Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anna KendrickANNA Kendrick has vowed never to go nude in a movie!

The Twilight actress insists she won’t be taking her clothes off in front of the camera.

Kendrick, 24, was asked whether she would disrobe as part of her transition to films aimed at adults.

“Emphatically, no,” she said.

“I will not do that.

“I have been lucky because I have not been pigeonholed into the teenage movie category. I am not criticizing people who do that [nude scenes] but I plan to keep doing what I am doing and hope it keeps going good.”

Anna recently revealed she’s glad she doesn’t have to deal with any of the hysteria endured by her Twilight costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

“I’m so relieved,” she says. “I get to be in Twilight and that’s it. I get to be in it and be a part of it but I get to leave the house and live a normal life.

“I feel like I’m living this strange double-life because when I go home I get to do the same things I always have. I know that’s not the case for Robert or Kristen and I know that’s hard for them.”[imagebrowser id=15]


  • Jeff

    That’s a shame!

    • lane.a

      WTF is she talking about? she been photographed like ten times topless at the beach. i saw the pics at

      • Raziel

        go fuck yourself

    • deanw

      damn shes hot. her boobs look tasty in those beach pics.

  • Gayle Miller

    Who cares? She’s not that good looking anyway. And her voice sounds like Minnie Mouse! She should enjoy her 15 minutes of fame because that’s how much she’ll get.

    • Jen

      Gayle I am curious…how much fame have YOU gotten? Even if she has only 15 minutes that’s still 15 minutes more than you’ll ever have, right? Leave the girl alone.

  • Mai

    Good job Anna! :D Do not conform! lol!

    For the other two comments: piss off!

  • mona

    She’ll regret this eventually.

  • Nathan

    Wow Gayle. Do your research. Anna is already an accomplished actress and is a Tony Award winning singer

  • Katie

    Gayle-Women are not supposed to think other women are good looking unless your playing for that team.Who cares if her voice sounds like Minnie Mouse.She can do voice overs.Speaking of women who speak like minnie mouse,have you heard of Kari Strug?She is a olympic gold medalist.On the 15 minute part of your comment,wasn’t she the first actress/actor to be nominated for a Oscar from the twilight crowd?I know your going to say well she didn’t when did she.Well at least she got nominated.Out of how many actor/actress out there ever get nominated and win.She can tell her grandchildren that she was at least nominated.She hasn’t been in 30 films and not be nominated yet like kristen stewart.Annas first big role in a movie and she is nominated for a Oscar.That says something doesn’t it?

  • Nick

    Hahaha… she says “I have been lucky because I have not been pigeonholed into the teenage movie category.”

    Twilight??? Really??? That has to go down as one of the dumbest statements ever.

    BTW, Katie, your first statement (to Gayle) is absolutely false.

  • Tony

    I love this gal. She seems like an honest girl with some morals. That’s a rarity these days in Hollywood. The face of Hollywood is Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. I also read that she hates nightclubs and bars. I have a ton of respect for her. I wish her the best.

    • Anonymous

      Nicely put, Tony!! Good for her.

  • Heather

    Well Good For Her!!!! yeyah ANNA!!

  • pat

    This is great to hear, she has some standards! she is from the state of Maine and we are all proud of her! why do some people say nasty remarks? guess they are just jealous, miserable people.

  • abigail

    Tony,i love your idea about Anna.i’ glad to know that there are still some people with some sense of decency in this world.

  • geoff

    yeah, there are already a bunch of nude pics of her at the beach at

    • Bryant

      You’re a liar. There’s no pictures of her on that site. I checked.

      • deanw

        i checked too and the pictures are not listed on the first page, but they are inside the site.

  • Dede

    I don’t care much for Twilight nor their main actors. I don’t hate them either. They just don’t mean anything to me. I just couldn’t understand all the hype about this franchise. I have respect for Anna. I think she is a great actor and she seems to be in a good place. As for Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson, I don’t think they can act or if they can, their range is so limited. Kristen can’t seem to cry at all. She can act well when it comes to certain roles like rebellious, cool, tough girl roles but besides those roles, she can’t seem to show her emotions. Did you see her in New Moon when Edward left her in the woods? That part in the book was so much better than her performance was. If you look carefully, she couldn’t drop a single tear during that scene. Over all I think Anna is a better actor/actress than Kristen. She may not be as pretty as Kristen but if given a choice I would pick her as an actress over Kristen at any given time.

  • Pemberton

    I shed a tear for Mr. Skin.

  • Jeremy

    Seriously there is not much there to really look at she is actually probably helping herself out by not doing nude scenes. Face cute, body not so much.

  • Maia

    Good for her, she is not a fame slut like Anne Hathaway who went straight to nudies to get famous. But people think you are cuter if you get nekkid. Hataway looks like a horse and people now think she is hot.

  • Jeff

    Good For Her. Lately people think that being nude is sexy rather than someone’s attitude. Too bad!

  • Abe

    As a human being with some kind of morals, good for her! As a red-blooded human male, DAMMIT!!

  • A Sophisticated Gentleman

    Please reconsider.

  • CC

    She’s obviously a very beautiful woman, and looks great in everything she wears. Bravo for having the courage to say no to nudity.

