Friday, August 6, 2010

John GoodmanJOHN Goodman has revealed the secret to his weight loss.

The actor, 58, has lost more than 100 lbs. thanks to his healthy new lifestyle — he quit drinking three years ago and hired  health coach Mackie Shilstone, who has trained many athletes including tennis player Serena Williams.

John has also cut sugar from his diet and works out six days a week.

“I know it sounds sappy, but it was a waste,” Goodman says of being a couch potato.

“It takes a lot of creative energy to sit on your ass and figure out what you’re going to eat next … I wanted to live life better.

“[Now] I’m breaking a sweat but I’m not going nuts.”

“I just ordered some nice slacks,” he adds. “I finally got them and they’re too big now.”[imagebrowser id=516]


  • Dur

    Awesome. Really quite inspiring, and I’m glad he finally started to start really caring about his health, because I used to be so worried that the next news article about him would be an obituary. Kick ass, John!

    (Also, I really need to see more of his work. I only know him from Roseanne, where he was excellent, and Futurama, where he played Robot Santa in one episode.)

    • john

      The big labowski is a great movie he is in it and it is epic.

      • zhet

        Agreed. Go see The Big Lebwoski as soon as you get a chance. It’s not netflix instant-play. It’s weird the first time, but give it a chance, it grows on you. I’ve seen it like 15 times and I love more every time I watch it.

      • zunedweeby

        I have loved John since Rosanne and The Big Lebowski, I actually only watched that movie the first time because I heard Flea(red hot chili peppers was in it) but then I saw how awesome John was and had to watch it several times more…Its hilarious!

      • Pilky

        Check out O Brother Where Art Thou?, Fallen, and one of my personal favorites, The Babe, as well. Those all have good performances from John.

      • Jake

        “Listen Maud, I’m sorry if your stepmother’s a nympho, but I don’t see what that has to do with- Do have any Kahlua?”

      • John White

        He was Great as Fred Flintstone.

    • http://yahoo The Wiz

      For a great movie with John Goodman watch Fallen. Its main star is Denzel Washington but Goodman rocks in it. One of my all time favorite movies!!

    • Tonie

      You can see John in the HBO miniseries Treme. It is really good and of course he does well. Way to go John!!

    • Cherry

      Check out under his name. He has done tons (no pun intended) of great work. Especially when he did Fred Flintstone.

    • Mar

      You need to see True Stories. It’s a David Byrne film and may have been one of the first films he did after Roseann. (or during.) He’s great in it and the movie is quirky and great.

  • Eric

    Great actor. I am also glad to hear that he has started taking care of himself. That is really inspiring and more people should follow in his footsteps!

  • Jordasche Kingston

    Wow, way to go John! This is great news, I imagine it took a lot of work I’m proud of him!

  • Roger Hamilton

    Thanks for sharing the mind-blowing information. As per my view, A person with weight loss has a persistent decrease in weight, without dieting or increasing activity. Weight loss is uncommon in those who are not trying to lose weight. A person with dehydration may experience sudden weight loss. Unintentional weight loss that occurs gradually can be a symptom of a chronic underlying illness, such as cancer.

  • Miles

    You look great John… thanks for being an inspiration to others

  • LindaSalem

    WOW!!! He looks fantastic. When I saw him in “O Brother Where Art Thou”, I was really worried about his health. He’s such a wonderful actor and I really enjoy watching everything he does. I’m so happy he’s given himself, his family and us many more years of access to his artistic ability.

  • patricia

    Great job and I would like to see you this time next year.

  • Dan

    Great for him but how is this a secret revealed? No one’s ever thought of diet and exercise?

    • c

      TO # 9- *noname* totally appropriate
      As your grasp of the acting process consists of purchasing a medium
      popcorn and a large pepsi, consider yourself incapable of comment

  • no name

    Now he should start taking acting lessons!

    • jennifer

      “no name” you are an asshole!!

