Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zsa Zsa GaborZSA Zsa Gabor doesn’t have a penny to her name — according to a shocking new report.

American tabloid the National Enquirer says the actress and her husband, Frederick von Anchalt, are in dire financial straits after losing $10m to Bernie Madoff in his billion dollar ponzie scheme.

“It’s terribly sad,” a source said. “To have such a fabulous life come down to possibly being booted into the street just brings you to tears.

“If she hadn’t gotten caught up in Madoff’s scheme, Zsa Zsa could go out in the style to which she has been accustomed.

“Now, she’s in the same boat as others who bet their life-savings on the silver-tongued sales pitches of con men.

“The thought of Zsa Zsa going out penniless is tragic. It’s a sad final act in a life that she lived to the fullest.”

According to the Enquirer, Zsa Zsa and Freddie could lose their $14m Bel Air, Calif. mansion, their luxury cars and fabulous art collection.[imagebrowser id=514]


  • http://dummies captain obvious

    Can’t take the pennies with you when you die. she did it the right way.

    • Ron

      How true, you leave all your possesions behind when you die and you cant take them with you.

    • jeffrey moseley

      She is still human and we should not look down on her.She is a star in her own write. No one deserves to lose that kind of money. Mr. Madoff is an animal to mhave robbed an old lady like ZSA ZSA…But God will get him…I pray Zsa Zsa does not lose it all. I HAVE BEEN THERE and it is very hurtful…Take care Mrs.Gabor we love you..

      • http://www.showbizspy.com/article/209555/zsa-zsa-gabor-will-die-penniless-thanks-to-bernie-madoff.html Hilltop Steve

        Stoned, they don’t TELL you it is a ponzie scheme when they are taking your money. That’s what makes it a ripoff. Lie, cheat and steal was the name of Bernies game. Many intelligent people have fallen victim to a smooth talker.
        I wish her family well.

    • rolling stoned

      No sympathy here. Key words “Ponzie scheme” . Stupid idea with your money, to make more illegitimate money – shows that you didn’t use your head in the first place. How did you make your investment anyway?

      • http://yahoo raymond

        rolling stoned must be stoned madoff con her out of their life savings do you really think they were told it was a ponize scam you sir are a dumbass

    • Bret

      I wish someone would put a bullet in Madoff’s brain!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo Robert

      How Can $10 MILLION do that to her and her husband–he is a prince and she and Eva were both on Television series ….ZSa ZSa made more than that…she is a princess assholes…(because you don’t think)…10M Joan Rivers teeth!

    • gilly

      there are some nude pics of zsa zsa from when she was young at http://urloo.com/QHi0

  • Ric Williams

    A $14 million mansion, luxury cars and a fabulous art collection…

    Doesn’t sound to me like they’ll die penniless.

    • http://showbizspy Mart

      Actually quite a few people!! You obviously know nothing of which you speak; maybe you should remain silent. Your statement showed no understanding, or human compassion. May you never experience someone’s lack of humanity, like you dished Zsa Zsa’s way.

    • Roger

      they had ten million and all that stuff and was’nt happy still had to have more serves them all right make a deal with the devil and you will be burned in this case “BERNED”

    • gibby

      i agree. they seem to have assets they can sale and auction. you have to roll with the punches. i let debt ridden assets go myself, bought a foreclosed house cash and a used vehicle. now just waitiing out the economic storm. if 2012 dont kill us all. lol

  • dannybotz

    who cares??? what a non-story.. great reporting!!!

    • http://showbizspy Mart

      Actually quite a few people!! You obviously know nothing of which you speak; maybe you should remain silent. Your statement showed no understanding, or human compassion. May you never experience someone’s lack of humanity, like you dished Zsa Zsa’s way.

    • http://yahoo dawn

      All of their famous lives Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor have claimed to have lost all their money one way or another. Zsa Zsa many times had claimed this husband or that husband was royalty. Then came the internet and it has been proven so many times that most of the guys Zsa Zsa claimed to be royalty were not….how she held on to some of her “earnings” and bought what she did was in most part from her name and investors or creditors being easily impressed. I doubt there were many actually intellegent people who lost money on the ponzi scheme.

  • mmc

    Hope it’s not true considering where she lives and the things she has.having said that it’s a shame that they lost so many millions to Bernie Madoff.but when she lived it up, she really did it right and that’s more than most of us can say!

    • inohoour

      and you will die alone….

      • inohoour

        mmc – sorry for that..the comment is meant for Garry

  • Garry

    She gets no sympathy from me. She has built a life out of passing herself off as a “celebrity” of some importance, while in fact she has done virtually nothing with herself for the past 50 years–other than strut around in furs, diamonds, calling everyone “dahling,” and slapping police officers. Her claim to fame has been lost in the mists of time, yet she has lived in luxury ever since. Why should anyone care if she dies penniless?

    • inohoour

      and you will die alone…

    • AVA

      Garry, 1oo % agree with you!

    • http://showbizspy Mart

      You know absolutely nothing of her early years in Europe, or what it was like to live in the time of Nazi’s and Hitler. Educate yourself before speaking. Heartless, insensitive, and lacking faith. From the heart, the mouth speaks!!!

