Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kanye WestKANYE West is sorry!

The rapper — who caused controversy last year when he interrupted Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech at the VMAs — has finally apologized for his bad behavior.

“I’m so sorry to y’all/Everyone of y’all a year ago that I made feel ashamed,” West said during a TV appearance in Singapore this week.

Previous reports claimed Kanye was making an effort to sort is life out following the VMAs incident.

“He feels terrible about hurting Taylor Swift and sees it as another sign that his life is going in the wrong direction since his mother died,” a source said at the time.


  • Keith

    just an arrogant, over-hyped has-been, that will never get over himself or stop his asshole ways !

    • B

      Once something bad happens, a chain reaction hits, and then it all goes downhill from there.

    • FnF

      His mother passes away and then you act like a fu**ing a**hole to him? Yeah now who is the bad guy biotch.

  • B

    I guess the only good thing going for him is that his song “stronger” is one of the most downloadable songs of all time. (no pun intended)

  • Scottie

    Love You Kanye West!!!

  • http://showbizspy LH

    It is not for us to judge Kanye West or anyone else,and I cannot imagine how he has been feeling since his mother passed.That being said,he needs to do some serious soul-searching and think about the kind of man and human being she would have wanted him to be.

    • susan schumaker

      Well said!!

  • jokuhl

    a total no-talent piece of black trash. and i know, cause i’m a no-talent piece of white trash !!!

  • jokuhl

    yeah, he’s the ONLY one who’s mother has passed…..please mary, tell me another one.

    • tammy

      Ya know it’s always about racism…they both are great rappers. i honestly think eminem is better live. Kanye is a racist asshole and so are you. you probably think OJ was innocent. I hate racist black people and i hate white trash.

      • tammy

        my last reply was for justin

  • Justin

    Kanye is better than Eminem any day of the week, month, or year. So sick of white people thinking they can destroy talented black people. Kanye is KING!!!

    • http://msn Joan

      Justin, no not because he is black because he is full of himself and and a–. You would serve yourself and other blacks to call people on the wrongs instead of making excuses for unexceptable behavior because he is black.

    • http://yahoo Ragah


      • FnF

        Dude your the king of scum.

  • kevin

    article is wrong. he has already apologized several times. publicly on leno, personally to swift and on his blog. that apology in singapore was for his fans, and has nothing to do about swift in specific. you guys fail, get the story right next time.

    • Merri B

      You’re right Kevin, but the issue is whether or not his apologies are sincere or if he is just trying to get back into everyone’s good graces. He even horrified Beyonce. Personally, I don’t think his brand of arrogance allows him to even remotely make a sincere apology, but I could be wrong. I think LH (comment #4) said it best.

  • TMJ

    that was so rude of him 2 say that and idk if i believe his apologie is sincere he might just be playing a game 2 get more fans 2 seem like he’s a better person… but, who knows i could be wrong

  • LaPoo

    I believe in forgiveness and giving 2nd chances. If It was me standing in his shoes I’d hope people would be understanding and at least wait to see if im being genuine or not.

  • morh

    A perfect example of a person whom is rich AND a loser.

  • KayneHater

    Kanye is the perfect example of why all blacks get a bad rep and name. He is nothing but a piece of worthless has been black trash, yet people keep buying into his game, so that kind of makes a few of you loosers as well. Kayne is probably lucky his mom isnt alive to see him act this way, and to blame this on her is a real tragedy. He says his life is going in the wrong direction because of loosing her, well pick your shit up at the door and go the direction your mom would have been proud of, cuz this isnt the direction. You need to check your shit at the door.

  • Romantic Novels

    justin- eminem is way better than kanye. and i do not discriminate against blacks. but when it comes on artists,we should only see true talent. secondly, as far as taylor is concerned, i knew that kanye was gonna appologize because as we all know, all taylor-lovers were turned into taylor-lovers as well as kanye-haters.