  • Miss Cheryl

    John Goodman looks GREAT…Good for him for putting his health first.

  • john mcpeak

    ahh, a new hero we can look up to!!!!!!!!

    • the dude

      Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a s@#t about the rules? Mark it zero!

      • ron nitttty

        Shut the #&*% up, Donnie!

      • craig

        your out of your *%*$ing element donnie

  • Rudolf

    Shomer shommas!

    • the dude

      You mark that frame an 8, and you’re entering a world of pain.

  • volmara

    great to see him doing well truely cannot think of any performance of his i havent enjoyed.heres to any more years with your family and fans.

  • CyberMikey

    As a fellow New Orleanian (although John G. himself is a “transplant” to the Crescent City), I’m pleased as punch at his success. It’s great and even inspiring that this co-owner of “The House of Blues” and one of New Orleans’s most colorful personalities ever will be with us for many years yet to come! Way to go, John! — CM

  • wisdom

    Awesome!!! Love all your work John!!!

  • Liam

    Good for him. I always liked him.

  • Lynne Erickson

    always liked him. Just recently thought about how many movies he has been in and he has always been heavy. good for you John! may you live a long and healthy life!

  • http://yahoo Brandy

    I Love You John Goodman, great job an your weight loss. Keep it up, And keep the movies and t.v. shows coming, I have seen everything you’ve been in and can’t wait for more!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Brandy

    Who’s the jerk that said he needs acting lessons? Can’t think of something positive to say? You probably have a crappy life and negativity will keep it that way.

  • Dennis Allen

    Good for you John Goodman. I also battle with obesity and am trying to lose weight but I have a sugar fetish. I am going to use your example and cut out the sugar. Thanks John!

  • susieq

    good for you john.waiting to see drew carey when the new season of price is right comes back this fall.HE ALSO HAS DROPPED 80 LBS …GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE

  • maggie

    I remember seeing some early commercials done by him way back before he put on all the weight. That is one awesome looking dude. Healthwise I am happy that he is on the right track to losing the weight that is killing him. It is good that he is setting the right example and hopefully many will follow him. Just think what obese America could accomplish if they lost the awful burden they are carrying around.

  • Barbara

    That’s great JOhn. Finally, someone that admits that the real reason of losing weight is a combination of diet and exercise and eliminating booze and sugar from one’s diet.
    There are so many gurus out there that say you can lose weight without diet and exercise. How stupid is that. I am very slender but once in my life I was 30 pounds overweight about 12 years ago. I basically changed my lifestyle and being fit is a lifetime committment. It took me 10 months to do it but i never gained any of the weight back because it was a lifestyle change. Dieting is basically common sense: decrease the calories and increase the activity. I did not go on any special diet but just made up my own which was: stop drinking booze, decrease fat and greasy food, eat more fruits and vegetables and use vegetables in lieu of alot of carbohydrates. It really works and I changed my life and it is a habit to me now. I just eat healthy and walk and do free weights. I am 55 and weigh 120 pounds and look great and alot better than people half my age. You also need to exercise to increase your metabolism and also to tone your body. And exercise is a life time commitment as well.Too many people just don’t care and find it too difficult to go on a diet and that is the real reason we have such a high obesity rate in the US. It takes about 3 weeks for your body to get used to a change and I guarantee that if you stick with a diet and exercise that you will lose weight and decrease your risk of health related illnesses related to obesity and also improve your psychological well being. It is a life time committment but once you get used to it like I have it is easy. I can’t stand greasy fattening food because I don’t eat it. You will get used to eating healthy once you commit to making a change. I am glad John Goodman made that change and continue to wish him success. Too many people in this country are just plain lazy and don’t care about the way they look. We eat to live not live to eat.

  • sandy

    good work john you did great im happy for you god bless you john i loved you in roseanne you were funny make some more funny movies.

  • linda stone

    They never should have killed him off of Tremme. He was the greatest and so was his story. Why?