  • Cody

    As a guy her age who has a great appreciation for quality in women, I must say Anna is quite adorable. It’s wonderful to see her keep a professional etiquette. =)

    • flammy

      Money talks and trash walks;)

  • John Patrick

    Man, I would kill to see her naked. She will change her mind in a few years. Money talks…

    • flammy

      And YOU need something better to do than defend a hollywood whore. Stop defending movie trash and get a job.

  • Jen

    You all need to find something better to do than criticize someone you know nothing about- someone who has gone further in her short years than most of you ever dream. I grew up in the same area as Anna and am friends with her brother. She is a GREAT person and I wish her all the luck in the world. She is humble, smart, and has worked hard since she was very young. Unlike the rest of us schmucks she is dedicated to her dream. Stop judging her and get a life.

    • flammy

      Probably because you are the run-of-the-mill fat assed American. No one would want to see your fat cow-shit naked. Her however >:)~

  • Leah

    I agree with her. If i was an actress i wouldnt go nude either.

  • Ok

    No Mr. Spielberg I won’t do a nude scene!!

  • flammy

    WHAT??? She’s got no talent, she was in Twilight, that should be obvious. But for crying out loud, her body might be her only asset, she better use it, before she becomes unemployed. Stupid prude.

  • Jessica

    Good for her. Showing it all just to be considered an adult is the most nonsensical thing I’ve ever heard. Either you are good enough to step outside of Disney or you’re not. Period.

    It’s sickening that she really gets asked whether or not she wants to show skin so that she can be taken seriously. It’s no wonder that Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are the washed up junkies that they are before they even turn 30. And now Miley Cyrus is on her way.

    And for all of you perverts leaving comments about her body and how you do or don’t want to see it: You need to grow up and spend more time on your relationships with your wives and less time looking at the bodies of women who are galaxies outside of your league.

    Anyone can look at porn. Real men work hard to be good husbands and fathers.

  • Rosemary

    Anna Kendrick has a lovely figure and is refusing to do nude scenes. Well, I think that’s wonderful. I believe that a person’s body is sacred and was meant to be covered by clothing to prevent lustful thoughts coming to other’s minds. Anna Kendrick is a person that I will add to my mental list of actors that I admire most. In a world surrounded with glitz and glamour and where every type of behavior is accepted, I have to say that I really have Anna on a pedestal for this courageous decision. I hope that her morals, modesty and integrity will always remain in the same mental place that she has them now. Good for you Anna!

  • loveit

    Great news!!! Anna is beautiful and a good actress and she doesn’t have to take her clothes off to prove it!!!! Everybody in Hollywood take note! Hope she gets a lot more work now.

  • Jeff

    I think it is funny when fat, ugly women call very hot women ugly and fat, jealous much? I think some of the comments on here are funny because they show how jealous some people are with others who are successful. I didn’t like Twilight but that is not saying her acting sucks. She cannot help that the writing sucked for that movie. She does a tremendous job on “Up in the air” and I am looking forward to future works. She is a young beautiful woman who has a fantastic future ahead of her as long as she stays away from some of the crap that has ruined others.

  • george

    More celebs nude here

  • Mike

    Yo all you people out there who have no standers of morality, Wake Up. Here have an actress with a career in front of herself who refuses to conform to the standers of who? You? This girl got some dignity. Now let’s stop for a second and think why in the world should she pose nude in front on a camera? To satisfy your lust? 50/60 years ago there was no such a thing in movies let alone to be expected from an actress. Where have our standers of morality taken us. The concept of self-control is practically nonexistent. Is this how we want to raise our children, not that it is normal but expected?! Wake Up people before it is too late. Question what is the divorce rate in the United States? Higher then any country in the world Why? Well if all girls just come objects and are married just because of their beauty well then what happens when one fines another girl who is more attractive? You first get depressed then you either cheat or get a divorce (which will keep you happy until you find a third one then it all starts all over again) Wake Up people this is not what life is about!

  • WADE

    Well Anna is a very good looking and well built young lady,I hate that fact that she has already vowed not to disrobe just to get a job in a movie.But to be honest with you if she ever expects to keep on keeping on in Hollywood she might just start figuring out how to take that statement back because even I know that if we don’t keep our youthful looks and certainly that wonderful ass and set of Titties that she’s got,And hell if I had a body like her’s I would be MORE than happy to show it off to the world cause not every woman is blessed with such wonderful assets like Anna Kendrick has. Like I said if she wants to continue to get parts in movies she might better get off that high horse she’s on and join the ral world where we have to do what has to be done to eat and pay the bills,Personally I don’t think showing a little bit of Titty is that bad considering what some actresses have had to result to.I really hope she reconsiders her decision to NOT take her clothes off in any movie because to be honest with you I really really want to see those nice tits.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah how many celebs say they won’t do nudity for film, but then their acting career starts to wain people start talking about them less & less. Fame is like a drug they get high on the feeling of people loving them not to mention the money. So all the sudden when they think they’ve been forgotten viola BOOBS!

    • Toby

      I disagree. Not a chance,I believe every word of this,I know for a fact,knowing the great state of Maine,they keep old fashion countryside values there,I have lots of friends and family there,and have been there enough to know,that’s probably why,they have clean cut principles.I’m not saying she’s holier than thou…

  • Anna Kendrick

    Aren’t I really cute in this one? Thanks!

    • Eric in AZ

      Yes you are. You are extremely beautiful. But proud of you for relying on your talent and having the courage to say No. Look forward to seeing more of you. Lolol take that how you will. Sorry couldn’t resist.

  • bob

    um… pitch perfect