Camilla Parker Bowles Looking Sexier Than Ever!

Monday, August 16, 2010

CAMILLA Parker Bowles looked a hot mess at the V-J Day Celebrations in Whitehall, London, on August 15, 2010. [imagebrowser id=555]

Camilla is married to Britain’s Prince Charles.

Reports earlier this year claimed Camilla — who is clearly challenged in the looks department and is also referred to as the Duchess of Cornwall — tried to kill herself after suffering a meltdown that left her in seclusion and nursing a badly broken leg.

Bowles’ crisis was allegedly triggered when she learned Queen Elizabeth will formally bypass Charles and make William the heir to the throne later this year.

Camilla was sleeping with Charles — whom she wed in 2005 — while he was still married to the late Princess Diana, William’s mom.

[Pics: Solarpix]


  • SXM Girl

    Butt ugly harlot, next time, Jump off a Higher Cliff!!!! I do hope William becomes king, would save the royal family of Britain the shame of a whore becoming queen.
    Disgusting old hag!!!!

    • Alison Murray

      Who the hell do you think you are? I can’t imagine that anyone who would write such vile things could be ashamed by something that happens in the royal family. You must have been on the Jeremy Kyle show at some point!

  • TJ

    I think she looks especially nice in these pictures. She is a celebrity. What she does or does not do is going to always be held up to scrutiny. Why do we have to insult people so much. I have not ever seen pictures of her other than being very classic and very appropriate. How would you like to be in a position such as hers where everything you do or say is printed. I believe she has just done remarkably well under the circumstances. I am sure she has thought many times how her life could have been different. Haven’t we all? Why attack her? She is doing an extraordinary job. She just is. My goodness she has gone from a relatively unknown lady to a celebrity, and I feel she has done it gracefully. What has happened between her and her husband is just that — between she and her husband. It has nothing to do with any one of us.

    A lovely outfit. She looks very classic in it, and I wish I could look as good.

    • http://yahoo blizlee

      whatever she does, she will always remain a second rate trying hard copy cat..

      • Alison Murray

        Camilla is not a copy cat. She was with Charles along time before Diana and he loves her because she is herself not a Diana copycat you idiot.

    • Alison Murray

      Good for you. I am glad there is at least one other person out there who has got their own mind. You would think that Camilla was the 1st and indeed only woman in history to have ever got divorced! The amount of animosity towards her is awful. Like you I think she is a very genuine, gracious and dignified lady.

      • VBV


  • Alison Murray

    The Queen has NOT anounced that William will suceed her and by pass Charles and how dare you comment on Camilla’s looks what is wrong with you people?
    She has been in Love with Charles for over 40 years. Before he even met Diana (who was not his choice of bride). Price Charles should be treated with more respect. Years ago people were hanged for treason for less than this.

  • gIGI

    CAMILLA …Old witch, with envious and bad.
    pretended to be a friend of Princess Diana to be able to have sex with her husband…. , Prince Charles.

    • Alison Murray

      Obviously you do not know what you are talking about. Camilla did want to be friends with Diana but Diana couldn’t accept the fact that Camilla had been Charles lover previously to their marriage. Diana also pretended to enjoy doing things that Charles loves such as country pursuits so as to get the marriage and then after the wedding became uninterested and difficult. I loved Diana but I am sick of everyone blaming Camilla when she was in love with Charles first and indeed their relationship was so strong it has outlived many horrendous attempts to curtail it.

      • Elmo

        Go shove antimatter up your ass, bitch.

  • Sincere girl.

    She should have died,… wicked witch …
    The world would be happier without you.

    • Alison Murray


    • wildgoose


  • sapinha sapeca

    I do not like Camilla
    I, Prefer Prince Charles.
    Camilla is very ugly.

    • Alison Murray

      Well you know what they say. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • SandyRed

    Me think after 60 pink is not becoming on a woman at that age. I see not sexy about a 60 year old woman with winkles. But then she is what Charles want and if she makes him happy its not up to anyone else

  • mags lee

    Why hasn’t Camille accompanied Prince Charles to Balmoral this summer, Also missing the Aboyne Highland Games

  • mags lee

    Why hasn’t Camille accompanied Prince Charles to Balmoral this summer, Also missing the Aboyne Highland Games

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    lose the hat you look ridiculous


    whatever camilla does she will always be compared, and its not Dianas fault if she was born beautiful. Camilla will have to accept that she is just plain looking! she was an adulterer and she made Diana an adulterer, a woman cheated by a thick faced whore of a woman camilla could commit such act just so to get even with the equally ugly husband.
    if beauty is in the eye of the beholder then I would prefer to be Diana.
    If you wanted to look like Camilla its your choice. lol
    And mind you it was Diana who made the british royal family the fame that they wanted, not to mention the one who gave them a dashing prince william and harry, what do you think will a child fr camilla and charles look like fart?

  • http://billie_ billie

    And ohh before I forget that dress that shes wearing? she looks like a woman with bipolar… geez at her age?

  • cliff

    She makes it looks like Charlie married his mommy. How could he marry a slob like whore like this when he had the woman of every mans dream to start with.

  • Dianna

    cu’mon sure the Camilla met Charles before Diana, however she still a whore and bitch because she married and having fair with Charles at that time….then her husbund die and Charles is married, She continue the belovable whore have fair with a married man and ruin honorable the “Forever Princess Diana”s family! I don’t care who know who first but the behave of Camilla no different as a whore and bitch! I am not vey sorry for the British peoples have accept a “Duchess of Whore” as a future Queen. sad!

