Tom Cruise’s Daughter Quitting Scientology?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tom CruiseTOM Cruise‘s adopted daughter Bella wants to live with her mom Nicole Kidman – because she’s desperate to break away from the Church of Scientology, according to a new report.

Britain’s Look magazine alleges Bella — who is home-schooled by her aunt Cass, Tom’s sister — plans to leave Los Angeles for Nashville, Tennessee, in December when she turns 18.

“It seems like Bella may have had enough of the tough rules she has to live by as a Scientologist and she’s told Nicole she wants to move in with her,” said one source.

“Nicole’s thrilled, but Tom desperately hopes she changes her mind.”

The source also revealed that Tom’s wife, actress Katie Holmes, will be upset by Bella’s decision.

“Katie will feel like she’s been stabbed in the heart by Bella’s news,” said the insider. “She sees herself as her mother, best friend and confidante. It must be heartbreaking.”

The source says Bella turning her back on Scientology — of which Tom is a high-profile member — will be embarrassing for the Top Gun star.

“This means that Bella would be leaving a religion that Tom’s one of the most high-profile faces of,” blabbed the mole. “That could be embarrassing for him.”


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    Run Bella, Run! I hope, you will find the way out!

  • Susan

    Good for you Bella! At 18, she should be able to make that decision. I know Nicole is very happy to have her join the Nashville family. Nicole probably know it was just a matter of time! I hope this is true!

  • Winny Happy

    This is very good news!
    Time for Bella to fly!
    Go be free and happy from the controls of father Tom and his cult beliefs, rules and restrictions. Go get a normal education, not a L. Ron Hubbard education.
    Hope Connor follows suit and reunites with his Mom too.

  • Paul

    I only wish, if this is true, that it would serve as a wake up call for Tom Cruise. Then again, Scientology effectively killed John Tavolta’s kid and he’s still inside the cult – guess that’s why they call it “brainwashing”.

  • Xenu Timesten

    Bella, you’ve got real life to live, and not just KSW or being trapped in a system where you can’t think and act freely.

    Mom Nicole understands what the trap is like, and she will let you be yourself, including having some “bad thoughts about Hubbard” if you want.

  • Brave Bella

    Good for Bella.
    Now; will Tom be more concerned with her leaving Scientology or leaving with houshold secrets (ummm…like knowing that Suri is not Tom’s daughter).
    and what’s that comment about “poor Katie” being stabbed in the heart? She been living in a dillusional world for 5 years now. Instead of feeling “betrayed”, she should be inspired to take Suri and get the heck out of there herself.

  • Joxe

    After having read so many lies about Tom Cruise reported as truth, I don’t believe a word published by the media, until there is proof. They have lost all credibility and if anyone still believes the news they better go see a Doctor and check what’s wrong with them.

  • A_Watcher

    If true, I hope Bella finds the strength to break away. Scientology handlers will no doubt pressure her into staying in, so she’ll have to muster up every bit of courage she has to stand her ground. At the same time, I feel sorry for her; she has to make a difficult change. Either stay with her Dad, siblings and step-mother and be unhappy because of Scientology, or leave and stay with her mother, step-father and baby sister and find some happiness.

    Much to gain and much to lose. But by leaving, Scientology will no longer have her under their very nose.

  • Xenu Timesten

    Even though this could be false, it certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility. After all, Mimi Rogers, Tom’s first wife and the person responsible for getting Tom into it, is no longer active in the cult. She doesn’t get auditing. She doesn’t attend functions.

    Also, obviously, Nicole herself got out of the marriage, partly because $cientology didn’t stick with her.

  • Diamonddille

    Too Bad Bella never realized what Scientology is really all about. When she dies she will know, but she had a chance to find out thru the Bridge LRH designed NOW in this lifetime.
    It makes such a difference realizing that you are a Spiritual Being with unlimited abilities and powers v/s being stuck at the Bodies (Man’s) level of Consciousness. The bodies eyes will never be able to see the truths of existence. You have to be able to be free from the body to know what it is all about, but that is Science fiction to most, but it is so true.

    It is ok being average, but average are always the effect of the able who runs society. She could have realized that, if she would have continued up the growth curve of operating as a Spirit.

    To operate with the knowledge level of a Spirit V/s Man level of understanding, does make all the difference, but one will never know if they don’t disciplain themselves and find out.

    Yes it takes disciplain to grow to be a 7th degree black belt in karate too, but how many of the average have that knowledge or disciplain to do that even? Yes Scientology takes disiplain but you will end up Cause over life. One is only unhappy when they are the effect of life.
    LRH made it confrontable for the average man to actually know what it is all about, but some of the average man are still too messed up to even see, what Scientology is really all about. What if that was true?

    • Xenu Timesten

      So what are your super powers Diamondille? Please don’t tell me it is writing. I just don’t think you have the “disciplain” for it.

      What’s Bella going to find out when she dies? Won’t they give her a new meat body with full knowingness at the implant station, just because she wants to live with her mother for a while?

      After all, Cruise probably paid good money to have her “processed” all these years.

      I’ll be happy to keep her inside my mountain prison, if she doesn’t mind reincarnating into a tree frog.


    • Donna

      Why is it that scientologists are such bad writers? Oh wait, I know why… because education is not a priority within scientology. There’s no money in it — and actually they want your tuition dollars.

      “Disciplain?” “Confrontable for the average man?” “End up cause over?” To someone with an education, it is painful to read your post.

      And your religion is about as spiritual as a tomato. If you can name a spiritual practice that doesn’t involve paying large fees to the “church” I’d be interested. Hail Xenu!

