Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brigitte BardotBRIGITTE Bardot is not a happy lady!

The actress, 75, says “sparks will fly” if anyone tries to make a film about her life — insisting no actresses should be allowed to play her while she is still alive, despite plans by director Kyle Newman to cast his wife Jaime King to portray her.

“I am not OK with a film about me when I have not been told about it and when I have not given my agreement to the person playing the role,” she said.

In a similar interview, Brigitte — who retired from acting in 1973 just before her 40th birthday — said, “A film about my life? But I’m, not dead! They wouldn’t dare do it without talking to me. If they do sparks will fly.”

Newman — who has worked on a number of films including Drone and Fanboys — is believed to have been planning to start work on a project, entitled Bardot, for several months.[imagebrowser id=548]


  • Tim

    Jakie King is pretty hot and not a bad actress, they can make a story of my life if she plays me!

    • mike

      “I for one don’t want Jamie King to play the life of this racist, homophobic, stupid and intolerant, 75-year-old cunt”

      So says the blatantly obvious drag queen. Why is it that drag queens tend to use the “C” word when referring to incredibly beautiful, but real women. Self-righteous indignation-jealousy with a halo.

      • http://PGA stu


      • mike

        Awww Stu,

        Ya mad again because your kinky lifestyle is not accepted as normal? Yur, probably just another jealous drag queen. Suggest you get over yourself you jealous byotch.

    • peopl.person

      DAMN brigette was hotter than any of the fake skanks of today. you should see the spectacular new nude pics they have just found of her at

      • Mike


        And you Dianrib are probably lesbian or gay.

        Yea, we all know anyone disagreeing with your lifestyle is a homophobe, bigot, hater, etc……

        Your twisted logic that you use to justify what you are doing Dianrib is wearing thin.

        Have you thought about getting a job as a televangelist, banker, mortgage broker, ya know, people with a corrupt way of justifying their actions.

    • http://yahoo dianrib


  • Konan

    I for one don’t want Jamie King to play the life of this racist, homophobic, stupid and intolerant, 75-year-old cunt

    • Emilio Gomez

      What you’ve done to written English is so blatantly wrong and unapologetic I’ve dicited to just applaud you, Rosy. Oh, and I support Bardot’s Pryoresque “I-ain’t-dead-yet!” stance.

      • Girl

        “dicited” really? It’s a good thing the written English language has you to keep it safe.

    • Jason

      Konan, you are the intolerant cunt.

  • http://BrigitteBardot Maertens Rosy

    Why can’t you people leave her alone. Don’t you see that she dicited years ago that she doen’t want anything to do with the media. leave her alone, she is very happy with the compagnie of her pets. Rosy

    • Laz

      I think you need to activate a spell check on your system there Rosey….

      • Jenny

        compagnie is French for company — she’s French…get it????

  • Kat

    Whewweee she looks rough!!

    • jaydubb

      How do you suppose kat’ll look when she’s 75?

  • Laz

    I wonder if it will be a horror documentory????

  • Rhonda

    Jamie King is way better looking that Bardot was in her prime. If I was Bardot, I’d approve it before someone like Nicole Kidman steps in to do it…who I think would be a little less of a looker – just like Bardot. Jamie may be too good looking to do it.

    • Jane

      Hey hey….Brigitte had her hot moments. She was hotter than Nicole Kidman that’s for sure.

  • lori

    for the idiots who are making fun of bardot’s current appearance…she happens to be 77 years old now. Lets see how you look at 77 if you live that long.

    • Larry Smith

      Angela Jolie is a has been

  • Bratt

    now we know what Angelina Jolie will look like when growing old!!!!!

  • Linda

    Bardot is all class…not trash…like some commenter’s ….Bardot was a beautiful young woman to viewers and traded in her time to spend her life dedicated to helping the lives of beautiful vulnerable animals…she perhaps learned that animals hold no judgments towards others

  • Fidgee

    Wow, she’s still alive? Not to be hateful, but I thought she died a long time ago! I enjoy watching classic films but I’ve never seen anything she’s done that would make it worth my time to watch her bio-pic so, let the grumpy old broad have her way…..

