you any useful information. Air sampling ALWAYS results in a finding of “toxic” mold. A year ago, one of my students contacted me because her elderly mother was feeling ill and thought the cause was mold. I went out to look at the house. The mother explained to me that she’d had a washing machine hose burst; and, because of what she’d seen on a TV show, had been afraid of mold. She said that within a couple of days of the water being cleaned up in her basement she began feeling ill so she’d called a “Mold Inspector.” The inspector arrived, took air samples, left and then called her several days later to inform her that she had “toxic” levels of mold in her home. She didn’t know what to do. He had the solution. He recommended a local company. That company came and cleaned her house. The inspector came back and again reported “toxic” levels of mold in the house after taking an air sample. She got on the phone and after a long argument got the remediation company to come back and re-clean the house for a reduced fee. She brought the inspector back again and he took another air sample. This time, he declared the air of the house free of all mold (?). Weeks after she’d spent over $10,000 to get her home cleaned twice and had him in there to take air samples three times, she was still feeling ill. I asked her how long she’d lived in that home – 64 years. I asked if she’d ever had a washing machine hose burst before – she had. I asked if she’d ever been sick from mold in her life – she hadn’t. I then pointed out to her that she lives in an area where there is mold around her, on her and in her 24/7/365 and asked her why she thought she’d gotten sick after 80 plus years from mold after this one instance. She couldn’t think of anything except the TV show and the fact that before that she’d never thought about it. She keeps a nice clean house and in our temperate climate keeps her windows open a little bit most of the time. I told her to just keep doing what she’s been doing her entire life and stop worrying about the bogeyman. The next day the daughter called me and wanted to know what miraculous thing I had done to cure her mother. Apparently, for the first time in months her mother was feeling well and her symptoms had disappeared overnight.

    The CDC, the EPA, the European health agency, and I believe the American Academy of Science (Or is it the American Science Academy) have extensively studied mold and haven’t been able to determine what constitutes a high threshold for exposure. They all agree that too much mold is probably not a good thing but they can’t prove that it has really any serious deleterious affects on otherwise healthy persons and they all agree that there is no proven causal link between mold and alleged mold illnesses in otherwise healthy individuals with normally functioning immune systems and no known allergies to mold.

    How do you explain away the fact that here in the western corridor of Washington State where I live there is an extremely high spore count of all of the alleged “toxic” molds – much higher than in most other parts of the country, including New York State – yet the number of persons getting sick from mold exposure here is no more and no less than anywhere else?

    Mold, the same varieties that the media and our mold testing friends characterize as “toxic” has been around since before man first walked on the planet; yet, we’ve somehow manage to populate the planet in spite of the mold. Pretty miraculous.

    Here is a simple indisputable fact: there is no such thing as “toxic mold.” There are certain fungi that certain persons are allergic to. That makes those fungi toxic for those persons – not everyone.

    Maybe Ms. Rae has an allergy to mold; or maybe it’s just an allergy to perfume or certain ingredients used in cooking. Painters have been known to develop allergies to paint, chefs have been known to develop allergies to certain foods, many people have been known to develop allergies to many substances in the environment that don’t effect others – that hardly constitutes a crime or negligence on the part of those persons that produce those substances. Does it?

    What is sad is that both of these inspection companies might have gone, because of her celebrity status and the fact that her husband is a high-profile attorney, far beyond the accepted standards of practice, in order to do superior inspections for them. In the end, it might come out in court that there is no way to prove that the home wasn’t free of mold three years ago and that the inspectors, from all appearances, did better-than-normal inspections on her home and the inspectors will be exonerated.

    Do you think that by then it will make any difference to those inspectors whose businesses and livelihoods have been trashed by the media? There is not a whole lot of profit in the home inspection business; most inspectors are barely scraping by in this economy and have long since exhausted most of what they’d been able to save in the good years just trying to keep their heads above water.

    Ms. Ray has the resources to get her home properly abated and fixed easily. She won’t be out of a job and her family won’t be homeless by the time the lawsuit is over with. Let’s hope that the families of those inspectors whose reputations and business will have been ruined by this can say the same when this is all over.

    Mike O’Handley
    Editor – The Inspector’s Journal

    • http://www.mymold411.com John P Tampa

      Mr. O’Handley, actually I was shocked to see a professional like yourself be truly ignorant of facts regarding mold testing. While air samples are not the end-all some purport them to be, their results are very helpfull in the hands a real mold assessor. One who knows how to inspect the building, analyze the test results in conjunction with the visual and olfactory inspcetion results along with moisture readings of building materials and the air, and by the way, the air conditioning system. Some of us earn our money, but we charge a little more than most home inspectors who charge for air samples, then know nothing about what they mean.
      Also, if you journal is national, you must know that Florida is now requiring home inspectors, mold assessors and mold remediators to be licensed – goes into effect July 2011.
      The real problem is that people don’t want to spend the money to be sure that they are not buying a “mold pit.” I get their calls after they bought it and want to know how to fix it ‘cheap.’ Good Luck.