    • Anne

      You seriously need to find some other issues in life to focus on. You talk garbage

    • GloryMarcabia

      I love the way you immediately and conveniently jump into the “average is fine, but IM SUHPERHIROR!” and “oh, she’ll find out when she dies” bit.

      We’re all used to such classic Scientologist arrogance. After all we’re simply meat bodies, waiting to you to stick ethics down our throats.

      I’m curious as to how much time and money you have devoted to the cult, and exactly what your gains or benefits are…

      So, are you still susceptible to colds? Or did lobotomizing your “reactive bank” made your immune system invincible..

      (Anyone with any maturity reading this BS will have a good laugh. Please, show off your Oatee powers, make these messages disappear – win one for the dwarf gipper.)


      Run, Bella, Run from the crazy cult.

  • Wendyeo

    Excellent! It sounds like she’s a well-informed young women who keeps up on current events.

  • Suspicious Actions

    Joxe: Tom’s camp saying something is untrue does not make it untrue. Case in point:
    At the end of May in London, Tom’s people found out that Joshua J and Diane K were going to be hitting the same red carpet at the National Awards. Tom’s people freaked out and basically locked the place down so there was NO chance of an encounter. When Tom and Katie arrived(after the event had already started) Katie had to zoom down the carpet past photogs until the coast was clear(you can find Youtube footage of this). Tom’s camp denied all of this, but it was true. Gee…why would Tom want to keep Josh away from Katie? hmmm…why? Josh is in a serious relationship, so what possible (4 yr old) reason would Tom have for keeping them apart?
    Check out this clip to see Chris Rock’s impression of the events (Josh of course was his usual classy self, but I’m sure he was SO happy that Chris spoke up!).

  • Mary McConnell

    When you’re ready Bella, we’re here for you on ESMB & ESK!
    .Ex Scientologist MessageBoard
    .Ex Scientology Kids Message Board

  • Joanna

    the media really needs to see the doctors and concerntrate on their own lifes before attacking others… sad really sad

  • Katie

    Am I the only one that has noticed that Scientology only lets rich people into their church?Isn’t the true meaning of religion to let anyone in your doors to worship no matter what their race,sexual orientation,economic background is?

  • LALA

    WOW!!! Tom Cruise’s minions really jumped right onto this story!!! The unfortunate reality is that you can swoop in and load the blog with your TC/Scientology propoganda, but as the mentally stable people begin to run across the story, your comments just add validity to why so many people in the U.S. cannot stand Tom and Katie anymore.
    Run, Bella, Run.

  • Ma

    Good for you, Bella!

  • Jay

    Here’s hoping this is true.
    Both Bella and Connor (and Suri & Katie) needs to get out of that dangerous Cult. Kidman could help them.
    Nicole’s no longer the “powerless” person that she was during the divorce. It also helps that in the court of public opinion, she and her husband are very normal, down to earth and well-liked.

    • Concerned for All

      You are right that Nicole could help get the kids out at this point based her home life. Keith went through some rough personal times, but he seems to have come through it well.
      Connor is a little tougher right now because he’s at an age where he needs a father. He may tolerate the Scientology crap if he ends up getting the emotional fulfilment that he needs from Tom(as most teenagers do). Having just gone through teen years with my daughter, I can see where Bella is going to have conflict with Katie(again typical teen stuff…even worse by adding in the Suri attention).
      As for Katie and Suri; I bet if she called Josh today, he’d do what he could to help get her out. That ball is in her court. There’s nothing he can do unless she asks. Beyond that, I don’t know how repairable the friendship would be. Katie’s been living quite a life of lies for the past 5 years.

  • Ann


    When you get ready to leave…..DO NOT LET THEM STRONG ARM YOU into doing days of sec checking (aka asking highly personal questions while on a lie detector). They WILL use that information to “control” you, blackmail you, and coerce you.

    They cannot force you to do this, as you are still under age, and it would be CHILD ABUSE.

    If possible, have either Nicole or her attorney with you when you are routing out.

    Good luck, you are a brave soul.

  • Tanya

    Her business.

  • Diamonddille

    You make a joke out of what I am saying, but you didn’t get it. You are too much into the grammer instead of what I am saying.
    You do not have a clue of the ramifications of what I am saying or what Scientology is about and for that I am sorry. Yes I am only trying to help, I don’t profess to be a writer. The message is all I have my attention on.

    If you do not understand what I said then you really do need to go into Scientology and find out for your self.

    It is dead serious information, it is not a joke. You are a Spirit and for the first time ever on this planet, the average man can have the knowledge that only Secret Societies and Spirits (not trapped to this level) posses.

    When man’s technologies get more advanced than his humanities, that society will destroy itself. Scientology can 1000 times the current humanity level and prevent sure destruction, but idiots that don’t know, are doing there best to stop it. There ignorance is appauling to those that know what is happening on this planet. Scientologists at the upper levels know what is happening.

    Of course a Spirit to most means nothing, as they are not pursuing much real Spiritual knowledge on this planet but I assure you if you knew you were a Spirit and had the knowledge that you a Spirit possesses, you would understand what Scientology is all about and the importance of everyone obtaining that knowledge that is within there own mind the average persons understanding of the Spiritual is very very low. Scientology fixes ones mind, so regaining the other 90% of ones abilities.

    If we fail in Scientology all of our eternities vanish. But you probably think you are only a one lifetime being and when your dead it is all over, well without your Spiritual knowledge that is true, but you posess within you all there is to know. Scientology is the key that unlocks it all and it is just a joke to some. Well it is not to those, that know what is really happening on this planet.

