Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bill ClintonBILL Clinton fears he’ll be DEAD within in six months — according to a bombshell new report from an American tabloid.

The National Enquirer claims the former President, 63, is losing weight and his health is deteriorating rapidly.

“Bill’s gotten very, very skinny and he’s worried about his health,” said one concerned insider.

“He’s convinced he won’t be alive by this time next year. He’s trying to stay optimistic and desperately hopes he can live long enough to enjoy seeing grandchildren. But secretly, he and his friends give him just six months to live.

“Bill’s eyes light up when he talks about chasing grandchildren around the yard. Chelsea can’t wait for the day she can tell her dad she’s pregnant.”

“The truth is,” the source adds, “Bill looks terrible. He’s aged 10 years in the last 12 months. He has deep, deep bags under his eyes and just this hollow look in his face. And he’s bequeathed money for his future grandchildren.

“Ever since his heart bypass in 2004 he’s been worrying his days are numbered. He’s terrified that his heart is just going to give out completely.

“His heart’s bad and his arteries keep clogging. You get the feeling he’s doomed, and won’t live much longer.

“Some of his friends are wondering if he can even live out the year!”[imagebrowser id=529]


  • howard

    i never did like bill clinton, and in fact voted for ross perot twice. even so, i was stunned to see him looking like a scrawny tired old man during the endless needless chelsea marriage frenzy. he looked ravaged, and since he himself has said that he has already outlived all of the men from previous generations of his family, i can only hope that his “sooner rather than later” passing will be more graceful than he ever was to his political opponents.

  • redbreeze

    What a horrible thing to say~about ANYONE. What goes around, comes around as we all know~~Karma gets you everytime

    What a nasty thing to say about anyone, Karma gets u every time, what goes around, comes around~~sleep well

    • James

      redbreeze so it is OK when some one on the left says the same thing about some one on the right?

      • Chelsie Clinton

        It is OK.. Got a problem with that?

  • Cindy Jones

    I don’t believe this. My boss had open heart surgery 30 years ago and is doing great. As we get older and lose weight, we do tend to look a little more wrinkled. He may be in the best shape he’s been in for quite some time. Perhaps he pushes himself to travel too much and do too much. Whether a fan of his or not, it would be a very sad day for America if President Clinton would die at such a young age.

  • Cindy Jones

    Bequeathing money to his future grandchildren probably has more to do with clever estate planning, one component of which is called generation skipping.


    I am sure this is accurate information after all it came from the National Enquirer. He said he wanted to lose a certain amount of weight for Chelseas wedding.

  • http://none isaac cochran

    bill/is alright!! i an starting my 5th day on the cabbage soup diet 2morrow//makes u kind of weak/but energy in spurts!! i heard that is what bill did for the wedding!! just go ahead and try it and follow it exactly like they say//then those crapy tabloids will not say anything about bill//actualy, i should say pres. clinton!! i have always said he is a great man, but he was a bad boy a few times!!!

    • Vishal Sathyan

      It is the one’s fate, done by god. Some people doesn’t die even if they are fatally ill. But some people die even if well.

  • betty beger

    I think Bill Clinton is a sleazebag ever since his escapade with Monica Lewinsky. It makes me sick that Hillary continued living with him. I’m sorry he’s ill, but how can you put a time limit on your life?

    • Katie

      Betty-Haven’t you noticed that alot of men cheat on their wifes whether they are in the public eye or not.Alot of men say they are faithful to their wifes but honestly would they come out and admit they cheated on them knowing that someone will call them names.Also alot of the wifes cheat on their husbands during their marriage also even if they don’t admit it.So basically its 50/50 in the cheating category during marriage.The question is what is considered cheating?Is flirting during ones marriage with the opposite sex considered cheating besides sleeping with another person.Alot of people don’t think its cheating unless you do the deed.

  • kevin andrew

    You’re disgusting and I can’t believe yahoo would rank this. Bill’s a great man and if you’ve followed news, you’d know Chelsea wanted him to lose weight prior to the wedding. We’re too fat, too thin. Get you’re own life!

  • J

    “he and his friends give him just six months to live”

    Okay… what do his DOCTORS say?

  • Electra

    Some of you people just seem like you’re nuts actually. I was curious so I read this article. There are no citations whatsoever, this is just really bad journalism. Guess what, you lunatics, Bill Clinton is a brilliant man and we’d be lucky to have him as president again.

