Lady GaGa Superstitious About Sex

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lady GaGaLADY GaGa has superstitions about sex.

The 24-year-old singer — who has previously raised concerns about casual sex hurting her ability to be creative — admits she likes to keep physical acts of love to those close to her.

“I have weird superstitions about sex,” GaGa said. “If you’re not having sex with someone who really cares about you or who really loves you they can screw up your energy.

“I think sometimes, I don’t know, if you are promiscuous and are just sleeping around that people can take things from you. I think it’s always important to be making love.”

The Alejandro singer is believed to have got back into a relationship with ex-boyfriend Luc Carl recently, despite him having a girlfriend when she went back to the New York bar she used to work at to meet him

“Luc was like the cat that got the cream,” a source said. “He had the most famous woman in the world vying for his attention and a hot young blonde waiting in the wings.

“It could have ended really badly, but the other girl melted into the background. She knows what Luc’s like – he has women all over the place… Gaga has convinced herself that this time she’s got Luc back for good.”