      • Joanne

        She has always been mean and insensitive towards others. Why should we care if she dies penniless!

    • http://yahoo Robert

      Hey QUEER GARY in BLUEFIELD West Virginia! Shut the fuck up! He all day long post comments all over the internet..ZSa ZSa Gabor made how much money in Hollywood doing what Gary? He don’t know he just wants to be queer!

  • Mimi

    Fist let me whip out my tiny violin… poor penniless my bazonga.
    Zsa Zsa would dontate items that were pure junk to the Actors and Others for Animals charity auction.
    A relative of mine worked there so I got to see first hand the items that she donated and demanded a huge tax deduction with an itemized list….for items such as a crusty rain coat that could (and did) stand up on it’s own stiff with mildew and cobwebs. Her costume jewelry was broken and missing stones. Nothing she donated could be auctioned off.
    I also remember how she did not want to perform years ago on stage with people in wheelchairs in the front row. (she does not care for special needs people)
    I can only think of one nice thing to say about her -
    her sister was nice.

    • Joanne


    • http://yahoo Robert

      Mimi Rogers shut the fuck up! Dont tell me your not her, because i know you are!

  • Ric N

    She is the Paris Hilton of the past generation in my opinion. She is too old to enjoy anything anymore…so let the mansion and cars go Dahling and call it a century.

  • JUN

    She’s gonna find a way to get some money. There are paintings and jewelry she can sell. She wont be penniless, but she will be frail and less glamourized, but who isn’t at 97. She won’t have to rely on the government tho I’m sure she’ll still have a bailout. Her granddaughter Paris and her daughter have been riding her all these years anyways. Lets see if they step in to help granny out.

  • JMBGW from Panama

    A sad story in the end. Prince Anhalt must not have too many resources left. He provided “nobility” to Zsa Zsa in exchange for “$$$$”. Now, he has nothing and will surely vanish elegantly to seek newer pastures.

  • http://showbizspy marsha

    she isn’t broke, even if she is she needs to sell them cars, painting, jewelry and expensive clothes and she’ll have some money. She doesn’t need all that stuff to live.

  • keyswhiz

    The only thing you take with you when you die is the dash….. the dash is the thing between the year you were born and the year you die… its how you lived those years not how much money you made… ZSA ZSA 1917———?

    • Bluesdude

      That’s why they have a little thing called “Estate Planning” Duh ! And they don’t get “45-50%. Were do assholes like you come from? You ever hear the term “a little knowledge can be dangerous” ? You’re right there my man !

  • CJ

    Well technically since none of us can take it with us wont we all die penniless anyway. In the US as soon as you die the govt takes all your wealth, 45 – 50% and it goes through probate to devour the balance of it…. so you and you heirs will end up with nothing… multiple taxation… I realize yes you can set up trusts etc… the US Govt is so money hungry at this time they are searching for new sources of revenue…. tax on dollars that were already taxed…. I plan on a final exit the right way…. once my money is gone, hope is gone, I will use helium to asphyxiate myself…. so penniless I may go… I plan to prepay for my funeral to minimize impact on family and liquidate all of my assets to cash prior to pulling the plug… pass those to heirs quietly to avoid as much of this illegal tax as possible….. The government will have ot look elsewhere to loot this fortune…. of pennies… not realy a fortune but all I have left in this world… Bad economy and such…. I am looking to get out soon… hopefully by the end of the month. Then I cna finaly rest and not worry about this world we live in…. good luck to the rest of you all….

  • Thomas John Segers

    Who cares about this overpriced, under talented whore? Where is Paris when you need her? I would love to have a 14M mansion, nice cars, jewelry and other “stuff”. Sell your f-ing mansion and cars and do the right thing. It’s hard to feel sorry for her when she built a career off of spreading her legs and fucking rich men. What has she brought to the table other than her genitalia and her attorney? She is a rich whore with a vocabulary revolving around saying “dahling”. Well dahling, welcome to the real world. Get a job as I hear that Walmart is hiring greeters.

    • Seattle6

      Why would we want to see 97 year old shriveled taco with her breasts down to her waist? I can go to the old folks home for that thrill.

  • Larry Flynt

    I will give her $1,000,000 to pose in my mens magazine.

    • Kathy

      Sorry, your joke fell flat. Ava Gabor was on Green Acres, not Zsa Zsa

  • http://yahoo jimmy

    She can always move back to “hootersville”, and live in the hotel.

    • Jerry

      That was her sister Ava.

  • Curt

    She “made” her money marrying rich men and divorcing them.

  • Seattle6

    Right on to Mr. Segers. With all the contacts she has including royalty, where are they to help her? This might be the real story here. Dahling, wake up, no one cares. So all the people you thought cared about you, like Hollywood, really doesn’t care and never has. Isn’t it nice to have such deep friends who will be there for you in your time of need? When the money goes, so do your so called friends. Well done in picking people with strong character. What does this say about you? -

    • Seattle6

      Well at least she isn’t selfish and is extremely thoughtful with “giving” her debt to us. What a wet dream of a woman. Unselfish to the end. A little sarcasm never hurt.