    As an example millions are being abducted, but unless you have that reality and are on that reality level you will never have a clue of what is happening. You will never see a UFO. One’s mind only allows them to see from there perception level. One has to rise in perceptions to know what it is about. You cannot tell your kid what you know. A scientologist at higher levels cannot tell you what he really knows.
    Just understand it takes higher and higher levels of understanding for man to Grow from the operating level of man to the operating level as a Spirit.
    To invalidate them just because it is not real to you, makes it ok for people stuck at lower levels or the media’s level, but there are higher reality levels one can grow into. Scientology is Spiritual knowledge, it is not physical knowledge, so it can only be observed if you grow.
    So just like you have to grow in levels to be a 7th degree black belt, you have to grow and understand what an OTVll knows in Scientology, it is unfair to make fun of what he knows as you have to have the ability to see what he can see. Do the Bridge you will know, the gains are there. Scientology really does work. Look at how fast the membership is rising and you know there on to something…

    Man is in the basement level and Scientology gets one up to what it is really all about. Without raising your perceptions higher and higher, your trapped where your at for an eternity. That would be too bad, if you knew as a Spirit your perceptions and knowledge lies miles above where the average person is stuck and until he has raised his perceptions a few noches, he wouldn’t know.

    Well I know and I want others to know, that is all I am about as it is that important, so the ignorant can joke, but I am seeking the ones who know what I am writing about, and they will know what I am saying…

    Man at his current level cannot have the real Truth and without it this planet will not survive. Scientology will get you in touch with your Spiritual side so you will know what is really happening and why man needs to wake up.

    Scientology will wake man up, afterall you are not just man, you have a Spiritual side (your consciousness)and where that originated is now known and that knowledge is found in Scientology and will free man, if he cares to look.
    But the Beings that trapped you as a Spirit to this Physical level are still amongst us keeping you trapped as man, and your swallowing there lies and parroting it out to keep man trapped. Man is indoctrinated with information the media puts out, especially on Scientology, It is mostly lies, it is not Scientology. There are those that go in to Scientology with that knowledge, just to make Scientology wrong, you hear from those too. I am a Scientologist, listen to us, please other wise you have no idea what we are about…

    • Xenu Timesten

      May I ask your diagnosis, before you joined the cult? What did the “evil psychs” say was wrong with you?

      The reason I ask this, is that a percentage of people who join this cult are mentally ill going in, and they find refuge in Hubbard’s nutty. Your writing is not like other OSA members, as they primarily “attack” as per Ron’s instructions.

      Scientologists do Scientology, but they do not know Scientology, until they get out and regain their critical thinking skills. Most cult members are absurdly misinformed about the basic biographical details of Hubbard’s life, for example.

      First you write of man being a spirit, then you mention a person having a “spiritual side?” Which is it?

      I’m sure with your level of powers/brainwashing, you accept all kinds of contradictions and improbable notions…whatever floats your boat.

      Hubbard was a great hypnotist. If he were alive today, he could have a person like yourself quacking like a duck in no time.

      All I know is that this cult needs my “meat body” to come through the door to pay huge amounts into the scam, and they don’t give a flying Xenu about “spirit” at that point.

      Scientology might be a good fit for some people who are nuts, or some celebs who have unlimited financial resources and need to feel “extra special,” but I think most of those people would be better off seeing a mental health professional, not a criminal organization founded by a documented quack and liar.

      It is my understanding, Bella attends a Delphi (Scientology) School in another state. I hope that she finds the stories of others, like herself, who were forced to grow up with these ideas.

    • Anne

      wow you are really weird.
      scientology is, in my opinion (said in case they decide they have to ‘sue’ me) is a load of absolute crock. and it is dangerous and arrogant

    • Been there, done that

      Good for Bella! I hope she makes it out of La La land.

      Diamonddille, I for one know what I’m talking about because I had a fiance who was in it and wanted me to join. I went into it with an open mind. I went through the testing and all that nonsense. Pop psychology, pie in the sky and give us your money. They said they were training us to have control over our own lives, but what they were teaching us was how to control others. Unlike most faiths, the money only passed one way, into their greedy little hands. They don’t want the poor, and they REALLY don’t want people who are secure and think for themselves. It’s obvious you don’t. You have totally bought into the Scientology paranoia. Something bad comes out about Scientology? It’s all lies, fakes, of course it is. Uh huh.

      It’s not a religion, it’s not spiritual, it’s a mind trip. What about the bull baiting sessions, huh? How did you do on those? Because that is a classic brain washing technique.

      My fiance left the cult a few years later. One of my friends was raised in it, and he said it was a horrible experience and getting away was worse. His wife had gotten sucked into it when she was an emotionally needy teenager. She also had horror stories. I think there are more ex-scientologists than active ones at this stage. Nice normal every day people. Sorry sweetie, but they have been telling you lies about scientology’s growth. I was in it back at the beginning, and it seems they are still telling the same old tired lies.

      Not that you, poor thing, will believe a word of this. I do hope you allow yourself to get help in the future. I hope someday you can be healthy enough to see through all the lies and fluff and look at it logically. Good luck, you are going to need it.

  • Juno

    Diamonddille, tell me you’re joking…

  • Violet Daley

    Thank you Diamonddille,

    You’ve just proven to the world how bat-sh1t crazy brainwashed you are….and I didn’t even have to say a word…… hehe…

  • noscie

    Waiting for Tom to leave.

  • ScamProof

    @ Diamonddille, We may very well be spiritual beings who come back to live countless lives. If this is true, non-involvement in Scientology can’t possibly rob us of what is already ours. No one organization can dictate to us that we can be free spirits for a certain price. In fact from what I have seen, Scientologists are some of the least “free” people on the planet. My loved one spent over $200K (much of it borrowed money) and months in LA trying to achieve the Scientology brand of spiritual freedom only to realize that this was a money-sucking wasteland. He is home now trying to recover, probably won’t financially since he is in his 60s. In fact I would say the experience has made the life he is living now a real hell that includes being hounded day and night by bill collectors. Very sad but very true for us. There are many roads to spiritual freedom. I hope yours works out and that your wallet holds up as you pay the price for Scientology freedom.