    • stephanie

      Better look further for info on her. She’s made some pretty questionable comments, including being against the mixing of races.

    • stephanie

      oops…replied to the wrong person. Disregard my reply here.

  • older*person

    Uh, Young Konan, where do you get the idea Bardot is racist and homophobic? All I ever read about her in my fortysomething years is she is a huge animal rights activist. And what just spat out of your tiny little mouth is stupid, intolerant, ageist, and sexist! So how da ya like dem apples?!

  • Kieth

    Okay be-otch!I know your name but I don’t know your body of work in films anyway. You should be flattered that somebody thinks enough of you to do a biopic!..Respect your work with animals however…

    • Miriam

      Oh thank you, merci infiniment! There really is someone intelligent and articulate out there who also reads these comments in moments of extreme boredom! Great for her, no (multiple) face lift(s). She is true to herself and seems not to care what others think. WOW! Her life was not always easy. Perhaps some of you out there should further research her films and life???? Good to pass the time and ” enlighten”??? yourselves?

      • elisabeth dakak

        No one in this world could ever be Brigitte Bardot on the screen. Brigitte Bardot is One and Unique beauty of her kind. In her youth, she was a natural beauty. She did not have to inflate her lips or breasts, like they do in Hollywood and else. She had it all. She was striking with no make-up. No actresses in this world could ever surpass her beauty. Brigitte Bardot was real. No blond models have that unique beauty that belonged to Brigitte Bardot.

  • wendymaddy

    bardot was without a doubt the sultriest ever actress with her naturally full, pouty lips and luscious body and naturally curly, naturally blonde hair. Her large, luminous eyes and ability to pose in ways that only enhanced her physical attributes puts everyone else in the shade, past or present.

    though she did not attempt roles that made her stretch as an actress, as a persona, she made quite a large impression and she owns her own little place in entertainment history.

    It is doubtful that anyone can play her to full justice. Certainly whoever would want to try should enlist her full support and assistance in finding someone able to at least give a hint of the real Brigitte Bardot.

    Let’s face it; with a little bit of help, her face today would still be a wonder of beauty. A neck tuck, a bit of lift in the midsection of her face, and plumping her lips and eyelids back up, removing the baggies beneath her huge eyes, and she’d be able to do the same thing now as she did before retiring from the screen: make your heart stop with wonder at the woman’s sheer physical presence. I wish I looked that good at any age! I was a good looking gal, but I bow to the genetic package and presence that is La Bardot! She’s got us all beat in the beauty department. Did you get a load of that naturally curly, cascading hair? Her way of wearing just the right things in her hair, on her fingers and that je ne sais quoi French taste? I’ve seen many good looking, pretty, handsome and beautiful people, male and female, but none ever surpassed Bardot. I wasn’t even a fan of her movies, which were largely forgettable. But as for her presence and looks, wowee! She makes Kim Kardashian look like a tomboy!

    • muleberry




    • lindsay

      @ wendymaddy, well put! i didnt read this before i wrote my response, but you are EXACTLY right! i love bb and when i watch my movies of her, i just look at her and think “this woman is so beautiful and seductive, its unreal!” ive never in my life seen a prettier face. bb is in a category BY HERSELF!

    • mick jagger

      #13,wendy, you’re right, she’s a beautiful, gracious lady.she’s my perfect fantasy to her gaffs, who hasn’t said/done things we wish we could take back ? lot of assholes casting stones.

    • SFinsF

      Joan Rivers and the legions of plastic surgery women look like E.T. Very scary. Aliens! In 20 years, women will be sorry – -because by that time, we will hate the plstic look and value the natural faces of older people and celebrate them — and LAUGH at these plastic masks.