  • http://Showbizspy Patty Fitz

    He goes to Singapore and says he’s sorry to us? His actions were because of his mother dying? What a crock of shit. He is a loud mouth egotistical ass wipe. I wouldn’t listen to his music if he paid me too and I don’t believe for a second he is sorry for what he did to a total sweet girl who actually is talented. A perfect example of the reason whites don’t like blacks.

    • Merri B

      Patty – Most of what you said is true, except the last part. Only RACIST whites don’t like blacks – obviously because of their color. I’m white and I don’t dislike blacks. Hate the action, not the person. You can’t really believe that you can speak for all whites when you declare the reason whites don’t like blacks. That’s YOUR reason, no one else’s.

  • LQ

    You’re about a day late and dollar short, my friend. But I guess better late than never..??

    • jese

      It was Bush’s fault.

      • Merri B

        It was the Pope’s fault.

  • mr.max35

    Here we go again! “It’s my mommy”s fault.”
    Kinda reminds me of “It”s Bush”s fault.”

  • http://yahoo Ragah

    We all know you are “sorry” imbecile….A sorry excuse for a monkey….you suk Con-gay

  • Bors Zurga

    Anything blacks get in to is ruined. Football, baseball, basketball, and now GOLF. Blacks are not a well behaved people and that is a FACT!

    • Merri B

      That is NOT a fact. That is an OPINION.

  • Demetrius

    What I can’t understand is why do you search, read, and post comments on things about celebrities you dont like. If you dont like him then dont like him dont read about him dont search him and dont post comments. Let his fans discuse the person they like and admire not none of you haters thats just trying to pull another sucessful black man down.

    • smitty

      Don’t read the negative comments if don’t like them. 1st Amendemt says I can say whatever I want. You should read it instead of listening to Kanye’s racist ass.

  • tony

    Kanye West is the biggest, nastiest douche bag that ever took a breath of air.

  • http://www.bikiniwall.info bikiniwall.info

    Too little, too late, my brother!

  • Rich

    This dude is a talentless fool. Get outta my sight man.

  • http://yahoo.com get-F-ing real……

    kanye has made good music for the past 6-7 years…. and keeps going ….. swift is thus far a one hit disney wonder….. what he did was wrong . i can admitt that . But compare taylor swift’s career to kanye’s ….. Taylor Swift’s biggest claim to fame is ” Kanye west once interuptted her Award speech” …. being honest, i have never even heard a Swift song. And im white.

    • smitty

      You’re right, it was okay for him to act that way because she only had “one” hit. Whatever dude! It’s people like you who have made America turn to crap. It is simple manners not matter who he did it to.

  • http://bikinisall mare

    Dear Kayne, You are never to big to make mistakes but that seen was pretty awful but hopefully to learn’t something from it. Go on and enjoy life as best as you can and be prepared for that seen 20 years from now unfortunely it will go down in music history.

    • Merri B

      You KNOW he has hit rock bottom when even the President of the United Stated referred to him as a “jackass” after the Taylor Swift incident. How embarrassing for him. After that, there’s no place to go but up.

  • smitty

    It’s a year too late for apologies! He didn’t even have the balls to say he was sorry in the U.S.! Coward and a has-been!!! I would apologize too if my career was falling apart.

  • http://showbizSpy DS

    He’s a piece of trash, worthless has-never-been. Everybody plays into his trashy crap and he gets rich because of it? He can’t even control himself, going up there drunk and insulting the girl and he takes a YEAR to do it? He then turns and blames it on his mother. She is blessed that she never saw this, she would have denied that it was her kid!!!
    Watch for Kaktus Tree, he’ll never do that shit, act that way and he plays real music. Not garbage like this piece of crap’s stuff.

