Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yoko OnoYOKO Ono is not a lady to be messed with!

Ono — the widow of Beatles legend John Lennon — apparently lost her cool during an interview Thursday in Los Angeles, where she was promoting an upcoming PBS documentary about her late husband.

After telling a room full of TV writers how Lennon was the first man ever to push a baby stroller in public, Ono reportedly attacked New York Post reporter Sean Daly for asking why she never left New York after Lennon’s murder.

“That’s sexist and racist,” she replied. “I think that you would want to live there, too. No one’s going to comment that you would go to maybe a whorehouse or something like that right after your wife died!”

The 77-year-old also said she is fearful for her safety and the safety of her family should Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, be granted parole on Monday:

“He can be a danger — especially to us, to me, Julian and Sean. But I think that maybe he would be a danger to other people too.”

American Masters: LennoNYC premieres Nov. 22.[imagebrowser id=517]


  • http://rayroseimaging.com ray rose

    Yoko STILL kicks ass!

    • Dan

      Good for you Yoko, that reporter deserved every bit. I have been in love with a Japanese woman for 25+ years and agree with my life long buddy John, I find love and peace of mind in Japanese woman. Yoko was one of best things in John’s life. I always loved you Yoko even at age 14 back in the day when you and John first met. Yoko you help me respect my girlfriend always.

  • Ophelia

    Screw Yoko Ono.

    I don’t care what anyone else has to say, this woman is devil incarnate, and I’m not even Christian.

    • Gwen

      why ? what has she done so bad ? Youre thinking of someone else .

  • terence

    I agree with Yoko that her and family are at risk if mark chapman gets out. Who can blame them, or any other person for that matter. peace and love to you yoko. Terry

  • Sexy Sadie

    Once a whack job… always a whack job.

    • Paul

      Well LH as I heard Mark Chapman is a born again Christian and that makes him a fellow brother in the Lord. He doesnt need sympathy, that’s for the Lord to deal with him and his sins and his heart. Society has already dealt with him and I doubt they will release him. John Lennon far as I know was not a Christian or saved so you need to pray for his soul. If Mark is saved as he claims to be, he already has his name in the book of life and a room in God’s mansion. You talk more like a worldly guy speaking worldly justice than like a brother in the Lord. I aint saying I love Mark, I dont know him or know if he’s sincere. But I even seen Jeffrey Dahmer in his last interview saying how wrong he was about believing in evolution that talk about being saved by Jesus Christ after he came in prison. There could be a lot of former criminals in heaven. Matter of fact many times people only see they have a need savior when they have done the worst things in life or have reached their lowest point and have no where else to look up to except God!

      • R. Owen

        Correction: John Lennon does not need to be ‘saved’ as you put it. In fact I agree more with John Lennon who depicted beliief in religious dogma as nothing more than a way to measure the pain one experiences in life. He didn’t need religion and niether do you! Consider saving your already beautiful self from the scam of religion and begin to think for yourself. Try it. You might experience true freedom (and believe me, it won’t feel like heaven).

      • Merri B

        Criminals always seem to find God AFTER they are found guilty and have to do the time for their heinous crime. Mark Chapman claims to be a born again Christian, and dear little Jeffrey Dahmer also found Christ. One assassinated a beloved and talented musician for absolutely NO reason whatsoever, and Dahmer ate people and kept little “souveniers” in his refrigerator. So, tell me Paul, how hard do you think lying would be??

    • carl.s

      here here i second that…
      she really is a kin crazy whack job at best..!!
      she was making john crazy with her controling shit
      anyone whos says shes the best thing that happen to john
      is also on the same planet shes on where ever that is…

      tell that to john lennons family in England…!!

      oh yeh also any one claiming to be a Beatles fan who also listens and worships this loony whacka doo…
      is no true Beatles fan…!!! its an insult to the rest of the lads and john for that matte..!!

  • http://showbizspy LH

    Despite his mistakes in life,John Lennon was a talented musician who died young and was beloved by many.Mark David Chapman is and always will be a loser whose crowning achievement in life is assassinating a musical legend.As a Christian,I hope and pray that he can find salvation and redemption,but to be honest I have little sympathy for him.

    • mofo

      I was wondering the same thing….
      Im pretty sure the nut job woulda been slingning sushi if lennon never met her…Id bet on it…..I guess we all look at her today just like many years ago & wonder what the hell was lennon thinking when he took her as a wife…………………….sheesh…..butt ugly icing on top of the crap cake………

      • woodyland

        I was wondering the same about your wife

  • Ryan

    What kind of question was that to flip out on? She is such a self absorbed nut job.

    • charlie

      I don’t know what he would think, but it was Yoko Ono who made a peace & love guy out of him. Besides, like it or not – she was the love of his life. And I certainly know what he would think about people hating on Yoko.

      • seans

        who cares what john thinks… he’s dead. yoko is loco!