  • Greg

    You have got to be kidding. Jamie King is not near as attractive as Bardot. I regret to this day giving up my pics of Brigette Bardot’s celebration of her 40the b-day. One of the best looking women ever. As far as calling her a racist, homophobic, stupid and intolerant, 75-year-old cunt. You are entitled to your opinion and so is she. I do not consider myself racist. I do not believe if someone does not support gay rights that they are homophobic (you need to dig deep into your value system)nor stupid nor intolerant if I have a moral code I try to follow that you obviously don’t. There are reasons we believe this. I hope you are enlightened some day.

  • Roger

    I have never been a fan of BB, nor her movies. However I think she is one of the greatest women in the world. She should agree on a biopic to inspire people and actresses to devote as well their life to the welfare of animals. She’s been seen as a racist because she dreams (though she is an atheist) of a France free of the Muslim religion and customs, you know, stoning women and the likes. She is an ingénue who thinks stupidly that if you are fed up with your country’s customs, and leave for another one you should integrate, adopt language, religion and other customs. Some day Europe will be mostly Muslim, thanks to the non racists, and then where do these people will emigrate, again fed up with the Muslim world? To Mars? If defending your culture, language and even religion is to be a racist, I am one also. By the way, all Muslims also are, maybe because they know better. By the way again you should read the letter she sent to polar bear hunter Palín.

  • mandy

    Brigitte’s own son has nothing to do with her. She let him be raised by his father and had nothing to do with him so she could stay an available sex kitten. Watch her biography some time.

  • Mike

    Just another example of the intellectual bankruptcy in Hollywood! How about a good ol’ bang-bang shoot ‘em up or a story about the greatness of our nation? Oh I forgot…that doesn’t fit the communist template!! If 19 ragheads had flown a few airliners into Bel Aire on 9/11 I don’t think I’d have cared!

    • Danny Saner

      I think you confuse certain things about Islam.I am not a Muslim by the way,but I live in an Arab Muslim Country.The problem with Islam is that 80 percent of the Muslims do not interpret the Koran correctly.There are at about 50 pct. of illiterates in the particular country I live in.Which makes it a bit hard for them to verify what the Imam is talking about.For example Jihad does not at all mean to wage war with arms against non-believers.The terrorists will not go to heaven when they kill others and them selves in a bomb explosion.Because a Moslem is not supposed to take his life or the life of anybody else needlessly.In fact he does’nt have the right to kill at all.Now the problem in France is another story.France had colonies in Africa.The case of Algeria which was a Département Français outre Mer.(French Overseas Province)Meaning Algeria was a part of France proper.Like Guyana(Southamerica)still is today.That’s also the reason why so many Maghrebines (Algerians,Moroccans and Tunisians)are living in France today.That’s why they have problems within the population.And the French are a troublesome lot themselves I can agree to that.The French Govt. has been in deep shit since before WW II,except when Général Charles De Gaulle ruled the country with an iron fist after the war,which smelled like very right wing not to say that it was a Military Regimen.Islam and Christianity are in fact bastardizations of the Baghavad Ghita,as for religion.And the U.S Govt. is ruled by Armaments and Petrol Corporations who’re interested in one thing only.And we all know what that is,apart from divide and rule.It’s the people who’re elitist,primitive and stupid.Not the religion.You have to understand the “Arab” mind,which is very complex.It’s all about power and imposing their shit on everybody else.The only thing they understand is force.If you’re kind thoughtful,and friendly.They think you’re weak.And they’ll try to fuck you over.Because the concept of civility or kindness does not mean anything to them.On top of that they think they’re smarter than we are.They feel superior to us because they do Ramadan.(60 percent are cheating by the way)So it’s quite funny from time to time dealing with these people.They are childish,brutish,cruel everything you want.On the other hand they’re very sweet and open and very family orientated.They can be very generous for example.The thing with the Lambs is true.It’s ridiculous.You know that Families here go get a credit from a bank to buy a sheep and then spend the whole rest of the year to pay off the loan.Instead of sharing the sheep with a neighbor.As they don’t eat all of it and have to throw out part of it in the end anyway.It’s all very complicated,even for someone who’s been living among these people for 10 years now.But a lot of the misunderstanding is our fault too.The French and the English are just afraid of their Muslim minorities.I hope that one day even they’ll realize that these minorities just make a lot of noise nothing else.Because the Arab is a coward at heart.The terrorist action of those people which are condemned by the vast majority of muslims all over the world are perverted dreams of a power hungry few who can’t cope with modern times and do not want their religion to adapt and change.They are afraid.Afraid of losing the hold they have over the people they are supposed to care for.Afraid of losing their authority.Afraid of change.Afraid of themselves.They hate,because that’s what they do,they have nothing else,what do you expect?Whites on the other hand have this strange notion of superiority.Well,they’re not superior.And if they would not have treated Arabs,Asians,Red-Indians and Negroes as subhuman they would not have to face all these problems with those populations today.