  • Peter

    Why it is said that people who are joining the cult of scientology are brainwashed, is because they continue to be member when they hear the real truth, namely the volcano stuff. Normally when a grown man/woman hear that kind of stuff they would shake their head and immidiately leave the cult.

  • Ian Walton

    Most children of the cult get out as soon as they get to the age of reason. The sad part is the punishments they are subjected to by their own parents, once they start to resist the brainwashing “training routines” and “auditing”.

    One good example of this treatment was a place called “The Mace Kingsley Ranch” school. Not much of a school, but there were beatings, rapes, forced labor, booze and guns. I even recorded one of the beatings by a Scientology “minister” named Wally Hanks. Just Google his name and read some of the horror stories. I sure hope the FBI shuts this cult down soon, before they “drink the koolaid”.

  • Diamonddille

    Xenu – First you write of man being a spirit, then you mention a person having a “spiritual side?” Which is it?

    The real you is a Spirit, You are the consciousness. It is where your knowingness, your intuition and your Psychic abiities come from. If you can get in touch wih that side of you, you will do the right things in life.

    As you become more and more in tune it can dominate and you will be operating as a Spirit making you a winner of your game.

    The other side is your human side where you have an analytical mind which you use to evaluate with and a Reactive Mind where all your pain and losses are stored, which effect the analytical minds ability to see the truth to things. This mind when Cleared or brought up to your Rational side’s ability to see what is in it is now logged into your analytical mind so the computer will work properly with out held down 7′s.

    That mind is a tool you (The Spirit) uses to survive with. In Dianetics and Scientology we are fixing your tool so you can be more rational and see more Clearly. Man uses that tool to think with.

    One could get more in touch with his Spiritual side and just know things, more and more which is even better.

    You are a Spirit, you really don’t need a Mind, but for this level called the physical level it makes for a game, on the Spiritual side you just know, but that is for creating the game the Spirit wants to play in the Physical or the Spiritual Universe.

    Man has lost the ability to play on the Spiritual side so Scientology gets that ability back for you, which to most doesn’t exist, but one can find out it does exist. Sometimes one wants to change the game he is playing, this is done by dealing with the Spiritual Side of man. Scientology Specializes in that area which isn’t very real to society at current.

    Scientology gets you where you can change the rules of your game and gets you so you can play any game you wish. Hope that helps, but you should read the Dianetics book, it gives you a full understanding and not just my viewpoint. Some people really hate there life and would give anything to Change, so you have the services of Scientology.

    If you love your life you don’t have to participate in Scientology, but you shouldn’t try to destroy the opportunity for those who really do what to change, it is not fair to your fellow man…

    For most the money is worth it. There are always those few who cannot change any organization gets those insane cases.

    You are the one that changes you and some people won’t honestly do the required steps to change so blames others. Criminals and degraded beings are created at the lower end of the sanity scale, they expect things for free, but at the higher end of the sanity scale, (which is our goal to bring people up) one takes responsibility and can see what they are doing is creating the problems or rewards they manifest in life. It really is just that simple, life gets easier and easier as one gets more sane.

    • Xenu Timesten

      It’s not a few who think $cientology is a trap and dangerous. Since its inception, $cientology has been a revolving door, with only a small percentage getting stuck in it, or continuing to believe in it.

      Just the concept of selling spiritual freedom at such exorbitant prices is crass and non-spiritual. And without the money trap, few are even going to want this nutty for free.

      L. Ron Jr. turned on his father and spoke on national TV about the hoax. Quentin Hubbard killed himself to get away from the whole thing, and his father. He didn’t believe in $cientology at all. Hubbard did not see his wife and family in the last years of his life, and instead spent it growing his hair and nails, living with Annie Broeker and her alcoholic husband Pat Broeker. Pat was bought off by David Miscavige during the takeover.

      L. Ron Hubbard was a chain smoker and a pill popper not a health expert. He lied chronically, and he got caught in his lies over and over.

      He claimed that he had control over the aging process yet he died at age 74, mostly out of his mind, needing Vistaril shots for anxiety because he believed he was crawling with Body Thetans, among other things.

      It would be impossible to deny a person’s right to believe what they want, but unfortunately the practices of $cientology are deceptive and abusive.

      Members are trained to lie, both to themselves, and to others.

      There are less than 40,000 $cientologists left in the entire world. The cult’s cockamamie has collided with the age of information. They don’t mix.

      You are of course, free to post here, and extol the wonders of what $cientology has done for you, but this cult was built on the blood money of thousands who were ripped off and deceived. That is what sells $cientology, the enticing promises, buildings, and uniform-clad slaves.

  • Etrigan

    Scientology is just brainwashing, amateur psychology and dime store spiritualism. No amount of proselytizing will change the fact that Scientology cannot deliver what it promises. No one has ever reached the state of Operating Thetan (Soul)and not a single Scientologist is at cause (as they say) over matter, energy, space and time (as they claim). If there were, it would be easy to prove. It’s rubbish, plain and simple.

  • Diamonddille

    Xenu – It is too bad you have bought the enemy lies that are spread around by the same few hate filled people, that was originated by some truly insane Suppressive beings.

    Sounds like you truly believe it. That is too bad as the OT levels do exist, I experienced them briefly on a Key out (temporarily experience) briefly, when I went Clear I was stabily exterior for 3 days. I know what I experienced and I want to be that way stablily. That is the guiding factor for me in why I am still persisting to achieve them stabily. I know what Scientology is all about and tht is what anyone if evr experienced would want. There is no money value on that State of Being. Your a Spirit you can create anything, the only thing stopping you are your considerations and in Scientology you can return down the track and find the time you made those consideratons and change them.