  • Drunk Happy Person

    He is old and he is married to Hillary…..don’t get me wrong, I love Bill, live in Arkansas, voted for him 3 times, (Governor once, prez twice). BUT I find that this “news” site runs an article one day, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart buy a house together and the very next day say that Robert Pattinson vows to never leave home and yet another day saying that Robert Pattinson was dead, but Kristen Stewart says she was with him all weekend and he was only dead for a few hours. So, what to believe? What to believe????

  • allen

    what business is it of the american publics what bill clinton with monica..that should be between him and hilary.none of our business..he who is among you who has not sinned let him cast the first stone.

  • Jocko

    You know Mr President, I used to think when I got tired of chasing broads for gratuitous sex…. I was gonna die too.

    Monogamy, (or in your case, not banging EVERYTHING that walks) It’s really not all that bad. I think you’re gonna be okay. Keep the faith Slick Willy.

  • Dale Wilhite

    We all have an appointment with the grim reaper and we cannot add one second to our live’s. Whenever he dies, it was his time. When we die, it was because it was our time.

  • Sparky

    Do you suppose he has aids?
    That wouldn’t be publicized, either way.
    It’s a terrible way to go.
    Hideous is probably the better way to go.
    I don’t care for Clinton, but no one deserves aids.
    A dear friend, ex-employee of mine died just a week ago.
    Some people have it easy – others – not.

  • allen

    betty ..are you so perfect u can judge people..if you have never sinned then you are perfect ..if you have sinned then u cant judge.only God can judge..and you are not god

    • Lucy


      I couldn’t agree with you more! Very well said…Betty sure sounds like an ignorant person…Another thing, How long ago did this Monica thing happened? I forgot all about it. Move on Folks!

      Thank you Allen!

  • allen

    betty ..are you so perfect you have nevr done wrong

  • Lucy

    I hope Mr. Clinton lives a very long time!

  • Dee M.

    If that is really what Bill Clinton fears, I, a fiscal conservative, new-to-the-Republican party, hope he is wrong. No matter what my current political views, I miss Bill and wish he could take over the rest of the current person’s term and, returning his (Bill’s) presidency’s policies to our system, be able to run and win again in 2012. He is smart, had a smart team and, even with his moderately liberal outlook, was/is a patriot, not someone who would like to totally overthrow the constitution and the American government and way of life. Miss you Bill. Wish I could vote for you another two times!

  • chiken joe

    President Clinton will live for a long time in jesus name amen. I dont see him going any where soon . we must all pray for him . i am really really saddened by this news and i will continue praying for him . we are all sinners , in jesus name , God will give him pleanty more years to his own amazement .

  • Nancy

    I had commented to someone that President Clinton look ill and very thin in the photo of him walking Chelsea down the aisle. I pray though he is not that ill that he dies anytime soon. It would be nice for him to see his grandchildren, and even be well enough to do some positive things for humanity. I know he messed up while in office, but so did a lot of other past presidents and we seem to forget about them after awhile. I think we need a little more forgiveness and caring for each other in this world.

  • Matthew

    All that Bill Clinton needs at this point is serious prayers, and words of courage. We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. By His grace Bill Clinton has been forgiven by God as long as he was sorry and also being forgiven by his Wife. Bill served and continue to serve this great nation to the best of his ability and we all witnessed the transparent huge progress during his presidency. There are numerous people who are incapable of handling their immediate family in proper manner. May God forgive all those saddist people making nasty comments or wishing him to die. He was created by God in a very unique way and it is only HIM Who knows when He will require bill to come back to Him. Please enjoin me to pray that Bill Clinton will be over shadowed with spiritual and physical healing, cleansed by the precious blood of Jesus and be granted long life to even care for his expected grand children. May it be so in his life in Jesus name, amen.

  • olmstead

    it states in the bible that if a man looks at a woman to lust after her hes already commited aludtery

  • http://showbizspy dewqa

    Bill you are the best ok papa!!!!!!

    • http://showbizspy dewqa

      THANKS TO GOD THE FATHER OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST , Bill you are the best ok pap!!!!!!!!

  • David

    Bill Clinton is not the perfect man. His Influence and resolve to reach out too diverse cultures, religions, and heads of state without bias or PERSONAL AGENDA, has been effective and genuine. Let me not, JUDGE this man for what he is not, let me applaud him for what he has accomplished.
    If all mankind would be judged by their discretion’s we would all fall short, so let us celebrate the positive, as it is so much more meaningful and productive, as opposed to dwelling on the negative. Balance this mans life, would we better with or without. BALANCE THE EQUATION with objectiveness and truth.

  • chipmonk

    -i like bill +hilary!!!