    • vdc138

      What kind of question was that to ask? Perhaps she overreacted, but I cannot fathom the reasoning behind the question. When a spouse or loved one is killed, is it customary to move to another city? It seems to me to be a boneheaded question from a (likely) boneheaded reporter.

      • THOM


  • Jena

    She really needs to get over herself. No one cares about her and if not for John Lennon she’d be a nobody. He was all about peace and love. She’s a loose cannon who gets enraged over a simple question. What would John think?

    • charlie

      I don’t know what he would think, but it was Yoko Ono who made a peace & love guy out of him. Besides, like it or not – she was the love of his life. And I certainly know what he would think about people hating on Yoko.

      • roxanne

        I agree with James :-) Yoko was a recognized artist before she met John Lennon. In my opinion most of the hatred toward Yoko is rooted in sexism and racism. God forbid an Asian woman be outspoken and avant garde.

      • woodyland

        Yes, thank you! And another thing, Yoko was NOT the reason the Beatles broke up. That is a myth. It was LINDA McCartney who convinced Paul to leave. It’s just easier to believe the myth;easy to bang on Yoko for her style, hair, voice, accent, etc. But back to the idiotic question re:leaving NYC. My sister lost her husband about 40yrs too early & the last thing she wants to do is leave their home, their friends. Yoko had every right to get pissed.

      • http://yahoo.com fredw

        I fell sorry for you ppl who thinks Ono can sing cause they must be tone death, she’s got to be the worse artist(if you wanna call her that I wouldn’t) of all time’s.she’s a gold digger with no class, and some of you are right and saying why don’t she donate some of the millions John left her,I’ll tell you why(GREED) and most of high society wouln’t be caught near her.and to tell you the truth if john was still alive if would have dumped her long ago.

    • James

      Yoko wouldn’t be a nobody. She was/is pretty blue chip in the world of fine art– before, during and after John. Seeing her work in the Guggenheim alongside Warhol and John Cage the year before last was the highlight of my gallery experience thus far. I don’t understand her frustration here, but I do wish her well and admire her talent and intellect.

    • Cynthia

      I know where she is coming from because though she was not born in the US it was her home and their son’s home when John died. Why would she leave? I don’t know why the reporter even ask the question.

      • Les

        I think one of the reasons she did not leave NY is that she is a “star personality” there..maybe not so much anywhere else. I believe she was the love of John’s life, but I also believe that she would be just a run of the mill “rich” girl with no one really interviewing her or caring what she thinks except for John.

      • Marthastew

        I understand the reporter’s question. Many people would leave a home/town/country after a tragedy because the pain would bring back too many bad memories. Since John Lennon was assassinated outside of their apartment, moving to a new place–a fresh start–would be perfectly logical, just so she wouldn’t have to cross that threshold time and time again. For Yoko to call him racist and sexist is just plain stupid and irrational. Face it, she’s a professional widow who won’t leave NYC because she’s still milking pity from local New Yorkers. If she were to move elsewhere, she’d be totally ignored.

    • Bria

      I care

  • http://Yahoo.com DaveC

    yoko still sucks ass

  • Kay

    What? She thinks the question “why didn’t you ever leave N.Y. after Lennon’s murder?” is sexist and racist? I don’t get it, but I don’t understand Yoko, nor do I care to try. Her greatest achievement was getting Lennon. How she accomplished this is waaaaay beyond me. No talent self absorbed ugly bitch.

  • BonBon

    She trys to do everything she can to keep her name in the media and try to keep herself relevant but she is failing miserably. All she is doing is riding the coattails of her long dead husband because she can’t do anything worthwhile herself, certainly not singing anyway… uggggh, I’d rather listen to a Screech Owl.

    • Jane

      She’ll never, ever be irrelevant. Even if she isn’t doing anything, people will always know who she is. Mainly because of people like you who take time out of their life to comment about how irrelevant she is haha

      When I find someone irrelevant, I pretend they don’t exist. You should try that, ya know…instead of wasting your time.

  • laustcawz

    I seriously doubt that Lennon was the first man to push a baby stroller in public, but I’m sure it was rare at the time, especially for a male celebrity. As for Chapman, his illegacy, if you will, extends far beyond his murder of Lennon. He, along with his various imitators, made it necessary for celebrities to be terrified of being terrorized by their biggest fans, a tragedy for which he should never be forgiven. I fail to understand how someone wondering why Yoko didn’t leave New York after Lennon’s death could be construed as racist or sexist. Perhaps there was another agenda behind the questions or some loaded questions coming next, but it seems to me that it might be understandable (or at least not surprising) for someone to want a new start after such a traumatic experience. Then again, Yoko’s always been known for her boldness, both personally & professionally, which is likely why Lennon found her so appealing, plus, many people, once they settle in New York, find it difficult to leave, for one reason or another.

  • Wayne

    Well there was no logical leap between asking why she still lives in New York and the reporter being sexist. So that says to me she’s a nut job, old age isn’t kind to her fading mind.