  • Spliceit

    I heard that she has pledged her debt to charity. How noble!

  • Jay

    Where’s the government when we need a justified bailout.

  • Chuck

    Oh well…When you lived life like a queen for really accomplishing NOTHING. Being broke when your dead aint so bad !!!!

  • Marc

    DUH!! Aren’t we all going to die penniless?? What, are you planning to attach a U-Haul to the back of your hearse?? THIS JUST IN, iv’e got breaking news: you can’t take it with you, my friend.

    • Miss Cheryl

      Hey Ken, You got it right about Zsa Zsa. I’m giving your comments a BIG thumbs up….

  • Ken

    You know the Madoff story isn’t true, right? But more about that later. I adore Zza Zza…she managed to make a career out of just going on talk shows and being fun and interesting…a true raconteur. Some say she is like Paris Hilton but Zza Zza was wildly clever and always classy. She knew what her celebrity was about…just being herself. Good for her. People don’t get it today because people are so used to all the trashy reality shows where everyone thinks that if you are on camera then you are a star. Not true. And on top of it all, there are many confirmed reports that came out months ago that stated that Zza Zza and Anhalt had nothing to do with Madoff, that that story was just anther tall tale Anhalt made up to get publicity. Seriously people, THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER? But either way, Zza Zza has always been an entertainer in the best sense…she just makes people happy.


    ……….And for all this time, I thought Zsa Zsa was a name of a dog. Silly me. I wonder if she rolls over, can fetch, and likes treats. When she does roll over… I wonder if she takes it in the ass. If not, she should get a lesson from Paris. She knows how to fetch…. money that is, as she is a pro at it. She likes treats like diamonds, expensive cars, and mansions, and she is house trained, I mean mansion trained. I wonder if she likes her tummy rubbed??

  • chicos last word.

    just selling her art will make life comfortable for life..have beautiful photos taken of the art..have it framed in gold..and hang..the sort of art will still be there….and one rolls is plenty….give me a break please. also…sell a little jewelry

  • alonzo

    Zsa Who? Oh, wasn’t she the pig on Green Acres or something?
    I think what is lost in all of this is (and not that I believe in such behavior) why hasn’t someone taken Bernie out yet?

    • Michael

      Excuse me what??? First, it was her sister Eva Gabor on Green Acres you cretin! Secondly, nothing is lost in all this: BERNIE IS IN PRISON! Why don’t you read a book or newspaper now and then. You ignorance is boundless.

  • Caroline Herring

    It was her sister on green acres

  • Miss Cheryl

    Wow…some pretty harsh comments. I thought it was amazing (especially at her age) that she came through this.
    Yay for life!!

    • Mike

      We would be better off if she didn’t. Didn’t ever care about anybody but herself. As far as life, she a waste of one!

  • http://www.SinglesWorld.com Hank

    she could start selling her body on Rodeo Drive ?

  • James

    Zsa Zsa has had accomplishments, she was in lots of movies years back, “The Queen Of Outer Space”, “Lili”, “Pepi”, “The Girl In The Kremlin”, “Moulin Rouge”, along with many others. Actually, she was in some movies right into the late 90′s. She did have a career on her own. Eva did have one also most notably on Green Acres. Zsa Zsa was on Gilligan’s Island for an episode or two.

  • Woody

    I’d like to feel sorry for her. But her husband is a con man. Who bought his title, but never paid for it. He conned and old woman after the war.
    I’ve had the displeasure of her company on more than one occasion, and she’s a bitch!

  • Mike

    Boo Hoo! Now she will know what’s like to live like the rest of us. Now she will know what it feels like to be looked down on and belittled. She will only get what she has given to others. TOO BAD IT DIDN’T HAPPEN EARLIER WHEN SHE WOULD HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT FOR 20+ YEARS. NO SYMPATHY HERE!!!!!

  • http://yahoo reid

    i guess she will join the rest of us 295 million poverty stricken americans,atleast she had it good for most of her life.

  • bb

    Oh boo hoo! If it was anyone else,I’d feel sorry for them,Dahling

  • http://showbizspy pam

    Oh Poor baby. Get rid of the bottom feeding husband, and you might have a dime lady!

  • Mike

    A wonderful personality. She will be fine with her remaining holdings but to get scammed by anyone is a shame. Madoff will rot in prison and that’s not enough. He shouldn’t even get a funeral or a grave marker.

  • mr thomas

    Some of the people on this site are incredibly mean and vicious. Hopefully, a pink slip from your job and the law of karma are in YOUR future. Nobody will deserve it more.

  • Lydia

    @ CJ, don’t you value the life that God has given you, you don’t put your hope in money you put it in JESUS CHRIST, you sound like your a very intelligent person. I will pray for you and your loved ones because ultimately you will be hurting them. You may or may not be at rest but think about the hell you will put your loved ones through. GOD BLESS U

  • John

    Well to her credit she did give Michael Jackson the idea for his nose job!! Check out her nose. Awesom

  • http://showbizspy william

    zsa zsa ,i love the memory i have of you over the 50 years of my life.I never thought of you being rich or poor .zsa zsa may great things come to you forever & always

  • The Truth

    WHO CARES I am brokwe and dont have s 14 million dollar mension, is she better than me? i say lat the old bird drop dead already im tired of hearing about her

  • chris r

    to jimmy…that was eva gabor on green acres in hooterville. she was a wonderful woman who has never had a bad word spoken against her. you have the sisters confused…

  • andie

    The woman is 97 yrs old for God’s sake. Leave her alone! I am happy that crook she married will live longer to enjoy his lack of money. He tried to claim paternity of Anna Nicoles baby lol. He will suffer his outrageous fortune and I for one say karma is a bitch Prince Asshat.