  • Dianna

    (Corr)Sorry, I am very sorry for the British peoples have accept a “Duchess of Whore” as a future Queen without a choice. sad!

  • Winky

    @Alison Murray Stop defending that cow. Look at the polls stupid. Even England wants to skip over Charles and make William king! There was a country poll!

    Charles picked DIANA! I hope your hubby fucks an ugly cow after you wed him and then you’ll know how the people’s princess really felt!

  • Robin

    She really is so ugly and, well, yes- a whore for sleeping with another woman’s husband. She is the worst kind of bitch for that- no respect.

  • Robin

    Maybe Allison Murray should have an affair with Camilla and make them both happier than they’ve ever been!! :)

  • Robin

    Please, Allison- don’t call me an idiot! You use that word way too much.

  • Robin

    Oops, I mean Alison. Spelled your name wrong, guess I’m just an idiot. Anyway, getting back to the debate- yeah, she’s an Ugly Old Whoring Adultress who will never be Queen.

  • MargoHR

    Camilla’s family is of no consequence, the mother was from a family of common whores and the father was only a major in the army. Throughout the 1970’ camilla often over indulged in drink and conducted herself in a loud, crude, “robust” or rather uncouth and manlike manner. Combined with whoring around with anything in trousers over many years and getting numerous STD’s was certainly not considered as “conducting herself in a gracious and pleasant manner” more like a fishwife in a brothel!

  • MargoHR

    The camilla whore – who has been widely reported as often appearing somewhat ‘worn out’ has a highly promiscuous history (syphilis as a teenager, free with numerous sexual favours, heavy smoking etc) have done her no favours whatsoever in the ‘looks’ or longevity stakes. A year ago camilla also had more serious ‘health issues’ resulting in a radical hysterectomy (cancer?) that took months to recover from. Last year she broke her leg badly (such a pity it was not her neck!)

  • Elmo


  • Elmo

    Prince Charles is gay and the only reason he chose Camilla over Diana is because she is the one who looks like a man. Hey Camilla! Next time use a method that is GAURANTEED TO WORK, like shooting yourself! Next time you wanna kill yourself try harder!

  • Monagounden

    This is the most despicable woman alive. she ia such a fool. she is going to reap more pain ,than what she caused Diane and princes William and Harry. I cannot imagine the pain and humuliation They went through as  afamily scorned by Their father and and this monstrous woman.

  • Audreypardoe

    With regard to Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowels (the legality of the ‘marriage’
    is certainly most questionable) although most people knew she was a rather
    coarse vulgar old prostitute had not realised she came with quite so much
    baggage. No wonder HM The Queen rejected whore Camilla. Clearly, Charles has a
    serious mental deficiency as it’s fundamentally wrong in choosing a vile pox
    raddled old whore who comes from a family of sluts who opened her legs to ANYTHING
    when younger and probably still does?  

    • Miss Bee

      This statement seems rather familiar..having read the same message many times on you tube.
      The law says their marrage is legal , suck it up and move on.
      Camilla has been  appointed the highest female rank in the Royal  Victorian Order, the award bestowed on Camilla by her mother in law the Queen.
      Prince Charles has never looked so handsome and happy with his wife Camilla by his side.God bless them during their life time together.

      • audrey

        Members of the Royal family are excepted from the
        provisions of the Marriage Act 1949, and their marriages in England and Wales must be performed by Anglican clergy. There
        would be no obstacle to The Prince of Wales remarrying in Scotland as did his sister The Princess Royal where the Royal Family are not excepted from provisions of Scottish Marriage legislation. CHARLES ‘MARRIAGE’ IS ILLEGAL BECAUSE HE REMARRIED IN ENGLAND AND HE WAS AWARE OF IT WHEN HE ‘MARRIED’ THE CAMILLA

    • caolan

      what an utterly vile tirade. I am an Irish republican with no sympathy for any royal but surely no woman deserves such mindless hatred

  • Audreypardoe

    Queen Elizabeth II entered, she had a few words with a member of the church who
    was standing to Camilla’s right. Avoiding eye contact with her, the Queen
    turned away from the church member and went straight for Prince Charles on
    Camilla’s left. Only after she greeted Charles was she forced to face
    Camilla.While Camilla went to give the Queen a kiss, she was stopped short by
    the Queen’s rigid stance, stiff smile and extended hand forcing Camilla to opt for
    an awkward curtsy instead. Then, the Queen took two large steps away from
    Camilla toward another church member. It was a major snub for Camilla. Although
    she has tried hard to build a positive reputation with the public since
    stepping into the royal spotlight, Camilla can’t seem to shake her notoriety as
    “the other woman”

  • audrey

    The appearance of the
    VILE camilla skank whore is
    disgusting. She certainly cannot walk like a lady; her angular gait is more
    like one might expect from a street prostitute after a ‘heavy’ night. Her obvious
    dropped breasts & stomach are quite vulgar and repulsive. Apparently latest
    reports indicate she has ‘coordination issues’ and often ‘babbles nonsense to
    anyone around with a vacant senile composure’. Clearly, the heavy drinking,
    cigarettes and numerous earlier STD’s have taken their toll.

  • Bonnie Baker Raymond

    Everyone hates Camilla as I do but what about Charles? He is just as disgusting as Camilla. They are a despicable couple.