    As for her fear of being mudered I would have to judge it in light of her craziness. Mark David Chapman didn’t give two s**ts about her or her kids. His craziness was aimed at Lennon.

    • Jkct01

      Why don’t you all for a moment think of her as just another human being like you and me? I would have been angered by such a thoughtless and tasteless question. How are you sure that Mark David Chapman is not crazy enough to also harm Yoko and her family? If you are in her situation, won’t you be worried?

      • Jkct01

        i dont know. that is why I wont take chances if i were Yoko.

    • Gwen

      How do you know ? You talk to chapman ? How do YOU know whats going on in CHAPMANS mind . ???

  • Ani

    Ok, she just wants attention to remain in the media. She was with Lennon that night he was assassinated so if he wanted to kill you lady then he would’ve done it 30 years ago. I don’t like her, she looks sneaky and evil, and that question had nothing to do with sexism. Cool off.

    • Gwen

      She does NOT just want to remain in the media , are you even AWARE WHY shes in the media NOW , because they want to let chapman out . DUH .

  • Mr. Pickles

    I don’t see why she got so enraged when asked why she never left. I don’t see it as racist. What am I missing?

  • http://yahoo Jo Rose

    One or more of those reporters was obviously desperate to find some reason for stirring up a (tiny) story.

  • lucy

    She is still looking for the spotlight and using her late husband’s name and family to do it, but hey what’s new?

  • jessica

    I don’t think she needs to fear for her safety or that of her son Sean or John’s first son Julian. If Mark Chapman is ever released from jail I doubt HE would live long before someone would take revenge for the murder of John Lennon.

  • Peej

    Whack freak! Yoko has none and never had any talent. The closest she ever got to talent was marrying John. IMAGINE talent you whack freak. You’ll never have it. Keep digging your viper nails in the music rights. You won’t be relevant much longer anyway.

  • Teresa

    If any of you haters have any respect for the musical genious of John Lennon, then you have to respect his choice in the true love of his life – Yoko Ono. Yoko is truly a humanitarian. She gave John the reason to see each day with a positive flare. It seems like most of the replies to this story are so full of contempt and hatred that it is a mystery how any of you haters were bright enough to learn to read or write. Try learning how to love instead. Peace.

  • johnny sain

    Give Forgiveness a Chance

    • JZ

      Just a tip: when calling someone a “moron”, perhaps it’s best to 1. get their name right, and 2. learn proper grammar and punctuation

  • MR Clean

    YOKA is a fucking ego moron. She humiliated her late husband, there his former bandmates by being unprofessional. She needs to get her head out of the past. She acts like this murderer is going to go straight for her and her family like its some fucking cheesy B rated horror film. Wha’ts Chapman going to do think he’s THE REAL fucking YOKO next?. He thought he was john fucking lennon and unfortunately made that wrong mistake. If nothing else he’s going to get a beer and burger king live in a shoddy apartment, hear shit thrown at him where ever he goes and work as a night time janitor while parole officer’s are up his has every ten minutes if EVER released.

  • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ethantudorw Ethan Tudor W.

    Yoko was invited on “The NeverHood” two weeks ago, we were sent the standard “Reply” from her office. She is still invited to talk, 30min, I respect her choices, but maybe a candid interview, open and HONEST is timely. Not to talk so much about John, but about HER. How are YOU Yoko? -Ethan Tudor W. 310-406-5835

  • Mike

    yoko is a dirty jap and her music sucks balls

  • t. fiereno

    Maybe she will hurry up and die so I-Tunes can start selling Beatles Albums, that seems to be all the world wants. “T”

  • Jan

    I’m confused. How to you get from a simple question about her decision to remain in New York after Lennon’s death to “sexist” and “racist”?

    And a big old double huh to this: “No one’s going to comment that you would go to maybe a whorehouse or something like that right after your wife died!”

  • Troy

    Agree that the question was not sexist or racist. Wow…..yoko come down to earth.

  • Mozart of Baghdad

    Yoko Ono, is a certified devil. She is a shame and disgrace in John Lenon’s history. You were ugly when John married you, and today you are uglier and evil. In fact, it is so pathetic for your face and name to be associated to the Beatles.

  • Darren

    WWho really killed John Lennon?

  • jank brock

    Why does the Media still give this piece of shit attention?
    All this bitch has ever done is lay down for a Beatle and help break up the greatest band that ever will be. What a joke, without Lennon she isn’t shit and that has been 30 years now and she’s still getting attention!
    Piss on this Slant, she is a pathetic leech that ruined History and she is being hailed for it at every turn.
    She should have moved back to Asia after Lennon died and just stayed there serving rice in Tokyo Joe’s to Western Businessmen with foot massages after wards. Fuck this useless undeserving piece of Slant shit.