    It is truly an incredible thing to have things just fall-in place in life. Most things fall apart for most people, because they are out-ethics being off there basic purpose. One manifests the things that happen to them and it is caused on a Spiritual level, as the Spiritual laws are Senior to physical universe.

    Read the book the Secret, it is not just Scientology talking such things.

    How can a person ever be on purpose if they don’t know who they are? Well you are a Spirit, you have to be out of the body to know that. When your OT (Operating Thetan)your stabily operating out of your body as a Spirit. Operating on a very high emotional tone, way above enthusiasm and operating on a level of knowingness rather than thinkingness found at the level of a Being located in his body.
    So this is Science fiction to you and is totally disbelievable and so you must feel compelled to attack it.

    Listen to Coast to Coast with George Norri, the number one talk show host in the country at night time. People talk about OBE’s and Near Death experiences past lives astro projection,et’s and such all the time. Scientology is not the only ones talking about such phenomena. It can be experienced and it will be discoved that your Native State is outside your body operating as a Spiritual Being.
    Being introverted (In the body) is a sick condition for a Spirit. That is where society is currently and Ron discovered a way to get everyone back to there Native State. There happens to be no money value on it once you get the Reality of what it is all about and then you will know what we are bringing about for this planet.

    It can be a society based on real Spiritual knowledge, values and abilities. But since it is a scam to you and Science fiction you believe our enemies and won’t look.

    Too bad you won’t be a part of it, as in 35 years I have never seen anyone or any group even close to experiencing the phenomena that Ron is bringing about.

    Talk to people that are winning in Scientology, not the losers.
    Any school has its losers and they always bad mouth there schools. Sane people know that and is why they are pouring into Scientology. People like you won’t look to see the true facts…
    Misery loves company and people like you are trying to keep the world miserable.

    There has never before existed such a technology found in Scientology that can actually free You (The Spirit) from you body and this physical hell known as the physical Universe, which people are trapped too for eternity, if they don’t seek some kind of Spiritual Salvation.
    Ask anyone who has ever left there body how peaceful,calm and serene they felt. Give one some real knowledge and abilities and then see what they will experience while out and they will know what OT is all about.

    That is Scientology and it is not a belief system, it is something you have to experience. Too bad your not able too.
    Only the sane will be able to percieve the truths of Existence. Sane Beings are Creative the insane destroy things, you can tell by ther actions.
    You are trying with full intention to destroy the greatest thing that has happened to the Spirit (you) in eons of time…

    • Anne

      your comments sound pretty insane to me……. and yet aren’t you suggesting that scientologists are the sane ones?

    • Diane


      You said: “Read the book the Secret, it is not just Scientology talking such things.”

      It really cracks me up when you talk about spirituality like none of us have heard of it.

      If you had shopped around a bit, you could have learned for FREE what you spent countless thousands learning… but you got the version invented by a loony. There is ample profound spiritual wisdom, but you got the B-movie.

      By the way OBEs are not necessarily desirable, carry some risk, and don’t equate with higher spiritual achievement. It’s a parlor trick most wise mystics avoid. But L Ron, of course (not being a wise mystic) didn’t know this.

  • mitha

    Since Isabella is in boarding school and not living with Tom or Nicole, I suppose nothing in this article can be taken seriously. As usual.

    • Concerned for All

      Mitha: obviously you have been living in a Scientology controlled box. Bella has been seen in numerous photos with Katie and Suri over the past month or so; so obviously they let the poor girl out of her brain washing sessions, I mean “boarding school” for the summer. The photos show a young woman who is obviously unhappy…she almost always walking behind Katie and Suri. Being the parent of a teen, I get the sense that Bella feels inferior in that relationship. I can understand why she would want to move with Nicole. And yes…Nicole has a young child, but Nicole has been Bella’s mother for 17 years, so the relationship is different than the Katie/Bella relationship. Bella is almost 18 and living with Nicole will allow her some freedoms not permisible in Tom’s cult.

  • Xenu Timesten

    If all the people who did $cientology were just trying to travel outside their bodies and self heal without the use of drugs, that might work for some, but it might drive others insane or be a very disturbing experience for them GIVEN THE METHODS SCIENTOLOGY USES. The training routines and vitamin mega-doses might harm some people, and in its quest for world domination and more $ for more empty buildings, this cult does not care.

    It blames the people it destroys and harms. “They pull it in.” Well Hubbard pulled it in to, and this is what you get. Concerned, thoughtful people who want to inform others of $cientology’s dangers.

    Our bodies and minds are designed to function TOGETHER, in magnificent orchestration. And we have individual DIFFERENCES and are not “raw meat” needing to be “processed” on a farcical bridge to total lunacy.

    $cientologists believe they are THE GROUP which has a “monopoly on workable technologies” to save the planet. And they are going to follow the ranting of a sci fi writer who drove away his family, chain smoked for health, popped pills and died a wreck and in seclusion at age 74.

    L. Ron had no power to prolong his life, or establish healthy family relationships, yet he pretended his hypno-cult was all about those things and so much more.

    The enforced paranoid fears for the psychiatric profession are ludicrous and dangerous at the same time. Getting people to fear those around them (wogs and SPs), and engage in paranoid delusions (Xenu, the evil psychs, Body Thetans) is spiritually, mentally, and physically UNHEALTHY.

    There should be a study done to see how many older $cilons become progressively more paranoid and dysfunctional, because of indoctrination in these beliefs.