      • http://www.inspectorsjournal.com Mike O’Handley

        Mr. Tampa says

        Quote: Mr. O’Handley, actually I was shocked to see a professional like yourself be truly ignorant of facts regarding mold testing.

        Well, there’s no reason to be shocked, Mr. Tampa; there is after all the majority of home inspectors in the country who have personally made a conscious decision to stay away from mold sampling because they don’t see dabbling in mold to be within our bailiwick.

        Every standard of practice from each of the professional home inspector associations specifically exempts mold and environmental testing from those standards.

        Most that think like me in this profession believe that if CDC, EPA and other credible agencies haven’t been able to figure out the mold thing yet – what constitutes a hazard threshold and what doesn’t, how mold attacks the human system or even if it actually does – than a bunch of guys trained to investigate the condition of electro-mechanical systems and structures shouldn’t be running around charging people money and putting on dog-and-pony shows that provide no truly valuable information to the client.

        We prefer to follow the EPA and CDC advice NOT to do mold sampling in a home transaction; because mold sampling, according to those credible sources, provides the homeowner with no useful information.

        We prefer to refer our clients who are concerned about mold to REAL professionals – mycologists, microbiologist and certified industrial hygienists working for labs that have been around since before the “mold is gold” craze hit the home inspection profession ten years ago, and who will still be around long after the fad has died and all of the home inspectors who jumped into mold testing have gotten out of the business and jumped into the next quick buck.

        Quote: While air samples are not the end-all some purport them to be, their results are very helpfull in the hands a real mold assessor.

        Yes, that’s interesting; who are the REAL mold assessors and where do they obtain their accreditation? A three to five-day seminar learning lots of buzz words and how to take air samples and send them to a lab hardly makes one a REAL assessor of anything. IF the “real mold assessor” you refer to were truly a REAL mold assessor, wouldn’t the scientific and medical community be solidly behind the idea of home inspectors doing mold inspections?

        Quote: One who knows how to inspect the building, analyze the test results in conjunction with the visual and olfactory inspcetion results along with moisture readings of building materials and the air, and by the way, the air conditioning system.

        Very good spin but it’s mostly pablum. I realize you are trying to bolster the credibility of the home inspectors who’ve jumped onto the mold-is-gold bandwagon, but all your providing is puffery. It looks to me like you are attempting to convince people that mold inspections are an accepted part of the home inspection practice, as long as the inspector has superior training, and those inspectors who don’t ascribe to that idea are somehow uninformed or negligent.

        S’funny how very few true scientists – you know, the guys with lots of initials after they names that they earned after completing about a decade of schooling, internships and testing, think that a home inspector with an air pump and some tape lifts, is truly qualified to be dabbling in mold inspections.

        If mold in homes is the huge epidemic that the mold-is-gold folks are trying to make it out to be, why aren’t REAL scientists setting up companies on every corner and getting into the mold testing at home sales sampling business?

        Come to think of it, can you name one person who is a true scientist, actually knows what he or she is talking about when bloviating about mold, and doesn’t have to look up the answers, who thinks that home inspectors running around taking mold samples is a good idea, because I’ve never met one?

        Most of the scientists that I know say they think the whole idea of minimally informed home inspectors running around taking mold samples is anathema to them and even dangerous. I refer my clients to a PHD who has been doing mold research for over a decade and who has been quoted in several books on mold by the authors of those texts. When very misguided individuals here tried to convince our state legislature that having home inspectors do mold testing was a good idea, he and others stood up and said, “Hold on a second. Why not leave mold inspections to the people who know what they’re talking about.” The legislature listened and the bill died.

        Let me ask you, when someone calls up and inquires about your mold inspection services, before you start selling them your mold inspection services do you tell the prospective client that there is mold on every square centimeter of surface and in every cubic centimeter of air that he or she is breathing, and that it is the same stuff that the news refers to as “toxic?” Do you bother to tell the prospective client that they have been breathing that spore their entire life and that CDC and EPA have repeatedly stated that mold “inspections” done at home sales don’t really provide any useful information to buyers? If not, why not? If you are so concerned about informing the customer about mold, why not give the customer ALL of the information and not just what is going to add a few hundred more dollars to your inspection fee.

        Before every inspection I do, I take the time to make sure that the client understands that home inspectors aren’t mold inspectors and that my job is to find stuff like leaking roofs, leaking windows and doors, improperly installed ventilation systems, poor drainage, leaking plumbing fixtures and other things that will contribute to moisture in a home but that I won’t be looking for mold because it’s in the very air that we breath and on every surface. I tell them that if they have concerns about the possible presence of mold in the home, they should contact a REAL scientist for advice, someone who works for a REAL environmental testing lab, and under no circumstances should they seek advice about mold from home inspectors – any home inspector – because I’m certainly not qualified to speak to it and there isn’t a single inspector that I’m aware of, including you, Sir, that I consider TRULY qualified to speak to the issue of mold.

