Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez: A Perfect Match?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cameron DiazCAMERON Diaz and Alex Rodriguez are the perfect couple — sources say.

Friends of the sexy stars — who have been dating for the past few months — say they’re a “match made in heaven”.

“They spent plenty of time sewing their wild oats before they found each other,” a source said.

“They met at the right time — they’re in tune with each other and ready for a serious commitment.

“Cameron love that Alex is hard-working, intelligent and sexy. For her, it’s the whole package.

“She tells dirty jokes, drinks beer and can hold her own discussing just about any sport. Alex fell in love with her because she’s one of the guys, but can turn on the sex appeal and femininity too.”



  • coconut pie

    yes they are a perfect match! but then so was he and cynthia, ex-wife cynthia was a lovely woman who was misunderstood by the sports media and fans.

  • nena

    If that is true why do we see him running after a red head he calls his “red hottie” in westchester, ny. The red hottie is known for her comedy and other artistic traits while she loves being behind the scenes she participates in many “green” activities. not one 2 jump in a helicopter and waste ozone and other natural resources.also the red hottie has been on his scene for quite sometime.

  • nena

    Further more red hottie is also a stand up parent and enjoys family time and created a PTA for a Yonkers school and is a current member of the PTA in her own district also!

  • brazil

    arod and madonna should have just kept their relationship going since that was the reason his dumped on his exwife and kids, why go thru all that mess and then not see their affair thru? now hes just bed hopping and shes a plastic ragdoll

  • http://dsl AMERICA

    Madonna is not good for any man!