  • Angie

    Remember “John’s Lost Week-End” with “MAY PANG” How soon everyone forgets…she reunited John with the (group)He wrote several songs with Ringo, some with Elton John…etc in California… again read the books it will tell ya or use the net…they were about to reunite I belive too…ask Ms May Pang she holds the answers we seek…

  • SfinSF

    “Sexist and racist”? HOW? But how the hell does this constitute her “going crazy”? The press has really become disgusting. Right now, if you were a celebrity and broke a fingernail and said “oh, darn!” in public the press would say you’d “gone crazy and spewed four-letter words. Surely they have enough celebrities who truly ARE crazy and abusive and violent without having to make it up?

  • SfinSF

    “Sexist and racist”? HOW? But how the hell does this constitute her “going crazy”? The press has really become disgusting. Right now, if you were a celebrity and broke a fingernail and said “oh, darn!” in public the press would say you’d “gone crazy and spewed four-letter words. Surely they have enough celebrities who truly ARE crazy and abusive and violent without having to make it up?

    • Gwen

      EXACTLY , how about miss WHITE HOUSE PARTY CRASHER , (she means so little i dont even feel like googling her actual name ) when she said on the view that whoopi HIT HER !! whoopi , pit two fingertips on her waist .

      • Gwen


  • http://None Shemp99

    Yeah, I would like to offer my observations with regard to the posters refering to Yoko Ono as a “nut job”. You can gripe about her all you want, but you’re making us as Americans look stupid in the process. We have enough nations and individuals that hate America’s guts. Why do you constantly want to add fuel to the fire? This is just pathetic. As for Lennon, sure he could have had any woman he wanted due to his fame, but Yoko happened to have brought happiness to his life. Yoko may have irked some of the other Beatles, but she didn’t break the group up. She didn’t have to. They wanted to be recognized as individuals.

  • Missy

    Ok. So clearly from reading the above posts Yoko should fear random haters as well. Peace and Love….Really?

  • Jayne

    I loved Lennon and his music. It disturbs me that Yoko Ono is making such a mockery of his memory with her behavior. Unless there was something said, that we are not aware of, her rant was not something John would be proud of. To my knowledge he never acted like this with anyone. I think he would have thought the person asking the question was just doing his job. Yoko has always seemed to me to be a troubled woman, even when John was alive. I hope she figures herself out and can be kinder to people in general.

    • roxanne

      You are disgusting! Why don’t you go turn on some Offspring and yank your racist cock!

      • daria

        yoko jest obrzydliwa ! !!obrzydliwe wstrętne babsko zawsze tak uwazalam, i tak uwazam teraz i nic nie zmieni mojego zdania, a cynthia jest najlepsza tak jest dzis tak bedzie jutro tak bedzie zawsze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • roxanne

      That was directed at “Enraged”, wrong reply button ;-(

    • woodyland

      Actually, when John left to have an affair in Los Angeles Yoko did not run after him but rather let him sow his wild oats & waited patiently for this affair to run its course. As history shows she was wise in her ways & the marriage survived.

      • Mctwee

        Racist much? We all have our rights to express our personal opinions, but you could, at the least explain why you don’t like this individual, perhaps, without having to resort to name-calling and racial slurs. I’m far from being a fan of Yoko’s, really, but I think we could show a little respect for a fellow human being. John did love her sincerely, and we should remember that he stood for peace and love for the world. Love.

      • Mctwee

        Apologies, Woodyland, clicked on the wrong reply button. :)

  • Enraged

    Yoko is a crazy ass slant eyed fuck monkey!

    • Mctwee

      Racist much? We all have our rights to express our personal opinions, but you could, at the least explain why you don’t like this individual, perhaps, without having to resort to name-calling and racial slurs. I’m far from being a fan of Yoko’s, really, but I think we could show a little respect for a fellow human being. John did love her sincerely, and we should remember that he stood for peace and love for the world.

    • daria

      yes fuck yoko ono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • larry

    why even bother with Itunes just download free from Frostwire?

  • James

    Why the hell does this No Talant’s Ass matter anymore…

  • Mike Moiser

    WTF?! Why can’t people leave this poor woman alone? John is looking down on all the Yoko haters and saying “piss off, you were never a true fan of mine if you can’t accept the woman I love”

    • woodyland

      Because mostly people who talk the loudest are brainless fact~ignoring haters.

  • Janet

    John loved Yoko–bottom line–she was his choice. Why he chose her is not for you to judge.

  • Jay

    Anytime this pin cushion opens her mouth nothing comes out of it very well. Her thoughts are as bad as her singing….

  • Karin

    Yoko is the best! I don’t blame her for getting upset. John and Yoko were a beautiful couple, and he will forever be a part of her, just like she will always be for him. I hope to God that they NEVER let Mark David Chapman out!!! Peace to Yoko and her family. Love you, Yoko!

    • johnny d

      I can sympathize with Yoko’s concern over Chapman’s possible release. Chapman is a monster that stole something from all of us that loved John’s work. As for that comment over racism and sexism, I don’t get it.