    • SFinsF


  • http://n/a banes

    Islam Fines by French Gov’t? thought France was a civilized, democratic country, Affording freedom of speech. If they afford freedoms to slaughter helpless animals routinely, and call it religious ritual, you would think they’d allow the human voice not be slaughtered likewise. A Silence of the Lambs, the voice and intellect of humans are neutered – you have to wonder about the French Government and people supporting it.

    ? anti-racism group? Movement Against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples (MRAP). Doesn’t sound anti-racist one bit. Nor Humanitarian. Sounds like they are organized by the primitive Muslim, whose God teaches them to hate and destroy “infidels”. An elitist, ego-centric, self-serving, ignorant antiquated primitive religion. Okay -Now Sue me.

    I thought Islam was a Religion – not a RACE? Religion is personal choice, Race is not — not yet anyway. Compare, Buddhism, also not a RACE or Religion. Buddhist philosophy compliments all other man-made religions.
    Religion requires a Human “derived, determined, proclaimed” GOD with human interpreted laws, etc.. French gov’t is backwards or overrun with squeaky-wheeled Islam Religious Fanatics.
    Sad to see an entire government fail fatally. Maybe Islam will next be considered A Government, not a Race or Religion…
    Pitiful Ignorance. Brigitte is a Courageous Human Spirit!

    • elisabeth dakak

      It is steroids not what you wrote. Could you please spell English properly for the sake of the readers?

      • SFinsF

        BRIGITTE BARDOT is our subject here, folks….and anyone who would pay an ounce of attention to anyone who posts stats that he “heard somewhere” is about as reliable as a patholigical liar, okay? Serious people with serious things to say and relate CITE THEIR SOURCES — the magazine or the newspaper article or the website or the book or the broadcast. Who broadcast it, who wrote it, the URL, date, time… otherwise, you assume it’s just a bunch of baseless ranting and you IGNORE IT.

  • Greg

    The intolerance thing is about her views regarding the Muslims in her country. She has a point. Apparently the Muslims are acting like Amish people on steriods.

    • SFinsF

      You really need to stop using random sites as a forum for your rants. No one came here to read them — and it will actually have the opposite effect from the one you want. It will turn people AGAINST your cause because you sound like an absolutely nut-case for choosing this as your soapbox.

      • SFinsF

        You “read this somewhere”? Oh, and you just kept all these stats in your mind somehow? As if you don’t have where you read it right at your fingertips. And you know what, no one with an ounce of sense would listen to anyone who ‘read something somewhere.” Scholarship and intelligence require that you CITE YOUR SOURCES. Because you know what? I read somewhere that 99% of people who write stuff about Muslims on websites are white supremacists who dropped out of school in the 3rd grade and are also illegal immigrants and gay and have small penises. Yep, yep, that’s what I “read somewhere”…

  • Greg

    I read this somewher and thought it quite interesting and scary.

    Never trust a muslim. Whenever a country’s population becomes 51% they declare that country as their latest Islamic nation and the first thing they bring is the Sharia law. Ppl check this out…
    United States — Muslim 1.0%
    Australia — Muslim 1.5%
    Canada — Muslim 1.9%
    China — Muslim 1%-2%
    Italy — Muslim 1.5%
    Norway — Muslim 1.8%

    At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs:

    Denmark — Muslim 2%
    Germany — Muslim 3.7%
    United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%
    Spain — Muslim 4%
    Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

    From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.They will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. ( United States ).