        Quote: Some of us earn our money, but we charge a little more than most home inspectors who charge for air samples, then know nothing about what they mean.

        Yes, I’m sure you do. Now, if you hold a degree in microbiology, macro-biology, or are a certified industrial hygienist with extensive background and experience dealing with microorganisms, and can point to some of your work that’s been published or where you assisted in such work, than I will heartily apologize to you for dissing you; however, if all you can point to is a shake-n-bake mold sample training course you took at a home inspection seminar someplace, and a few hundred mold inspections you’ve completed and/or an article that you wrote as a press release to help bolster your entry into the mold-is-gold arena you certainly won’t have changed my opinion of your kind.

        Yes, Florida is going to have mold testing. I’d heard about it and even posted something about it on TIJ months ago. I fully expect that in a year or two there will be so many mold lawsuits going on in Florida that it will be absolutely impossible for the average one-man home inspection shop there to get insurance that will cover him or her for mold testing and more than a few mold “inspectors” will have been sued out of existence.

        If you are in Florida, will you be one of them?

        Mike O’Handley
        Editor – The Inspector’s Journal

  • Diane

    if you spent almost 3 million on a house …and it wasn’t checked properly and had a dangerous mold in it….that the professionals missed…lets see lets ask for 2000.00 that sounds right…shut up already….there are quite a few people that are jealous of rachel and her “blood sucking lawyer husband” gee fran..you have some issues don’t you??? do you personally know her husband? aren’t you being predjudice? let me think…yes!! if you’re not happy with your life do something about it…don’t whine about other people who have, what you might want..i bet you were one of those kids who always knocked people down to make yourself look better…or so you thought…you just look like idiot….instead of being so negative..why dont you try and be positive!! oh theres a concept.. and to the guy who said rachel smoked…are you a doctor? or did you grow up with rachel? jealous looks bad on who ever expresses it…and boy…it looks really bad on you!

  • http://www.mymold411.com John P Tampa

    Home inspectors are not mold inspectors, eventhough some try to be. Effective next year, mold assessors and mold remediators will need to be licensed in Florida and that leaves most home inspectors out.

  • Matt Picciolo

    ANYBODY who can cook surely can prepare a meal in 30 minutes, so what good is Rachel Ray and you know what — she can’t bake.
    I don’t wish her any harm but, get her off the air.

  • kathy

    elderly,children under 2 yrs; aids ,blood transfusions,cancer of the blood & recent dental ,create low ammune system & make any & all suseptible to mold exposure & jan/2010 under obama administration ‘cdc’colleges will have to teach students about mold, as well mayo clinic states 38 million people suffer from mold exposure-respertory ‘sp’ problems. wish i’d know this prior to my dental surgery for 2 yr’s doctor treated me for wrong things sinus infections w/enemy antibiotics that lower immune system-horror show for mold exposure people. but it appears to be taboo even allegist don’t tell you about the effects of organs that mold does., catch 22. just do research prior to talking stupid.

  • http://www.moldremedy.biz Chrissy Mann

    I have noticed noticably that Rachel’s voice has been affected by something. Toxic mold, it’s spores and mycotoxins cause a myriad of health related problems which are typically not found or addressed by your average physician. The medical establishment does not touch on mold related illnesses but diagnose from observing symptons rather than nailing the true cause. Cancer is a fungus. Owning a mold remediation company gives us a glimpse into a world of its own with people suffering horrifically from this all too common phenomenon.

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    before you a buy a house make sure that the house had no defect its not easy to raise this amount she must be considerate

    • Debbie Davis

       She tried to make sure the house had no defect by hiring the inspection companies.  As she is suing two companies, she obviously paid them both to inspect prior to buying and both of the must have missed it.  It is not difficult to date how long mold has been growing, so proving it was there when the house was inspected will not be an issue.  If the companies were not thorough in the job they were hired to do, they are at fault.  Mold can be fatal to even healthy individuals and if she has a history of respiratory problems, she is even more at risk

      • VeniceStu

        The Home inspector can only see so much and can’t see inside walls, they do not test for mold and almost always have a clause excluding such testing. There are many mold testing companies, but would be an extra service. Furthermore the mold may have started to grow after they purchased the property. Amerispec is a franchise company and known to write “friendly-happy reports” so as to get continued business from Real Estate Agents. If they find to much wrong the Agent loses the sale & commission and crosses the inspector off there referral list.

  • Anonymous

    Her voice is that way because she uses it too much, and never rests it. She had a cyst in her throat which will grow back eventually. She may have or may still smoke and that doesn’t help. The smog and crap in NY doesn’t help either. The Hampton home is another problem but her lungs need a rest for a year.

    • Marilyn

      I would not accuse her of smoking anything, but thought she had asthma. Thanks for explaining. Makes perfect sense!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if she smoked the weed with her husband at night did not help her either.