Selena Gomez Struggling to Find a New Boyfriend

Friday, August 6, 2010

Selena GomezSELENA Gomez has opened up about her lackluster love life — revealing she hasn’t had a date in six months!

The singer/actress — who split from boyfriend Nick Jonas earlier this year — says she’s struggling to find herself a hot new beau!

“Unfortunately, I haven’t been on a date in over six months…In hindsight, it doesn’t really seem that long between dates,” she said.

“The truth is I haven’t met anyone. But I’m young. I don’t need to have a boyfriend right now.

“Any crush or relationship is always a big ordeal. To get that one boy to like you and then he doesn’t feel feels like the end of the world…I figure that you will have about 1,000 dates until you get your perfect guy.”

Selena recently insisted she isn’t trying to replace fellow teen star Miley Cyrus.

“I’m flattered if people say I’m the new Miley, but I’m definitely not trying to be her,” she said last month.

“I’m just trying to be myself.”


  • jade

    i love selena

  • Guy

    selena,it hard to find true love, i been struggling to find love has well. everyone is different and have types of different taste in people, i am a stutter and it hard for me to find true love because the way i talk.

    haha well guess i am a loser.

    • florence

      aaaawww i love people who stutter! i just think it’s cute,very cute! i’m not saying that my older brother is cute because that will just be wrong..but he stutters too so that makes him cute..i think..!anyway what did i wanna say?..oh ya,stuttering is cute,don’t let nobody tell you nothing or is it don’t let anybody tell you anything?..anywho yea!!!

  • mike

    Hey, Selena, I’m single and willing to date you! LOL!

  • stephen farrier

    selena you could going with me and miley.

  • CriticXtreme

    Selena, you just turned 18, my favorite number. Drop me an email.

  • Rabeea Jawaid

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  • Jody

    I think someone should tell her about adult friend finder! lmao

  • TMJ

    selena is naturally awesome she doesn’t need a boyfriend in her life but, i have 2 admit that taylor l. would make a cute couple even known they keep saying that they’re just friends

  • TMJ

    i mean taylor l. and selena would make a cute couple and 2 all the people that think they’re selena’s #1 fan don’t just say it u need 2 back that up w/ facts or telling what u know about her like that her middle name is marie and that she was born on july 22nd, 1992. only true fans would know stuff like that

  • Vera

    She was with the Jonas brothers too? What is it with these guys? It seems they have ran through all of the Disney girls.

  • http://yahoo asvika

    hey selena ur no 1 fan here in india =)

  • alex

    someone actually wrote an article about this??? what the heck. who cares

  • Chinthaka

    I totally agree with her idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is still young!!!!!!!!!! and she is star……. and i believe that she can have a guy who really cares about her!!!!!!!!

    Please don’t blame me about this comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m a Sri Lankan and i’m 2 years younger than her!!!!!!!!

    So would like to say Ah!!!!!!!!!!!! never mind, If u see this comment selena please reply!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Brandon

    I’m sorry you haven’t had a date many people go through this including me I haven’t had a date for 3 years and I’m available and honest and only 4 years younger than you I think you have an amazing personality and a u r very hot.

    Ps I love your laugh!:)

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