  • http://yahoo racist! anyone

    wow we got us some real racists on both sides here—-

  • http://yahoo.com get-F-ing real……

    sometimes i really wonder…”as human beings in this day and age. Why is color/ race the most important thing in every situation” ……. this is sad state of humanity and most of you are sad people

  • JaneWonderfalls

    @Burs Wow the whole black people are the only people who commit crimes, cheat, and make an ass of themselves, mmmh I thought Mel Gibson was a mixed person,There are plenty of people of all races who are bad people, But I would look at white history, Your by far the most destructive and Kanye West isn’t the one stealing your life savings or protesting against you actually having healthcare. If you want to know the biggest criminals it’s the U.S Government. Heres my thing if you are just a racist, fine. But don’t use that as an excuse for why the world is bad because of blacks, Timothy(the guy who blew up that building) Hitler etc. A long time ago that comment would have bothered me but now, I realize regardless of race/ people are just fucking morons.

  • Tammy

    This isn’t a black or white issue, but it could and perhaps should be. I believe Kanya to be a very talented entertainer who has a terrible attitude. Much like the talent of Mel Gibson who also has a terrible attitude times 10!! We need a white representative and a black representative who would do a press conference each week to condemn the actions of our particular cultures. I for one would like to condemn the comment of Bors Zurga. Not only is it not representative of light skinned Americans, but it also shows a complete lack of economic understanding. Mr. Zurga if every dark skinned athlete were to leave sports our American economy would absolutely collapse. We are all members of the UNITED States of America and had better start acting like it!!!

  • http://www.nineapair.com/ Cheap Sunglasses

    I really wish he was wearing his Kanye Shades for this interview.

    • Pammy

      So my nana died so i should act like an ass, cause i have an excuse! That $hit not cool, get real man!

  • Spence_bby

    Let me get this straight…the reason for his bad behavior is because of the aftermath of his mother’s passing?! That happened almost three years ago!! He can’t use his mother as an excuse for everything. Kanye shouldn’t have done it in the first place. Seriously, he was heartless enough to break a sweet country girl’s heart while accepting her FIRST VMA award EVER!!! He had all this time to apologize and he chooses to do it almost a year later?! Why bother. Kanye West is a waste of space.

  • Pete

    I am glad that he did this in front of everyone, it just shows what kind of an idiot he really is

    • Pammy

      West is a fake!!!! Anti White dont try to stand up for that shit!! He makes us Brown peps look like shit! I am not proud to be Brown with him around!

    • RealTalk

      Lets get it right people if a person is pro black does not mean that he or she is anti white maybe thats all the real racist are taking this chance to pay him back when he Blasted the President on live Tv

  • RealTalk

    First When Did You have to be Black or White to act an ass .What in $uck does race has to do with it lets stop drinking the haterade . Kanye has done amazing things with music but his mothers passing has had some impact on his behavior also fame, fortune,and success can take a toll on a person .I say kanye stop apologizing an get back to his an humble beginings how long are people going talk this realtalk

  • Pammy

    This guy is all screwed up> He is so anti white it is crazy> He is a total fake!!

  • Pammy

    He is only sory cause his career turned into shit after he did that!! WHAT A FAKE ASS!!

  • Pammy

    West needs to travel west and keep on going cause no one wants his ass here no more!

  • RealTalk

    lets get it right people if a person is pro black does not mean they are anti white maybe thats all the real racists chance to maybe pay him back for when he blasted bush on live TV maybe they feel the same way bush did

  • http://yahoo.com mike duke

    stop makn everythng blk and whte. kanye is ah great artist like many other artist. everybody makes mistakes but it takes ah knd heart to ademit to it. assholes chitown stand up

  • http://yahoo.com angry white man

    i cant belive how racist everyone is. the way u guys precieve this world is like ah black and white telvision. this 2010 everythng is in color now. grow the fuk up stop makn thngs seem worst than they really are. everyone done said or done fukd up shit in there life, so give him ah chance. we all suppose to learn to forgive. so learn.

  • RealTalk

    I Guess people think the world is just Black & White every thing comes back to black & white & black & white black & white black & white black& white black &white black & white black & white black & white if your wondering why did i type black & white so many times then you get my point

  • robert

    Isn’t it TOO LATE?? Hasn’t it been about A YEAR, since this sub human scumbag yanked the microphone from that singer and ran his boot lips about Bey once,..wow! We don’t want “YO” apology boy! Just be like mike..(Mike Jackson)…and BEAT IT..to hell…..be gone idiot, be gone. creep!