  • Fee Fee

    He’ll always be “Big Daddy” to me…or “Dan” He played “Big Daddy” in The Princess And The Frog and of course Dan on Roseanne.

  • http://yahoo damien

    LOL still looks fat to me

  • Shirley Altig

    congradution you look good, i have quit using sugar and i trink a lot of diet drinks& i lost weight too

    • http://showbizspy cheryl

      Sorry shirley, even the second time you couldn’t get congratulations right.

      • http://showbizspy cheryl

        or the third time, give it up.

  • Shirley Altig

    congradution you look good, i have quit using sugar and i drink a lot of diet drinks& i lost weight too

  • Louie

    It really is nice to see the trend of dieting is fading away and a Healthy Life Style is comming of age. I always appreciated his roles and seem to fit his size. Now it will be nice to see he will be able to do these rolls for sometime since he is taking better care of himself, God willing ;) Way to go Mr. Goodman, keep it up……..

  • Randall Bouillon

    Congrats John!! Myself i had a lapband put in 2yrs ago. i was 358 lbs and now 272 lbs and still loseing. I really knew how you felt. Its a life style i can live with now!! Hey john you have a brother in st. louis on radio??

  • Jim B.

    For those who have not seen the slim Goodman on the screen recently check him out on the HBO series “Treme” centered in New Orleans.Hopefully it will be repeated. The Jazz Blues series is worth the watch.

  • CD

    It is good to see that he has lost the wait and is now in better health.

  • http://Yahoo Lori

    Way to go John. His inspiring story (and my husband is following in his footsteps with same Mackie plan)has my husband doing the same (a fellow New Orleanian) for surgery next month which he has to lose weight prior to surgery. I’m taking pictures too to follow the progress and will let Mackie know (see him from time to time at East Jeff. Hospital area). So, he has known John through the Half Fast Marching Band in the past with Pete Fountain’s band during Mardi Gras years ago. If John can do it, my husband says he can also!

  • Russ, Ian

    Way to go Mr. Sobchak!

    • ron nitttty

      Shut the f#*% up, Donnie!

    • the dude

      You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don’t wanna know about it, believe me. Hell, I can get you a toe by 3 o’clock this afternoon… with nail polish. These f@#king amateurs…

  • shirley

    I loved john in “Always” and Coyote Ugly.He is a great if very underrated actor. Good luck, good health,long life.

  • ff

    I love him anyway he is… but healthier is much better for his sake!!

  • Jefferson

    That is great news for John, bless his heart. Hopefully, he stays healthy for a good while to come, as he is an entertaining actor.

  • Jamie

    ODAAT John…God Bless.

  • dean f


  • Spike

    That’s it. Work out, but don’t go nuts. Just break a sweat. A good sweat. I just walk dude. 20 minutes in one direction, then turn around and come back. Not boring like a treadmill or a track.

    Way to go!

  • John Fan

    I just love John G. Doesn’t matter what size he is!!!

  • DDiSalvo

    Remember Revenge of the Nerds? He was the coach. He was great in that movie and it looks like that was before he started packing on the pounds. Anyway, he’s a great actor and I’m happy to hear that he’s taking care of himself.

  • Curt

    Now you can quit dying your hair, John. At your age, with your wrinkly face and that hair make you look 70 years old. Trust me, you don’t look good.

  • Jack

    I met you once at the old Tower Records in West Hollywood on Sunset. I was with my wife and you were a pure jerkoff. I never did like you actors. You are all a bunch of phony, stuck-up, egotistical jerks.

  • Yolanda

    Congrats to You John! Keep up the good work.

  • carstu

    at least he didn’t get a gastric bypass and lie about it like so many others

    • http://showbizspy cheryl

      Who’s the SLOB!
      Are you really that angry at the world you can’t congratulate the man a good job for himself.