  • http://appliedneuroscienceinstitute.com Aaron

    Very very sad. who knows how many people it will affect like family, staff and who knows who else……

    • rob alamsto

      Agreed..it’s disconcerting to read so many heartless comments about someone we don’t know personally. She didn’t hurt anyone, so why all the hate?

    • http://www.shopgbg.com/bizzybee TERRY

      What a bunch of haters. What did she ever do to any of you? We are ALL created in God’s spiritual image, even Zsa Zsa. Her death will indeed effect other people. If you don’t have anything good to say, keep it to yourself. You’re a sinner,too

  • Popup LN

    I’m not perfect, so I can’t judge anyone. Everyone is entitled to live their life as they want to. Some are good people and some aren’t, but who are we to judge? There is probably someone out there disapproving of your behavior. You never know.

  • Wayne

    It seems to me ..that MOST of what is printed in the scandal rag Nat’l Enquierer ….is often proven to be just rumors….they pride themslves on front page trash..as far back as August 1977 “SEE ELVIS LAST PHOTO”
    Meanwhile the rest of you (most of you are taking this like the gospel truth) All I’m saying is it may or may not be true. As for her ability as an actress I wonder myself…granted it is nice to see she has lived so long,however to outlive ones own era is sad.

  • dave

    I usually feel good to know that rich people can fall
    from grace, but I feel empathy for my hungarian cousin.
    She’ll be okay, but will have to adapt to a modest apartment in the lower rent disticts of west LA.

  • who cares

    It’s almost time to say Ta-Ta, Zsa Zsa. Hardly sounds penniless to me. Would anyone care if any blogger was penniless? Sell the mansion, slap a cop, and sleep with some poor old bastard, so you can steal his money like you did from tons of other guys and Zsa Zsa will feel full of life once again “Dahling”.

    Who really cares??? NO ONE!

    Ta Ta, Zsa Zsa!!

  • rob alamsto

    Must be fun throwing cheap shots at a senior citizen. As far as her wealth is concerned, why do you care how she amassed it… none of your business!

    All of you are jealous and cold hearted.

    P.S. Her sister Eva Gabor was on the “Green Acres” tv show…get your facts straight .

  • ken

    I don’t believe a word that rag newspaper ever says.They have lied for years about just about eerything.People who buy their newspaper at the grocery store are really dumb and dumber.

  • http://louis_a056@yahoo.com louis024

    Dear ZSA ZSA,
    They say your penniless but I don’t believe it but anyway
    get well soon and if God calls you home it’s not the end
    but a new beginning say hi to Eva and Eddie Albert they
    are waiting for you at Green Acres. But anyway we came in
    this world penniless and if you are called home and are
    penniless it’s nothing to be ashamed of because we can’t
    take it with us and the Obama administration won’t get
    any money. I enjoyed watching your sister Lisa on Green
    Acres and if you are anything like your sister Eva then you
    had a great life. We are all penniless when we are called
    home and if you had a wonderful and happy life and lived
    it to the fullest then there is nothing wrong being called
    home and God is finding a place for you in heaven. So it
    doesn’t matter with the tabloids say it’s what’s in your
    heart that matters. But anyway God Bless You.

    • http://ShowbizSpy.com Cathy Papas

      I recall, so clearly, the day I discovered that someone had taken a key and notched a line around my brand new car. To see a beautiful work of art sitting there and knowing it belonged to someone else was just too much for the perpetrator. He had to destroy it. When I was fortunate enough to look upon that beautiful face of Zsa Zsa’s I wasn’t judging her heart, I was admiring God’s creation of such beauty.—this message is
      primarily to the crude, coarse, unrefined men who responded to the news of Zsa Zsa’s circumstances today——–you know who you are—-if you had had the opportunity, you too would have found pleasure in laying waste and ravaging this human being as I ‘ll bet you’ve done many times in your relationships with women……..I’m so glad that I have , with God’s help never crossed paths with your kind of man…….C Papas

  • http://yahoo chris

    good luck to you and your family

  • Ron

    She was greedy and now she is paying for it. 10 million wasn’t enough, she had to have MORE !!! So who’s fault is that??? HERS idiots——No one else’s—–Why do people say “sorry” ???