    As it is, their tendency to ignore treatable diseases, in favor of $cientology quackery, cuts short the life spans of too many members of this cult.

  • Xenu Timesten

    Uh…I meant cut shorts the lives of too many members of this cult.

    Worse, for every person who is thankful for their involvement in $cientology, and think it was worth every penny, there are ten who wish they could have their money back, and had pursued something else during that time, than this mirage of “total freedom.”

  • Diamonddille

    Xenu – It is pretty obvious, but I am sure you will disagree but all angry people flat out lie to some degree.

    You are angry at Scientology because (just like kicking the dog), every lie you tell about Scientology just makes you hate it just that much more. Usually one is not even aware that they are strectching the truth or lying. So one has to gather the facts on both sides. There is two sides to every story. Looking at both brings about understanding and usually disapates the anger.

    Think about how I feel or any Scientologist feels when you say flat out lies about us or our founder.

    Caring for your fellow man is what becoming Spiritual is all about, saying things to intentionally piss them off is why any domestic violence dispute or even wars come about, it is not pro-survival or sane…

    So just like the disgruntled employee who gets more and more insane because of his anger, eventually gets his gun out and starts shooting, that is how crazy doing harmful acts against a person or Organization does to people.

    That phenomena is how wars come about. In scientology we are trying to spread the word of such things as the overt motivator Sequence Phenomena, that could save a civilization or relationships if applied. It is in any Scientology Ethics Book, understand it, for your good and societies good…

    Of course you won’t see a good thing Scientology has to say as you have to make yourself right by making Scientology wrong and getting more critical of it (fault-finding)You only find the negitive.

    We are people, we do make mistakes but that is not the organization, that is that person. The organization usually reprimands that person, but understand, hating things is the wrong way to go.
    To understand is the way out of the trap. Hatred just drives beings more and more insane, trapping them furthur and furthur into there own self imposed Hell.

    That is what all Religions agree on, one should try there best and practice it.

    This is a drill taught to us in Scientology that I find works very well. When you hate something, Find something Good about it, even if it takes two days. Once found, Find something good about it, once found find something else good about it,ect. Do it till the hatred is all gone.

    Trust me it is good for you and it is good for that that you hate. Try it…

    I am only here to bring about our side of the story after all I am the Scientologist, I think after 35 years I know what it is and what it is not. The purpose is to bring about an understanding as I believe it is worthy of that.

    I have the other side of every incident you bring up and most of the time it is from someone who is insanely angry making something out of nothing.

    I know what is happening in Scientology and its plans, you have no idea or you wouldn’t be doing what your doing, they are getting enough power and clout that people like you will be handled, I know that.

    Enough people on this planet are realizing our true intent and they will be joining forces and our purpose will be achieved, which is a Cleared Sane Planet. It has to happen or the insanity will end up in another war and this time with the powerful technologies Man has it will end this civilzation. We have to disapate the anger and upset in people, one at a time as society is like a time bomb ready to explode.
    In a nutshell that is all we are doing and we are doing it, if you would only honestly look and see the disasters we have already prevented.

    Man does crazy things when he gets too upset. We have the technoloty to get the pain and upset out of a persons mind, making them more rational and mellow. We really honestly do. Understand, given the insanity all about us on this planet, why Scientology has to be permitted to succeed…

    Scientology is made up of people, there are nutty Scientologists that haven’t gone up the bridge to get there hatred handled yet either, but overall I think they are doing a pretty good job on handling the problems of society.
    You will see there growth exponentially thru the months ahead in time they will be in a position to bring about some very big effects on this planet. They will put ethics in on this planet. If ethics is in technology will go in and society will become very productive and sane.

    So if one usually don’t put there ethics in and quit doing destructive acts,like natering, then the group will put them in for you.
    Scientology will implement ethics technology in on this planet, as out-ethics is why systems fall apart and relationships crumble.

    So a little heads up, so you can become a good guy on your own determinism. we are the Good guys; if you would quit operating on the info the Bad guys are putting out you would see. Try that process.

    If not, and I only see negitive remarks being made from you, I will not waste any more time trying to get you to understand as you won’t and the bad guys will at some point have you in there institutions and you will see them and what they do upfront and then you will understand why we are fighting them and will put in there Ethics. Mental institutions is where people full of hate end up.

    Our goal is to bring about understanding; which is LOVE…

    • Wendyeo

      ” saying things to intentionally piss them off is why any domestic violence dispute or even wars come about”

      Creepy cult is creepy, I’ll bet these veiled threats win Scientology much sympathy.

      • Diamonddille

        Xenu – It is alright to be happy with your life, I am not trying to change you. I know what Scientology really is, your concepts of it is not Scientology. They are enemy lines I have heard since 1974, Everyone can be easily documented as far as the source of them and they came from nut cases,

        Nut cases cannot change . It takes a Being being in present time enough that he can see the source of his problems, they are buttered (stuck in different incidents down the track) and are not able to percieve truth. As they are not here and can’t see much.They have hardly any memory in which to audit.
        Truth lies around each and every one of us, our minds condition keeps us from seeing the truths of existence. If one’s mind isn’t in sufficient shape he will not see it, if it is right in front of him and most things are and people only see what there mind allows them to see, thus there reality.

        People communicate with others of the same reality. Until Scientology the average was not aware of higher Reality levels as man could never change much without this new technology called auditing.

        Thus Scientology, to fix ones mind, so one will be able to see the truths of existence again. That is what one achieves when they have reached OTVlll Truth Revealed.

        It is right in front of you and you cannot see it, you make it out to be anything and everything it is not. There are thousands that do see it and are Cause over there life.
        So please let the ones that can have the Wins have them. Tell them to be completely honest so the auditor knows where the person is really at and they will have the right process so they can make the gains that are available.

