Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zsa Zsa GaborZSA Zsa Gabor‘s health is getting worse.

The actress’ publicist, John Blanchette, said Monday that Gabor has developed an infection that will keep the 93-year-old hospitalized indefinitely as she recovers from a broken hip.

Gabor was due to release hospital Monday, but the infection changed those plans. Blanchette did not have further details.

Gabor has been hospitalized at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center since she broke her hip July 17 while trying to get into her wheelchair. The Hungarian-born actress’ condition began to deteriorate after hip-replacement surgery days later.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Gabor and her husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt are in financial dire straits after losing $10m to Bernie Madoff in his billion dollar ponzie scheme.

“It’s terribly sad,” a source said. “To have such a fabulous life come down to possibly being booted into the street just brings you to tears.

“If she hadn’t gotten caught up in Madoff’s scheme, Zsa Zsa could go out in the style to which she has been accustomed.

“Now, she’s in the same boat as others who bet their life-savings on the silver-tongued sales pitches of con men.

“The thought of Zsa Zsa going out penniless is tragic. It’s a sad final act in a life that she lived to the fullest.”


  • http://showbizspy sharon

    With all the wealth floating around California among actors and actresses, you would think they would do a benefit or just donate money to Zsa Zsa Gabor. It’s tough times, but these people are worth millions of dollars and they can’t give to someone who gave us so much. I can’t believe that these people are so selfish as to let her die penniless and possibly on the street. Come on people in Hollywood where is your compassion? She made a bad investment as did many others, is that a reason to turn your back on her?

  • Ken

    Exactly what has she given us?… and how much? So some mediocre talent who happened to be born rich and remained that way throughout her life blows her millions of dollars and you want a bleeping benefit for her? Trust me, she won’t die on the street, unlike countless others, and if she dies penniless, forgive me but that’s her own doing.

    She has lived a full life of wealth and privilege and you want a benefit for her? How about these rich spoiled millionaires in Hollywood hold a benefit for poor people who have busted their humps their entire lives, living paycheck to paycheck, only to lose their jobs and whatever money they have saved for their future and their family. And you want a benefit for this spoiled old lady. Give me a break.

  • eva gabor’s fan

    Frederic Prinz von Anhalt is making this stuff up to get some attention. I don’t believe every word what von Anhalt said. He is a ‘faked’ prince and doesn’t have a royalty title from Germany. He is no related to them. Frederic is broke. Zsa Zsa has been keeping Frederic up since they were married in 1986. Zsa Zsa doesn’t let Frederic have her money. Frederic need to get out and find himself a real job.

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    She’s a tough old bird.Feel better Zsash.

  • Nan

    I was a big fan of her late sister Eva. Very sadly, Zsa Zsa is a shadow of her former glamorous self. I not only pray for her recovery, but that she will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well.

    Zsa Zsa: God loves you, Eva, Magda, your mother; and everybody that He sent Only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for you.

    Zsa Zsa: while you’re still alive, please give your life to Jesus.