    • http://yahoo SusieQ

      AAAAAH! Bill Clinton isn’t going to die as long as Obama is president. What would the “great one” do without Clinton around? He sends Clinton to states to help the “dems” get votes because his ratings are sooo low they don’t want “O”.Bah! though– the CO. dem that “o” supported beat Clinton’s dem.

  • Mike Stand.

    Bill Clinton was a great President and to this day is a great ambassador for our country! Long live Bill Clinton!

  • http://yahoo kiriobas


  • susieq

    don’t believe it . only god knows the truth
    there is too many drs .he has acess too,let this happen

  • kosova



  • Lawrence

    He’s not dying; he lost weight for Chelsea’s wedding. It was widely reported before the wedding that Chelsea thought her dad had put in too much weight and needed to go on a diet. He did and lost 20 pounds. He looks great. What are you guys talking about?

  • Hana

    President Clinton lost the extra weight for Chelsea’s wedding, what a bunch of idiot’s that came up with that dumb story.

  • brownin329

    If you believe this garbage I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

    • phoebe

      why think this loud here, is president clinton eating from your house leave him alone he is living his life doing the best that he can and God showing him favour who are you to say he has got no time here you might leave before him be weary of such thoughts whoever you are

  • gouki

    Bill Clinton was one of the coolest Presidents of all time.



    • Bill

      Billions around the globe love Bill Clinton…there is no perfect human being…and Bill Clinton is an angel…the news it’s not true,no one knows how long he will live..if he needs a prayer there will be entire universe praying for such a great humanitarian..if he needs a kidney he can have my kidney…if he needs blood every day there will be one entire nation donating for him (Albanian Nation around the globe)…if he needs heart ,this is hard one- no heart on earth can replace such great and unique American heart that belongs to the globe and human race.
      You will leave long beloved Bill Clinton….
      I love you …and Albanians around the globe love you !

  • samantha

    I’ve never cried for the death of an entertainer or anyone famous..but I cried when he left office and I know my tears would flow for along time when he leaves this world…hang in there Bill there are still many out there who love you..and would still call you “Mr. President.”

  • @samantha


  • RP OF Albania

    we love you Mr President

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    If he ever ran for president, sick or not, I’d vote for him again and so would a lot of other people. HE WAS A GOOD PRESIDENT. So what if he screwed around with Monica, this administration is screwing US!!!!!Big time.

  • Bill

    You will not leave this world for a long time Mr.Bill Clinton… Human race will be so poor without your heart,your thoughts your spirit and your selfless dedication to humanism .
    Live long my friend !
    I Love You !


    please god help him
    8 milion albanians pray for his helth

  • Fariborz

    very good news

    • Gashi

      Man that is born on this planet must die!! With the advent of waiting for this bad news for former U.S. president. He is also president of Kosovo, and will remain president of Kosovo. This person(CLINTON) and some of his friends have done much for peace in Kosovo and for other states .

      A Gashi
      Buona fortuna !!!

  • Leotrim Kosovo

    With the advent of waiting for this bad news for former U.S. president.Kosovo LOVE YOU PRESIDENT HE never die he is always in our hearts

  • Nemanja Srbin

    Great, I hope he will die in terrible pain,spending all money he took from Albanian drug dealers on medication.
    Also i hope he shell not live long enough to see grandchild, becouse of all Serbian kids he killed!!!

  • http://yahoo SusieQ

    I subscribe to Enquirer but didn’t read about Clinton. They must have forgotten all the orders Chelsea was giving so he could walk her down the aisle and lose wt. was one. She is a spoiled brat and never sure what she’s doing is right.Only a dr. can say he’s near death to make me believe it. He’s very active & couldn’t be such if death was near,geez! Does anyone on here listen to Dick Morris,chief advisior to “C”,in his administration?He is on Fox a lot and lets out a lot about Bill/Hillary– you should tune in if not. If its Clinton’s time he needs commended for all he’s done for our country & private life forgotten.
    He ia a true American but that can’t be said about “the anointed” one. He needs your criticism more than trashing Clinton~~~~ thanks

  • joe

    I hope he lives long

  • joe

    I hope he live long.

  • mihajlo


    HAVE GOD !!!

  • TakeNoBull

    The country is full of sinners folks who are not saved. The number is in the millions so of course these folks would excuse a sleaze bag like Bill Clinton for all his dirty deeds to his family and his embarrasment to his office. Bill Clinton needs to not just make photo ops at a church but be concerned very quickly about his soul.

  • Gracia Cawthorne

    Hey, That was a good thread thank sincerely for sharing this info with everyone.

