Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kenny ChesneyKENNY Chesney is cheating on his girlfriend — according to a shocking new report from an American tabloid.

Star magazine says the country crooner — whose longtime girlfriend is back home in Tennessee — has been enjoying a steaming Mexican vacation with another woman.

Chesney reportedly enjoyed a romantic rendezvous with ESPN sportscaster Jenn Brown last week.

“They were touching and rubbing each other the whole time,” a source said. “They definitely looked like lovers, like they didn’t have a care in the world.”

Kenny’s girlfriend of two years, Amy, was furious when she found out the trip.

“This is like a slap in the face,” the source told Star.


  • karla

    my family and i have read alot of storys that he is gay and the women he has been with is because he is worried about how it will effect his music career. we really don’t care we love his music and him

  • Melissa

    Kenny wouldn’t do anything like besides gotta live laugh love.

  • Gina

    There is only one of Kenney and hundreds of these women, he should be picky!

  • Brenda

    go Kenny…maybe he’ll write another great song about it :)

  • Brenda

    go Kenny…maybe it’ll lead to another great song :)

  • Barbara

    Well maybe he is just look’n for that right one…women are crazy…I’m a woman and I too can be a little crazy…and everyone loves Kenny from women to men…from old to young…shoot everyone….even me…I like and love Kenny…I like him as a person and love his music and the way he puts words to make a beautiful melody…so I’m sure that;s what he is do’n on his time off..shoot he’s 42 and I’m sure he’d like to settle down and have the other half of his life her on this earth with “his” family…He has so so many…He has his born family, his music family, his fan family, and now it’s time for his family…he’ll find it and when he does he wont know how and what to do…because his heart will be brand new…so I know he’s happy (gay) words mean several things…I’m gay and I love men…I’m a happy single mother of three…and i’m gay..i’m happy to be single…so if he’s happy and I’m happy and everyone that is happy these days then guess what we are all gay….be’n gay and proud to be….bp