      You must be the size of house who has been thru it.
      Good Luck A@#$hole

  • just-Rog

    John, you were born a slob, you are a slob, and you will undoubtedly die a slob. This weight reduction as both you and I know is just temporary. You’ll be back on the doughnuts and In-N-Out Double Doubles before you can say “feed me”. I love ya John, but your going to need all the luck in the world. Bon Appetit

    • Lori

      Wow, you just cant be happy for the guy…Sad really!!!

  • lady Sarah

    Let the Lord God be with John, He is a good person.
    Some day, I would love to have a Dance with the Prince!
    I also think that He has such beautiful Hair!
    Keep up the good work. As with acting, maintaining Good Physical habits, Not being a couch potato: that is! takes lots of work! I wish you will.

  • Lori

    Great job John..I am ding the same thing..Getting my ass back on shape….You look so handsome John…He is also the voice of Sully on Monster’s inc…My kids love that movie!!!

  • Lori

    opps I mean doing!!!

  • James

    Great to see him control his weight. I too was getting worried about his health. Another movie that he was the voice of was Monsters Inc. Can not remember his character but he was the main monster along with Billy Crystal.

  • James

    That was his name. Thanks Lori. I was watching that yesterday with my son and could not remember the name. Thanks

  • capa

    Always loved John and thought he was cute, even when severely overweight. Funny and talented, his weight-loss will only help keep him around even longer. I applaud him and I bet he gets totally addicted to healthy living!

  • Chris S.

    He was pretty good in “Always”, too. Richard Dreyfuss & Holly Hunter star as well. Nice, funny romantic comedy of sorts (although a little on the “dark” side at times. It suffered from the “leading man dies” syndrome (no spoiler there: the movie is ABOUT his death and Holly’s character’s dealing with it and the rest WOULD be a spoiler).

  • Raymond

    You look great dude!!

  • Shasta M.

    John Goodman looks absolutely wonderful. He looks healthier and happier. Good for him and good luck to him.

  • truthbetold

    Keep up the great work JG. I’ve seen so many lose it and gain it right back so I hope you stay this way, it is so much more healthy. I know you feel amazing and about 20 years younger. It’s ok to drink, that has nothing to do with being fat or unhealthy, so still get your drink on man!

    • scott

      “It’s ok to drink, that has nothing to do with being fat or unhealthy”…..????????

      is this your way of trying to further help him out?..alcohol has 7 calories/gram and is definitely a contributor to health/weight problems…

      cant be sure if you were joking or not,but i guess nothing really surprises me anymore when it comes to people not knowing the facts..

    • Katie

      Truthbetold-Alcohol of any kind slowly eats away at ones liver and there less fattning alcohol than others but in the long run like what Scott below has said alcohol is fattning and it contributes to lots of health issues.If you drink to much and become a alcoholic you can die of alcohol poisoning.

  • Lynita

    I’m proud of you, John :) Congrats on the weight loss (I’m a chunky monkey myself)

  • http://YAHOO BIG CLIFF

    JOHN…i think you have just done it for me…i am thinking of the film where you become demonized and you sing ”time, time, time is on my side, yes it is” and from seeing you now time sure is…i am going to join you man…Thanks for your many hours of enjoyment….oh, when you go into the fridge to drink out of the sour milk carton, please don’t put it back in the fridge, eeeewwwww
    Thanks again PAL for all the laughs

  • TonnieLoree

    I always wished that I could be married to a Dan Conner. You put up with Rosanne. I would have been the less abusive version.

  • scott

    from a fitness professional point of view,its bizarre the way media covers these stories; when the public is informed that someone famous is revealing their new weight loss secret,and that secret turns out to be THE most basic advice that just about any doctor would give the average unhealthy person….everyone is driven to inspiration.

    Sooo, i guess the magic formula for weight loss and good health really does turn out to be exercise regularly,eat right,avoid tobacco and too much alcohol; OH! and NEVER purchase another stupid ridiculous totally fraudulent weight loss pill in your life..
    Lets just see how many people are up for it- now that the secret is,ahhh,….out (yet again!)

