William Shatner Keen For Star Trek Return

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

William ShatnerWILLIAM Shatner hasn’t ruled out a return to Star Trek.

The actor — who played Captain James T Kirk in seven movies and countless TV episodes — says he could yet be involved in JJ Abrams‘ reboot of the Star Trek franchise in time for his 80th birthday.

“I’ve become a buddy of JJ but I don’t know if they can solve the problem of how do you put the body I’m in now with the Kirk that we remember forty years ago,” says William, who was not involved in last year’s Star Trek prequel movie.

“They just did a ‘Tron’ with Jeff Bridges and de-aged him but I don’t know how they did that. It’s going to take a lot of electronics on me!”


  • debra rowland

    i dont care what william shatner says i still think he looks good for his age i would like to see him in star trek the way he is

  • Mark

    William Shatner has kept himself looking real good for his age.He Should do one more star trek film. I didn’t like it when he did Star Trek:Generations when he died in that Scene. Paramount should do a Star Trek Movie where they Clone Kirk,and give him back the Enterprise.

  • Mario Borg

    William Shatner was ,is and still will be Star Trek,he is the Mr cool of outer space where no man has gone before or will go in the future.

  • charles france

    would love to see kirk get enerprize back and do not forget spook

  • BC

    William Shatner is the greatest. I loved him in all his Star Trek roles and especially on Boston Legal. The guys knows how to have fun with a character.

    He’s a suave, charming, self-effacing guy. I saw him at a Trek convention once, and he was awesome! He is quite funny and seems to have a wonderful personality.

    I hope I look as good as he does when I’m 79!