        Now a days Scientology is 100% standard, so no more failed cases like in our past giving people loses and not achieving what they were told was achievable.

        The ones not making gains, came in to prove Scientology wrong as they like there fixed ideas better as they don’t have to do anything, just believe. Well that is ok you get the same results, you just don’t get to a higher level of understanding so YOU can cause things to happen, is all.
        Listen to Coast to Coast Am and you will see there are millions that have been abducted and they see and know that there are Aliens amonst us, but they are the only ones able to see them as there minds are more open to that experience.
        They are all around us, they run the planet, why do you think they want a one world Government? So we can grow to the next level and have interplanetary trade, but no, Man is still indoctrinated and believing in Santa Claus as he can’t have the real higher level of understanding that one could have, but that would be Science fiction.
        Try making your reality real to a Zulu in Africa. it would be Sci fi to him too.

        Well the reality is there are Beings out there that are 1000′s of years more advanced than us, There are technologies out there 1000′s of years more advanced than us and until you grow and realize we have such a technology in Scientology and your missing out on it and causing others to, because you cannot have the truth as your mind is not ready for it, so it is not real to you.

        You are a Spiritual Being Like God who is also a Spiritual Being and you have the same potential abilities and powers if you would grow up. Scientology is making man grow up.

        Sorry it is not real to you , but I know what your missing out on if only you could see the truth. One has to get the pain out of there mind so they can remember who they are, first.
        Everyone is at a different perception level. 300 years from now man will be at a higher perception level, those few that are fortunate to have the technology and see it now know what people 300 years from now, will know.

        Personally I feel so fortunate to be one of the ones who is gaining that higher level of understanding now, there is no money value you could possibly put on it. The only possible way one could know now is to do the Bridge in Scientology.
        That is what I know and it makes me sound like a nut to try and tell you as that is where this society is at. at this time, But I am trying to share something that is not real to people at there current conscious level. I know one could have a much higher consciouness if they followed the steps in Scientology.

        Have you notice how many books there are? There really is an advanced technology of life that one could really know. You have probably thought the way you think all your life,
        In Scientology as you do the levels one at a time your thinking changes totally at each diferent level and you grow into a level of a much higher understanding than the previous level…
        We that know what it is about can’t believe in all the eons of time, that Beings have existed, that we really do have a technology to bring Man back to operating like he did as a Spirit, Trillions of years ago NOW, in our life time we feel so fortunate, there is no money value on it for those honestly making the case Gain and you haven’t a clue what Scientology really is as I assure you if you did you would want what it offers…

        If you were an Engineer and you were tying to tell people about engineering from what you picked up from the streets, you could possibly fool everyone, but the real Engineer would see in a heartbeat that you haven’t a clue as to what it is about to be an Engineer.
        Well you have real Scientologists in the croud and you only look like a fool telling people about what Scientology is. Can you pick up an emeter and know what questions to ask to get a person to go past track and locate the real source of a current problem a person has and make it vanish for them? Then you haven’t a clue to what Scientology is about, so quit pretending, you look like a fool to a Trained Scientologist.

        Well like I said this is the last letter to you as you don’t want to grow.

    • Xenu Timesten

      Diamond, the goal of $cientology is to produce slaves, who give all or a large part of their money and devotion to the organization. And that is just what happens to enough people to have made $cientology thrive, at least for a while.

      You are beyond the state where you can possibly grasp what Dianetic auditing has done to you, but for those of us on the outside, we understand part of it. We understand why you accept all of LRH’s writings, as SOURCE, and why you can’t question anything in the church.

      You were induced into a hypnotic state, during auditing, which made you feel euphoric and free, maybe for the first time in your life. You associated this feeling with the process, and especially certain key phrases like:

      “Your needle is floating.”

      And so you feel better all the time, but along with that, you’ve become a mind slave to $cientology, and lost the ability to question it in a critical way. You’ve lost the ability to see the harm it does to many people over time, and the harm it can do to some people right away.

      Maybe it hasn’t harmed you, because for you it is all golden, compared to the way you were before. That is possible. But you are in a minority within the cult.

      You’ve lost the ability to access how $cientology slowly draws a person away from their personal goals, to fulfilling the goals of the cult, which is getting more money out of you, or work to get more people in the cult, so they can get money out of them.

      Producing obedient, giddy, unquestioning zombies is not going to help transform the world, and make it a better place.

      Although $cientology has given you the ability to concoct endless false memories (lives on other planets etc.) and associated traumas, to explore, and consequently feel liberated from, for a lot of people the euphoria ends.

      They hit a wall, where they realize (or may not realize) they’ve 2nd mortgaged the house, driven away family and friends, wasted years of their life, on what amounts to a fantasy, always looking for the big “win” on the next level. Always obeying the cult, and the rules of this sci fi writer.

      For some members, they realize they were beating people up because Miscavige wanted them to. Others realize they led some friends to financial collapse.

      Don’t assume I and everyone is in the same depressed, obsessive, drug-using, or whatever state you were in that was so horrible, before you found $cientology.

      I am not! I have a full life, many passions, and have been optimistic and happy for most of my life. I still am.

      I experience ups and downs like everyone else, but I do not dwell on paranoid fears that the world is going down the toilet, IF I DON’T DO such and such and work with an organization that will get everyone to read certain books or follow one man’s bridge to total freedom, otherwise we face destruction.

      If I were to pick one person, or set of ideas, I’d pick those of Jesus, any day, over L. Ron Hubbard. At least he had some principles that make sense.

      I reject the “attack the attacker” and “destroy quietly and without sorrow,” and “Xenu and the evil psychiatrists” BS Hubbard thought up for his mind trap.