      • carl.s

        Cynthia is still the real love of JOHN .W. LENNON
        and to be honest from what i hard on the grape vine he would have gone back with her…!! period!!

    • daria

      fuck yoko ono!!!!!!!!!!cynthia is the best !!!!!!!peace to cynthia and her soon julian !!! love cyn , cynthia i love you!

  • http://www.beggarscanbechoosers.com Marc McDonald

    One of the great regrets of John Lennon’s life was that very few people heeded his pleas to give Yoko’s music a chance. He insisted that she was a genius musically.
    It’s taken many years, but Yoko is now widely recognized as a major talent. She has been endlessly ripped off by other artists, like the B-52s and Bjork.
    She served as an inspiration for many of the classic “Krautrock” bands of the 1970s (at least she was appreciated in Continental Europe).
    Here, in the U.S. she was viciously attacked by sexist, bigoted rock fans and clueless, closed-minded critics.
    The ironic thing is, I think her 1970s heyday music has held up much better than the crap that was praised back then and that clogged up AOR radio.
    Yoko’s music is not easy. You have to be patient and give it a chance. But I think, at it’s best, it is pure genius.
    Many people giggled at John when he praised Yoko’s music. We assumed that he was blinded by love. But the joke was on us all along—John was right.

    • Connie

      Can you give some examples of Yoko being ripped off? what are you specifically speaking of? I don’t disagree because I remember that Lennon thought her a genius–and he was a tough critic. I just don’t know examples.

    • http://yahoo.com fredw

      you too must be tone death, I mean really . the freak can’t sing and never could, she’s a gold digger and all she wanted is what she got, all of john’s money.

  • ida

    I admire your individuality and continued efforts on behalf of your late husband. He should have been given the Girshwin award! He was a true genius in song writing and musical talent far ahead of his time.
    Keep on keeping on!

  • http://yahoo krutch44

    I know this is going to sound yokoish but I think lennon was taken out because of his firery disregard for sampling in any way.If lennon was still around he would ve spoken out vehemently against rap and its outright copying of others hooks.Because lets face it a lot of rap songs rip off other artists songs and get around it by calling it sampling.

  • http://yahoo krutch44

    I know this is going to sound yokoish but I think lennon was taken out because of his firery disregard for sampling in any way.If lennon was still around he would ve spoken out vehemently against rap and its outright copying of others hooks.Because lets face it a lot of rap songs rip off other artists songs and get around it by calling it sampling.Lennon spoke out loud and often on this issue. Thats not to say he didnt cover others songs but sampling take it to another level.

  • Connie

    I don’t know what else was said before the reporter asked her the question. But can you imagine a man being asked why he stayed in a city after his wife died? Did he not think she “belonged” in New York? Did he think her only ties to a metropolitan area of over 10 million would be her husband. The question is bizarre and implicitly racist AND sexist.

  • http://ATT GUSSYMAN

    GET IT…

  • K Foster

    “Why didn’t you leave New York?” How sick. She was right. The question was racist and sexist. On top of that is it just ugly and rude.

  • Rouge

    Yoko is still awesome! I mean yeah, that was a bit of a harsh flip out for that question. But maybe in the past someone asked her that meant it to be sexist or racist. She’s had a tough time in the media. :( Or maybe she is just really stressed right now. I mean the madman who killed her husband might be granted parole tomorrow! She has a right to be stressed.

    • http://yahoo.com furdw

      damm you must be idiot, to think yoko is awesome, she can’t sing AT ALL, she’s a gold digger with NO CLASS

  • JZ

    Idk what is wrong with you people. She isn’t a “nobody”, she’s an artist. In fact, John met her at one of her gallery premiers. It just shows how out of touch you are. If she cared about media attention, don’t you think we’d have seen a bit more of her in the last 20 years? Short of that, she’s in NY still because it’s an art capital, and she’s a financial genius and it’s also a financial capital. All of her wealth is from investing; not from John. You’re just a bunch of haters who may be racist. The reason she called the reporter racist is because his question implied “why don’t you go back to Japan?” And after 30 yrs of the love of her life being murdered, I’m sure the situation was upsetting enough to her. I love the compassion everyone here displays as well as the courtesy everyone displays about someone getting past that sort of situation.

    • http://yahoo.com furdw

      Here’s another idiot, to call yoko a artist, she can’t sing, when she does it sounds like a sic whale wanting to be out of there misery, she has NO CLASS at all, yea she invested wisely(she has lawyers for that)with john’s money. face it the freak is a gold digger, who was john’s party buddie

    • http://yahoo.com furdp

      Here’s another idiot, to call yoko a artist, she can’t sing, when she does it sounds like a sic whale wanting to be out of there misery, she has NO CLASS at all, yea she invested wisely(she has lawyers for that)with john’s money. face it the freak is a gold digger, who was john’s party buddie

    • http://yahoo.com furdw

      you too must be tone death, I mean really . the freak can’t sing and never could, she’s a gold digger and all she wanted is what she got, all of john’s money.