    France — Muslim 8%
    Philippines — Muslim 5%
    Sweden — Muslim 5%
    Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
    The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
    Trinidad &Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

    At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world.
    When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions ( Paris –car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats ( Amsterdam – Mohammed cartoons).

    Guyana — Muslim 10%
    India — Muslim 13.4%
    Israel — Muslim 16%
    Kenya — Muslim 10%
    Russia — Muslim 10-15%

    After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning:

    Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

    At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare:

    Bosnia — Muslim 40%
    Chad — Muslim 53.1%
    Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

    From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:

    Albania — Muslim 70%
    Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
    Qatar — Muslim 77.5%
    Sudan — Muslim 70%

    After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide:

    Bangladesh — Muslim 83%
    Egypt — Muslim 90%
    Gaza — Muslim 98.7%
    Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%
    Iran — Muslim 98%
    Iraq — Muslim 97%
    Jordan — Muslim 92%
    Morocco — Muslim 98.7%
    Pakistan — Muslim 97%
    Palestine — Muslim 99%
    Syria — Muslim 90%
    Tajikistan — Muslim 90%
    Turkey — Muslim 99.8%
    United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

    100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace — there’s (supposed) to be peace because everybody is a Muslim: we know however that this isnt true is it…?

    Afghanistan — Muslim 100%
    Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%
    Somalia — Muslim 100%
    Yemen — Muslim 99.9%
    Of course, that’s not the case. To satisfy their blood lust, Muslims then start killing

    • GM

      Greg, boy, XboX broken dude? F-Off.

    • Ninotchka

      Where’s your documentation or a credible link for this? Without it, I feel it’s probably nauseating, lying FAUX News BS…

  • Emily

    You know, while I don’t agree with her attitudes about many things, she is an old woman and she lived in another time when those attitudes – we can never forget – were unfortunately acceptable.

    I applaud the fact that she has NOT had plastic surgery just to stay in the limelight. In fact, she tries to stay out of it and I think that’s admirable. She had her moment and wants to be remembered for she once was…..other old actresses should think about that.

  • GM

    There are three pictures of this lady on this site that go back to DECADES ago with no fancy artwork or attempts to beautify her and in ALL of them, look-wise and all, she beats the cr-p outta ANY current actress including the one that tentatively has been selected to play Ms. Bardot.

    I am surprised so many critics here judging this lady’s look but none of these critics dare to compare her to way their MOMMY looked 40 years ago or NOW. Children, children, children

  • http://n/a banes

    ISLAM IS A RELIGION, a free choice, NOT A RACE,
    Soon it may become a Government….
    sad, especially for the French, & Europeans.
    Islam slaughters all “infidels”, be they animals, people, unwanted wives, sisters, or children. Barbaric methods – including Stoning!
    What if NAMBLA (north american man / boy lovers ) and other perverted, barbaric, similar groups determined they were a “Religion” — The French Government IN allowing Religion to Rule, call themselves a RACE, the French are opening a can of worms…
    including multitudes of money making Law Suits, by such “religious” fanatical groups, Don’t the French have more progressive things to use their Court time for, Government as a Business, based on “Religion”, think we’ve been here before. Isn’t that how America was conceived?

  • Rochell

    BB — Brigitte Bardot– definitely was a pioneer and deserves justice at a time to bring us what many now take for granted, and all this done naturally without surgery, implants, etc… To her distress, she has not “aged well” as others of her generation, because she has an endocrine disease which totally overpowers disfigures destroys the body as one continues to live.

  • Pook

    Sorry, but Jaime King is NOT pretty or sexy enough to play Brigitte Bardot. There are SO many gorgeous, sexy actresses out there who could pull off this role. Jaime King is not one of them.