  • http://yahoo Annie

    And this is the National Enquirer everyone on this site is getting all riled and all over?? How much truth do these people ever print?? Where does this private financial information come from, and when everyone loss under madden, whoever heard her name before?
    And to all those ugly people commenting about “Who cares?” remember one day you will hear those words spoken to you or have been said about you” Who Cares?” and it will hurt you deeply. One day you will need help and someone will say “Why should I care about you? Look how you lived your life, look what you did with it. NOTHING. You did not care about your neighbor, your brother, your mother, your classmate, your co-worker. You did not help them, why should I help you, or even care about you?”
    To those commenting about the junk, remember this, she was from Europe, she was in a communist country and had to escape Hitler. She left with nothing, she thrived and still kept the memory of having nothing with her, wear things till they are junk, anyone who knows alot of immigrants from that time know it is true, just like the Depression survivors. Ever eat just boiled potatoes and onions all day, everyday. Those people did. That is to the gossipy people about her donations. To the ones who comment about her life and would hold the slapping a policeman still to her face, I bet that police officer forgave her a long time ago, why is it you have to bring it up?? Tolerance. You are talking about a 99 year old woman, yet you can look the other way at people so much younger and side step them. Shame. One day you will be elderly and I hope you have better care and a better life and love, you all need it desperately.

  • http://www.godaddy.com Oilman

    Zsa Zsa ought hookup a battery to the bastard Madoffs
    Testicles.Som Bitch Madoff

  • http://yahoo mark

    What ever Ms. Gabor has done right, or wrong, with her life, she will have to answer, to God, not us, any-way. As to being poor, I have been there, because of an X lover, so, until you people have been broke, do not judge her!!!! MARK

  • Cogito

    Bernie Madoff was a Democrat and gave huge donation to the party. See the Federal Election Commission reports.

  • http://yahoo Mark Maronde

    Unreal! So many harsh comments on this site! For crying out loud, she paid her debt to society for slapping the cop. OK, so her husband the Prince is a rather unique individual – true love knows no bounds! The Green Acres pig was Arnold Ziffel. Hooterville rocked in the 1960s and so did Ringo Starr, then and now!!!!!

  • Ryan

    Serves you right you greedy hollywood has been. Enjoy poverty………………..

  • Ryan

    Ever think of giving to the poor……….greedy mama!

  • Ryan

    Her husband claimed to have corked Anna Nicole Smith (she’s found the ground as you know).

  • Sam


    This is the tabloid that says alien babies exist, humans give birth to dogs, etc.

    How stupid are you people?!?! This is complete BS.

  • kickstar

    I have just one piece of advice to give to the prince and zsa zsa….You will start to stink approx 3 days after you die

  • jokuhl

    We are born naked, hungry and broke. Big deal we go out the same way.

  • jokuhl

    Bummer, she got Jewed by a Jew. Nuff said.

  • Ryan

    Doesn’t she own a few brothels??????

  • Gabor Pal

    Why does it fail to mention “In 2009, when Zsa Zsa Gabor lost a substantial amount of money to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, Marcus Prinz von Anhalt helped out with a check over $6 million” Wiki Marcus Prinz von Anhalt.

  • http://none Lady Ga Ga

    Fucking whore bitch stinky fucking piece of shit nobody gives a fuck about you bitch cunt, fucking die bitch and your little dog too, go get a job at TACO BELL

  • socalbob

    seems like selling that priceless art collection will enable them to continue to lead the good life.


    There is a management position available at McDonalds. She has money. Her career of laying on her back, spreading her legs and getting money for it…………. sounds like the definition of a Prostitute. When you really think about it, most wives fit this definition. They marry a guy who will take care of them in exchange for playing Tennis, working out, looking beautiful and having sex. The problem is, most wives still don’t know how to fuck and suck right yet they still get paid in the form of their nice cars, big homes, playing golf, and vacations, They can’t even do this right. You have it fucking made. Now here is the best news, if the woman has an affair or the marriage simply doesn’t work out, they get half of everything. What a great justice system we have. I guarantee you that If they had the money, you would hear them hesitating to get married and then they would stop accusing men of being afraid of commitment. If they lost half of everything, they would think 10 times before getting married. They are as phony as a 3 dollar bill……..

    • yobetter Run

      You better pray that no woman finds out your location after reading your post!! YOU MALE PIG!!You are the reason there are affairs and divorce. You are ignorant and stupid and so far from the truth when you give the lame definition of what a wife is. Sounds like you have been reading too many jack-off novels. WAKE UP!!

    • yobetter

      You better pray that no woman finds out your location after reading your post!! YOU MALE PIG!!You are the reason there are affairs and divorce. You are ignorant and stupid and so far from the truth when you give the lame definition of what a wife is. Sounds like you have been reading too many jack-off novels. WAKE UP!!

  • http://yahoo dan carli

    shes and old olde lady how can she live the life style she once had shes ninety or close to it what she to do if she rich show off her jewlery be part of the jet set stay at and dine every night at exspensive resorts and hotels you people are idiots

  • g

    A lot of people who lost so much thru madoff deserved losing it.
    madoff offered outragous promises and most people who hooked up with madoff did so out of simple greed.
    gabor is a greedy, selfish, spoiled moron and deserves were she is now.