  • Vishal Sathyan

    Then, he will be the first president dying during Barack Obama’s tenure. His left hand was taken up by terrorists on 22nd November 2006. Still, he has no left hand and he can’t write as he was a left hander.

    Clinton was the president during 1993-2001 time. He is the only president who served between the terms of Father Bush and Son Bush.

  • Vishal Sathyan

    Other than Clinton, Father Bush and Carter will also die during Barack Obama’s presidency, making him the third president to see the death of 3 former presidents, the first and second being Andrew Jackson and Richard Nixon respectively.

  • Vishal Sathyan

    He was both a good and bad man.

  • Vishal Sathyan

    Former or Incumbent Presidents died during one’s tenure

    Incumbent Term President(s) died

    George Washington 1789-`97 None

    John Adams 1797-1801 George Washington
    (14th December 1799)

    Thomas Jefferson 1801-’09 None

    James Madison 1809-`17 None

    James Monroe 1817-`25 None

    John Quincy Adams 1825-`29 Thomas Jefferson
    John Adams
    (Both 4th July 1826)

    Andrew Jackson 1829-`37 James Monroe
    (4th July 1831)
    James Madison
    (28th June 1836)

    Martin van buren 1837-`41 None

    William H. Harrison 1841 William H. Harrison
    (4th April 1841)

    John Tyler 1841-`45 None

    James K. Polk 1845-`49 Andrew Jackson
    (8th June 1845)
    John Quincy Adams
    (23rd February 1848)

    Zachary Taylor 1849-`50 James K. Polk
    (15th June 1848)
    Zachary Taylor
    (9th July 1850)

    Millard Fillmore 1850-`53 None

    Franklin Pierce 1853-`57 None

    James Buchanan 1857-`61 None

    Abraham Lincoln 1861-`65 John Tyler
    (18th January 1862)
    Martin van Buren
    (24th July 1862)
    Abraham Lincoln
    (15th April 1865)

    Andrew Johnson 1865-`69 James Buchanan
    (1st June 1868)

    Ulysses S. Grant 1869-`77 Franklin Pierce
    (8th October 1869)
    Millard Fillmore
    (8th March 1874)
    Andrew Johnson
    (31st July 1875)

    Rutherford B. Hayes 1877-`81 None

    James A. Garfield 1881 James A. Garfield
    (19th September 1881)

    Chester A. Arthur 1881-`85 None

    Grover Cleveland 1885-`89 Ulysses S. Grant
    (23rd July 1885)
    Chester A. Arthur
    (18th November 1886)

    1893-`97 None

    Benjamin Harrison 1889-`93 Rutherford B. Hayes
    (17th Janaury 1893)

    William McKinley 1897-1901 Benjamin Harrison
    (13th March 1901)
    William McKinley
    (14th September 1901)

    Theodore Roosevelt 1901-`09 Grover Cleveland
    (24th June 1908)

    William Howard Taft 1909-`13 None

    Woodrow Wilson 1913-`21 Theodore Roosevelt
    (6th January 1919)

    Warren G. Harding 1921-`23 Warren G. Harding
    (2nd August 1923)

    Calvin Coolidge 1923-`29 Woodrow Wilson
    (3rd February 1924)

    Herbert Hoover 1929-`33 William Howard Taft
    (8th March 1930)
    Calvin Coolidge
    (5th January 1933)

    Franklin Roosevelt 1933-`45 None

    Harry S. Truman 1945-`53 Franklin Roosevelt
    (12th April 1949)

    Dwight Eisenhower 1953-`61 None

    John F. Kennedy 1961-`63 John F. Kennedy
    (22nd November 1963)

    Lyndon Baines Johnson 1963-`69 Herbert Hoover
    (20th October 1964)

    Richard Nixon 1969-`74 Dwight Eisenhower
    (28th March 1969)
    Harry Truman
    (26th December 1972)
    Lyndon Baines Johnson
    (22nd January 1973)

    Gerald Ford 1974-`77 None

    Jimmy Carter 1977-`81 None

    Ronald Reagan 1981-`89 None

    George H.W. Bush 1989-`93 None

    Bill Clinton 1993-2001 Richard Nixon
    (22nd April 1994)

    George W. Bush 2001-`09 Ronald Reagan
    (5th June 2004)
    Gerald Ford
    (26th December 2006)

    Barack Obama 2009-`17 Bill Clinton
    (2nd May 2011)
    George H.W. Bush
    (22nd October 2011)
    Jimmy Carter
    (14th December 2012)

  • Vishal Sathyan

    If Obama is elected for a second term, Son Bush will also die on 31st December 2014, making him the only president until his retirement.