      KSW is insane, considering what you are devoting so much time to keeping working, and to spread it to others using deception, telling people they may as well “blow your brains out” or “dive off a cliff” if you turn from $cientology. That is so rude, crass, and disgusting, and that was all part of your official PR. Lie to people, and do whatever it takes to get them paying into the scam.

      That it will determine your next TRILLION years, and without $cientology a person will be “shivering in darkness for eternity.”

      PR and BS, that is what $cientology is for the people who don’t allow it to enslave them. And for the slaves of this cult, for some it is a blast, for others it is a nightmare, and everything between.

      You’ve bought into that. I haven’t. It is not for me, and it is not for most people. It is only 40,000 or less on this entire planet who have been hypnotized into believing this far-fetched and often damaging stuff.

      • Katie

        hey diamond? 9.5/10

  • Mima

    All I can say here is that I hope and pray (as a Christian) that Bella does really leave that household and horror and moves in with Nicole and Keith. I know Nicole would dearly love to have her daughter “back,” and Keith has been absolutely wonderful to her each time she has visited. They are an absolutely wonderful, loving, happy couple living a “normal” live in Tennessee with Sunday Rose and I’m sure Sunday would love to have her big sister there with her all the time. Nicole gives Bella the freedom to be who she is!

  • Luke

    And when are we ging to hear from bella not just a news story that has told us 1000 times that tom and kat have broken up?

    • Wendyeo

      You’re a Scientologist,Luke. Why don’t you tell us?

  • daniela

    To diamonddille and other supporters of Scientology, I may be mistaken, shouldn’t the subject and teachings of this strange establishment be kept out of the public or media attention? I am sure they would rather you be quite and keep to yourself. Besides, you should be an elderly with all that information! Please go read another LRH!

  • Quotes_of_LRH

    “Scientology…is not a religion.” – L. Ron Hubbard, CREATION OF HUMAN ABILITY, 1954, p. 251

    “In any event, any person from 2.0 down on the Tone Scale should not have, in any thinking society, *ANY CIVIL RIGHTS OF ANY KIND*, because by abusing those rights he brings into being arduous and strenuous laws which are oppressive to those who need no such restraints.” – L. Ron Hubbard, SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL, 1989 Ed., p. 145 (emphasis mine)

    “In short a staff member *CAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER AS LONG AS HIS STATISTIC IS UP* and can’t sneeze without a chop if it’s down. … When people do start reporting a staff member with a high statistic, what you investigate is the person who turned in the report.” – L. Ron Hubbard, HCO PL 1 September 1965, “Ethics Protection”

    “THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them.” – L. Ron Hubbard, “Off the Time Track,” lecture of June 1952, excerpted in JOURNAL OF SCIENTOLOGY issue 18-G, reprinted in TECHNICAL VOLUMES OF DIANETICS & SCIENTOLOGY, vol. 1, p. 418

    “In all the broad Universe there is no other hope for Man than ourselves.” – L. Ron Hubbard, “Ron’s Journal” 1967

    GTFO cult. Creepy cult is creepier the more you read.

  • ARae

    It seems to me, that this is a free country. People are free to believe as they believe- free will is the most powerful force in the universe; given to us by the divine. Any religion that robs the believers of the ability to clearly choose for themselves, should be questioned. That is the beauty of intelligence, and the spirit, working together. A willing member is a believer, anything less is insulting a being’s ability to choose out of their free will. I don’t believe in Scientology; as a matter of fact, through much hardship- and through out my spiritual search, have found myself a Christian. Unlike most Christians, I found myself heavily influenced by the study of Christian Theology. Many of the beliefs of the Scientologists coincide with what I believe, know to be true on a spiritual level. There are major differences, however. Love and tolerance should be the most prominent belief in any religion hoping to escalate the awareness of others. In any spiritual belief, the words will be twisted. Unfortunately, sometimes those are the loudest voices, and therefore get the most attention. I will say that I am not indebted monetarily by my knowledge, as that is sure to bring corruption, and failure. I am indebted by my knowledge, love, and tolerance. The knowledge escalates the spirit’s strength- it should never be used to oppress the free will that is given in faith.

  • Find Information for

    Nice list but would be good to know which of those have a good performance meaning do not slow down your site significantly. I often encounter that those stat tools do have a negative impact on siteperformance

  • Sirenna

    Ya should find whatever fits for ya. bella should go out and visit her mom although she has a stepmom and her dad but its good to keep in touch and “visit” her mom. Idk but Tom sounds like an ass and seems like he doesnt want his kids to be anywhere near their mom.

  • Stay Away From Cults

    The lower level stuff like study tech, overts and withhold write ups, the lower part of the bridge …are ok but the higher level stuff should be avoided since they are not for your spiritual advancement.

    This is the way why people are hooked into this cult. They studied the low-level books and agreed with them and took for granted that everything else involved with the cult should be ok. Unfortunately it is not! There were technical lies in books, abortions, murder, discrimination, violence, sexual harrasments, bugging phone calls… so much that I wonder why any local government should just go and shut the church down.

    Even OT 8s are quitting, check out the following as an example -

    The staff were told not to read outside sources written about Scientology and wasting their time on petty tasks. Some of them even spent or waste their lifetime working there!! If they can wake up one day, they will deeply regret, and hopefully do not do stupid things against themselves.

    As a caveat emptor – people, we have the internet these days, check and research many many times over before you buy into anything

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  • Learn Spanish

    Love the way this article puts both sides.

  • Plenty to Say
  • Barbzg

    The kids are greedy little twits. They chose to believe all that crap about their real mom. And stayed with Tom because he has more fame, more clout and more money.