  • Fred Gibson

    !Oh! I’m just crying my little eyes out! Why such priveleged would have to stoop to the level of the rest of us and wipe their own butts. Maybe she will have to hobble to the commode just in time to save the indignity of soiling herself, or maybe not. Oh! I soo sorry! Whoaps! I’m just flat inhumane; no racist; no a christian going to church just like all the REST of the self-rightous know-it-alls (=hypocrites); no gay activist; or what-ever. Boo Hoo!!! Tuff sh-t!

  • patty

    She is 97…..old, probably tired, and if she is smart she will not read any of this and just prepare her final exit. Sad commentary of our times.

  • IC

    I guess that publicity seeking pimp of a husband will have to find a job and they can always sell what they have and go live in a cheap apartment…or go to an assisted living there are so many people homeless today and they are far from that.

  • Straight Arrow

    How can she be considered penniless if she has a huge mansion and art collection to sell? That’s not exactly penniless. Too bad about Madoff, though. It’s pretty shocking that our society has not developed ways to protect people from these Ponzi schemes

  • http://yahoo.com TJR

    I have known this bitch for years she deserves what ever she gets if that means shes broke which I highly doubt, maybe she won’t treat people like trash anymore. I never gave her a reason to treat me and others like were second hand junk she just naturally thinks shes above everyone else I hope she dies a horrible slow death period.

  • Hmmm

    People are so materialistic go out in style you say. This woman lived a full and vibrant life, we all only dream of such a life. If I came into billions of dollars I wouldn’t care what happened to it after I was gone heck burn it for all I care. The only tragic thing is that Mrs. Gabor didn’t seem like a happy person and this is something that money can’t buy that is the true tragedy. Nice article )-:

  • Bluzey24

    I’m confused…Her daughter is a Hilton, soooooooooooooo, I’m sure she is VERY well off. Would she really let her mother suffer?

  • Me

    Sorry. Don’t mean to sound uncompassionate but I’ll been broke for a long time. When I hear of a person going broke and everybody talking about how sad that is… All I can think about is “what about the millions of people who are living like this everyday?” Do they not deserve compassion too? It’s like people will cry over people that are rich and famous but to us and millions of others who try to eat just to survive….

  • willie hilton

    so what shes burned thru millions and I should feel sorry for the dumb women. fate it what happened to the old gold digger.

  • remy726

    Green Acres is the place to be…..

    • yobetter


      You must be another stupid republican voting against everything you stand for!

      • starz

        Hey YoBetter, YouBetter shut your mouth about republicans or i’ll jump off this page and kick your fairy ass you liberal piece of shit. And go fornicate your mother and father while you’re at it, you rat-gnawed, puke infested,mentally deficient,poor excuse for a human being. LONG LIVE GEORGE BUSH.

      • Saha


  • Andyman

    I guess Zsa Zsa is just as stupid for falling for Bernie Madoff as all the Americans out there who voted for Barak Obama, welcome to the real world Ms. Gabor now you too can mooch off the government.

  • Nicholas

    These comments are most revealing. No doubt the lady was not perfect. She once turned up her nose at me when she saw me get a j-walking ticket, but who among is perfect. Our society has become so judgmental and vicious. Nothing for nobody unless it is me. The people here sound like some juries I have had. that is why this country is going in the toilet, too many people are crooked and nasty and bitter, and fat, and late for work. Those kind of people can get us nowhere. I am surprised we can still field a military.

    • yobetter

      Nicholas, You said it right!!

    • Saha


  • Txtimo

    Zsa Zsa Gabor and her husband, Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt are far from being broke. She is a neighbor of mine. Ms. Gabor also has more than $10 million. She bought her mansion in 1974 from the estate of Elvis Presley and it was appraised at $14, million in 2010. Ms. Gabor also owns a large gem, artwork and automobile collection. Ms. Gabor also did not loose money to Bernie Madoff. As for the comment about Green Acres, well she was not in that show. LOL! It was her sister Eva Gabor.

  • gildo

    Win Some You Loose Some

  • http://showbizspy olaug

    posessions do not belong to us , only on loan until we die
    Bernie Madoff is in the same boat as Zsa Zsa .
    After Zsa Zsa, Bernie Madoff, after Bernie Madoff …..???
    I am sure ZsaZsa never or almost never wanted for anything after her fame in the US.She and her husbands and relatives have been living “THE GOOD LIFE”, and worked hard for it. Times have changed and the greed is taking over in all different directions.
    Lets go after the senior, senior that are still paying their taxes and trying to keep it all together without ending up in the “POOR HOUSE”, famous or not.

    • olaug

      We all die penniless, like it or not.
      We cannot take it with us…or..can we….?????

  • http://dailycomedy.com Kascha Kwan

    Zsa Zsa Gabor broke ? … Bernie Madoff make off with all her cash ? ( That’s funny, she didn’t look Jewish to me . ) … Zsa Zsa Gabor going out like a pauper ? … The former Mrs. Hilton going to be buried in a pine box ? …. Fear not Zsa Zsa fans, friends, and relatives, It’s Paris Hilton to the rescue ! Paris promises to send the old ” Queen Of Outer Space ” off in style . ” I will pay all expenses and have a funeral fit for a Hilton . ” said Paris . ” The only thing I require is that all the invited guests and mourners wear pink . “

  • Sean

    My mother is also 93. She lives in a nursing and all 4 of her children love her and RESPECT her. She has no money, but she has one thing THAT Zsa Zsa has never had and never will. HER DIGNITY.