  • Vishal Sathyan

    If Obama is elected for a second term, Son Bush will also die on 31st December 2014 making him the only living president until his retirement on 20th January 2017.

    George Washington was the only living president from 4th March 1789 to 4th March 1797, as he was the first president.

    John Adams was the only living president from 14th December 1799 to 4th March 1801, due to the death of George Washington.

    Ulysses S. Grant was the only living president from 31st July 1875 to 4th March 1877, due to the death of Andrew Johnson.

    Theodore Roosevelt was the only living president from 24th June 1908 to 4th March 1909, due to the death of Grover Cleveland.

    Herbert Hoover was the only living president from 5th to 20th January 1933, due to the death of Calvin Coolidge.

    Richard Nixon was the only living president from 22nd January 1973 to 8th August 1974, due to the death of Lyndon Baines Johnson.

    Barack Obama will be the 7th president to be this.

  • http://uspresidents johnny

    We all have to die sometime,but Clinton just might live to 100.Who knows?

  • UGH!

    Hillary would like him gone in 2 months. She wants him to pay the wedding bill and then poof!

  • Frank Williamson

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. You should only SUFFER.
    Rest In Peace Vince Foster.

  • http://none macky castro

    i thinks he,s telling a lie..what the fuck..he owns me 400swissfranks and did he thought this out or does the swiss?i tought he want to be 100 years old why dont geoerge bush die..or the swiss former president he is the main problem not bill clinton nor george bush…fuck swiss fuck their oppurtunity in politics and their neutrality that sucks europe and america even asia.Whats more important the
    Democracy or neutrality i guess their thinking things of with that kind of shit with bill clintons death..Fuck Swiss yes to obama…bye george bush bye iraq..Fuck Switzerland they should jodel themselves to death and bore their noses…
    did any body think about that the swiss started this fucking mess with iraq and george bush.I ll prove this till my guts kisses my ass.


    Dear Good Lord! Please I pray for Bill Clinton, please God add him more days to live longer as you added to King Hezekia 15 years of life, please we love him so much, please give him stregth a, remove that fear from him give him faith to live longer.

    God bless you my good Dad.


    Dear Good Lord! Please I pray for Bill Clinton, please God add him more days to live longer as you added to King Hezekia 15 years of life, please we love him so much, please give him stregth, remove that fear from him, give him faith to live longer.

    God bless you my good Dad.


    bill clinton has been portrayed in a book called “trance – formation of america ” as a devil worshipper a cunnin wicked man , you ought to read it ! that will change your mind for ever you won’t be able to believe what that poor man has been up to , him and his wife !for the love of power and money .
    have a good read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackey

    Harrison Ford got so thin, looks like he aged 20yrs. I hope he isn’t sick.

  • Lily

    Not sure if Bill Clinton is displaying some nurological disease like Parkinsons, but he is looking very frail, and his voice is very weak. He looked terrible yesterday at the 9/11 memorial.

  • Vishal Sathyan

    My prediction failed and Bill Clinton is still alive………… But he is very ill.

  • Vishal Sathyan

    It is also said that left handed people like him will die earlier.

  • Vishal Sathyan

    Now I predict that George H.W. Bush, who is now the oldest living former President, aged 88 years and 106 years, who was born on 12th June 1923, will die on 16th April 2012, aged 88 years and 309 days and Jimmy Carter, who is now the second oldest living former President and the earliest served living former President, aged 87 days and 360 days, who was born on 1st October 1923, 111 days after George H.W. Bush, will die on 5th August 2012, 111 days after the death of Bush, Sr. also aged 88 years and 309 days, making them the first Presidents who were both born and died in the same year and both born and died with the same number of days apart.

  • Vishal Sathyan

    Former Vice President Walter Mondale will die on 6th August 2012, just 2 days after the death of Jimmy Carter, under whom he served as Vice President. Another Former U.S. President Dick Cheney will die on 28th May 2012 aged 70. Current Vice President Joe Biden will die in office on 24th December 2012 aged 70. Former Vice Presidents Dan Quayle and Al Gore will die on 21st August 2015 and 19th December 2016, both aged 68 respectively.

    • Vishal Sathyan

      Sorry, I am now changing it. Walter Mondale will die on 6th August 2012, the day after the death of Jimmy Carter. Another Former Vice President Dick Cheney will die on 24th August 2012, aged 71. Current Vice President Joe Biden will die in office on 24th September 2012, aged 70. Former Vice Presidents Dan Quayle and Al Gore will die on 21st August 2015 and 19th December 2016 respectively, both aged 68.