  • robert

    it IS NOT about RACISM!!! it is all about his lack of class, his street nigga attitude, His Racism, His lack of respect for whites, His ugly phuk face..yes..UGLY!!! money doesn’t make that toad handsome. Sorry Charlie! hahaha.

  • robert

    if Kayne and Puff daddy combs are, “Artists” (hahaha),,then I just Crapped..a Masterpiece in the toilet bowl this morning. Hey everybody..I am an ARTIST!! whoopee dooo! Get a life people. Get OFF the DOPE! Look at yourselves….Yuck!

  • nobody knows

    I think kanye clearly needs to stop saying i sorry people are going to talk $hit anyway an get back to the music maybe people would not be tripping if she was not some little hick ass red neck americans so called sweetheart yea lets see if everyone stand up when some sex tape comes out with her or she starts being addicted to pills or something maybe people would not fell sorry for her if she was uhh …..lets see gabourey sidibe you know the big black fat ass girl from the movie precious people always kissing ass when a person is up on there game but when they stumble they kick them down further give the dame a break $ucking hyporcites


    I cant belive this is still a issue people are so guilable DAME The freaking guy apoligze to her already he does not owe us any thing who freaking cares besides their rich ass snobs she will be eventully let them stort that bull out didnt she accept his DAME apolige anyway DAME

  • http://shoppingqueeninternational.com CM

    Everyone deserves an opportunity to come clean and free themselfs. He has done the right thing, and should forgive himself. Remember you are human and know that their are people who love you no matter what others think.You cannot please everyone.

    Just try to be the best person you can be and enjoy life.Protect your family and friends and be a good steward.Your actions speak louder than your words.

    Always study history and remember where you came from.Always try to do the right thing, thats it!

  • RWood111

    KANYE Keep your head up!!!!! Your true fans still luv and support you!!!!!!

  • dewale

    From Nigeria.. Kanye kip doin ur thang.. We all humans ,everybodyz bound to fuck up so yall stop dissing..and those who call him a no talent trash @ least he is on the billboards…get ur pieces together and stop acting like some slimy giraffee pussy ….

  • gogetit

    lol…… people always have to bring race into everything….






  • papiculo


  • francwa

    so far,so at least good,though somehow those things are for everyone.Hey bro,apologising is a very important factor for anyone who wants to free his mind and soul,they will say all those but at the end of the day things gonna be okay as usual,but,try to keep such ‘temper factor’controllabo.For now,you have to focus on ‘what- makes-a-living-thing’for you and the only way is to release a huge hit which can cover all those claims,u read me?,then say ROGER THAT…..

  • Nunu

    Well you all can say what you like about Ksnye but he was so right. That young lady Taylor Swift can not sing. Her record label even had to make excuses for her singing ability, stating that she was a poet for her generation and then even had the nerve to compare her to Bob Dylan. Are you for real? She is not Dylan, Beyonce or anyone else talented. She is a non talented out of tune singer and she is not a poet. Don’t hate on Kayne because he states the truth. Maybe she should go back to intonation school before she releases another album or goes back on tour. Yes Beyonce should have won.

  • papi culo

    Opinions like A-Holes, everyone’s got one..
    sometimes your concept of the best doesn’t always win, that’s the breaks. That’s show business; and that’s life. What makes one person a class act vs. a world class A-hole is how they handle themselves when dissapointment comes. Beyonce did not win that night, she handled it like the classy girl I believe her to be (again only an opinion). Kanye behaved a friggin 3 year old -not opinion, fact. Study any psychology course and it will show how much arrested development flaws this piece of crap has (now THAT’s an opinion!)!

  • KanYaaaaay!!!

    Kanyaaaay!! you’re a low life, unedubicated, d-bag whose time has come…I’m sorry n’ shit to y’all n’ shit…mutha fugga n’ shit…

    Illiterate douche…

  • Fariborz

    too late