    • jokuhl

      My Jesus ? No thanks. I don’t have a jesus. Guess I struck a nerve, eh ? Get over it. Don’t believe the hype.
      At the end of the day, none of this matters anyway.

  • http://showbizspy.com Mark S.


    How DARE YOU use that expression to describe someone being tricked into losing their wealth. I am a Jewish man, 54, worked hard throughout college in an Ivy league University,have continue to work hard day in and day out, lost my father to a brain hemmorhage in my 20s, and can barely afford a home and putting my children thorough college. I pay taxes, treat others as I would like to be treated, and wish you had been born in the 1920s so that you could be a Nazi in every aspect of that name. You would have felt right at home.

    You need a lesson in tolerance and an education in the History of the Jewish People. HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY RELATIVES WHO WORKED HARD AND WERE MURDERED IN AUCHWITZ AND BUCHENWALD. Ever hear of those “camps”? Probably not. It is a shame that you take pleasure in other human beings’ sufferings. Don’t forget…..Your Jesus was a Jew , just like The rest of the “Chosen People”. Only G-d knows what you are and what you will become. You surely are not one of us…”CHOSEN!

    • jokuhl

      My Jesus ? No thanks. I don’t have a jesus. Guess I struck a nerve, eh ? Get over it. Don’t believe the hype.
      At the end of the day, none of this matters anyway.

    • jokuhl

      Oy !!

  • Teddy

    Good bye Zsa Zsa.Say hi to Arnold Ziffle for me.

  • http://www.yahoo.com tony bronson

    zsa zsa ur beautiful and full of life these people have u in the coffin like they are god. And as for money boo ur a jewel. Get well soon princess

  • Cali

    I had a friend that Knew the Gabor sisters and wentto school with them back in Hungary. She toldme that Zsa Zsa was a total bitch, but Eva was real nice.This was during Hitlers time. They all had it pretty bad.

  • Cali

    Shes been Thru worse. And she probably has some Karma comming. I wonder what happened to Eva

  • http://yahoo karen gallucci

    that is such a shame .that bastard should be shot. i hope someone kills him it is a shame he is in ome of those ritzy jails he needs to be in a real prison and let bubba have a few minutes with him…

  • Cali

    She could always move back to green Acres

  • Pantyhose4Ever

    Zsa Zsa doesn’t have any liquid assets. I don’t believe for a second that all of her property is mortgaged. She can auction her art and have plenty of money to live on until her death.


    Zsa Zsa is a very nice lady and I have met her a couple of times and both times a real lady! I just HATE and I mean HATE people who wish ill upon
    nice people like some of the comments posted here! Bernie should be
    hung by the balls IN PUBLIC for what he has done to so many people!

  • Susan R.

    no one dies penniless in a Bel Air home…

  • Fredrick Von Glubenschluben

    All the victims of Madoff have one thing in common, greed. What he did is disgusting, but most Madoff victims put all their eggs in his basket because they wanted more than they would get in safer alternatives. It’s all about greed.

  • http://none Lady Ga Ga

    Fucking whore

  • badboybilzer

    is bernie still taking cash, cause i was wanting to be cool and pennyless too

  • jack d

    Screw Los Angeles and Hollywood i hope every dies there. its a living shit hole

    • Night Stalker

      You are right, jack d. Hollywood IS a filthy, living shit hole!

      • Annabelle

        Hey Jack and Night Stalker! Los Angeles is a really big town with a lot of different cultures. My little Methodist grandparents live there. Does that mean they have to die, too? Nothin’ I love better than ignorant assholes like you! Have great lives!

    • jokuhl

      a shit hole teeming with nose jobs, boob jobs, and who cares what else.
      my irish grandmother used to tell me, as you live, so shall you die. later days miss Zsa Zsa. they come, and they go.

  • Night Stalker

    Zsa Zsa was always a bitch; never nice to most people she encountered, and thought she was better than everybody else. I don’t feel sorry for her in the least. To loose $10mil (if that is the amount that will bankrupt her) and bet it all in one shot proves she IS an idiot, and deserves to lose it. It belonged to her 10 ex-husbands, anyway.

    • Saha


  • Gary McClaskey

    Such bitterness and hatred for a woman at the end of her life. To all those spewing such venom-what you put out comes back to you….KARMA, or the BIBLE-you reap what you sow.
    I waited on her many times, when I was a waiter 25 years ago-and she was always very pleasant to me. She has an air of superiority, but then so many people do. No matter how much you acquire in this life-it stay here when you die. I seriously doubt that she is broke-the National Enquirer is known to make things up-and this is likely one of those times.
    The only thing we take is love and knowledge, I hope some of the people that wrote such nasty things on this site, are able to see that and change for the better-there is enough negativity on the planet, without breeding more.

  • Bruce Ramsey

    So Bernie Madoff with her money as well.

  • jokuhl

    this shit is TOO FUNNY !!
    look at all the time and energy we have !!!