  • Vishal Sathyan

    He is actually aged just 65, but I made him born on 19th August 1926, making him 67 years old at the time of his ascension, and the 3rd oldest President after Ronald Reagan (70) and William Henry Harrison (68).

  • Dianne Clark

    I am praying for Former President Bill Clinton.  He is one of the best Presidents of my lifetime and I wish him well. 

    • Georgegpeters

      hoping for a miracle ! If only he could run again … and YES the best President we had !

      • Bingo

        Best we’ve had? Not hardly. Mr. Clinton isn’t sick, he’s finally getting healthy. Losing some weight is a part of that. Tabloid reports? Really? And this is your gospel? Get a life.

      • Hayashidrift

        He IS the best we had, moron. At least America had jobs, cheap gas AND a million dollar SURPLUS when he was and left office. Jackass Bush and YOUR Republicans took ALL that away. God BLESS President Clinton and GET WELL. 

      • Richard

        America and the sorry presidents have nothing to do with the price of Oil. They do have the right to extend credit to people who cant pay it back. It is so funny that people think the white house is a good thing for our country. ITs been destroying american for 30 years jerk offs. Its a big game and nothing or no one can change it. They all have screwed america and will continue until China cashes in on stupid americans like you. 

      • Pattie G

        You are right on Richard! The Democrat Liberals have screwed this country up so bad that Bush had no say in what happened. Remember… The Democrats controlled the House and Senate when Bush was in office. Blame it on Pelosi, Reid and Dodd… and all the dems who voted for them!!!

      • AuntKimmie

        Another hate-filled, clueless Repub. NEWS FLASH, IDIOT: do you remember ‘shock and awe’ ? You know..that.big event that began the war that Bush got us into because of his WMD’s (read: LIES !) ? The gas prices skyrocketed about 2 days after that. You’re on the internet already, so you can look it up seeing how your memory seems so faulty. Hopefully, you’ve learned to use it for more than spreading the hatred you reek of.

      • Waiting4

        U are clueless.

      • Pattie G

        You must be listening to MSNBC or CNN! They  are lying to you and they will continue to lie just like they have been lying about Obama… 

    • Doyle

       You better just shut the heck up.


        you need to shut the f up. The USA was in alot better shape when he was president.

      • quite_generic

        So many errors in your comment I just cant be bothered to correct you, but I’ll give you a hint. You’re wrong and it’s “a lot”.

      • Waiting4

        Smoke and Mirrors …. foolish Democrat legislation since 1979 pushed government deeper into the pockets of the American people; creating tens of millions of dependency voters.

    • Jeffrey

      I believe he is as much as a scumbag as any of them. he repealed the Glass Stegal Act which gave the bankers the green light to to bundle all financial instruments leading directly and immediately to the financial woes of the moment.
      Good riddance to another mammon worshipping puppet.

      • Hill

        you should probably learn to spell or use spell check before you make a comment that is uneducated. Regardless of what people do in their lifetime or their religious beliefs, No one deserves to die. Period. You are just another idiot voicing their opinion in an unnecessary fashion. Shows how childish you are. 

    • Pattie G

      You are so Nieve!

  • James

    Mr. Bill Clinton please go to Nigeria and see TB Joshua Please , and give testimony of how God really works for you!

    • Ken Raab

       He looks like he is about one BJ from grave

      • Doylec74

         LOL,,,I think he is. Lets hope he is on the fast track to Arlington National Cemetery. He became so pro colored/black that he once made a remark about the high rate of black on white crime. In response to an 81 year old white woman who was raped , and murdered by a colored teen he said “In a strange hard to understand way, this is a form of social justice.

      • Bugious 99

        Well colored people are the bain of the world. They are criminal, dirty, smelly, faul mouthed, and lacking in “I Q”. Jews have used them as a weapon against white western non Jew people. I hope the worst for Israel, and all the Jews too. They stink as well.

      • Doylec74

        I agree

      • Doyle

         I agree too!!!

      • ROCCO67


      • Doyle

         Racist is a code word for anti-white.

      • Hill

        It is people like you that make this world what it is! You are disgusting in every way imaginable. You are disrespectful, disgusting, foul mouthed and you yourself are lacking an “IQ”. You shouldn’t be an American. Land of The Free!!!! That’s what it means. For people no matter what Color, Shape, Size, Religion, etc they may be…. They have the right just as your sorry ass was given. At least they fought for their right… What have you done with your life???  You truly are a sad individual. God is going to punish you!!!!