  • lindak

    Yoko invokes the name of Julian whenever it suits her. She did not give a hoot when she was stealing John away from his son. John’s friends helped Julian with the album because Yoko held the purse strings on the inheritance. Kid was a millionaire, but could not buy a house. That album gave Julian cash flow that he should have had from his father. I noticed that Sean was given the $$$ ASAP even though younger.

    Caterwalling is not considered singing and leaving a card on a ladder to hammer a nail is not art. It is a new take on the Emperor’s New Clothes. This woman got so far by doing very little. Do not know who gets the prize- Yoko or Heather. Couple of losers who took advantage of men under stress.

  • teresa

    Too bad Yoko didn’t disapear when John died!

  • Ronboy

    I’m a lifelong Beatle fan(saw them in person in 1964 just to give a hint to my age). I’m not a Yoko hater but I’m not a big fan either.However, my first reaction to the question,”why didn’t you leave New York?” was that the reporter wondered why she would stay in the town and very place(the Dakota) where her husband was murdered. I think others in that situation might want to “get away”. Yoko’s response that it was racist and sexist, may have been to the assumption on her part that the reporter was suggesting she SHOULD have left.I can’t believe I just spent 2 minutes of my life commenting on this non-news item.

  • Mark

    Ono is gross, sick and wrong. As a true Beatles, I hate her!!!

  • Lawrence Goldworm

    I feel, like the majority of comments, that the reporter’s question was a valid one. Many spouses would want to begin a new life by remarrying or moving elsewhere after such a traumatic event. Jackie Onassis is one example. In fact, when you think of it, why would you want to remain in one of the most populous and violent cities in the world after your husband is shot dead on the street?
    As for Yoko Ono, I have always felt she was nothing more than a spoiled little rich girl trying to stretch her fifteen minutes as far as possible. This is evidenced by the fact (admitted by Paul) that she first offered herself to him. He was too level headed, saw what she was, and rejected her. John, whose huge ego she played up to, let her into his world. True, she did acquire some reputation as an artist during the 60′s however she, like her “bag art” and childish writings, would have come and gone without much notice had it not been for her scandalous affair (John was married at the time) then marriage to John. This is made quite obvious by the fact that even with her fame as the wife of a Beatle, her art career has still gone nowhere though she pursued it before and after John’s death.
    This isn’t to say that John was a saint. In my opinion, they probably deserved each other. As talented as he was, and as much as I love his music, he had a dark side (John was bisexual, cheated on, and beat Yoko). Yes she was a manipulative b@#*% but his ego allowed her to take up such a prominent place in his life and most likely sidetrack him from an even greater musical career.

    • Reenie

      Well done, Lawrence! Very few people remember that when Yoko went to London in the 1960′s she was nearly broke and was desperate.

      The Beatles were the biggest and most influential group in the world at that point, and John & Paul the artists of the group (few realize that Paul also participated in the arts other than music); so it made perfect sense for her to attempt to latch onto one of them if she wanted fame and fortune. Who heard of transcendental meditation before The Beatles? They made the maharishi a household name – she desparately needed them to do the same for her.

      While Paul has always been the “showman” of the group, he’s always guarded his privacy. The fact that he turned Yoko down, I think attests to his basic common sense.

      The fact that John embraced her suggests that he didn’t love Cynthia and probably resented Julian because he was the “reason” he and Cynthia got married. I believe that John was not only looking for a way out of the marriage, he was also looking for a mother-figure as he’d never fully worked through his mother leaving him – once by choice, then by death as they were reconnecting. Yoko is a few years older than John, and her aggressiveness appealed to him more than anything else.

      Did Yoko break up The Beatles? She probably had more to do with it than any other “outsider.” John “left” The Beatles emotionally after he hooked up with her – it just took a while for it to happen in reality. Paul was the first to announce publicly, but John was totally pissed because he’d left long before! Paul kept trying to keep the band together, so the fact that he announced he was leaving would indicate he’d finally gotten fed up.

      Psychologists will tell you that master manipulators try to separate those they’re manipulating from all other ties. Yoko certainly acheived that – she even arranged the “lost weekend” so John would see he couldn’t live without her. She had complete control of May Pang, and drew John back in to her web when she was sure she’d made her point.

      I wonder if the return to the studio in 1980 was more her idea than John’s. Just like the permission to use John’s music in that European commercial was done to keep John relevant. Just like allowing Lady Gaga to play the iconic white piano wasn’t planned and publicized to keep John in the news. Paul & Ringo continue to tour and are in the news on their own merit. John can’t, so Yoko has to so she remains relevant … at least in her own mind. (Olivia Harrison seems the better lady among the widows.)

      I don’t think Yoko ever cared about anything or anyone other than herself. It’s always been more about her than anything else – whether it’s Mark David Chapman being paroled or The Beatles catalogue being released to iTunes or anything else – her aim has always been to get as much attention for herself as possible.