  • Saha

    Her whole career was based on the fact she was somewhat actrative and was a money grubbing one step above a prostitute. She was one of the most tacky things to come out of Hollywood.

  • Antwan

    Sorry DAHLINGS…….Zsa Zsa broke? Yeah, right….Don’t beleive a word of it. She may be down to her last 50 million, but she’ll never know “BROKE” like so many millions of people suffering in the current economy.

    I don’t wish her ill, but GET REAL…….she has no idea and never will have any idea of what broke really is so don’t cry to me….ARGENTINA!!!!!!! Manions, Expensive Jewlery, Rare Artwork…..SELL IT ALL DAHLING…YOU DON’T NEED ALL THAT SHIT ANYMORE! STOP WHINING!

  • Antwan

    ooooooo….NO YOU DIDN’T!



  • GiGi

    I always go back to this scripture. It is easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle, then to get into heaven. So if she is broke when she dies, then maybe she will get into heaven easier!!!!!! Just sayin…..

  • http://yahoo.com davidruiz

    ms gabor will die eventually but to put her down for investing is very stupid and unheard of people saying she deserves this and that – ms gabor ur fabulousss dahling

  • http://yahoo.com davidruiz

    by way anyone been to heaven and back not

  • http://yahoo paul wied

    did you ever imagine education brings wealth to most, her partner husband made the decisions.

    • captkirk

      Did any one notice the beginning of the article??
      National Enquirer??? I cant believe any of you are wasting a nano-second of thought on such sensationalized BS.

  • eva gabor’s fan

    It is not true that Zsa Zsa Gabor is going broke. It is Frederic Prinz von Anhalt is making the story up to get some attention. He is going broke. Zsa Zsa has been keeping the ‘faked’ prince up since they were married in 1986. She doesn’t let Frederic have her money and Frederic need to get himself a real job.

  • Jay

    A 14 million dollar mansion, fleet of cars, and collectable art work from around the world….We all should be this broke!!!!!

    • Gabrielle

      She’s Catholic..she was even given the last rites..

  • http://dsl AMERICA

    RICHLY DESERVED!! This whore even sued her daughter! She is so disgusting, she seduced Conrad Hilton’s son Nicky!!

    SHE DESERVED BERNIE MADOFF AND THAT CREEP FREDERICK! She did nothing to deserve a lifetime of privilege – just a typical jewish princess. Yuck!

    • Marnie

      Yes, she is a Catholic..she was given the last rites by a priest. I believe she comes from Jewish Heritage..but so what? Any of else or even most of us; if we trace back our ancestry hundreds of years or sooner will find the same thing!

  • MrsPatrickCampbell

    Everyone who ‘invested’ with Madoff knew in advance that he was running a hedge fund, which are well known to be ultra high risk vehicles.

  • mike

    Some people have had less than a penny in their live’s – I always liked Gabor for her campy ways, but the idea that she gained so much for doing very little leaves me feeling less than sympathic, when she dies 1 million others will also die, I care as much about them if not more.

  • Jim

    People dont realise that her DAUGHTER fucked her mom over by forging the papers to take a loan of 3.3 million against the property of her moms house. In which she has lived for forty years, Now the mortage has tripled on the loan against the house and the end is near for Zsa life and all her possesions, Hows this a happy occasion? What her daughter did to her mom is nothing short of unforgivable.

  • Marie

    Someone here mentioned Zsa Zsa was worthless and did nothing? First of all, she adored animals and I am sure she gave to many organizations. Then it was mentioned she slapped a cop. Granted not a good thing, but if you read on you will learn how she was given community service and when it came time to helping the homeless she was a “star”. They all loved her! She would bring little gifts to them and when the judge found out what a hit she was he wanted to remove her from the duty? Strange? You would want someone like that to boost the morale of a few downtrodden and disheartened folks? She completed the women and helped out in the kitchen. And I am sure she talked up a storm making all feel like her new best friends! She is not a bad person.

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  • timmy

    I think Zsa Zsa has lived life to the fullest… and still lives in the Lap of Luxury in her Mansion. I am not clear on the validity of the Ponzi Scheme, but I am fairly sure her latest Husband is doing his part to empty the Bank account.. For someone so broke, paying to put a Billboard up for their anniversary? Really? I mean great and wonderful that you have been married for X amount of years, but when the poor lady goes to the hospital nearly every other week, I would imagine her medical bills are STAGGERING… If they break even on the sale of the Mansion and the cars and what ever I will be shocked.

    As to her leaving this world penniless , I know of no one who has lived that was able to take their world possessions and money with them, and Zsa Zsa will have NO NEED for any of this Earthly material, which ALL , like her, you , me , everyone, and everything, will have an END.

    I believe she has lived a good life. I think the slapping of the police officer, while it landed her in jail spoke well of her spunky demeanor :). I will always remember her and that incident with humor. Zsa Zsa is a great lady,and I wish her comfort in her final days, and rest when her days here are finished. I am not as fond of her Husband , but she chose him and it is a little late in the game for her to oust him.

    I DO believe her Daughter SHOULD be allowed to spend time with her Mother in Zsa Zsa’s final days. The Idea that the Husband stands in the way of that is just plain wrong IMO .