      • Hill

        He did make mistakes but that is and should not be a death sentence for anyone. I am sure you yourself have made mistakes as we all have in our lives that just happened to not be in the public eye. He is still a human being. 

      • Crashaxe

         He didn’t make any mistakes, he did exactly what he was told to do.

      • Crashaxe

         never seen him look so good….hahahah

    • Crashaxe

       Do you really think Bill has any relationship with God?

  • Doyle

    I know this sounds mean to say, but,,,,I hope Bill Clinton is dying, and that he will die soon. he is a bad man that deserves death. He setup the American people to be robbed by the international bankers.

    • Brian Bircham

       What a horrible thing to say. I don’t have an opinion on Bill Clinton but how can you wish death on a man with a family?

      • eddie

        He dont’t like Hillary the dike, he just has a kid who turned jew. A turncoat.

    • Pattie G

      Right on Doyle! Hillary is just like Bill…

      • Walt

        You sound like a b**** with a capital B and besides I don’t believe anyone who isn’t intelligent enough to know how to spell “Naive”. Probablly flunked out out school.

    • anonymous

      ….and we are hoping that YOU die real soon….the sooner the better, k?

  • Lisa cruz

    My heart go’s out to Him and his family. We to are praying for Mr. Clinton. It would be such a tradagey to loose such a great man.

    • Crashaxe

       What family his wife the traitor bitch that’s selling our country down the river with the small arms treaty. The only sad thing is that Chelsy is there kid.

  • Wendy

    Open your eyes to how the world really works–”Lewinsky” was an actress in a story designed to divert attention to  the criminal whitewater fraud. Check out Ed Chiarini/facebook for more actors in news stories.

  • Wendy

    I should have said “lewinsky” was an actress in a story designed to divert attention FROM the Whitewater real estate fraud. Basically all news stories-including the alleged “G.Gifford” shooting are FAKES designed to get certain reactions from the public. See EdChiarini/facebook for more about this & a lot of other frauds—the “Hitler” character was played by Kermit Roosevelt, who simultaneously played “WaltDisney”. The pentagon finances most of Hollywood & news media-TV, internet, radio–especially the seemingly alternate channels.  Divide  & conquer,;  order out of chaos–Clinton is a fraud, as are most politicians.

  • Gongdark

    Nothing here about committing Treason, heh?  Chinese military have his picture in their rogues gallery of heros. 

  • Elmo

    I agree with Doyle, but this article should be removed from the site since it says “six months” and was posted two years ago.

  • kay

    Bill was the best President we did have look what both Bushes fucked up our world 16 yrs both of them not Bill he was good!! we need him back yes yes yes !!god bless Bill hope our prayers are herd for u to live alot longer !!!

    • Doyle

       Bill Clinton repealed Glass Steagall.Plus in signed into law the Commodity Futures Modernization act. Plus, he ratified NAFTA.
        This guy sold us out as much as Bush, Bush’s old man, and Romney (when he becomes President) Clinton’s wife also is a shameless ass kisser. She never met an Israeli first-er/  Zionist she didn’t engage in whorehood with.

    • Crashaxe

       Bill was just part of the 200 year old game plan that has gotten us to where we are today. I could care less if he dies.

      • anonymous

        you sound like a cold-hearted bitch.

  • Carolobrien

    i like bill clinton even tho he did some terrible things  but forgive ans forget .. im canadian but i liked himas president and a person he seems to love his family and too bad hes not a grandpa good feeling ….. when u become a grndparent u love those grndchildren more than u love ur own kid or kids…. different love ……!!!!!!!!!!

  • Woodsl205

    I wish him all the best, and may his family be extra supportive in his time of need.
    It took me 50 years to learn that most Americans are blind and the most educated in our country have a 6 year old mentality. Why would you think that one man has total control over what goes on in this country? Clinton did the best he could with the rules that were handed down to him by the 13 men who actually run this America, I say to Bill great job Untermeyer the circumstance you were given we thank you for your wise choices with what you given to work with and for that may Yahweh smile on you and extend your days to see your grandchildren grow up and go to college. (selah) Yahweh ropheka!!!

  • G Washington

    Don`t inhale Mr President, but do get yourself some raw Cannabis, juice it, and eat it. Do this 3 times a day. Your body is far out of balance. Your Endo-Cannabinoid System will kick in and may help you get better.