  • lindsay

    i am a brigitte bardot FANATIC and while i dont agree with everything she says, i think shes right on this one. there isnt a womwn alive that could match bbs beauty in her prime! some of the comments ive read naming different women who could play brigitte, i just have to laugh. BB WAS THE SULTRIEST, MOST SEDUCTIVE, BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN THAT EVER LIVED!!!! not only was she stunningly beautiful, but she was a pioneer and a trendsetter. she popularized the bikini, she popularized gingham, she was the worlds original “sex kitten” and i have a pinup book that says at the start of their careers, over 43 actresses copied bardots hair and eye makeup and her look is STILL emulated! pamela anderson, kate moss, kylie minogue and claudia schiffer are just a few of the women that are inspired by bardot. the tousled, messy hair, the cat eyes, the full lips and sexy pout is ALL BARDOT! bb is one of the most influential, iconic women of all time and definently one of the sexiest, and i dont think theres ANYBODY out there right now that comes even a little bit close!

  • David

    This lady has more class than any of you in the fruitloop crowd will ever have in your lifetime! So do the world a favor and not embarrass yourself any further!You are only showing your ignorance and disrespect for a legend!I also agree with her stance about the movie about her life! The movie people will try to use half truths and out right lies if they never liked her! Her family I hope will continue their vigilance on blocking it after she goes. But I do hope she does the writing herself and picks the cast if there’s to be a movie!

  • Donna Rose

    I’m a fan of Brigitte…had her hair-do n has styled it on others..I think Hollywood is in a hurry to make $$$…

  • Jay

    Excuse me but Brigette Bardot is my dear friend….I’m gay…..she is far from a gay basher….she is a wonderful beautiful person who is very strong and belives passionatley in certain issues….respect her….at one time she gave all of us her beauty…..know she is giving us all strenght to fight for what we belive.

  • Robert Tommasi

    Please can anyone tell me who the male actor is with Brigitte holding her two arms on his shoulders .. Beautiful picture. Gerard Philippe?

  • Robert Tommasi

    If you know please let me know on my email

  • v. fojtik

    good for her…and who is this jamie chick

  • doggytags

    Oh, I know …of course..we should have Jennifer Love Hewitt do it…she did such a bang up job portraying Audrey Hepburn, after all!

  • msc


    • v. fojtik

      why is she ugly on the outside? is it because she has not LOWERED herself to the level of PURE vanity and had a bizzlion surgeries…..and as for the inside she is an individual who is entitled to her own opinions and if you don’t like them then DON’T LISTEN TO THEM….simple

  • concerned

    Mrs. Bardot has the right to her opinions just like anyone else. If you agree with them, thats fine. If you don’t, then thats fine to. The fact is they should not be allowed to make a movie about her without her consent.

    • SFinsF

      What kind of a person would say something so hateful and horrible? utterly inhuman and disgusting. Get some humanity.

  • the Grim Reaper

    If she does not want a biopic done until after she is dead, then no problem. She should be dead very very very soon.

    If not then she must have made a pact with the mummy.

    • Bobbie

      Hey you,

      “She should be dead very very very soon”.

      Are you clairvoyant or what? Maybe you will die before her? You never know! “Mrs.Death” doesn’t ask for the age of the person: she comes also there, where she is not expected.

      Always think first and then write (or talk)!


  • terry harris

    77…yeah right, she looks 97!!! I would have never allowed that picture to be in the public eye…. she was beautiful in her day, thats what I would want to be remembered as!!!!!

  • rick stotens

    Funny how bardot is perceived as a racisit, but its seems like she hasnt said anything about muslims or gays that is not true

  • http://YAHOO BEN GREGO

    Wow – some pretty nasty comments amongst yourselves; this is about BARDOT, remember??!! She was better at comedy than most people gave her credit for..Look into “La Parisienne” and “Come Dance With Me”…her screen persona – well, you didn’t want to look at anyone or anything else when she was on the screen!!!…while today her 1950′s films are pretty tame stuff – hell I’ve seen more skin in tv commercials! – you have to remember she was a HUGE celebrity in her day…and no fair commenting on how she looks today….just wait’ll y’all turn that age!!…I say leave her alone; she gave enough to the media….no one has any right to do a biopic on her, esp., as she says, she’s not dead yet!! and by the way, I cannot imagine anyone EVER coming close to producing the excitement on the screen that BB did in her day….so let’s just cancel the project and do something else!!!