      The current flap is just another attempt – her reaction to the reporter’s question was totally off-base!

      And no – Mark David Chapman shouldn’t be paroled, whether he’s found Jesus or not has nothing to do with it. He – and society in general – are safer if he stays where he is.

    • Jennifer

      Dude, your allegations about John being bi and beating Yoko are unfounded. I see that you have no problem believing any tripe Paul McCartney speaks as Bible but if John Lennon told the world that this woman was the love of his life, he adored her, and even got back together after their separation it is somehow seedy and untrue. I am so tired of all these Lennon bashers disguising themselves as “fans” only to disparage him and the woman he married and loved.

      Yoko Ono may not be YOUR cup of tea. She may not fulfill YOUR idea of what a great woman is, but John loved her and she was HIS wife. Get over it and stop pining over a band that broke up 40 years ago. Like John said, “the dream is over…you’ll just have to carry on…”

  • Julie

    She’s such a froot loop.

    As if she gives a rat’s ass about Julian. But it looks good in press.

    • carl.s


  • rocketboy756

    Lennon’s murder was the best thing that ever happen to her and she doesn’t realise it. Listen to Double fantasy. The songs she did were crap. But she still gets all the royalties from it. In fact she still gets royalties from all of his other stuff( except Beatles ). Millions of dollars just from being his heir. If it wasn’t for her. Julian would have got all the money. And he is the one whio deserves it. I guarantee if John were alive today they would have been divorced by now.

    • rocketboy756

      She should moved back to Japan. That sandal wearing goldfish tender.

  • Daniel Kelker

    I think that Obama should pardon Mark David Chapman.

  • dave held

    What’s yellow and sleeps alone?????

    Yoko Ono.

  • http://YAHOO SLYSI


  • Dave

    Yoko is a talentless loser that accomplished one worthwhile thing in her life….getting married to Lennon secured a fortune she would have never had a chance at otherwise. Someone said she would have been slinging sushi but that is optimistic: working at the “Little Jap Massage Parlor” giving hand-jobs to old hippies would have also been a possible destiny.
    I never thought Lennon was that big a deal anyway: anyone who would record “Imagine” with its stupid unrealistic message can’t be all that bright. I think he was always “Flower Child” and in the end became an aged hippie with a very slim understanding of the world around him. He could play a guitar, sing and write music, that doesn’t qualify him as a genuis……

  • joe

    John Lennons Death was a setup!

    He stood up against the establishment, they knocked him off.

  • Don

    Yoko you rock! I totally agree with you that John’s killer should never see freedom. If he does I would hope someone gets him within the first week and gives him what he deserves.

  • homie g

    Yea I agree with Dave, Lennon was not that great sorry. And no disrespect to Yoko Ono, but don’t go all tweeky on a reporter just asking a question.

  • nick

    What was sexist or racist about that question? She is obviously retarted and insane.

  • Yoda

    Too bad he killed John and not this piece of trash

  • Steve

    Maybe the title should be “Reporter asks Yoko Ono a stupid question”

  • Vince

    You call that going crazy? A weakat tempt at trying to make a story out of nothing just by using an exclamation in the headline. Throw in the obligatory crazy-asian-dragon-lady-who-broke-up-the-beatles perspective and create an instant waste of time to fill empty content slots.

  • Gwen

    Good for her . As if there are no orientals in New York . Wonder what paper this azz works for , they should fire him for living in 1940. This guy lives in New York ? Look around moron .

  • Alicia

    What a stupid thing to say to her New York didnt kill John that loonie tune did..Chapman should never be released Im just sorry theres no electric chair for him ..He stole someone from all of us that was well loved. She didnt GO CRAZY shes probably just tired of dealing with stupid morons

  • Lou

    Why would anyone let Mark Chapman out of jail. He robbed us of the greatest entertainer in many generations. keep him right where he is.

  • bill

    i would stand next to yoko, and protect her, and her legacy, any day….if she was good enough for st John, she’s good enough for me

  • Carlo R

    You shyttin’ me? This bitch is still living???? People actually pay to go see her????

  • Joe

    Hmmmm… Irrationality and paranoia. No, she’s not an addict/former addict/recovering addict or anything is she?

  • Robin

    Once a freak, always a freak. She’s always been disgusting and nothing has changed, has it?

  • Faye

    Ok, maybe I missed something…the question was just a question, why flip the script? Secondly, the comment about going to a whorehouse right after your wife dies, John has been dead for many, many years, I don’t get the connection. Was she interviewed because of Chapman parole hearing on Monday? If so leave her alone and allow her to continue to mourn.