    “Cannabinoids, Miracle Drug of the 21st Century by Jeffrey Dach MD”

  • Elchico2971


  • Hill

    I wish everyone would remember that no ONE person is responsible for the economy we are stuck with at this point. Both Democrats & Republicans are responsible for it equally. Everyone also needs to remember that the PRESIDENT cannot make any decisions on his own. Everything has to be presented and agreed upon by Congress. I don’t agree with a lot of things our past Presidents have done but I understand that it again is not just one persons fault. Get over it and move on with your life. Us Americans have rose above worse situations, we can do it again. why don’t you try to do something about it instead of complaining and pointing fingers?!?

  • Radiohead4737

    I am saddened Bill Clinton might not live out the year.This is so sad I love that guy.

    • eddie

      Sad for who. He is a scumbag personified.

    • quite_generic

      You should go into stand-up 

  • LESYK55

    We all got to go…


    He played when he was young, so he’s had his fill.

  • Pattie G

    I hope he goes soon! Sorry to all who think he was so wonderful but he is the reason that all of our jobs have gone overseas! His wife is just as bad!!! Wake up America and see that the only way to being the America we knew as kids can come back. Vote for any Republican, no matter who he or she is in the 2012 Elections. Obama is BAD for this country and I will blame all of you who support him for our country’s demise!!!

    • Walt

      Go blame yourself, you idiot. Who are you to sit in judgment, you tool. Maybe it’s you who should hurry up and leave – I bet you scare the daylights out of children, Pattie with your constant broom stuck up the a** look…LOL

  • Hamlin Md282

    I love the Clinton family, he that is without sin cast the first stone.

  • Stylakos

    What is the material that you people made of ?Do you have flesh with blood running ? I think comments like yours come from a heart full of hate !!!!!
    Soften up and do not forget that you are not here to stay..Say something good for another person.If you can not say it, then shut the fuck-up…Former president Bill Clinton. I Did not like him as a person,but he was a reformer turning the economy around and the best of all he was DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED FOR TWO TERMS.not like Bush the second, who was appointed.DIMOKRATIA in the Hellenic Political Terminology means ” The people rule ” The one that the GOP wants to eliminate and replace it with PLUTOCRACY.

    • Peter J. Andros

      Another Greek exposing himself! Go back to Greece with your faggot buddies, Stylakos. You’re another unwanted moron here in America. As for advising a commentator to “shut the fuck-up,” try taking your own advice, asshole.

  • bijan

    That’s said that bill clinton is dying. Many people LOVED him. Still since it’s an tabloid that said’s this imformation it may not be true. Like it said’s in one of the heffley book’s, tabloids are FULL of lie’s

  • old man

    WE did have a good president when clinton was in office as others have said; at least we were in the black and this country was in GOOD shape not like it is after lil bush took office and now with OBAMA which will not see changes until anther 4 years or so. It wont be for a loooong time I figure it tales at ;east 10 years tp see changes after one is elected and begins his work at the realm.

  • febo

    Ja se nadam da ces da crknes u najgorim mukama,djavole,ubico,zlocincu…stize te kazna za ono sto si radio 1999,nadam se da ce isto tako da zavrse i olbrajtova,klark,ahtisari.bler, i svi oni koji su nas bombardovali 1999…crkni djavole.

    • Peter J. Andros

      In case you hadn’t noticed, this is an American website not one from lower Slobovia. We read, write, and speak English! Jesus, who are you people?

  • Anonymous

    It’s now January 2013 and Mr. Clinton, though still looking thin, is very much with us. So it just goes to show, don’t believe everything you read and even less so if it’s in the National Enquirer.

  • TrueAmericanHeart

    The US didnt have a dam surplus with him. He took the math problem of the failing economy and instead of fixing it, change the way we calculated it so it looked like he was the savior. He is the origional fuck up for the US economy. Everyone is too fucking stupid to wake up, stop watching some bitch ass housewives of what the fuck ever and do some god damn research. I agree with Doyal in that I hope the fucker IS dying and that he takes the bitch too. Fuck the Clinton and Bush dynasty.

  • tifa

    We wish you well Mr. Bill clinton, and YES 1000 YES, you were the best president. Hope you are doing well. I hope you read this comment :)

  • allison

    I wish i could reach Bill Clinton because he could be healed and back to his normal better life. A pure Vegan diet, exercise, and juicing, trust in God, can give him/anyone back his health and he wont have to die. How can I reach Him?

    • Peter J. Andros

      You’re an idiot! No one wants to reach you for juvenile advice like juicing, exercise, and “a pure Vegan diet” to cure cancer or heart disease. The time for that shit is before an illness strikes. Where are you people from, anyway?

  • Danny

    He is not dying. Stop all the rumors and don’t wish harm on that man. He is looking forward to live and to see his grand kids. Long live to Bill Clinton. Amen.