  • Bobbie

    Brigitte Bardot was one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was the first class. Who in Hollywood had such a body?
    She has decided to stay natural, what means: no make-up (1kg), no plastic surgery at all. If that is right for here, it is right for us as well.

    If somebody would wash (completely) all female movie stars her age in Hollywood, they wouldn’t be better either. When I mean to wash them: take off all make up, all plastic surgery away (is that possible?) and then see, who is better?

    About her decision: it is her life and she can decide what is right and what is not.


    p.s. I admire Bardot! She has personality!

  • http://dsl AMERICA

    BARDOT IS LIGHT YEARS AHEAD OF ALL THE CURRENT SLUTS!! She has the courage to speak her Truth unlike the politically correct followers in the liberal media.

    Who is Jamie King? A nobody trying to cash in on someone else’s fame?

  • Danie Brown

    If you say it, someone will disagree. World peace. Come on, just following this line of opinions about Bardot is enough to tell you people agree to disagree

  • Roy Welsch

    Let’s face it- Bardot was a natural hottie when she was young. Obviously, she didn’t concern herself with keeping up a facade by using plastic surgery, and I respect her for that. Also think that if she does’t want a bio made of her, especially without her consent, until she passes away, then she should be respected there too. Don’t believe that fame should give automatic “public domain” rights to anybody! Hate the paparazzi vultures! These are people, like you and I, and should have their privacy respected!

  • Anna Roberts

    She is still beautiful after all these years! YES! Old woman CAN be beautiful too. We all don’t have to look like 20 somethings. yay, for our beautiful elders!

  • Dromatic

    If this does go down…Mariss Miller would make a better Brigitte Bardot…just saying!

  • Miss Cheryl

    Oh father time, I hate you….

    • lisa

      OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but so right!

      • Larry Smith

        she has a nose like a dachsaun dog

  • joe metz


  • ART

    Have you all forgotten how to do your homework before you rag on someone…remember to THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK

  • Dan Loman

    I like the opinon of the lady Brigitte Bardot on her own life story being planned to be msirepresented in a Hollywood or anywhere else movie. There is a trend to depict or picture or paint or bedevil others that do not share the views of the gays or the muslims. I respect anyone life choices, then it should follow that they should respect others too. In this case there are agressive, belicose and sick individuals that think that they are something that they are not. While portraying the face of a peaceful believer they make war and condem the other people with whom they share this very small planet. Come on get a life!

  • bdby48


  • http://yahoo patricia

    As long as she can speak she has the right to say what she wants about her life story.

  • http://none Jim

    Seeing those before and after pictures of Bardot, that’s why guys are afraid to get married.

  • SFinsF

    How HATEFUL of you to dare say that she’s “not a happy lady” just because she believes that SHE is entitled to her own life while she’s alive?! I APPLAUD that — and I wish like hell that the ultra-trashy “celebs” around now would keep their mouths SHUT — especially about what they do when their legs are open. They have no discretion, no manners, no civility, no self-respect. I also DEEPLY admire the fact that Bardot has no had herself pulled, pumped, tucked, sanded down and plastic-surgeried until she looks like E.T. And it is DIFFICULT for a woman who was an international icon of beauty and female sexuality to age. Very difficult. ROCK ON, BRIGITTE!

  • bobby

    “Whats up with that neck?”Is that suppose to be the natural look?

  • Steve Johnson

    She looked great (past tense). That perhaps was for a 5 year time period. Then everything went to hell. She did not age well. Look at Sophia Loren. Now that’s beauty! Look at Raquel Welch. Now that’s holding your age. Plastic surgery? Perhaps. Whatever works.