    Americans…what a funny bunch…
    scott in NH

  • mandy

    I’m really glad he did something about his weight. I didn’t want to lose him like we lost Jon Candy.

  • Katie

    First Drew Carey and now him.Congrats and keep up the good work.I loved him on the Rosanne show.You are a great role model for how to stop drinking and get your butt in gear to loose weight.

  • don

    who cares? he will still die on the same day.

    • Katie

      Don-You are little merry sunshine.If you didn’t care why did you leave a comment?You cared enough to do that.Your going to die on the same day no matter how healthy you are.Now how does that sound that I have said that back to you.It doesn’t feel so good does it.Maybe you should think next time before you leave such a witty comment like that.

  • pete

    Tought he was dead.

  • arabesque

    John is a very talented actor and I don’t think he has ever received the recognition he deserved; I am very impressed of the effort and committment losing so much weight took…..he should be very proud; it is quite an accomplishment!

  • http://yahoo anna

    Good for you JOhn it’s a tuff battle that I still haven’t won i’m a yoyo dieter just when I think I have it licked there I go again, but i’m very happy for you your a great enterainer and I want to see you around for a long time Anna

  • Kevin K.

    Really cool John G. KCB it works if you work it.

  • mary null ramji

    Good going John. I know how hard it is to lose weight myself, but it is worth it. You can see you grandkids grow up. Love your work. He should do more comedy shows on TV.

  • Dave Mason

    you the coolest actor i’ve seen, John Goodman. keep up the excellent work. i will continue to cheer for you till the very end.

  • Diane

    Congrats to John Goodman keep up the good work! your work is amazing I am a true fan I have tried to see everything you have done….Bless you

  • Joanna

    Way to go, John!!! You’re a great actor and you look fantastic! =)

  • Hal

    Awesome job, John. As a fellow Missourian, you deserve your star on the Walk of Fame in the St. Louis Loop. You were terrific in True Stories as the Country Bachelor. What a brilliant movie and I love your song “People Like Us”! Just stay away from the Home of the Throwed Rolls from now on!!!

  • jay

    Im glad to see he started to take care of himself.I didnt want to lose another great actor like john candy or chris farley all because of weight problems.And for the record I dont think he was great in everything hes done.But raising arizona and the big lebowski has to be my favs hands down

  • jay

    sorry ppl i meant he was and is great in everything he has done so I DO THINK HE WAS GREAT IN EVERYTHING HES DONE.I had to correct that thanks for the laughs john keep up the good work

  • sandy

    I like hearing good things about actors. I am happy John has gone on a diet to shed pounds for his health and ensure we will have him around along time..nice going John..

  • newell

    Go John ! I had been thinking about you and its great to see you taking care of yourself your one of the best actors ever !

  • Cheryl

    You look maaaavelous Dahling! Keep up the Great work….Hope to see you in a movie or a TV something soon you make me laugh.

  • http://espn Roseanne

    It’s pretty bad when you can drop 100 lbs and it does not make a difference. Keep going big guy!!

  • RattenMuter

    Don’t forget King Ralph. I’ll miss you im Treme. But maybe there will be flashbacks. Your work is outstanding and I hope this means we have you around a lot longer. you are a national treasure.

  • Carrie

    Favorite movie with John Goodman is ‘Always” with Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter! Loved his character in that movie.

    Way to go John, you look great!


  • Mark

    Gratz John, You will always be King Ralph to me..

  • aura


  • lele

    OMG. I wish i can do dat. Good luck

  • tj

    Good deal – congrats! Arachnophobia, King Ralph, Always, The Runner, The Babe (Babe Ruth), & The Jack Bull are some personal JG favorites.

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  • Maria

    Hey……………I will say WOOOOW John…
    Good To See YOU Again…Awesome job….
    And I Think, You Feel More Better Now Too…
    Take Care Of You….and Your Family….
    Hug From Maria-Sweden…

  • Eugene

    I like John Goodman’s acting and always have. I think that he looks very good lately.

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