  • Chuckster

    Yoko is a wack job! Has always been…
    Her acomplishments?
    Getting John to try Heroin, so he became an addict “Cold Turkey” is about trying to quit.
    Stalked Lennon until he finally gave in to her..
    John left the Beatles first, in an interview John said until he was with Yoko, he never had the nerve to leave the Beatles.
    The song “All you need is Love” was written long before him and Yoko were a couple!
    The thing that is weird about Yoko living at the Dakota still, is that every time she leaves her apartment she has to go past the spot where John was murdered, while most people would want to leave such a painful place, this is what the reporter was asking about.
    Now she lives off the memory of her dead husband.

    Her so called “art” is controversial at best.

  • http://www.showbizspy.com Johnny Wad

    She just wrote a song about “Golden Showers” It’s called “GIVE PISS A CHANCE”

  • Barbara

    Leave my friend Linda McCartney alone she will always be a wonderful friend,mother,animal activist who did alot of wonderful things

  • Evin

    Yoko Ono you are the best!!! f**k all those niggas in this msg board I respect you bit”h!!

  • dakota

    CYNTHIA IS TEHE BEST F**k You Evin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    You people are really sick. This lady was the man’s wife, he loved her. Get over yourselves, as if you knew John Lennon to know what was good/bad for him. Yoko brought him so much artistic inspiration/freedom. Sorry, much as I love Linda (fave Beatle wife), for the most part Paul’s solo catalog just isn’t much more than really bland, corny words over some nice melodies. Nothing really inspired or moved me like what John was doing, and much of his inspiration came from Yoko.

    The Beatles broke up 40 years ago…don’t you think it’s time to let it go? Julian appears to be happy and if HE can let it go you who had nothing to do with this family should probably drop it. But you won’t because it is so easy to hate. Easy and doesn’t require much brain cells.

  • http://Yahoo Craig Snapp

    Yoko Ono is NO musician or artists her only name to fame is John Lennon

  • Don

    She is not talented at all, as I see it. She is an angry woman who has never learned to forgive. I regret her husband died. That was tragic. But don’t you think by now she would have done some forgiveness work? Hate is a horrible thing. Over time it consumes you and you become a slave to it. Life is too short. She should no longer object to Mark Chapman being released from prison. He has served his time and, as I see it, he should go free.

  • http://dfbgdbghim.com terri dobrowski

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    • .

      Well I see not much has changed re: Yoko. She took a great deal of flak when she was with John. Remember her husband was shot to death in front of her. Such a terrible time. John and Yoko had gone thu a bad period of about 18 months but when she finally had Sean things were great. Yoko comes from money. She was very well educated. The Beatles broke up in the end because they were just worn out. It lasted 10 glorious years. Yoko played a part in their demisebut so did individual musical developement. Disagreement about management played a huge part. But it was just time. It was a fabulous time for music. I certainly miss them.

  • Aeve99

     ”The first man to ever push a baby carriage in public?!”  Wow, what world does Yoko live in, anyway? Countless men push baby carriages in public. And what did she mean by, “That’s sexist and racist!” ?? She’s really disconnected. Doesn’t she know how to respond intelligently to a question? …

    • Anonymous

      Omg yes…. I hate Yoko Ono with a passion in my heart… put kindly, she’s “the other woman”.

  • Anonymous

    Yoko is weird and distasteful. Her singing is criminal. She gives me the heebie jeebies.

  • janetfaser@verizon.net

    Yoko Ono was an ugly troll when she was young; she’s always been a pseudo-intellectual, classless, wannabe crowd pleaser–and her so-called singing is akin to a sick cat moaning in agony. What the hell was John Lennon on all those years he spent with that thing? She’s probably the most overrated celebrity in history, and most overrated by the person who made her a celebrity, i.e., Lennon, himself. What could she ever have done or what has she ever done in her own right? Will this “thing” that attached herself to John Lennon’s coattails over four decades ago ever go away????

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002556780615 Suzanne Ennazus

      The 2nd most over rated person is David Beckham’s talentless, attention seeking wife, who makes up a new career every week in a bid to be good at something to keep getting attention, when I could walk into any supermarket and find 100s of more stylish, talented and interesting people, yet that orange monkey faced idiot is in my face all the time.

    • morganfusion

      The sound of a sick cat is at least natural. Yoko Ono’s “singing” is more like a demon scraping its fingernails down a blackboard in hell. She is definitely one of the all-time poseurs, and only the conspiracy theorists know why we’ve been stuck with her for all these decades.

    • r123

      He was doing insane amounts of LSD and heroine … his brain was obviously majorly fried if he was even tolerating this freak.

  • oneabeidiot

    Who the hell is she kidding–the first man to ever push a baby carriage in public? I suppose she’s the first woman to ever conceive, know the magic and miracle of carrying a child, and then to give birth to a chilid as well. Ship this goon back to outer space, would ya?!!

  • Cindy Smith

    If john lennon had balls he would never have fallen for psycho bitch

  • rapmakesmevomit

    Yolo ono is (I’m convinced anyway) Crazy nuts and/or insane. And I’m not just saying that,I believe it. She has absolutely no talent and is a control freak.