    As far as being a real actress…hell, she was just eye-candy….someone to “bang” after the shoot wrapped. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Same with Farrah Fa. When they “forgot” to pay tribute to her at the Oscars, it wasn’t by mistake. Farrah wasn’t a true actress at all. Just some whore that thought she was entitled because of her looks. Same goes for Brad Pitt. America should stop worshiping these glamor girls as if they held some special meaning to the world. They don’t. If I want to see a performance from a stunning women with a great body, I just pop-in a porno. Same thing. Same level of acting. They are all whores.

    • lindsay

      @ steve johnson, i knew somebody was going to bring up how well other actresses from that era aged so much better than bb. im a HUGE bb fan but im not so much of much of a fan to where i have blinders on and dont want to see the truth. YES! she aged bad, she aged terribly and im not gonna make excuses for her. most of the women from that era did age better-sophia loren, raquql welch, elizabeth taylor, mamie van doren and jane fonda all aged better than bb. but as beautiful as all those women were/are, they did NOT have the impact that bb had! brigitte never did ONE movie in america, yet she was as big as marilyn monroe! 50 plus years later, women are STLL inspired by her look! that says something, whether you think it does or not. this womans legacy is HUGE! and sophia loren and raquel welch were stunning back in the day also, but they did NOT compare to brigitte! look how many people here think that in her prime, she was the most beautiful woman EVER and that noone playing her could do her justice! bb is an ICON and you or anyone else is NOT going to change that!

  • Vivdell

    She influenced so many of us…her beauty..and then came the fight to stop clubbing to death the baby seals and baby polar bears. It was horrible. Clubbing them?? I was a young fan of BB. Today, that picture threw me..but we all get old (hopefully, all of us).Disappointed that there are some here who have to call her stupid names.She had class….more so than many so-called divas who think their s____ doesn’t stink! Muslims can kill their sheep for sacrifice? Judiasm isn’t the same as the bible days: they don’t sacrifice today. Muslims: how about sacrificing your virgins?

  • Harry Thurman

    I agree with those who say Jaime King is not as attractive as Brigitte Bardot. Not by a long shot. Jaime is cute but I’ve seen foxier blonds. Try Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, America….Just one Bardot and her wishes should be respected. Like she says, I ain’t dead yet.

  • shalabalaboo

    Wow…..she looks like Sally Struthers twin sister.

  • Leah

    If she doesnt want to do it thats cool…you know its her decision. But her saying its because she’s still alive that she doesnt want a biopic about her…..well Joan Jett and Cherie Currie are younger than she is and had a biopic about themselves. Although they knew about it. So yeah i mean if she doesnt want to do it she doesnt have to but she should have a better reason then just still being alive….but yeah…

  • Ellen Griswold

    Jamie King is not special and lacks the quintessential Bardot trademark PERFECTLY pouty lips without the benefit of botox or collagen injections. Then there’s those beautiful brown doe eyes.

    Blue-eyed Jamie King’s best day cannot stand up to Bardot’s worst day at the same age for comparison. Get Real Kyle Newman. Jamie will never sell the public on a Bardot imposter.

  • Finley

    Jamie King to play Brigitte Bardot??? Ahahahaha… that has to be the funniest thing I’ve heard! I just google imaged ‘Jamie King’ and she is just a pretty girl. To play one of the hotest iconic females of 20th Century Hollywood, it takes a certain look which is very rare. If Claudia Schiffer was also an actress, she would have be a very strong contender! I think talent scouting in more Scandinavian counties is where the right girl might be found, but even then… it’s Brigitte Bardot people! Not an easy task! – I think she should commission a film herself and pick the girl to play her! Then we’ll get the right look!!!
    Not sure about her racist remarks and alleged homophobia, on that I can’t comment as I have no facts, but talking on her looks and on her report to not want a film made, I agree with her… but I do think she should be the person to do it whilst she is alive…

  • Sybill

    I hope this move will never happen!
    Brigitte is right to not give her permission:)
    About that Jamie King ….ooo please i really hope her husband to wake up and get real that girl is nice looking but not beautifull SHE IS NO BARDOT AT ALL…….

  • kim

    What the heck happened to her

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  • Jason Carpp

    I don’t know why Bridget Bardot would have a problem with a biopic made about her. But what can you do, except respect her wishes.